Adrien breathed in as black and red magical flares twirled around him as strong wind swirled around Paris, and he stepped towards the Eiffel Tower, the golden embroidery in his purple spandex shifting with the flex of power. Ladybug, who had grabbed the thick jacket and pulled it over her shivering body, stepped behind him, the Lucky Charm helmet protecting her face from the strong bursts of wind while the others behind her held their arms up as they watched the pair. Adrien paused and glanced at Ladybug, who nodded at him, and he nodded back and glanced around.

They were standing on what was once the park in front of the Eiffel Tower, piles of rust and ash scattered the ground where the tower once stood, the ash shifting in the wind. The ground surrounding the park was a mix of magic of creation and destruction, thick vines as big as a bus grew quickly up the side of buildings and were just as quickly destroyed by black partials, as well as entire miniature galaxies being created up from the sewers and into the sky, only to be destroyed by black holes that was also slowly lifting constructions

Adrien closed his eyes, readying himself before lifting his hand up. Purple and golden magical flares formed around his fingers and reached out towards the piles of ash and like fingers scrapped through them, reforming steel beams and pulling them up high into the sky. Slowly, the Eiffel Tower rebuilt itself and vines grew themselves around the left side of the tower with life returning to the park in abundance. The green nature and creation started to swirl towards the right side of the tower as it was being built, only to be greeted by dark lightning and ash, rust destroying the right side of the rebuilt Eiffel Tower.

The two powers fought over the tower as Chat breathed in slowly, focused on his task. He opened his eyes and opened his mouth; his voice and the two Kwami's voices spoke in unison.

His eyes flared bright white as the two powers clashed together between the legs of the tower, creating a sphere of bright light. Everyone shielded their eyes as it lit up brightly, wind kicking up around them.

Adrien coughed, blood spilling out of his mouth and he fell to one knee, covering his mouth as the light dimmed. Ladybug rushed to him, catching him in her lap.

"Adrien!" She shouted as everyone rushed towards them, Gabriel watching Adrien carefully as magic started spark around the Miraculous again. Adrien groaned as the magic that flowing was sucked back into his suit, his leg starting to turn black.

"The magic is destroying him! Get them off him!" Fu ordered, and Ladybug reaching for the earrings as Adrien gripped the ring, nodding at her. Together, they ripped the two Miraculous off, the purple magic being pulled apart back into black and red particles, gripped tightly in their hands. The two Kwami's swirled out, both gripping their bodies as particles tried to escape their holder's hands. The purple costume slowly started to peel off Adrien body as he stared up at Ladybug, smiling weakly.

"I'm ok." He whispered, which Ladybug nodded, the helmet hiding her tears.

Nino knelt at Adrien's leg as wind built from the white sphere, and he pulled his shoe off, grimacing as he stared at Adrien's ash crusted leg, which cracked slightly under Nino's gentle care. He glanced up at his friend, who was also looking at it and looked back at him, nodding.

"I guess, I won't be fencing anytime soon, huh?!" Adrien joked, having to shout over the noise that was building around them as he enjoyed being in Ladybug's lap. Nino glanced behind him, toward the white sphere.

"What's happening? Where's Nooroo!?"

"It's a portal!" Adrien shouted, squinting towards the sphere as he gripped the Black Cat Miraculous in one hand close to his chest. "We'll have to find Nooroo on the other side and bind him to the new Miraculous. Here, take it! You should do it!"

He reached forward, his hand opening to reveal a new Brooch, which was still slowly forming with purple particles in Adrien's hand. Nino grabbed it, staring at the new butterfly brooch, the purple silver reflecting his face as his thumb rubbed the forming wings.

"Almost good as new!" Nino joked, receiving a grin from Adrien.

"We don't have long!" Fu shouted, glancing around as the magic still swirled around Paris. "Get Nooroo and bring him back to fix this! We'll talk later!"

Nino nodded, gripping Miraculous close to his chest. Gabriel knelt next to Adrien, placing a concerning hand on his shoulder, the purple suit turning to dust as his hand landed on his son's shoulder and he glanced at down at him.

"You did good… Son." Gabriel smiled weakly as Nino stood, his back to the portal that was forming.

Alya glanced at him and nodded.

"Go! We'll be here when you get back!" She fixed her glasses, grinning.

Nino nodded back, smiling and giving everyone a quick glance. Alya stood behind Ladybug, who held Adrien in her lap, and Gabriel gripping Adrien's shoulder with Fu watching Gabriel carefully, and all the Kwami's flying slightly behind them all, gripping themselves tight as they felt their powers run out of control. They all watched him, the light from the portal illuminating their faces.

Nino turned around, facing the portal. He shaded his eyes with his arm as he pushed towards the bright light, and as he pushed himself closer, he could see a tear in the middle, a galaxy of magic sparkling on the other side.

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