(A.N Welcome to my first fanfic ever! Also my first real piece of fiction ever. This takes place right before Jaden ties with Axel as Supreme King. I was thinking, what if Jaden won the duel?

Anyways, I'm a big fan of JadenxAlexis, so I'm not going to omit that either. Enjoy!)

The Supreme King watched with a menacing smile as Volcanic Doomfire (Atk: 3000) was forced to attack his own Malicious Fiend (Atk: 3500).

However, Axel knew that Volcanic Doomfire would inflict the same amount of damage to Jaden's 200 lifepoints, ending the duel In a draw.

Smirking, the Supreme King saw Axel's life points reach 0 as he heard Axel cry out with pain, each molecule of his body being ripped apart to be sent into the stars.

After I get these annoying pests out of the way, he muttered, glancing at Zane, Syrus, and Aster with disgust, I'll finally be able to get a move on with things.

Suddenly, through of the smoke and debris, The Supreme King caught sight of a figure hurtling towards him, growing larger and larger until he realized with astonishment that it was Axel.

The King watched in horror as a red, glowing sphere seemed to entrance his own body, becoming brighter and brighter, filling the darkness, the void of his mind, penetrating every shadow of his consciousness as Jaden blacked out.

A few moments later…

"The Supreme King is Dead!" roared Zane, as he forcefully flung the black helmet into the midst of the growling fiends. He gave a satisfied smile as he felt fear beginning to spread amongst them.

Hmph, he thought. That's one problem down.

But none of the heroes saw the green, glowing, magic card through the smoke, standing face-up on Jaden's field, Emergency Provisions.

(How much I wanted to cliffhanger here lol, but then you guys would just never read it again cause nothing has happened yet)

Black and green mist swirled around Jaden as he found himself standing in what seemed to be another dimension. The ground was rugged with rocks, and he almost lost his balance.

No, he thought, not another dimension, I've been here before. This is my mind.

He felt the presence before he heard the chilling, mechanical voice, "Welcome, Jaden."

It was a voice he had never before heard, so strange that it filled him with fear, yet it was oddly familiar. A shadow emerged from the darkness, hazy at first then growing clearer and clearer. I-I've seen this before, Jaden realized, a fraction of a millisecond before another Jaden appeared before him.

The person was dressed in a blazing red Slifer uniform, the one which Jaden identified himself by. Every part of him was like Jaden, yet it wasn't. He was golden eyed, and every part of him radiated power and coldness.

"You again!" He shouted, adapting a hostile stance toward the other, as if preparing for a fight. Unfortunately, his duel disk wasn't there when he subconsciously tried reaching for it.

"You lied to me! My friends do care about me!" Jaden shouted at the figure.

He felt anger, pure, hot, molten anger coursing through his veins as he snarled at the Supreme King. Every fiber of his body wanted to destroy this man who had deceived him for so long, the man who had killed his friends. "You said you had unlimited power, yet you lost!"

The Supreme King only smirked, his composure not faltering for even a second. "Lost, you say? Take another look." He waved his hand as a screen appeared to the left of Jaden, smiling.

"Emergency Provisions," Jaden gasped softly, unable to stop himself.

The Supreme King snickered, "Of course. Did you really think I would lose?"

In the midst of his anger towards the King, Jaden felt another small emotion that he couldn't place his finger on. Was it, could it be… admiration? The ability to think coolly, even in the most dire of duels… No, it can't be, this man was responsible for the deaths of my friends, and…

"It doesn't change the fact that you lied about my friends!" screamed Jaden, trying to block out his previous thoughts. "They are the things dearest to me AND YOU TOOK THEM AWAY! THEY CARE ABOUT ME!"

A moment of silence followed. The only thing that could be heard were Jaden's ragged breaths. The King only watched Jaden with amusement.

"Do you really think so?" The Supreme King's voice was barely audible, yet his words pervade the entire world.

The Supreme King flicked his wrist.

A new screen instantly appeared, as Jaden saw Syrus walk away from him, leaving him. Countless other screens materialized, one after the other, and Jaden watched in horror as he caught glimpses of Chazz's body exploding into a thousand pieces as he glared at Jaden; Axel turning to follow Syrus without a word; the fear on Jim's face as he caught sight of the Supreme King; Jesse…

The screen's multiplied, each worse than the next, but with each person chanting Jaden's name hatefully.

Finally, when Jaden thought he couldn't take it anymore, he saw it clearly, Alexis' body bursting into golden fragments as her final words cursed him for what he had done.

Jaden fell to the floor, hands covering his ears, tears falling from his eyes, "No… no more, I'm begging, PLEASE!"

Then, as suddenly as they had appeared, the screens dissolved into darkness once more, leaving only Jaden on his knees, trembling. Sharp rocks dug into his knees, causing bloodied gashes, but he didn't seem to notice.

Standing menacingly in front of him was the Supreme King, smirking.

"I'm done here." The cold voice echoed from the Supreme King's mouth. "I will leave you to return." As he turned around and began to walk away…


The King stopped in his tracks.

Jaden slowly rose, his head down and a shadow over his face. The tears were gone. Blood flowed freely down his legs.

"I give body to the Supreme King." He spoke in a voice that wasn't his.

"I give my mind to darkness."

He didn't hear the Supreme King chuckle. He only felt the darkness slowly rising, up to his ankles, twisting their way up his legs, enveloping his body. It felt metallic, empty, and repulsive, but instead of resisting, he embraced it. He let it consume him, filling his thoughts on nothing but revenge. Soon, the darkness filled his mind as he felt no more.

(A.N. From now on, I'll be referring to The Supreme King/Jaden as solely Jaden, since they are basically one person now. Same way as when Jaden dueled with the power of the Supreme King to protect his friends)

The first thing he felt was a blanket separating him from the cold, hard earth as he lay face-up. He felt sunlight streaming onto his closed eyes. Never before had the sun seemed so unfamiliar, so cold. Never before had the light seemed so uncomfortable.

"He's still alive," he heard a voice say, filled with an emotion Jaden labelled as excitement. The emotion seemed alien and distant to Jaden.

The voice rung a faraway bell in Jaden's mind. He vaguely remembered it. It slowly dawned on him that this voice belonged to a man by the name of Syrus Truesdale. He felt as though he had met this person in a past life…

Jaden feigned sleep for a while more to gather information about his location. He eventually understood that he was in the company of Vellian Crowler, Zane Truesdale, Syrus Truesdale, Aster Phoenix, and Echo. He began to remember each person, meeting them, fighting with them.

With each memory his hatred towards them grew. All along they had pretended to be his friend, pretended to help, but he could hear them laughing behind his back.

Overtaken by hatred, Jaden accidentally snarled out loud, but the others only interpreted it as a bad dream.

"I hope he's okay," Jaden heard Vellian Crowler say.

Knowing that in his present condition, he was in no shape to fight. Willing his eyes to turn brown again, Jaden opened his eyes. For now, he had to pretend like he was the old Jaden. Until he regained enough power, that is.

"You're awake," squealed Syrus, as he saw Jaden regain consciousness. Syrus searched Jaden's eyes, but didn't find a speck of gold. Feeling satisfied, he leapt to Jaden's side and embraced him.

Jaden didn't understand why strong duelists like Zane and Aster would keep someone like as useless as Syrus around, much less weaklings like Ojama Yellow, who was floating a few inches above the blue-haired boy, but Jaden played the part convincingly nonetheless.

"Good to see you Syrus," said Jaden. He tried to put as much emotion into his voice as possible, but it wasn't easy. Ugh, he thought to himself, disgusted, how long am I going to have to keep this up?

I'll wait until I recover, and then these people are really going to have to pay.

The others, seeing the commotion, rushed over and crowded around him. They seemed genuinely happy to see Jaden, but he only smirked on the inside.

Getting attached to their so-called friends, is it? It's a wonder that they are strong at all, relying on others to help them.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jaden saw Zane reaching out to pick up his Evil Hero deck. Jaden whirled around, snarling "Give that back!"

Immediately, he snatched the deck, pushing Zane away. Glancing at it, Jaden saw that his Evil Heroes were still there. And they didn't see the Evil Heroes either. Close one. He breathed a sigh of relief, before catching the looks of the others.

They stared at Jaden with astonishment at Jaden's outburst, while Zane narrowed his eyes. Jaden propped himself up with one arm and glared back at them. He felt his anger boiling over once more.

These were the people who had abandoned him, and left him to fend for himself. These were the people who hated him, and feigned friendship.

Jaden felt his eyes on the verge of becoming yellow. No! He willed himself to calm down, taking silent breaths to dissipate his anger. The feeling slowly faded inside him. He breathed a sigh of relief. That was close.

He glanced at the crowd of faces gazing at him, some filled with concern, some suspicion. Uh oh. That's not good.

Aster was the first to break the silence, "Jaden's probably just overwhelmed with what happened to him. It's a lot for one person to handle." His faced was filled with concern, but Jaden detected a hint of suspicion in those eyes.

"We should let him rest for now."

The others nodded their assent, before walking away. Syrus cast a worried glance back at Jaden before hurrying to join the others.

"Finally some peace and quiet," he muttered to himself.

The moon shone on a lonely figure, standing on the edge of the hill as Aster walked up to that figure. The two stood side by side for a few moments, gazing at the darkness. The trees rustled as an ominous wind blew past, and they both wondered what was in store for them past these dark trees.

"What did you want to discuss with me, Zane?" Aster's voice was grave, and he looked at his close friend in concern.

But he knew the answer before Zane even opened his mouth.

"It's Jaden," Zane muttered, glancing around to make sure no one was listening. "He's not like his old self."

"I got that feeling as well." Aster shook his head, "But I still think it's because Jaden blames himself for losing his friends. It'd be a pretty big shock for me as well."

Zane considered this for a brief moment, before answering. "I know, but he didn't seem to care about the ones he "killed," much less the ones standing before him. Besides, there was something else weird."

Aster glanced up in surprise. "What's that?" he said.

"Jaden's deck should have returned to normal now, right? Now that the darkness is gone."

"Don't tell me…" Aster's eyes were filled with astonishment, and was it… fear?

"I caught sight of the bottom card when Jaden took his deck. It was dark, unlike any Elemental Hero I've seen. But not unlike…"

He let the sentence hang in the air.

Aster sighed. "I don't know. But after all that Jaden's done for us, I say we put some faith in to him."

"I guess you're right. Maybe I'm just imagining things."

(A.N. I'll just skip straight to the "duel" with Yubel because the exodia duel and zane's "death" pretty much go as expected. (Aster and Zane both "die"))

Yubel stood at the edge of her tower, gazing down into the desolate land. Soon, three figures emerged from the darkness

She widened her eyes and smiled when she saw Jaden and others approaching. During her duel with Zane, she had sensed the dark presence residing inside him. No, not residing. Controlling.

The King is alive after all, she thought with satisfaction. And my master and I will soon be reunited. She faded into the darkness as she awaited her love.

Jaden quickened his pace, wanting to see Yubel again in her true form after all these years. "Just you wait, Yubel," he said softly. "I'm coming."

Syrus' head snapped up, "What did you say?"

"Oh, nothing. Let's hurry up."

Jaden's exasperation toward Syrus and Crowler was growing by the minute. In fact, he had been tempted to ditch them and send them both straight to the stars when they had entered the door. With no one to witness, it would have easy pickings for the power Jaden possessed.

Unfortunately, Jaden knew that death in this world merely brought one into another dimension. Once he returned to the human world, they would be transported back as well.

He didn't want to let them know too early that he was the Supreme king, so he didn't do anything too drastic.

Thus, Jaden proceeded without showing any emotion.

Throughout the entire journey, Syrus was becoming increasingly wary of Jaden. From the moment Jaden had opened his eyes, he seemed different. Less like the warm, cheerful Jaden and more like…

Syrus pushed the thought out of his mind. How dare you accuse Jaden of such things! he chided himself. After all he's been through, all the friends he has lost, of course he'd be sad and distant!

But he couldn't help taking a step back when he looked at Jaden. His eyes seemed to flash yellow for a split second before returning to brown.

"There you go again doubting your friend again," Syrus muttered.

As they neared the elevator, Jaden realized suddenly that he couldn't let the others see his cards, since they were still Evil Heroes, which would give him away immediately.

Thus, he couldn't duel in front of them. Thinking quickly, he came up with a plan.

"Listen guys, why don't you guys stay down here while I fight Yubel?" Jaden knew the answer from each even before anyone opened his mouth.

"Great idea!" -Crowler and Ojama Yellow

"No way!" -Syrus

Jaden sighed internally. "Listen Sy, I know you want to support me, but I have a new card. It creates an explosion so big that only the duelists can survive, and I'm planning on using it on Yubel. So please, wait for me."

Syrus seemed to struggle internally before reluctantly agreeing.

Satisfied, Jaden took the elevator the top floor, smirking as he did. As he reached the top, he heard a voice, a voice he hadn't hear in years.

"Jaden my love, I've been awaiting your arrival."

He saw Yubel kneeling on the floor facing him.

Even as the Supreme King, he was shocked for a second before returning to his cold demeanor. Yubel had returned to her old form, a beautiful, pale girl with wings and an eye in the middle of her forehead.

"Yubel, I-I've missed you. I'm so sorry for sending you to space."

Smiling, she flew to Jaden and hugged him tightly, and he returned the gesture. Tears flowed from both pairs of eyes. It was the closest thing Jaden had felt to happiness for a long time.

"Now let us return," Yubel said, still hugging him. Jaden nodded contentedly in her ams, and there was a flash of bright light.

Then, all was as before, but the two were gone.

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