"YOU'RE DATING LENA LUTHOR!" Clark yelled as he and Kara landed in the DEO. Many agents turned to look at them, but J'onn waved them off.

"Engaged to, actually." Kara said sheepishly. Clark glared at her. "I see that wasn't the best thing to say." Kara walked down the steps into the main area of the floor.

"She's a Luthor." Clark insisted angrily.

"Hopefully not for very much longer." Winn said softly. Kara smiled softly at that. They hadn't actually discussed what to do about their last names after the wedding. Wedding planning had taken a back seat to, well, saving the world. "Look, can you guys argue about this later? Kara, I think you should see this."

"What is it?" Kara came to stand behind Winn, hands on her hips. She recognized the plans showing on his monitor. "Wait, why do you have these? Lena was working on these last week."

"After you left her office she sent me the file. See we knew that the bomb was under her seat from the preliminary exams of the Venture. But these," Winn gestured at his screen, "these don't match the plans for Lena's oscillator." He turned to look at Kara imploringly. Clark, from his place slightly behind Kara, heard his cousin clench her teeth.

"What does that mean, Winn?" Kara growled the words.

"It means the bomb wasn't placed there by accident." J'onn stepped into the room. "Lena wouldn't have been just a victim if she was on the Venture."

"She was the target." Kara said in realization.

"Supergirl, go!" Alex said as several sirens went off around the room. On the main screen, the image of a helicopter filled the panel with a perfect view of Lena Luthor sitting in the passenger seat. "Go!"

Kara took off, cape billowing madly, as she raced to save her love. Clark followed on her heels. The drone targeting Lena's helicopter began to fire right as the two heroes arrived. They both flew to the front end of the drone, blocking the bullets from hitting the helicopter and instead forcing them to bounce off their own chests.

"I was expecting the two of you to show up." An accented voice sounded from the speakers on the drone. "Otherwise, this wouldn't be any fun."

"If you were expecting us, you would have brought something a little stronger." Superman pointed out. The man laughed humorlessly.

"No need. As we speak there are several drones throughout the city, targeting innocent civilians. It's your choice, really. Save the helicopter or the bystanders."

"Go, I've got the this." Kara said to Clark. He hesitated for a moment before taking off to destroy the drones throughout the city. The main drone began to fire again, with Kara taking the brunt of the impact.

He fired a small missile, which Kara intercepted, but it was stronger than she expected. The impact knocked the breath out of her and she landed hard on the concrete below, creating a large crater in the helicopter landing pad. Her ears rang, Kara couldn't get her bearings.

Then she heard Lena scream.

Kara forced her eyes open, taking to the sky in seconds. She targeted the drone, swiftly soaring through the device and making it shatter into pieces. Her hands gripped the rails of the helicopter before the flaming engine could make it spin out of control. She guided it to the ground slowly, hearing Lena's racing heart pounding in her ears.

"It's okay, you're safe." Kara said as she climbed into the helicopter. She wanted to reach for Lena, but she had to stop the bleeding coming from the pilots wound first.

"What the hell was that?" Lena asked, running a hand through her hair stressfully. Kara could practically see the words 'this is why I hate flying' running through her mind. "Supergirl?"

"Someone is trying to kill you."

It seemed to take forever for the ambulance to arrive and take the injured pilot to the hospital. Kara longed to hold the obviously, to her at least, shaken Lena in her arms but she had to refrain until the ambulance pulled away. They offered to look over Lena as well but she insisted she was fine. Once the paramedics were gone and it was just the two of them, and Clark, standing on the landing pad, Kara wasted no time in sweeping Lena into her arms. Her fiancée sagged against her chest, wrapping her arms around Kara's waist and hiding her face in her neck.

"Take me home, Kara. Please." Lena requested quietly. She felt Kara nod and press a soft kiss against her hair. Kara locked eyes with Clark for moment before taking to the sky with her love wrapped securely in her arms. Lena stayed silent the entire flight back to their apartment, Kara could feel how tense she was.

"Lena, honey, please look at me." Kara requested once they were safely in the confines of their home. Lena had yet to move from Kara's embrace, still hiding her face in her neck and holding Kara tightly by the waist. "Lena," Kara tried again as she pressed a gentle kiss against Lena's hair. The brunette exhaled shakily before slowly pulling back to look Kara in the eyes.

"I'm sorry."

"Hey, no don't apologize." Kara rubbed her fiancées' arms soothingly. "You don't have anything to apologize for. I just want to make sure you are okay." Kara reassured her. Lena rested their foreheads together.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Lena sucked in a sharp breath. "I just, I can't believe this is happening." She stepped out of Kara's arms so she was free to pace the room. "I mean, why now? I've been here for months now. Why are they after me? How did he send someone to kill me?"

"He?" Kara asked softly.

"Lex." Lena said simply, her pacing stopping. "He's locked up for the rest of his life and he's still finding ways to ruin our families name. It's unbelievable."

"Wait, we don't that it was him for sure, Lena." Kara pulled Lena back into her arms, wrapping her hands around Lena's shoulders from behind. Lena's hands found Kara's and tangled their fingers together.

"I know it was, Kara." The sadness, the resigned tone in Lena's voice broke Kara's heart.

"Maybe you should cancel the name changing ceremony tomorrow," Kara suggested but she doubted Lena would.

"No, if anything I need to make sure the name change is finalized. I want my company to be a force for good, but no one will see it as such until the Luthor name is taken off." Lena stated firmly before turning in the circle of Kara's arms. "You'll still be there?"

"Of course," Kara promised. "You'll be lucky if I let you walk on the stage alone." Lena chuckled but Kara wasn't joking. "I won't let anything happen to you, Lena, I promise."

"I know, love. I trust you." Lena pressed their lips together softly. "By the way, how did your cousin take the news, about us?"

"He's, uh, less than thrilled with the idea." Kara shrugged slightly. "We were sort of arguing about it before the attack, but once I realized you were in danger we both kind of dropped it. We'll probably talk about it later, but not until after the ceremony. Right now, your safety is my main concern."

"He's more than likely going to be writing an article about all this huh? At least about the bomb on the Venture."

"I suppose so," Kara shrugged. "I don't know who else would be." She maneuvered their clasped hands, so she had a better grip and began to pull Lena in the direction of their bedroom.

"You could write it," Lena pointed out and then continued when Kara gave her a pointed look. "Don't give me that look. You would be a great reporter, Kara."

"What makes you say that?" Kara moved to release Lena's hands, but the brunette wouldn't let go.

"Because you are brilliant, and passionate, and you stand up for what you believe in. You're dedicated to spreading the truth and you think the people have a right to know what is going on." Lena shrugged. "Sounds like a reporter to me."

"Maybe…" Kara trailed off. Lena kissed her cheek.

"Just think about it." Kara nodded in response. "Now, I'm going to take a shower." Kara arched one eyebrow in question. "And you're coming with me." Kara laughed as Lena dragged her into the bathroom.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Kara asked for probably the tenth time since she and Lena had arrived at the name changing ceremony. The couple was walking in the direction of the stage, holding hands as they did.

"Too late to stop now," Lena joked. "Kara, look at me." Lena pulled her fiancée to a stop. "I'll be fine. If anything goes wrong,"

"Supergirl will be here." Kara finished. Lena chuckled slightly.

"Well, yes, but that isn't what I was going to say. I was going to say that you'll be here. Not Supergirl, but you Kara." Lena caressed her face gently. "I know I'll be safe because I'm always safe with you."

"I love you." Kara replied, kissing Lena's forehead gently. "You better get up there." Lena nodded and released Kara's hand from her own as she stepped onto the stage.

"Don't worry, sis. She'll be fine." Alex's voice sounded in her ear through the comms system.

Up on the stage, Lena was beginning her speech. "Thank you all for coming today. I know that my brother's reign of terror hurt many people. My family owes a debt to the people of the world. That is why I've decided to rename my company L-Corp, to usher in a new legacy working towards a better and brighter future." Lena began to smile as she finished the short speech, but the motion was cut off by three explosions behind her.

The townspeople ran in fear as the smoke from the bombs filled the air. Kara took of her glasses, discreetly moving to a secluded spot and shedding her day ware to reveal her suit. Behind the stage, the L-Corp building let out a loud creak and began to fall. Kara flew up to it, bracing it to keep the skyscraper upright. She was soon joined by her cousin, and then by Winn via the comms. Kara left Clark to hold the building up while she repaired the column Corbin had taken out.

In the small courtyard where the ceremony was held, Alex was trading blows with Corbin. She had spotted him following after Lena and gave chase, engaging in combat with him to keep him from attacking her future sister-in-law. She was dismayed to find that Corbin was better trained than she thought and soon had her in a choke hold.

"Let her go!" Supergirl demanded as she landed before them. Corbin simply smirked. Kara took the opportunity to see if it was really Lex who was after Lena. "Why did Lex Luthor send you?" She demanded.

"Even locked up in a maximum-security prison, the Luthor's have considerable pull." Corbin held Alex a little way away from his chest, holding his gun arrogantly pointed to the sky. Before he could say anything else, two bullets ripped through his body from behind and he collapsed to reveal Lena standing there, smoke still coming from the end of her gun.

"The bullet was through and through, but he needs a doctor." Alex covered Corbin's wounds with her hands. "Good job, Supergirl."

"I didn't do it alone." Kara said, looking first to her cousin hovering above the crowds and then to her fiancée.

"Ms. Luthor, you'll need to come with us, so we can get your statement." Alex said professionally.

"Of course, Agent Danvers." Lena replied easily, nodding once to Kara to let her know she will be at the DEO soon. Kara nodded in response and took to the sky.

"Lena!" Kara said as said woman rushed into her arms at the DEO minutes later, after Corbin had been taken to receive medical care and Alex had brought her to the DEO. Lena threw herself into Kara's embrace, wrapping her arms around Kara's shoulders and holding tightly. "It's okay, Lena, he's gone. You're safe." Kara whispered to her as she held her by the waist. "He's gone."

"You were very brave today, Ms. Luthor." Superman said, arms crossed over his chest. "I owe you an apology." Lena removed her arms from around Kara and rearranged herself and Kara, so they stood side-by-side. "It seems I misjudged you. My history with Lex clouded my judgement and I apologize for that. I should have realized that you are not your brother."

"Apology accepted, Superman." Lena offered him a smile, squeezing Kara's hand gently when she felt it slip into her own.

"Also," Clark lowered his voice slightly, speaking as a family member rather than a business man. "I'm sorry I freaked out about your relationship." He spoke to Kara this time. "I must admit that it took me by surprise that you two even knew each other, let alone that you are spending the rest of your lives together. But now that I've seen you to together, it's clear that you belong that way. I'm so happy for you, Kara, and Lois and I will be glad to attend the wedding once you've set a date."

"You're forgiven," Kara smiled brightly at her cousin who returned the gesture. "And we haven't done much planning yet, but we will let you know once we set a date."

"Are you heading back to Metropolis?" Alex asked curiously. She had stayed silent while the three of them had their little sorry-party.

"Actually, if it's okay with you, I'd like to stick around for a little bit." Kara nodded in response. "Being here, with you, with someone like me…it's been really nice. And I know all about Krypton form the archives in the Fortress, but I'd really like to hear some more stories from you Kara. You make it all seem so much more real. Maybe, you could tell me a little bit more about my parents?"

"I'd love to," Kara beamed at him.

"Clark really did write an amazing article." Kara said later that evening. She was sitting in bed, leaning back against the headboard with the latest copy of the Daily Planet in her hands. The sun had long since set over National City. Kal-El was already asleep on their couch, having stayed there for many hours, both him and Lena listening with rapt attention as Kara told stories of Krypton.

"I still think your name should be on the by-line as well." Lena said as she came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Kara shrugged, watching a drop of water slid down Lena's skin before being absorbed by her towel and unconsciously licking her lips.

"Maybe next time," She said while attempting to tear her gaze away from the sight of her naked and wet fiancée in the hopes of keeping herself focused on their conversation. "I'd like to get a few articles under my belt before I write something for the Planet."

"So, you decided you do want to be a reporter?" Lena asked as she pulled a long black, long-sleeved t-shirt over her head.

"I already told Ms. Grant. I don't think she would have accepted another answer." Kara reached for her resume with the word 'reporter' written across it in large, red letters and showed it to Lena as the CEO climbed into bed with her.

"I know you'll make a great reporter." Lena told her while pressing a kiss to Kara's shoulders as she settled against her side.

"You are a little biased." Kara chuckled, making Lena roll her eyes.

"Nonsense," Lena scoffed. "I am just already aware of how amazing you are in every way. This is just one more thing to add to the list." Kara blushed adorably, and Lena kissed her shoulder again with slight smirk across her lips.

"We'll see." Kara said and placed both the article and her resume on the nightstand. The two shuffled around in bed once Kara tuned off the light until Kara laid on her back with Lena pressed against her side, head resting over Kara's heart.

"Oh, I have something for you," Lena said suddenly, sitting up and reaching into the nightstand on her side of the bed. "I know we were going to go together, but I was doing a bit of window shopping while you and Clark were stopping that robbery earlier and, well, I saw it and I knew it was meant for you." Lena swallowed nervously as she presented a small box to Kara.

"Lena," Kara breathed her name as she sat up.

"Kara, you've brought so much light to my life. I used to think that no one would love me, no one would bother looking past the Luthor fame and see the real me. But you did. You stayed by side, even when the distance got hard and I tried to push you away. You make me feel safe, and warm and loved every day. I love you so much, Kara Danvers Zor-El. Will you marry me?" Lena opened the box to show Kara a simple diamond ring, silver band with two small stones centered on the band, encased with silver to form an infinity sign.

"Lena, yes! Of course, I'll marry you!" Kara answered without hesitating and Lena slipped the ring onto her fiancées' hand. Once the ring was in place, Kara cupped Lena's face and pulled their lips together. "I love you so much, Lena."

"I love you, too, darling." Lena whispered back before kissing her future wife again. Lena was wary of doing anything more than kissing, considering the sleeping Kryptonian with superhearing on the couch a room over, but she contended herself with snuggling back into Kara's side. Their hands clasped over Kara's stomach and Lena could feel the cool metal against her skin and smiled. Safe and sound wrapped in the arms of the love of their lives, Kara and Lena drifted off to sleep.