A/N: Hey readers, here's a sweet fluffy songfic with lyrics from Ours by Taylor Swift. I don't own the song or Divergent, this is fic is set some time before initiation is over/the war started. Enjoy!

Four/Tobias' POV

Elevator buttons and morning air, Strangers' silence makes me wanna take the stairs I'm trying to keep our relationship a secret for her sake, trying to keep up the instructor in me but she's so beautiful. It's hard not to show what I feel for her, as my eyes light and lips curl into a smile. If you were here we'd laugh about their vacant stares but right now my time is theirs. I have to work the control room today but it's hard to wait as I will finally be alone with her at midnight by "our" spot at the chasm.

I have to protect her. I promised I will. I will. I will keep her safe, keep her secret hidden so no one knows and we can be together. Seems like there's always someone who disapproves, They'll judge it like they know about me and you I don't care what I have to or what the consequences are for me. I think I'm falling in love with her and doesn't love conquer all? And the verdict comes from those with nothing else to do, The jury's out, but my choice is you

Nothing else in our lives right now is perfect, everything is a mess but we're okay. We're good, we're safe right now. "Don't worry about a thing right now." I whisper in her ear as we I hold her close at our spot. So don't you worry your pretty little mind, People throw rocks at things that shine

I'm trying to show her my softer side now that initiation is almost over. And life makes love look hard The stakes are high, the water's rough but this love is ours. "You're not what I thought you were." she whispers to me. "I think I'm in love with you." I reply as our eyes meet and our lips crash into each other until we're in a long, passionate kiss., She tastes of soap and something sweet I can't get enough of.

I pull the collar of her shirt away to reveal three birds in flight. You never know what people have up their sleeves, ghosts from your past gonna jump out at me. "Crows?" I ask curiously. "Ravens" she says and I look and adore her small, strong frame plus her wispy blonde hair and cool blue eyes. "What do you love about me?" I ask her, not knowing what her response will be. "You're hot!" she says with a giggle before shifting her voice to a more serious tone. Lurking in the shadows with their lip gloss smile but I don't care 'cause right now you're mine "You get me, you've helped me and saved my life. You're brave and smart and kind. I love you." she finishes the last part with a whisper.

And you'll say, Don't you worry your pretty little mind. People throw rocks at things that shine. "I love that you're brave and selfless, how you rise to fear instead of it stopping you. I love your tattoo, how you're not afraid to defy people like Eric to help someone you care about. I love that you know my past but you don't see or treat me differently." I tell her, staring deeply into her eyes and wrapping my arms around her, kissing and never wanting to let go. And life makes love look hard. The stakes are high, the water's rough but this love is ours.

"When will all this be over so we don't have to hide?" she mumbles quietly into my ear. And it's not theirs to speculate if it's wrong and your hands are tough. "Soon, but not soon enough." I answer as we break apart still holding hands that I don't want to leave. But they are where mine belong and I'll fight their doubt and give you faith with this song for you.

That's when I realize that she means so much to me that it's painful not to be around her. 'Cause I love the gap between your teeth and I love the riddles that you speak and any snide remarks from my father about your tattoos will be ignored 'cause my heart is yours. It's happened. I have fallen in love with Tris Prior. The stakes are high, the water's rough but this love is ours.