AN~ Welcome to the sequel to Hope Of A Hero! IF you haven't read that before don't worry, you can read this without it. Hope of A Hero is a rewriting of season one of Supergirl with Kara and Lena already in a relationship. This fic begins the journey through season 2 with SuperCorp as the main pairing.


Lena woke up with a slight frown on her face. Despite sleeping in Kara's arms, the night before, her dreams had been plagued with visions of Kara, lifting Fort Rozz over her head or laying underneath the sun lamps in the DEO base outside the city. Except in her dreams, Kara didn't wake up. It was that unhappy thought that pulled Lena into the waking world, where she stretched out. Her fingers eagerly searched for the smooth skin of her fiancée, but she was only met with warm sheets.

"Kara?" She called out as she sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and yawning.

"I thought you were waking up." Kara said as she entered the room, still dressed in her pajamas from the night before. "You're breathing pattern changed."

Lena mumbled something that even Kara couldn't quite make out with her superhearing and held her hand out. Understanding the motion for the silent request it was, Kara took Lena's hand in her own sat beside her on the edge of the bed.

"What were you doing out of bed?" Lena asked curiously. Kara shrugged her shoulders and looked away in an embrassed manner that had Lena smirking. Kara only refused to meet her eyes if she had been doing something she shouldn't have been, or if she had been doing something she knew was ridiculous. Judging from the way Kara reached to fix her glasses before stopping half-way when she remembered they weren't resting on her nose on the first place, Lena guessed that it was the latter.

"I was working on deciding what job I should take at CatCo." Lena quirked an eyebrow when Kara finally met her gaze. "Okay, fine, I was doing one of those online tests that's supposed to tell you what you are good at. I got marketing."

"Kara," Lena squeezed her hand affectionately. "While I'm sure you do great in marketing, I know that isn't what you actually want to do." Kara sighed, nodding her head to signal that Lena was right. "Besides, Cat only offered you this choice last night, she doesn't expect you to have an answer as soon as you get to work, right?"

"This is Cat Grant we are talking about."

"Point taken." Lena shrugged in a careless way, making Kara giggle. "Don't worry love, I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do."

"I hope you're right." Kara answered with a hopeful smile.

"Of course, I am." Lena lifted her chin slightly. "I'm right about lots of things."

"Such as?" Kara prompted with a rasied eyebrow. Lena smiled innocently at her before her lips curved into a teasing grin.

"Well, there is a certain Kryptonian who holds my heart that has yet to wish me a proper good morning."

"Oh?" Kara questioned, her hand leaving Lena's to rest on her fiancees' thigh over the blankets covering their bed. "And how do you suggest we rectify that?"

"I can think of a few ways." Lena motioned Kara forward with her index finger, smiling all the way. Their lips met softly and Lena found herself thanking whatever god would listen that this, that Kara, is who she would wake up to everyday for the rest of her life. "Good morning, love."

"Good morning." Kara answered smiling brightly. Lena lifted her left hand to gently push the hair that had fallen into Kara's eyes behind her ear, her engagement ring shining in the early morning light as she did so. Kara kissed her palm, her own hand rising to gently hold Lena's in place. Lena looked at their joined hands for a moment, considering.

"I believe there is one more thing we can both agree that I am right about this morning." She stated proudly.

"And what is that?" Kara asked with a soft giggle. Lena took Kara's left hand in her own and brought it to her lips, kissing Kara's knuckles.

"I need to get you an engagement ring." Lena smiled as she spoke. Kara's eyes shone brightly, blue and green each reflecting the same love as they stared at one another in the light of the morning sun. Instead of replying to Lena verbally, Kara simply nodded her head before leaning in and claiming Lena's lips in another kiss.

"I still can't believe you hid this place from me." Kara said as she landed on the balcony of the city office for the DEO. "I got bit by a bat at the last place!"

"Whiner," J'onn said as he fell into step beside her. Kara rolled her eyes at him.

"Hey, sis." Alex greeted her as the two aliens walked up to the circular table infront of the main monitors.

"You, why didn't you tell me about this place? Didn't you know about it?" Kara questioned her sister with mock anger.

"Of course, I knew about it. This place is like a block from my apartment." Alex shrugged.

"Ok, ok whatever. Where's the man who fell to earth?" Kara followed Alex into her lab, smiling at Winn who was already in there.

"His vitals are stables, but we can't get much more information from him because," Alex attempted to stick a syringe in the mans arm only for the needle to snap.

"So that proves it, he's from Krypton." Kara said excitedly.

"That only proves that he isn't human." J'onn reminded her pointedly. Kara refrained from pouting, but her lips did form a small frown. "Let's see if you can prove your worth, Mr. Schott." J'onn turned to the man in question. "Let's see if you can accomplish something that my team of highly-trained alien experts can't."

"Challenge accepted." Winn said with a slow nod, glancing over at Kara who smiled in support.

"So are you going to watch the Venture launch?" Alex asked once J'onn had left and it was only the two girls and Winn in the room. "I know how much you love the space program."

"Yeah, Lena tried to get me attend the launch with her, but I told her I could do without dealing with politics of the business elite of National City." Kara replied with a shrug. "So, I'm just going to watch from home." Kara checked the time. "Shoot, I've got to get to CatCo. Hey, Winn? Can I ask you something? It's about the suit."

"Sure, what's up? Does it need a patch or something? It looks great." He looked over Kara quickly, scanning for any holes or tears in her suit.

"No, no, nothing like that. I was hoping you could make a slight alteration to it."

"Sure thing. What do you want me to do?" Winn agreed easily.

"I need an extra a pocket, a small one." Kara smiled at him. "Just big enough to hold a ring."

"I can do that." Winn smiled at her. "And, Kara? I know you told us that the two of you were engaged a little while ago but," Winn pulled her into a hug. "Congratulations."

"Thanks Winn. I've got to go, I'm running late." Kara said her goodbyes to her best friend and sister before taking to the sky through the large window she had entered through.

"Can you believe they're getting married?" Winn asked as he and Alex returned to their work.

"I can't imagine her being with anyone else." Alex said truthfully, smiling softly.

It seemed that Ms. Grant was, in fact, expecting Kara to have her career figured out, and she was about as impressed as Lena was that morning with Kara's marketing plan. Kara left work feeling a little down, a mood which didn't improve until much later due to the Venture exploding. Fear had gripped Kara's heart as she flew towards the shuttle, her mind circling on thoughts of Lena. Arriving at the shuttle, Kara began to try an ease the crash, but had little success.

"Need a hand?" A masculine voice sounded in her ear and Kara smiled because there was only one person who could have been coming to help as well. Kara smiled at her cousin and together, Supergirl and Superman saved the Venture and everyone on it. It wasn't until everyone had disembarked from the shuttle and confirmed that no one was missing via a quick head count that Kara felt the fear in her heart release. Lena hadn't been on the shuttle.

"I think we should look a little further into this." Clark said later, when he and Kara arrived at CatCo. Kara had been astonished to see her boss nearly make a fool of herself trying to impress her cousin. "Care to join me in paying a visit to Ms. Luthor, Kara?"

"I'd be happy too." Kara answered. She noticed Cat rolled her eyes but decided not to comment on it. She wanted to see Lena anyway.

The journey to the newly re-named L-Corp, unofficially as the naming ceremony wasn't set until later in the week, was made quickly by the Kryptonian cousins. Clark spent a majority of time on the phone with Lois, who was calling to see if he was alright.

"It's so good that you've found someone to love you like she does." Kara said after Clark had hung up. "How did you learn to balance all of it?"

"I can't say it was easy," Clark chuckled softly. "It took a lot of work to get it right. Don't worry, Kara, you'll find someone for you too."

Kara chuckled a bit, her thoughts instantly circling to Lena. It was at that moment that Kara realized Clark probably had no idea that Kara and Lena were engaged, or even together for that matter. "About that…" Kara began but the two of them were already making their way into the elevator at L-Corp. Well, thought Kara, this could get interesting.

"Ah, Clark Kent, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Lena asked as Clark stepped off the elevator. Kara stepped off behind him. "Kara? We didn't have lunch plans that I forgot about, did we?"

"Like you would ever forget if we had lunch plans." Kara rolled her eyes, smiling at Lena's secretary Jess who nodded in agreement. "Clark asked me to come along."

"Oh, right." Lena turned her gaze back to the Kansas raised reporter. "Am I to assume that this is about the explosion on the Venture?"

"We just wanted to ask why you weren't on the shuttle." Clark responded easily as he and Kara followed Lena into her office. "I'm sure you can see why the explosion might look a little suspicious, seeing as the bomb was planted underneath the seat that would have been yours." Kara really did not like the tone Clark was using with her fiancée, but stayed silent. She knew Lena was more than capable of handling the press on her own, even if the press was her future cousin-in-law.

"Maybe if my move to National City had been recent, I could see the suspicion. I've lived here for months now, what could I possibly have to gain." Lena continued before Clark could answer. "As it stands, I was entirely planning on attending the launch, but something malfunctioned in the lab that I had to handle. You check our reports if you don't believe me."

"I hardly think that's necessary." Kara spoke up, moving around Clark to stand closer to Lena.

"I'm not sure, I'm convinced." Clark said, watching as Kara and Lena shared a look before Lena took a seat at her desk.

"I appreciate your concern for the safety of others Mr. Kent, but I can assure you I am no threat. I'm just a woman trying to make a name for herself outside of her family. Can't you understand that?"

"Yeah," Kara looked like she hadn't meant to say that out loud. Clark looked sharply at her while Lena shot her a smile.

"I'm sorry to cut this short, but I do have a few meetings to attend." Lena rose from her desk. "I hope this isn't the last time we talk?" She directed that to Clark before turning to Kara. "I'll see you at home, love." She kissed Kara's cheek, then affectionately wiped away the lipstick that had inevitably transferred t Kara at the motion before sweeping out of the room.

Kara looked at Clark, who was staring back in clear confusion. "I guess I've got some explaining to do."

"You think?"