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The Story Continues...!

"DON'T GO, JAUNE! I DON'T WANT TO LOSE ONE OF MY ONLY REAL FRIENDS!" cried Ruby as she sobbed into Jaune's hoodie.

Team RWBY, the only real friends that Jaune Arc had left in this world, had arrived at the outskirts of the Emerald to see him off. They were all driven to tears by the fact that their friend was expelled from Beacon and they can't do anything about it. And it doesn't help that he not only lost his family to a psychotic Scorpion Faunus, but that the entire student body of Beacon is throwing a great big party to celebrate.

Needless to say, many teeth will be lost by many students and teachers tonight.

Jaune just hugged Ruby back and tried not to cry himself. He always thought of these girls as more sisters, especially Weiss, once he got over his crush on her and accepted that she's not interested in him in a romantic sense. He needs to stay strong for all their sakes. Even if he's totally broken beyond all repair.

"I'm sorry, Ruby. But I'm afraid I might not be able to see you graduate and become a great huntress like I know you can be." Jaune lamented.

He put a hand under her chin and made her look him in the eyes. Tearful silver met near dead blue as Jaune gave the young hooded reaper a brotherly smile.

"You're the leader of your team, Ruby. I need you to stay strong for all of them, and never lose that light that makes you who you are." Jaune instructed. "You're here at Beacon because you ARE ready to become the strongest Huntress there is! But you need to stay strong for your team. Can you do that for me, Ruby?"

Ruby sniffled and tried not to cry more as she nodded yes. Jaune just hugged her again and moved on to Yang.

"Look, Yang, I know we got off to a rocky start, what with me vomiting all over your shoes the day before initiation," Jaune started, grimacing a bit at the memory. "But right now, your sister needs you to be there for her more than ever. I understand that you have a short temper, but you need to learn to control that anger and not let it control you! Can you do that for me?"

Yang nodded, feeling salty tears gathering in the corners of her eyes.

"I'll try…" was all she could say.

As Blake walked up, she too gave the blonde Knight a hug, knowing this may be the last time she'd ever see her brother figure again. Her bow was removed, leaving her cat ears on full display. Even if they're droopy because of her current sadness.

"Blake, you always fought your hardest for Faunus Equality, even before joining Beacon. Never forget that goal! No matter what happens, NEVER lose sight of those who are important to you and the goals you have! Bring about a true Utopia for humans and Faunus alike!" Jaune exclaimed.

"It's a promise!" Blake replied.

As Jaune turned to Weiss, the situation became a little more awkward. True, they've bonded like siblings over time, but she's still the heiress of the SDC. Would hugging her even be considered appropriate? Especially given the circumstances?


"No mush! Just come here!" Weiss interjected, hugging Jaune.

Without a moment's hesitation, Jaune hugged her back. He was glad that Weiss didn't see him as nothing but a bother anymore, and he was definitely going to miss her.

"I guess I'll see you around, Snow Angel." Jaune said.

"Don't call me that, you dolt." Weiss replied half-heartedly.

Weiss didn't like any of this. She finally found someone who was like a true brother to her, only to have that someone so cruelly ripped away. She blamed many people for this. She blamed Cardin for revealing the truth about Jaune's transcripts, she blamed NPR for pushing Jaune away like that, she blamed the entire student body for making Jaune a social outcast, but most of all, she blames the professors for expelling Jaune from Beacon.

Through her own emotional turmoil, she idly wondered where she could hide a lot of bodies with multiple stab wounds that have been frozen in blocks of ice.

Reluctantly, she ended the hug and watched with a heavy heart as Jaune walked off into the Emerald Forest, no longer being able to return to them. She collapsed to her knees and began to cry her eyes out, not caring if anyone saw. Her remaining friends brought her into a group hug to try and comfort her, even though they were all crying as well.

At least the four girls of Team RWBY still have each other.

But what they didn't see was Ozpin and Glynda watching the whole event from afar, having heard everything that was said. They both watched with heavy hearts as their favorite students was forced to leave Beacon… for good…

Glynda choked back a sob as she remembered when Jaune was still the little boy she used to babysit. How he would tell her with a big smile that he would become a hero just like his grandpa. And now, he'd never have that chance!

"Forgive us, Jaune…!" sighed Ozpin, foregoing professionalism and using his sleeve to hide his own sorrow.

This was something he hated the most about his job. Being forced by the Vale Council to expel his best students before they even had a chance to prove their worth as hunters and huntresses.

He just hopes that wherever his wayward student may be going, that he'll find some semblance of happiness.

And yet, watching the whole thing go down from beginning to end… was a single, simple spider.

*To Be Continued…*

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