Nino pulled his phone out and flipped his music app open, grinning up at Adrien. "You're gonna love it, bro."

"So its another song you mixed?" Adrien asked eagerly, pulling his bag strap over his shoulder as he leaned over Nino's shoulder as they walked out of their class. Pausing to the side, Nino and Adrien hunched over the phone with Nino's earplugs in as they listened to Nino's latest mix as the class rushed out, Marinette and Alya pausing briefly as they glanced at the boys before moving on.

Adrien grinned halfway through the song, pulling away. "That's amazing Nino. You should try publish a few of you songs, people would love them! They're very inspiring."

Nino snorted, turning his phone off and slipped it into his backpack with it's earplugs, glancing at him. "Inspiring? Really bro? What can I inspire you to do?" He paused and crunched his nose, pulling away. "It's obvious I'm not inspiring you to clean your breath… is that Camembert?"

Adrien stammered, rubbing his neck. "Uh, yeah. I spilt some cheese in bag this morning… guess some lingered?"

Gagging slightly Nino held his nose as Adrien laugh nervously. "Camembert is disgusting!" Adrien muttered something under his breath that Nino missed.

"Come on, lets go." Nino nodded towards the school doors, and the two of them pushed their way through the crowd and walked down the stairs.

Adrien nudged him. "Hey, there's Alya and Mari." Nino turned towards them as Adrien grinned. "Alya looking good. You should ask her out." Nino face blushed as Adrien laughed softly, patting him on his backpack.

"Dud! Not so loud…" He growled as they moved towards them, Marinette squeaking as they stopped in front of them.

"A-Adrien! What- Hello are you, I mean hello. What are you, I mean…"

"My girl is meaning, what's going on?"

"What do you mean?" Nino asked glancing between the two girls.

"Adrien here sent us two a text." Alya said, Marinette blushing as she held her phone up to Nino, who took it. "I didn't even knew he had her number." Nino heard Alya muttered quietly to herself.

Reading the text to himself, Nino pushed his glasses up as he frowned. 'Hey guys, lets met up after school.' Glancing at Adrien, Nino squinted at his friend.
"I thought we were going to study together this afternoon." Nino said, Adrien looking at him nervously.

"Well, I thought we could all study together you know… me, Marinette, Alya and you." His eyes twinkled slightly when he mentioned the last two and Nino mind crashed.

Adrien was trying to set us two together! Nino thought in disbelief. Never thought he had an evil bone in him.

Glancing nervously at Alya who was whispering into Marinette's ear, who squeaked quietly, Nino nodded. "Sure, why not. It'll… be fun." He smiled before glaring at his best friend and leaned over to him. "I'll get my revenge on you, bro for setting this up."

Grinning Adrien leaned back in as his car drove up beside them. "Find with me, as long its not with Chloe."

Pulling back, Nino gasped dynamically. "Bro, I'm cruel but not that cruel." Laughing together, Adrien opened the car door and gestured inside.

"Ladies?" He smiled softly at the two girls, Marinette face burning. Playing along, Alya curtsied to him and roughly pushed Marinette in and slipped after him. Nino slipped in and sat beside Marinette, facing Adrien's father's assistant. She glanced at them over her glasses as Adrien slipped in and sat beside her.

"Adrien, I thought only your friend Nino was coming this afternoon."

"Well, we thought we'd help the girls out with our physics homework." Adrien said, slipping his bag to his feet as the driver started to move the car off.

"Yeah, he's great at it." Alya threw in, smiling at the woman. "And Marinette could use some personal teaching." Marinette face reddened, glaring at Alya.

"I see." Nathalie nodded, tapping on her tablet.

Glancing out the window Nino watched the street of Paris flash by, music of the street starting to seep into him, his foot tapping slightly in tune with the music he was feeling. Snapping out of his trance Nino saw they were finally arriving at Adrien's house. Everyone inside the car froze, Nino feeling the warmth in the air being sucked out of the car.

The gates were opened, and a ambulance was parked in front of the building. The car rolled to a stop and Adrien rushed out, leaving his bag behind. Everyone piled out, Nathalie and the others running behind Adrien as they rushed up the stairs. A group of people appeared at the door, rolling a stretch out of the building, a figure lying on it.

"Father!" Adrien shouted, rushing to his side. A nurse pushed him back slightly as they gently lifted it up, Nathalie stepping beside them. Nino, Alya and Marinette watched in shock from the top of the stairs.

"What's happening here?" She demanded, stepping in time with them down the steps.

"Mr Agreste's chief found him on the floor in his office. It appeared he had a heart seizure. Luckily that chief knew what to do, and that we got here in time. He'll be fine." The nurse assured her and Adrien as they reached the ground floor, pushing the trolley to the back of the ambulance.

Gabriel moaned, earning a few grateful smiles from the nurses. "He'll be fine, but we'll just take him to the hospital just to be sure."

Nathalie and Adrien leaned over him as he eyes fluttered open weakly. "Father, you going to be alright, you have to." Adrien pleaded with him. Gabriel's eyes rolled over to Nathalie, opening soflty.

"Nathalie… the brooch." He said quietly, Nathalie nodded and patted his chest, her fingers slipping under his scarf for a second. Nathalie frowned slightly and pulled back, empty handed.

"Don't worry sir, everything will be alright till you come back."

Nathalie stepped back, pulling Adrien with her as the nurse's pushed Gabriel inside the ambulance and she quickly rushed up the stairs, Adrien watching his father ride out the gate before turning back to his friends and walked up the stairs.

"Adrien…" Marinette said quietly before hugging him when he reached the top of the stairs. "It's going to be alright." She finished saying as the others pushed into him, hugging him tightly.

"Its going to be alright bro. You saw him wake up, he'll be fine. He'll be up and grumping around in no time." Nino said, earning a small smile from Adrien.

"Thanks guys, but I don't think I can do school today." Adrien said softly, earning a understanding nods. "But I could do with a movie?"

"Let's go do that." Alya said softly, guiding the group inside.

Nino paused at the door, closing it as Alya and Marinette helped Adrien up the stairs. Turning back around Nino, walked toward the stairs. Nino paused and glanced towards the Mr Agreste's office, feeling eyes watching him. Shrugging it off he took the stairs two at a time, ignoring the dark picture of Adrien and his father above him.

Unknown to him, someone was watching him. Purple eyes stared at him as he closed the door, the small god feeling music seeping out of him. Ducking behind the adjured door, Nooroo holding his Miraculous closely, waited till he heard the boy's feet pounding up the stairs before flying out behind the door and up the stairs and dived into the boy's backpack, finding earplugs connected to the boy's phone, the music paused. Lifting the earplug up, Nooroo started the music and listened as Nino dropped the bag in Adrien's room. Nooroo smiled, nodding slightly at the inspiring music.

"Its been a while since I choose my Chosen."