Hello everyone here is another hero story for you and no Shadow on the League is not done I will try to do two stories at once so when I feel like i am at a good point in this story I will go back to League and then go back and forth. By the way I put my OC Shadow into most of my stories because why not. This is a The Spectacular Spider Man and The Flash fanfiction and I own nothing except the concept of my OC.

The Spectacular Flash.

Chapter 1

Struck by Lightning

"No!" Normal

"Yes!" Thinking

"See ya soon Flash" abnormal voice or attack

Shadow Rose was your average teenage orphan who lives alone and today he was not having a good day.

First he woke up late for school at Midtown High so he had to run and run he did. He got to class right as the bell rang even though he lived two hours away by foot and woke up an hour late. Shadow then got waterballoned by Flash Thompson multiple times causing his day of exhaustion to get worse.

Yeah most people see Shadow as a geek and a kid who gets bullied by the football team well most of them but in reality he was a nice guy who just wants to help people with his brain and why Flash bullies him is mainly because of the fact that Shadow is bigger stronger smarter and a lot more liked with the ladies than him.

Shadow is a seventeen year old with white hair with red tips which people make fun of him for. He is tall at least 6'1 and had silver eyes that practically glowed he usually wears a black shirt and blue jeans with a rad hoodie that had a blue lightning bolt on the front and black boots.

Over all Shadow is unique kind and very well liked by everyone else just not most of the football players. However despite being well like he had few people he could call friends. First was Peter Parker who he became friends with around middle school he had just lost his parents and Shadow was there for him to be his friend since he had none back then. Then there was Harry Osborn a rich kid that despite that was liked because he was a nice guy Shadow became friends with Harry when Peter introduced the two during seventh grade after Harry helped peter get home on a rainy day in his limo yeah a freaking limo but whatever. Next was Mary Jane Watson now this girl was his first real friend before Peter became his friend MJ was and they had been since they were five and ran into each other at school literally. MJ was his best friend there was no question about that. Next is actually quite surprisingly enough Liz Allen girlfriend to Flash Thompson now they were friends before they were ever together because well Liz was nice and liked Shadow let's leave it at that. Next was Gwen Stacy who was the daughter of Captain Stacy who was Captain of the NYPD they meet when they were in middle school around the same time Shadow meet Harry as to why they are friends well they are both geeky and Gwen likes that in a guy nuff said.

Enough of that back with Shadow.

Shadow was walking home clothes soaked but despite that he couldn't help but grin tomorrow his class would be going to Laboratory at Midtown University and he was pumped. They had gone the year before but half of the place was under renovation and Peter had been acting different since that day but Shadow ignored it because Peter was Peter.

Next Day

Shadow was running to School yet again to catch the bus to Midtown university. Damn Alarm Clock!

Shadow made it with seconds to spare and took a seat next to MJ while Peter and Harry Shared a seat with Gwen behind them in the one person seat.

"You made it just in time Speedy." MJ said to Shadow with a smirk. Why? Because Shadow Hated getting called speedy.

"Hey! Speedy is an archer I just run fast." Shadow said as he gave a light glare at MJ who just giggled.

"Hey Shadow good to see you made it wouldn't be the same without ya." Peter said as he gave Shadow a high five since they were both on the outside near the isle.

Ten minutes later (by the way imagine the characters in their Spectacular Spider Man outfits and looks)

The bus to Midtown University had arrived and as Shadow got off he looked up to see Dark storm clouds above.

As everyone was looking around the lab Dr Connors and his wife were demonstrating their newest creation that was in the very back of the lab.

The creation was a machine it was big and cylindrical while the outside was covered in glass to let people look through in the center was an orange orb that was glowing brightly and looked like it was sparking with yellow electricity. (Basically it's the tachyon prototype from flash but more cartoony I guess)

"This ladies and gentlemen is the tachyon prototype what it does is store tachyon particles which are particles that can allow things to move at the speed of light and with this we may be able to save a lot of lives." the one armed doctor said as he started typing on a keyboard and the prototype began to glow making everyone stare in amazement.

While this was happening Shadow heard thunder outside and looked up at ceiling to see if there was a skylight for some reason Shadow felt that he needed to see the lightning he felt drawn to the nearest skylight which was a few feet away from the group of students.

(Play The Flash Soundtrack Birth of the Flash)

Shadow looked up through the skylight to see something amazing. Lightning was shooting across the clouds but this lightning was odd. It was yellow rather than white.

MJ looked over to try and talk to Shadow only to notice he was missing. She tapped Peters shoulder to see if he knew where Shadow was and Peter tuned and pointed behind MJ who also turned and saw Shadow looking up at the sky.

"Shadow what are you doing get back over here man." Peter said but Shadow did not respond.

"Speedy something wrong?" MJ asked knowing that the nickname would get his attention but Shadow still stared up. Peter suddenly got a familiar tingling sensation in his head as Dr Connors turned up the power on the Prototype all of the liquids in the lab stated to go up into the air almost like there was no gravity then in a flash of yellow light,

CRACK SHATTER! (Sorry not good with that)

A yellow bolt of lightning came down and strick Shadow through the skylight sending him flying back into a shelf of chemicals that shattered and spilled all over Shadow.

Everyone looked to see what happens and saw Shadow lying on the ground with smoke coming off of him and shards of glass stuck in different spots on his body. Unknown to everyone there was a faint glow traveling up his neck.

"Shadow!" Shadow's friends yelled as they went to help their downed friend as the good Dr called an ambulance.

(stop Music)

Unknown Location

Shadow was standing in a blue swirling vortex of energy he wondered where he was.

"Shadow Rose it it's good to finally meet you." Shadow heard a voice behind him and turned to see MJ?

"MJ where are we?"

"I am not MJ I am just using the form of someone familiar to speak with you as to where we are we are in the Speed Force." The not MJ said.

"Speed force what the hell is that?"

"The speed force is what gives all things motion and the source of your new powers."


Midtown Hospital

Shadow slowly opened his eyes as he heard was that Poker Face.

Shadow slowly got up and heard a door open and something hit the ground Shadow looked to see a nurse that had dropped her clipboard. She then ran into the hall Shouting HE'S AWAKE!

A few minutes later a couple of doctors walked in to Shadow getting up off of the bed looking at him with shocked faces.

Shadow looked around the hospital room and saw various gifts like flowers and cards heck even some was from Flash aww he does care.

Then Suddenly Shadow saw red and was back on the bed he looked down to see MJ crying into his hospital gown.

"MJ I'm fine i'm fine."

Mj looked up with tears streaming down her face. Shadow looked up and saw Harry Peter Gwen and Liz there in the doorway smiling or looking shocked.

"Shadow you had us so scared you were in a coma for three weeks and your heart kept stopping and we thought you were going to die." Peter said as he put a hand on Shadow's Shoulder.

"Hey I am fine better than fine actually I feel great."

"Well Mr. Rose let's get you checked over than you can head home." A doctor said as he walked in with a clipboard and a nurse with a bunch of things in her arms.

Time skip

Shadow was walking home after a party at Harry's to celebrate Shadow's recovery.

As he was walking Shadow started to feel very odd like his arm was feeling very tingly. He looked down to see his hand vibrating at a high speed and Shadow knew he had to get home fast so he ran and well fo him everything was flying past him but from a normal person's point of view it looked like Shadow was a yellow streak of lightning.

Shadow opened the door to his home and stopped he looked down to see his shoes on fire he quickly put them out it looked like the lightning had changed him in very drastic ways.

Shadow looked at his dining room table to see a newspaper with Spider Man on the front cover.

"Hmm that gives me an idea."

Chapter 1 finished

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