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A large shockwave caused the group staggering back as Chat muttered the magic words and was devoured in a orb of white. Nino held his arm above his face as dirt and ash whipped around him, and he glanced behind as he felt Ladybug's hand on his shoulder. Her suit vanished and was replaced by her civilian clothes though the realisation quickly faded as he heard Chat scream. Twisting around he looked back to Chat, the orb that was white was a twisting orb of black and red.

"He's not focused! The two Miraculous will destroy him!" Nino heard Master Fu shouted, and Ladybug's fingers dug into his shoulders.

"Adrien!" Gabriel shouted, pushing forward beside Nino and Ladybug as the storm started to pull inwards and took a form. Nino's eyes widened as he saw Adrien clawing his eyes as red and black flares rippled across his body, his mask and cat ears gone, leaving only his cat tail that was whipping around harshly. His suit wasn't like his Chat Noir suit anymore, but a black spandex with red veins that pulsed like lava.

"Adrien!" Ladybug shouted to him and he paused, his clawed hands covering his eyes before he glanced towards them. He lowered his hands.

Nino felt his heart go to him as he saw his best friend crying, his tears creating channels in the dirt and soot on his face.

"It hurts, so much. All this power, its too much." He sobbed, and Nino pushed himself forward, Ladybug behind him. "Its like… a black hole."

"Adrien, focus! The Miraculous are causing you to-" Ladybug started but Adrien glanced away, frowning as he focused.

"No. It's not the Miraculous, it's me. Its me. Its me."

"Adrien!" Gabriel shouted, pushing through the storm. Nino glanced above them, noticing the storm that was brewing around them was shifting. The Miraculous flared up, the flares connecting and creating a large lightning bolt that shot up into the clouds, causing Nino and Ladybug to stumble back slightly as Adrien's hands started to climb into his hair.

"Its me. I'm the black hole. It's too much, too much. Why? Why, why, why!?" Adrien shouted, clawing his forehead and shut his eyes tightly as he repeated himself. He froze, his lips half formed the next word before his head snapped towards Gabriel, eyes narrow and cat-like.


Nino blood froze as he stared at Adrien's glowing green and red eyes, eyes of something else. A Kwami.

"A mad god." Nino whispered, stepping back. Those eyes twitched and the demi-god shot forward, the wind pressure he created sending both Nino and Ladybug staggering. Then came the shockwave.

He landed on top of Ladybug, her helmet saving her from the iron bar her head landed on. Nino groaned and glanced back toward him, the demi-god holding Gabriel up by the throat.

"You. It's you, you made this hole. You, you lied!"

"Adrien, this isn't you." Nino barely heard Gabriel croak over the waling wind as he fought against the claw that held him. The demi-god's face curled into a snarled.

"How would you know? You never knew me! You only knew what I did, not me!" He shook the man, causing him to grip onto the arm that held him tighter.

"Adrien! Stop!" Ladybug pushed herself towards him and grabbed his free hand. "This isn't you!"

The demi-god didn't even acknowledge her. "Why? Why did you lie to me? Why did you push me away?" His eyes glowed for a second, Gabriel groaned and paused in his struggles as his own eyes glowed.

"Mother? You, you have her?" His grip loosened and Gabriel breathed in, Nino striding toward them against the weakening wind.

"She's fine. We can save her. She was cursed when she first wore the Peacock! It forced her into a coma, but she's fading! That's why we need the Wish, to save her! You can bring her back!"

"She's gone! She was always gone!" He shouted, his grip tightening. "I lost my mother that day! I knew I lost her, and I just had you left! And you left me, to hover over a dead woman! We had each other but you choose to linger! I thought you needed time, to recover! To morn! But all you did was hover and choose to hurt others because you lost her! When you had me! I waited for you to fill the hole mum left, but you just made the hole bigger!" He slammed Gabriel into the ground with a sickening crack and Gabriel gasped as he felt the being above him place a foot onto his chest. "You choose the past over what you had. And you threw your future away when you choose the Miraculous to fix that hole, instead of filling it with what you had and could've had!"

The demi-god claw reached back, a black and red Cataclysm building up between his fingers.

"No!" Ladybug stepped over Gabriel; her arms wide to protect him. "This isn't who you are!" The demi-god paused, eyes narrowing.

"Move, Ladybug." He growled. His eyes widened as Nino stepped beside her. "Nino?"

"Adrien, dude." Nino smiled slightly, relieved to hear his own name.

Ladybug pressed forward, her hand reaching out. "You might have a hole, Adrien, but it doesn't mean you are alone. We, your friends, are all here for you. Every single one of us loves you Adrien, in more ways then one. I know you both as Chat and Adrien, and I love every single side of you. Nino, your best friend, is-"

"Always here for you, man." Nino said, stepping forward, shoulder hugging him. "We brothers!"

"Brother's?" He frowned, confused.

"Hey, its what Chloe called us! And she is your oldest friend. She'd know when you have a brother, dude!" Nino laughed as Ladybug reached up and grabbed his head and pressed his forehead against hers.

"We are all here for you, Adrien. Every single one of us. Chloe, Ivan, Alya, Alex! We are your friends and family. You're my best friend, minou."

The storm slowed above them as they shook in their embrace, tears streaming freely. They held onto each other for a while, and Nino glanced to the side to see Rena helping Master Fu forward. Rena glanced at them before charging forward, joining the group hug.

"Don't leave me out of this moment!" She said, causing Adrien to laugh slightly, his dark and red suit slowly receding into a purple spandex with gold twirls embroidered into it, his tail curling around Ladybug.

Adrien gently pulled away and dropped to his knees, his eyes red with tears. "Father! I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He said as he crawled next to him. Gabriel's glasses laid beside his head, but he stared toward him, his own tears filling his eyes.

"Adrien… Adrien, my boy. No, I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry. You were right, and I'm sorry, for causing you so much pain and, more. Please, forgive me, and fix this." Adrien sniffed as he gripped his father's weak hand.

Nino swallowed nervously as Adrien stood back up, fixing his shoulders. He turned back to his friends; his eyes shut. Stepping forward he reached out and both Ladybug and Nino reached out, grabbing his wrists, who grabbed theirs. He opened his eyes, his iris gold, creating a mask over his face as he spoke, his voice mixed along with both Tikki's and Plagg's.

"Let's bring Nooroo home."

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