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"You need to cover me while I raid this douchebags hideout!"

"Okay but if I die I'll punch you!"

They were at it again. His older brother and that dumb blonde he called his best friend were once again playing video games just like they did every damn day. They always got too immersed in the stupid games they played which resulted in them shouting at the tv screen like two banshees who had just escaped a zoo.

Every single fucking day.

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he threw his backpack down onto the kitchen counter. He had just walked from school in the blazing hot sun. The annoying sound of his brother and his stupid blonde best friend yelling at the top of their lungs worsened his already sour mood. He was exhausted and just wanted to take a short nap before he had to start his homework but just like every other day-it'd be impossible because of all the damn screaming.

"Can you guys shut up!" Sasuke yelled as he raided the fridge for something to eat. He spotted a half eaten carton of Chinese take out and decided it'd do.

"You're home, Sasuke? Bring me a coke from the fridge will you? I'm on this super hard level!" Itachi called from the living room. He heard Naruto screech at some mistake he made in the game and Itachi laugh loudly in response. Honestly, the way they acted no one would ever believe that they were two nineteen-year-old boys.

"I'm not your slave, come get it yourself!" Sasuke rebuffed heatedly.

"You're so mean!" Itachi yelled back.

Sasuke shrugged, not really affected by his brother's insult. He grabbed a plate and poured the takeout onto it. He popped it into the microwave then sat down on the kitchen island stool chair to wait. A minute ticked by and the microwave beeped. He got up and retrieved his plate. He wasn't really hungry but he thought that maybe his irritation would diminish if he had some food inside him. He was just about to scoop some of the fried rice into his mouth when one of the sources of his annoyance came striding into the kitchen.

"Is that my take out? I knew it smelled familiar!" Naruto's wide blue eyes narrowed. His oversized hoodie and wild blonde hair made him look like a grumpy child who had just been woken up from a nap.

"Oh, it was yours?" Sasuke blinked as he continued eating. Ignoring Naruto's obvious anger.

"Yes it's mine, now stop eating it!"

"Since it was in my fridge it's technically mine so no I will not stop eating." Sasuke spooned up some more rice and took a giant bite. He licked his lips to lick up the salty sauce that remained behind, "delicious," Sasuke hummed.

"You have no respect for your elders! Ugh you're so annoying." Naruto grumbled. He glared at Sasuke as he kept eating.

"And you're loud."

"I'm not loud!" Naruto screeched.

"Yes you are. You're like part banshee or something, so annoying."

They had had this same fight numerous times before. Naruto was his brother's best friend so he was always here after school. Stinking up the place with his annoying habits and voice. Honestly, Sasuke didn't know how Itachi could spend so much time with such a loud dobe. The sound of Naruto's voice was literally worse than listening to nails on chalkboard.

"Whatever. I hope you choke on my takeout." Naruto fumed. He trudged to the fridge and retrieved a can of coke.

Sasuke scoffed. "Do you do everything my brother asks you to do? I guess you can't help it since you're an omega all you can do is obey."

"S-shut up!" Naruto sputtered, his scarred cheeks turned an unhealthy shade of red. "I hope you present as an omega so I can make fun of you too!" Naruto slammed the fridge closed and left the kitchen. A metaphoric rain cloud followed him as he went.

Sasuke laughed and continued eating. The dobe swore that him presenting would change anything. He'd probably be a beta just like Itachi and their father so honestly what was the blonde even waiting for? For a boy to present as an omega one important thing had to happen. They had to have genetically inherited the male omega gene from their birth parent. Meaning that if Sasuke's mother had been a male omega he would've had a 50% chance of presenting as an omega. But since his mother was a female omega his chances of presenting as an omega was less than 1%.

"That idiot." Sasuke smiled; amused that someone could actually be so stupid. "And he wonders why I don't respect him as my elder."

"How was your day sweetie?" Sasuke's mother asked later that evening when she returned from her job as a nurse. She didn't really need the job since Sasuke's father ran a successful business and made plenty for the family to live off of but his mother insisted on having a job. She was an omega and because of that his mother felt the need to prove her financial worth to the family. She never said it but Sasuke suspected his mother hated being an omega and all omegas in general. The stigma against omegas was a hard one to live with. Delicate and not good for anything else but child bearing.

"It was okay. I had to walk home again because oniichan forgot to pick me up like always."

"How could he forget to pick you up, I reminded him just this morning to not forget you!" Mikoto pondered.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "He got caught up in playing video games with Naruto."

His mother stopped for a moment, he saw a dash of anger flitter across her black eyes.

"He did?" Mikoto frowned, "every time he spends time with that wretched omega he forgets to pick you up. He should know better. You just turned sixteen, you'll present any day! What if it happens while you're walking home? If you present as an omega-god forbid-you could get assaulted!" Mikoto took a calming breath, she caressed her baby's soft cheek, "I don't want you walking home again. He spends too much time with Naruto. He shouldn't have an omega hanging around the house anyways, if Naruto goes into heat here we'll have to deal with his foul smell for days!"

"Ewe." Sasuke shuddered. He didn't even want to think of Naruto's scent while in heat. He didn't want to think of Naruto in heat period. The dobe would probably be super loud, louder than he was naturally and that was saying something.

"Don't you worry, sweetie. I'll have a talk with him when your father gets home."

Sasuke nodded, mentally saying finally it was about time his mom had a "talk" with Itachi about the type of friends he hung out with. Sasuke had inherited some of his mothers...distaste for omegas, he didn't want to present as one. His dislike for them heightened ever since Naruto became Itachi's BFF and waltzed into his life. The blonde omega possessed the qualities he disliked the most about omegas. Naruto was delicate, always whining, and so damn complacent. And the way Naruto was always succumbing to whatever Itachi asked of him was annoying too. Sasuke definitely didn't want to be like that.

"I should get dinner started before your father arrives." Mikoto noted. "A happy husband is the key to a happy marriage!"

Sasuke nodded again. He absentmindedly turned back to the TV and tuned out the rest of the things his mother was prattling on about.

"What are you watching, loser?" Itachi asked as he came down the stairs a few minutes later, lured down by the smell of food cooking.

"Nothing important." Sasuke replied without looking away from the TV. He was still irritated from earlier. Why did his brother have to have such poor taste in friends? Couldn't he just find a nice beta or alpha to be best friends with?

Itachi suddenly jumped on top of Sasuke. Sasuke pushed against his brother's heavy body but he couldn't even budge Itachi. Itachi was older and considerably much stronger than him. But that didn't mean Sasuke was going to allow his brother to manhandle him.

"Get off of me!" Sasuke muffled against the skin of Itachi's arm. He opened his mouth and chomped down as hard as he could.

"Fuck, okay. Don't bite, that hurts." Itachi chuckled and hopped off. He cradled Sasuke's cheeks in his hands and kissed his forehead. Sasuke cringed away, Itachi never kissed him unless he wanted something. "My sweet little brother please forgive me for attacking you, you looked so annoyed I simply wanted to entertain you."

"Stop talking like that and just say what you want."

"Fine," Itachi dropped his hands and looked squarely at Sasuke. "I need you to do me a favor."


Itachi shot a glance towards the kitchen to make sure their mother was preoccupied; she was humming while chopping green onions. "Tomorrow I need the house to myself. Stay at school once classes get out. Do that and I promise I won't ever tell that embarrassing story about that time you fell while-"

Sasuke shoved his hand over Itachi's mouth, "okay! Deal! Just shut up!"

Itachi smiled and pulled Sasuke's hand away, "nice doing business with you, loser."

"Why do you need the house to yourself anyways?"

Itachi's smiled twisted into an amused smirk. "I have to help Naruto out with something. If you're in the house you'll just get in the way."

Sasuke groaned, annoyed. "Say no more." He lost interest in whatever it was Itachi was planning on doing tomorrow, if that dobe was involved it was probably something either annoying or stupid. Or more realistically it was probably a combination of the two-annoying and stupid.

"Sasuke, dear don't frown like that, you'll get wrinkles." Mikoto's voice chimed from the kitchen. Sasuke's frown deepened and Itachi laughed.

"You're such a grumpy kid. I wonder what you'll present as. You were such a cute kid I thought you'd be an omega for sure but now you're just grumpy all the time. Maybe you'll be the worlds first half-breed!"

Sasuke didn't dignify that with a response. He rolled his eyes and turned back to watching TV.

The next day something unforeseeable happened. Sasuke couldn't stay after school because it was being used after classes ended to host a charity event. Something about underprivileged teenage omega mothers and their children. It was nonsense and just another case of helpless omegas needing a handout. He had called his brother to tell him about it but Itachi hadn't picked up any of his calls. He didn't have anywhere else to go and wait so Sasuke decided to just go home. He'd just have to find another way to make Itachi stop telling that embarrassing story!

Thirty-five minutes later Sasuke arrived home from another long, heat stroke inducing walk from school. He threw his shoes off with an angry flare. His neck was sweaty and he felt like lying down on a bed of ice. He suddenly paused. Something was off...

He set his backpack down beside the pile of shoes by the door way matt and then tiptoed to the kitchen. There was something different than every other day. It was quiet...too quiet and then he realized why it felt so weird; he couldn't hear his brother and the blonde idiots loud yelling! There was also a strange smell in the house, sweet like honey flowers. It made Sasuke's insides clench. He quietly padded over to the living room and ducked his head inside, expecting to see Naruto and Itachi strewn on the floor as they played video games but they weren't there.

How odd.

It was like an actual miracle to not find the dobe and his brother lounging in the living room. Itachi did say he had to help Naruto out with something though, but by something he had assumed it meant video games. Sasuke's breath hitched when he caught another-much stronger-whiff of the alluring sweet scent. He unconsciously found himself following the scent. To his surprise it led him upstairs to his brothers room. Luckily or maybe unluckily for Sasuke his brothers door was cracked open. He kneeled down and peeked into the room. He instantly flung himself back-not expecting to see what he had just witnessed. He covered his mouth with his hand to stop the string of questions that were threatening to come out.

Naruto and Itachi were kissing. And not just a light peck of the lips but full on making out. Naruto was on his back with his brother kneeled between his parted legs as their lips moved against one anothers. He had no idea his brother and Naruto were like that! Itachi always called naruto his best friend so he had assumed that that was what they were. Apparently not. "Bestfriends" didn't do those kind of things with each other. No wonder Itachi wanted the house to himself. He wanted to help Naruto with his heat. It made sense, betas were the only ones who weren't affected by an omegas pheromones while in heat so they were the "go to" choice for unmated omegas to spend their heats with...or at least that's what Sasuke had learned in health class.

Just then Naruto let out a pained moan. The high-pitched whine made Sasuke feel tingly inside. He didn't know why because usually Naruto's whines annoyed him. He shoved his fingers in his ears; he didn't want to hear the dobe moaning! Sasuke's face felt hot, his body overheated and sweaty. He didn't even sweat this much during his long ass walks from school in the sun!

He was plugging his ears but Sasuke could still hear Naruto's loud whimpers. He knew it; the dobe really was extra loud during his heat. Even though Naruto was annoying Sasuke still found himself wanting to hear the blondes moans. He didn't know Naruto could sound so...erotic? It was absurd to think of anything associated with Naruto as "erotic" but that was the only fitting word to describe Naruto's pleasured whining. He hazily recalled yesterday when he had thought to himself that Naruto's scent during his heat would be gross-boy had he been wrong. Naruto was letting off such an amazing scent it was muddling Sasuke's thoughts. He wasn't even thinking straight anymore. As if he were being guided by an instinctual power he went back to get another peek at Naruto. Sasuke stifled a groan. Naruto was on his knees now, his bare ass hanging in the air. There was a strange trail of a white clear substance seeping out of him. Sasuke sniffed and sure enough that clear liquid was the source of the intoxicating smell in the air. Naruto looked completely shameless, baring his ass for Itachi as if he had done it numerous times before. His eyes were hooded and he was biting on his lips. Impatient and waiting for Itachi to touch him.

Sasuke couldn't take anymore. He didn't even know why the sight of Naruto on all fours and submitting him self so lewdly made him burn inside but it did. He wanted to burst inside the room and reward Naruto for being so submissive. Sasuke cursed. Why did he want to "reward" Naruto? He was supposed to hate the stupid loud idiot! He clenched his eyes shut and forced himself to get up. He staggered to his bedroom and threw himself on his bed. He grabbed his covers and cocooned them over his head, trying to block Naruto's intoxicating smell and moans away. He squeezed his eyes shut and desperately tried to banish the vivid image of Naruto's blushing face out of his head.

Sasuke lay there for a while, drowning his thoughts of Naruto away with mental images of gross things like hairy armpits and grandmas in lingerie. He eventually fell asleep. When he awoke several hours later his body felt heavy and his mind groggy. Had he just dreamed that thing about Naruto or had that really happened? Probably a dream, the dobe omega could never be sexy or cute in real life. The dream had been so realistic though...

Sasuke's eyes wandered to the alarm clock on his nightstand. Damn, it was already six p.m. and he hadn't even done his homework yet. His mom was going to scold him about "taking academics seriously" when she got home and found out. Sasuke rolled out of bed. He made his way to the bathroom. The bright lights of the bathroom bothered his eyes and the loud droning of the vent irritated him but Sasuke didn't pay it any mind. He felt out of sorts, his body ached like it had just been stretched and molded into something new. He turned the faucet on and splashed some cold water on his face. The icy water immediately jolted him awake. He stared at his still tired looking face in the mirror as the water dribbled down it. As he watched one particular water droplet slide from his cheek to his neck he noticed something weird. A strange black mark on his neck.

The minute he saw the three dots and circle he knew what it was. It was the mark people got when they presented. One dot was an omega, two dots was a beta, and three dots was an alpha.

Sasuke fingered the three new dots. He couldn't believe it, he had presented...as an alpha.

Almost everything changed after Sasuke's presentation as an alpha. His father had taken a new interest in him. Since Itachi was a beta Sasuke had basically become his fathers actual successor to take over the family business. His mother had started treating him differently too. She hardly ever scolded him anymore and when she did her words lacked any real authority. She was also more submissive. He could see the difference between how she had treated Itachi when he presented as a beta in comparison to how she treated him. Things at school had also changed. He had been put into a different class, which was only for alphas. Everything had changed. It was nice, being an alpha was as everyone had said, full of special perks. So far Sasuke loved everything about being an alpha except for two things. One, his body was changing and it was changing fast. He had grown a whole foot taller in the short week he had been an alpha. His voice was getting deeper and there was something on his dick growing. It was like a bump of some sort. He knew it had something to do with being an alpha but he didn't know what it was and he was way too embarrassed to ask anyone. And the other thing, his instincts were overwhelming him. He had become aware of scents he had never even noticed before. With just one whiff of a person he could tell if they were an alpha, beta, or omega.

His personality was now also being affected by his alpha instincts. He found himself always wanting to dominate, it didn't matter the situation he just felt like he had to be the one in charge and in control. Sometimes he felt crazy, like he'd self implode and give into the animalistic urges. It was hard to suppress them. He had asked his friend Neji (an alpha he had met in one of his special alpha classes) why his instincts drove him so crazy and all Neji had said was that it was normal for those who had newly presented to not be in full control of their new identities.

That was a load of bullshit.

It had been one full week since Sasuke had presented. It was to be expected that a lot had changed since then but there was one change his transition had brought that he hadn't expected at all. In the entire week he had been an alpha Naruto hadn't been to his house once. The first day Sasuke chalked it up as Naruto being busy. The dobe was a college freshman so Sasuke guessed that Naruto probably had to rush a report or something stupid like that. The second day Sasuke assumed the same thing. The dobe had let too much work pile up and was now paying for it with having to work all day. On the third day Sasuke became suspicious. Had Itachi told Naruto about him presenting as an alpha and now Naruto was jealous? That theory amused Sasuke so much that he actually believed it until day five. If Naruto were jealous he wouldn't have taken this long to show his face, he'd want to come over to see if Sasuke really had presented as an alpha. On day six Sasuke had almost asked Itachi about why Naruto hadn't been over in so long but then thought better of it. If he asked his brother then Itachi would most likely tell Naruto and Sasuke didn't want the dobe to know that he was asking about him.

So here he was. Day seven and still no annoying dobe. It wasn't that he missed Naruto. He just found his sudden disappearance odd. The dobe was here practically every day playing video games so him not being here for so long felt strange.

Sasuke sighed. He was pathetic. Why was he worrying about an omega who annoyed the shit out of him? He should be happy that Naruto wasn't here screaming like a wild animal and stinking up the place anymore.

He shoved a spoonful of the tomato soup he had heated up a few minutes ago into his mouth. His mother had made it special for him last night; it was his favorite food but for some reason it didn't taste as good today. What was wrong? He knew for a fact that his taste buds hadn't transformed into liking only certain things when he had become an alpha so why did his soup taste like nothing?

"Why the long face, loser?" Itachi teased as he came into the kitchen. Sasuke had been so absorbed in his bland soup he hadn't heard his brother come down the stairs.

"Seriously, what's wrong? You look like you just got delivered bad news." Itachi asked as he took a pair of poptarts out of the cabinet and popped them into the toaster.

"Just a long day, I guess." Sasuke replied annoyed. Damn, the dobe's absence was making him visibly upset. How embarrassing.

"Cheer up, it's the weekend." Itachi sing-songed.

"Sunday doesn't count."

"Yeah it does, it's a day that comes at the end of the week meaning it's still part of the 'weekend'." Itachi scoffed, "and here I thought they were teaching you advanced shit in those fancy alpha courses of yours but apparently not."

"Shut up, you know what I meant." Sasuke tsked.

"I know. I just like messing with you, it's fun. It's not every day I get to tease an alpha." Itachi grinned.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Anyways, you're going to the library again?" Sasuke stated not asked because the answer was obvious. Itachi had his backpack on and his car keys in his hand meaning he was heading out to the library. He had done so every day this week. Sasuke figured without Naruto here to play video games with his brother had nothing else to do but study. Or at least that was what he had thought at first.

"Yup, I gotta ace my next chem quiz."

"It's Sunday and you're still going to study? You've never been so into studying before. It's weird." Sasuke observed suspiciously.

"I can't afford to be average anymore now that there's an alpha in the family. Mom has been on my back about getting my grades up all week."

Sasuke could tell Itachi was lying. He spoke too quickly. "Why doesn't Naruto come over anymore?" Sasuke asked pointedly. He was tired of the charade. It was the question he had wanted the answer to all week. He couldn't actually believe he had swallowed down his pride enough to ask his brother.

"Why do you care? Don't you hate him?" Itachi chuckled.

"Yeah, so? I'm curious why he stopped coming over that doesn't mean I like him." Sasuke said defensively.

"Don't worry about it." A strange look adopted itself in Itachi's eyes. He looked closed off, sort of angry. Sasuke couldn't guess why.

"I'm not. I just want to know why your idiot best friend doesn't come over anymore."

The look in Itachi's eyes intensified.

"He can't come here because of you."

"Because of me? Why?" Sasuke was confused. He had never told the dobe to stop coming over. Sure he had voiced his displeasure of seeing Naruto's face a few times but he had never outright told Naruto he wasn't allowed and it wasn't as if the dobe would've listened if he had anyways.

"Don't you get it? He's an omega, he can't be here when you're around."

"I'm not interested in that annoying dobe like that!" There was that one dream, but that had only been one time! He hadn't had a dream like that ever since, "just because I'm an alpha doesn't mean I like him like that, that's gross!"

"I'm not saying you do or that you would. It was mom's orders. She doesn't want him around you."

"But why? That's dumb?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Itachi sighed. "We'll talk about this later if you want but I'm pretty sure you know the reason why." Just then Itachi's poptarts popped. He scooped them out of the toaster and took a bite. He wrapped the poptarts in a paper towel and started walking towards the door. "I'll be back. Tell mom I went to the library to study."

As Itachi crossed the kitchen Sasuke got a whiff of a familiar scent. A scent he had believed he had only smelled in his dreams. The sweet stench of Naruto's heat. So that hadn't been a dream! He had really witnessed Naruto in heat. That explained why Naruto hadn't come by. And here he had been making all these wrong assumptions. If the dream was real then that also meant that Itachi and Naruto were... Which meant that Itachi wasn't going to the library like he had been stating all week.

"You're going to Naruto's aren't you." Sasuke didn't ask, he was stating a fact.

Itachi stopped, his hand, which had been twisting the doorknob dropped to his side.

"You're going to go help him with his heat aren't you?" Sasuke continued as he turned to face Itachi.

"You...how did you know about that?" Itachi asked flabbergasted.

"Because I'm not dumb." Sasuke lied. He wouldn't tell anyone how he had accidentally seen his brother and Naruto having sex or how witnessing said accident had ignited his transition.

"How long have you known about us?" Itachi was panicking. The way his brother's voice strained gave it away. Sasuke hadn't heard Itachi sound like that in awhile. Itachi had accidentally broken their mothers favorite vase while chasing around a butterfly that had gotten into the house. That had been seven years ago.

"Not long." Sasuke stood and walked over to Itachi, "but I don't care so you don't have to sneak around anymore. Bring Naruto over whenever you want. I won't tell mom."


"I'm not going to attack him, despite what you think I'm not a wild animal who attacks omegas. I barely even transitioned, trust me that's the last thing on my mind."

"Fuck, you're the best!" Itachi let out a startling laugh, "I don't know why but you sound like the older brother now. Must be that alpha blood." Itachi teased.

Sasuke laughed hollowly. He was internally slapping himself. What the fuck was that? Why did he say all that unnecessary crap? Why did he want Naruto to come back? He didn't like the dobe, he hadn't lied about that but he had lied about his ability to control himself. He didn't yet know the limits of his own control. At school he hadn't been allowed yet to rejoin the regular lunch period because of the student omegas. All newly presented alphas were segregated until they were deemed ready by a counselor to rejoin the regular student lunch block. Sasuke hadn't been around an actual omega except his mom since his transition.

Why would he risk anything just so his brother could have his BFF/boyfriend over? The answer was a terrifying one. Sasuke was intrigued by Naruto. Now that he knew his dream had really happened his body subconsciously wanted to smell Naruto's scent again.

"I'll be back later tonight. I'm going over to Naruto's to tell him the good news. He just finished his heat so he's going to be really happy. Stay outta trouble, loser." Itachi kissed Sasuke's forehead then left.

The guilt swallowed Sasuke whole. He ended up throwing his beloved tomato soup down the kitchen sink drain. He wouldn't have been able to eat it anyways when all he could think about was Naruto's scent.

The next day Sasuke arrived home from school and was greeted with the familiar ear splitting scream that could only belong to one certain loud omega.

Naruto was back.

Yes, Naruto was back and so was his scent.

Sasuke could smell it even from the doorway. It was strong and oh so sweet it made his mouth involuntarily water. He hadn't expected it to smell so...good? He could recall how appetizing it smelled in his "dream" but his memory of the scent paled in comparison to how it smelled now. It was like Naruto's scent was comprised of all his favorite smells in the world.

Sasuke was nervous to even take a step forward. The closer he got to the scent the harder it'd be for him. He didn't know a scent could affect him this much. Was this just part of being an alpha? Would every fucking annoying omegas scent hinder him this way? He sure fucking hoped not cause this was painful. He could feel an actual ache forming in the base of his throat and his jaw muscles were starting to clench up from so much straining and gritting.

"Don't be pathetic, get a hold of yourself." Sasuke mentally chastised himself. He had told Itachi that he could handle this so that was exactly what he was going to do. He set his backpack down and took off his shoes then made his way to the kitchen the same way he did everyday after school.

"Is that you, Sasuke?" Itachi's voice drifted from the living room.

"Y-yeah." Sasuke called back.

"Can you pretty please with a cherry on top bring me the slice of pizza in the microwave?

"No, come get it yourself!" Sasuke frowned. No way was he stepping a foot inside the living room where the source of the incredible scent resided. He didn't know what he'd do if he got close to Naruto. All he knew was that he didn't want to embarrass his self by letting the dobe know that his scent was affecting him so much.

"You're so mean!" Itachi huffed. "Go get it for me, please Naruto."

Sasuke froze. Why was his brother such an idiot! Did he not realize that Sasuke was having an internal war with himself right now and having Naruto in the same room as him would only make it worse!? He didn't even have time to escape to his room; Naruto had already seen him through the kitchen doorway.

Sasuke took a big gulp of air and held his breath right before Naruto entered the kitchen. He could make it through this. It should take the dobe less than thirty seconds to grab a goddamn piece of pizza from the microwave.

"Why are you staring into space like that for? You look like a brain dead pigeon."

Naruto's taunting voice broke through Sasuke's iron clad will to ignore. He tightened his lips. If he replied it'd prolong how long Naruto stood in here and also if he opened his mouth he'd have to inhale which wouldn't be good with Naruto's scent lingering everywhere.

"What? No snarky reply? That's a miracle." Naruto cocked his head to the side and looked at Sasuke quizzically. "You look pale, are you okay?"

Sasuke remained quiet. He needed the dobe to leave already! He couldn't hold his breath for much longer.

"You really don't look good." Naruto's voice held a tint of worry, "you need to go out in the sun more, you're so pale you could pass as a vampire." Naruto laughed loudly. "Can you imagine th-"

"Go away and stop insulting me!" Sasuke huffed out. He couldn't hold it in anymore. "Damn how long does it take you to realize that someone doesn't want to talk to you!"

"Oh, so you were ignoring me," Naruto smiled, his pink lips stretched across his pearly white teeth. "I thought you were sick since you looked so dumb."

Sasuke ignored Naruto's insult. He couldn't focus on it even if he tried. All he could focus on was the indescribably sweet scent that Naruto was emitting. It was wafting over him like waves, lulling him in closer and closer.

"So it's true, you're an alpha." Naruto spoke as he eyed the mark on Sasuke's lower neck. His features twisted into anger. "Well I guess a congrats is in order." Naruto said sarcastically. "You must be so proud."

"Don't congratulate me when you don't even mean it." Naruto's scent had changed. It was no longer sweet but slightly bitter. Sasuke didn't like it.

"Don't tell me what to do. God I hate you alphas! You all think you can control us!" I'm still older than you!"

Sasuke hadn't known that Naruto hated alphas. That knowledge for some reason hurt him. Why though? It wasn't like he ever wanted Naruto to like him so who cared if Naruto hated his secondary sex trait. All this couldn't be just because he liked Naruto's scent?

"I guess we have that in common, I hate omegas just as much as you hate alphas. So run along and go bring my brother his slice of pizza already."

"Shut up you alpha prick." Naruto sneered.

"Make me you omega bitch." Sasuke stared down at Naruto making direct eye contact.

"Don't call me that!" Naruto screamed. He lunged at Sasuke but unfortunately had slipped in his haste. Sasuke reacted reflexively; he threw his arms out and caught Naruto before he could fall.

"Y-you..." Naruto blinked rapidly. He couldn't believe what had just happened. "You saved me." Naruto looked up at Sasuke amazed.

"I just caught you." Sasuke corrected, not wanting Naruto to make this seem like he actually cared for the blond.

"Thank you." Naruto said awkwardly. He looked down then back up again, "wait, what the hell! Are you taller than me!?" Naruto yelled, just barely realizing that the Uchiha had gone through a growth spurt.

Sasuke smirked. "Yup. From the looks of it I'm a whole head taller than you. By the end of this week that might double."

Naruto's scent changed suddenly. It was now sweet again. Sasuke couldn't pinpoint what had caused the rapid change in Naruto's scent. Now that it was sweet again it was affecting Sasuke weirdly and Naruto's new much closer proximity wasn't helping at all.

"Hey, you like my scent?" Naruto exclaimed as he took a whiff at the air around Sasuke. "You do! Its been awhile since I've had an alpha let off pheromones cause of my scent!" Naruto said giddily.

"Get off of me." Sasuke abruptly pushed Naruto away. He was mortified. The one thing he hadn't wanted to happen was for the dobe to know that his scent affected him! "All omegas smell good, you're nothing special." Sasuke lied. He instantly regretted it when he saw the hurt look settle in Naruto's eyes. Naruto's scent grew bitter again.

"I should've known you were just like every other alpha."

"What's going on in here? Seriously, baby, I could've eaten my pizza already with how long you took." Itachi whined as he came into the kitchen. He was oblivious of the tension.

"Sorry." Naruto said in a clipped tone. "I was just congratulating your brother on his transition into an alpha."

"Oh, that's nice of you." Itachi smiled. Still oblivious.

Naruto grabbed the pizza from the microwave handed it to Itachi then went back to the living room. All the while his scent remained unpleasant.

"He's probably super jealous. He really thought you were going to be an omega. Don't mind him." Itachi explained while chewing on his pizza.

Sasuke shrugged. He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge then went up to his room to start his homework.

For the entirety of Naruto's stay his scent stayed the same. Sasuke had to fight the urge to go downstairs and fix it.

The next day at school Sasuke felt more tired than usual. He was angry and every little thing annoyed him. He decided to skip lunch. He didn't want to be surrounded by other alphas when he was feeling so down. It made him feel weak.

He snuck out the alpha only lunchroom and ventured through the halls and up to the rooftop where he knew no one else would be.

Just as he had thought no one was there. Sasuke took off his stiff uniform jacket and laid it on the ground in a shady spot. He sat and reclined his head on the wall. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't stop thinking about the damn dobe. Why did Naruto's scent have to affect him so much? He wished he could snap his fingers and then poof he wouldn't care how Naruto smelled anymore.

"Is the seat next to you taken?" A twinkling voice sounded out.

Sasuke glared up to where the voice had come from. A girl with long pink hair and green eyes was looking down at him. She was holding a bag with hearts all over it.

Had she come here to eat her lunch? He had never seen her in any of his alpha classes.

"I usually come up here to eat my lunch too. I was surprised to see someone else in my spot" The girl smiled.

If this was the girls spot then Sasuke really had no right to refuse her. He moved aside to make room for her in the shade.

"Thank you." The girl sat down much closer than Sasuke expected.

"You're Sasuke Uchiha right? You were in my homeroom. When you didn't show up to class I already knew what happened. Congratulations on transitioning into an alpha. You're so cool so I knew you would," the girl blushed, "I'm Sakura Haruno, do you remember me?"

"Of course I do." Sasuke actually didn't remember her at all. There were so many girls in his homeroom there was no way he could remember all of their faces. He wasn't insensitive enough to tell Sakura that though. Girls could be so easily offended so he lied.

"I'm so happy that you do!" Sakura cheered, "As a reward I'll let you have some of my home cooked lunch." Sakura excitedly opened her bag with hearts all over it and pulled out a bento box. Sasuke had to admit the food looked pretty good.

They ate in relative silence. Sakura would occasionally blabber about something mundane and Sasuke would pretend to listen as he munched away. It was almost calming. Like an escape from thinking about Naruto.

"you know, I've always heard that alphas can be dangerous when they are alone with an omega but Sasuke-kun isn't like that at all! You're so nice!" Sakura confessed.

Sasuke stopped mid bite. "You're an omega?"

"Yes!" Sakura sang happily. She pulled down her uniform collar and revealed the one tailed mark that signified an omega. "I transitioned two weeks ago!"

"Shit." Sasuke cursed underneath his breath. No way, he hadn't even noticed that Sakura was an omega. He hadn't smelled anything. Nothing at all...which meant that it wasn't "all omegas" who's smell affected him...it was just Naruto's.

"What's wrong, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura questioned concerned.

"It's nothing." Sasuke replied, "absolutely nothing."

"You've looked angrier than usual all day, what's up with you dude?" Neji asked when Sasuke finally went back to class. Neji was one of the students who had entered the alpha course at the same time with him. They hadn't been friends before transitioning and Sasuke couldn't really say that they were friends now. They were more like acquaintances that just so happened to be in similar situations.

"It's nothing." Sasuke bit out.

"Bullshit. I can smell that you're mad so what happened?"

"Don't fucking scent me, that's gross." Sasuke growled.

"It's really strong how the fuck can I not?! Now tell me what's up!"

Sasuke sighed; Neji wasn't going to leave him alone until he told him what he wanted. "It's this omega-"

"An omega!? Already, who is it?"

"Shut up so I can talk!" Sasuke snapped, "it's my brothers boyfriend. I got in a fight with him but it was that idiots fault, he smells so damn good!"

"So scandalous." Neji tsked. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't know! If I knew what to do I wouldn't be here telling you my problems now would I?" Sasuke felt like he was going crazy, Naruto's scent did things to him. He was ashamed and also extremely embarrassed to admit it but Naruto's scent was his favorite smell in the entire world. The dobe had a scent like nothing Sasuke had ever smelled before. Naruto's scent made him want to dominate. And not dominate everything, but just Naruto specifically. It drove him crazy and yet he still loved it. He wanted to smell the scent all the time but he couldn't because it made him feel literally insane. The conflicting feelings made him hate Naruto even more.

"Have you smelled an omega before? And I mean one you aren't related to?"

"Of course I have." Neji scoffed as if Sasuke was asking something ridiculous.

"How do you handle the urges then? Their scent doesn't get to you?" Sasuke inquired desperately. "I'm tired of feeling like I can't control myself!"

Neji shook his head, "I don't know, I just do. It's not that hard for me but it's different for every alpha."

Sasuke hissed. That wasn't the answer he wanted to hear but he could do nothing about it because their teacher was glaring at them, signaling them to be quiet before they got in trouble.

On the walk after school Sasuke contemplated not going home. What was the point when Naruto was going to be there? If he went he'd just be setting himself up to suffer. He was really not going to go but then something odd happened. His alpha instincts refused to let him not go. His body knew that the source of the alluring scent was at home so that was where he had to be too.

Before stepping into his home Sasuke took a deep breath just as he had done the previous time. It was better to take precautions instead of regret it later.

He traveled to the kitchen. So far so good. He took out some bread, ham, tomatoes, and lettuce from the fridge and set about to make a sandwich. By the time he got the lid off the mayonnaise he was losing his ability to keep holding his breath. His lungs burned but he fought through it. He spread the mayo on the bread; his hands shook as he did. Little black specs were appearing in his line of vision and his head was pounding. This was ridiculous and he knew it! But he didn't want to be drowned in Naruto's scent again so he kept his mouth shut. He finished spreading the mayo then got a knife and started to cut the tomato into slices. By the time he got to the third slice his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he staggered back. He couldn't hold it anymore. He was stubborn though so instead of taking a breath he put his hand over his mouth and plugged his nose. His body couldn't handle it anymore, he felt like he was going to explode. He fell back and tripped to the ground. He landed roughly, the pain shocked his system and as a result he opened his mouth. He instantly made an alarming discovery, he still couldn't breath. His mouth was open but he couldn't suck in any air. He was suffocating? Sasuke pounded his chest to try and kick start his lungs but it didn't work. His face felt numb and his fingertips were tinged blue.

"Oh my god!" Naruto came running into the room, attracted by all of the commotion. "You're suffocating?!"

Sasuke wheezed. There was no airflow going in or out of his lungs so he couldn't respond even if he wanted to.

Naruto ran over and knelt at Sasuke's side. He pressed his hands flatly against Sasuke's chest and began to pump up and down. "1-2-3'!" Naruto counted aloud as he pumped. It wasn't working; Sasuke's face was turning paler.

"I'm going to give you mouth to mouth." Naruto announced, sounding abnormally shy.

Sasuke's eyes widened. He didn't want Naruto's lips anywhere near his but he was in no position to refuse help. He nodded in approval.

Naruto shyly bent over and connected his lips to Sasuke's. He breathed in and got back up to pump. He did this three times by then Sasuke's color had come back and he was breathing normally but Naruto continued and strangely Sasuke allowed it. Every time Naruto's lips touched his he got a powerful whiff of Naruto's scent. It was hypnotic and soothing. Each time Naruto's lips lingered longer. Sasuke had enough of these shy kisses, he wanted more and he was damn sure going to get what he wanted.

When Naruto pressed his lips against his again Sasuke grabbed the back of Naruto's head and forced him to keep the connection. Naruto let out a surprised whimper but quickly melted into the kiss. Sasuke was an inexperienced kisser but that didn't matter. Their scents intermingling on the tips of their tongues was more than enough to make up for Sasuke's lack of skill. Sasuke licked along Naruto's bottom lip, he bit down hard. He couldn't help himself. He had an odd desire to mark Naruto's body in any way he could. Naruto wasn't one to be outdone; he bit Sasuke's lips back. Hard, harder than Sasuke had bit him. Sasuke could feel blood accumulate on his lip.

"I'm not sorry." Naruto murmured between kisses.

"It would be weird if you were." Sasuke moved his lips down and started to kiss along Naruto's jaw. Naruto's scent was the strongest there, he hadn't expected for it to be so concentrated. His mind went blank. He wanted to own this scent forever. His mind kept chanting to him to take what was his. Sasuke opened his mouth and secured his lips around Naruto's neck where his pulse point was. He began to bite down but suddenly Naruto was gone.

His vision cleared, he felt like he had emerged from a foggy dream.

"What the hell were you doing to him?!" Itachi had snatched Naruto out of Sasuke's arms. He was holding Naruto protectively as if Sasuke were a raging bull that would charge at any moment.

"I-I don't know." Sasuke admitted breathlessly.

"What the fuck I knew this was going to happen! I thought you said you could control yourself!"

"I can-I-"

"No you can't!" Itachi roared, "clearly you can't handle being with Naruto when you just attacked him. I swear I went to the bathroom for one fucking minute and you take that as a chance to attack Naruto? How cou-"

"Itachi stop." Naruto murmured.

Itachi immediately quieted down. "What? Why?"

"Because it was my fault. I'm the one who got lured in by his scent. I'm not used to the smell of an alpha so I got overwhelmed."

"If that's true then I don't want you coming over anymore."

"No! I don't want that," Naruto exclaimed, "It was my fault but I don't want to stop coming. I love spending time with you here. I don't want that all to be messed up just because of a mistake." Naruto glared at Sasuke, "it won't ever happen again."

Sasuke refused to let Naruto's cold words affect him; it was fine with him that Naruto called what had just happened a mistake. Because it was exactly that-a big fucking mistake that should've never happened. But even though Sasuke thought that a tiny part of him felt disappointed.

Itachi looked unconvinced.

"I'll go to the clinic and get scent suppressants. I promise I won't ever let it affect me again."

Itachi sighed. "Fine." He finally calmed down, he grabbed Sasuke in a semi chokehold and ruffled Sasuke's hair, "sorry I got so mad at you. I seriously thought you attacked him."

"Don't touch me." Sasuke pushed Itachi away. He was fuming. Naruto had some nerve.

"Don't glare you look freaky!" Itachi tried to ruffle Sasuke's hair again but Sasuke caught his hand before he could.

"I said don't touch me." Sasuke hissed. He glared at Naruto.

Naruto flinched. Sasuke's scent terrified him.

"So that was an accident?" Sasuke wanted to make sure. He needed to hear Naruto say it again so he could confirm it for himself.

"Yes." Naruto replied, "it won't happen again."

"Good to know." Sasuke grabbed his backpack and strided out the kitchen. He didn't look at Naruto as he left. Naruto's scent was more than enough for him to know that the idiot was crying.

Naruto didn't talk to him the next day or the day after that. Sasuke had never received the silent treatment from the dobe before, sure he had expected it since he was also ignoring Naruto but it still surprised him. In the past it would've been his perfect scenario, the dobe not speaking to him and keeping his annoying thoughts to himself but now it really bothered him. He didn't like it one bit. In fact he'd even go so far as to say that he was offended that Naruto was ignoring him. How dare the dobe not speak to him. Sasuke was his alpha so he should obey! Wait...Sasuke wasn't Naruto's alpha but the dobe should know his place.

When Sasuke got home that day he was greeted with an unexpected sight. Naruto alone in the kitchen. It was an unspoken rule that after school the kitchen was Sasuke's zone and the living room was Naruto's and Itachi's. That's how it had always been. So why was the dobe lounging on the island chair.

Sasuke had a dilemma on his hands. He could go straight upstairs and avoid naruto or he could go about his normal routine and go make his self a snack.

No, there was no dilemma. Naruto wasn't going to ruin his routine. He was going to go about like usual. Sasuke put his backpack down and went to the fridge. He pulled out some Thai noodles that his brother had bought yesterday then popped them into the microwave. He was painfully aware of Naruto. It was ridiculous.

"Are you still ignoring me?" Naruto abruptly asked.

The question caught Sasuke off guard. It was the first time Naruto had spoken to him since that day. Sasuke chose not to reply. That in it self was enough of a reply to Naruto's question.

"Hello, I asked you a question, do you even notice me?"

Sasuke grunted in reply. Of course he had noticed Naruto. He had smelled Naruto before he even walked into the damn house. Even though Naruto was on suppressants the dobe's scent still managed to register in his mind. Those pills didn't work for shit. All it did was dilute Naruto's scent into a slightly milder smell. And it was a smell that unfortunately Sasuke was still addicted to.

"Wow, you finally acknowledged my presence." So does that mean you're not ignoring me anymore then?"

"Does my brother know you're in here?" Sasuke finally broke the silence. Why was Naruto even here trying to start a conversation with him? They had both been ignoring each other and for a damn good reason too.

"No, he doesn't."

"Then go before I get in trouble."

"That's not going to happen scaredy cat." Naruto's eyes practically twinkled with mirth. "I'm here because I want to apologize about what happened last time. I didn't mean for it to get out of hand like that. Itachi doesn't think I should apologize so i asked him to go buy me some food right before you got home. So you can stop ignoring me already."

"My brothers absence doesn't mean anything. I'm still ignoring you. Go away."

The mirth in Naruto's eyes dimmed. Sasuke didn't know if he imagined it but he thought he saw Naruto frown but then smirk, erasing the sad look. "Oh, I get it. Since you're an alpha now you're too good to talk to me." Naruto chortled, rolling his large blue eyes, "that's why I hate alphas, you all think you're too good for everyone else."

"That isn't true." Sasuke snipped. Naruto's scent had changed, he smelled distressed and it was making him want to reassure the blond. "You're just bothering me, I'm trying my best to control myself right now and you being here makes it harder for me to do that." That was as honest as Sasuke had ever been with Naruto. Fuck, what was the dobe doing to him?

"So you really do like my scent that much?" Naruto looked down, a stupidly adorable smile graced his pink lips. "I wasn't sure because you always glare at me but then when we kissed-"

"Don't fool yourself. Your scent is nothing special." It was a miracle that Sasuke could actually say that with a straight face.

"Don't lie to me. I'm not dumb. I may be naive but I know what an interested alpha smells like!" Naruto crossed his arms over his chest and the action blew a gust of Naruto's maddening scent straight into Sasuke's face.

Sasuke clenched his jaw. He was exhausted of having to fight back his urges whenever he was in Naruto's vicinity, which was every fucking day. He wanted to just cave in and dominate Naruto then soothe away the distressed smell but he couldn't give in so instead he glared at Naruto.

"Apparently you are dumb because I'm telling you your scent isn't special but you won't listen! Remember what you said? It was a mistake that will never happen again."

Naruto bristled at the harsh comment.

"And why the hell do you even care if I like your scent or not? It doesn't fucking matter since you have my brother already. You sitting here apologizing doesn't change anything if you really feel sorry then you can show me by not going near me ever again!"

"You're so mean, Sasuke." Tears began to trickle out of Naruto's eyes. "You don't think I'm confused too? I don't understand why I can't stop thinking about you. I said that last time because it was a mistake but I can't stop-"

"Whoa, what's going on in here." Itachi asked as he strolled into the kitchen. He set the bag of takeout on the counter and went to stand by Naruto.

"Nothing." Naruto hissed. His scent said otherwise though. The lingering smell of anger mixing in with Naruto's usual scent was obvious.

Itachi glanced curiously between Sasuke and Naruto. He observed Naruto's pissed off expression then back to Sasuke's clenching jaw. "Hmm," Itachi eyed Sasuke as if he were a misbehaving child, "what did you say to Naruto to make him so mad?"

"I just told him to leave me alone." Sasuke answered honestly.

Itachi seemed taken aback by that answer but then he regained himself. He pinched Naruto's cheek. "You let something like that get you so worked up?" Itachi laughed as Naruto's glare became fiercer, "don't pout it makes me sad," Itachi exclaimed then picked Naruto up into a bear hug, squishing the much smaller blonde against his chest.

Sasuke stiffened at the open display of affection. His mind flashed back to that day he caught Naruto in Itachi's bed. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to banish the cursed memory. He couldn't, the image of Naruto submitting to Itachi was branded into his brain. He cursed, he wanted to snatch Naruto away from Itachi and make him submit to him instead. Like a broken record the words dominate, dominate, dominate played over and over inside his mind. He wanted to get up and force Naruto onto all fours, to make him apologize for letting another man ever hold him, and then he wanted to dominate Naruto in a way no one-especially Itachi-had ever done before.

"-suke, Sasuke, are you listening?"

Sasuke jolted back to the present. His eyes focused back onto his brother's face but his eyes lingered on the arm Itachi had wrapped around Naruto's waist.

"No, sorry what did you say?"

Itachi sighed, "I said that I know you're not aware of it but ever since you became an alpha you can come off as sort of...an asshole. You snap a lot and it can be intimidating especially to omegas. I've seen the way you talk to mom sometimes… I didn't want to say anything but maybe you should seek out counseling. Transitioning can be hard; I can't even imagine how hard it is to transition into an alpha. You need to learn how to control yourself, especially around omegas." Itachi rubbed his hand soothingly up and down Naruto's hips and Sasuke's glare hardened. He should've been the one comforting and calming Naruto down. What the fuck was his brother doing acting as if Naruto were his?

"Whatever." Sasuke hissed and got up before he did anything he'd regret like attacking his own brother over an annoying dumb blond omega. He took his food out the microwave and left the kitchen. As he walked he accidentally made eye contact with Naruto. The blond was angry but the slight shimmer of sadness glimmered in his blue orbs. Sasuke kept walking, he ignored his inner instincts, which were yelling at him to go and comfort the blond. Naruto didn't need him when he had Itachi.

His brother was right. He couldn't handle anymore of his instincts; he needed help in sorting out what the fuck was happening with him. He wanted answers to why being around Naruto made him feel crazy and irritated all the damn time.

He really did need help because feeling like this was pure insanity.

The seat Sasuke was sitting in was uncomfortable. It was velvet lined and sunken in, worn down by the amount of different people who'd sat in it before him. The clock on the wall ticked by and the sun was blaring in through the giant window located at the back of the room. He never imagined that this was what a therapist room would look like. He sighed as the clock ticked on.

The heavy wooden door of the office swung open and a small woman with a notebook clutched in her hands came into the room. She bowed and took a seat across from Sasuke.

"Sorry for arriving late! I had to pick up my daughter from preschool, she got a fever and the teacher was worried it was a whole fiasco-" the woman stopped when she noted Sasuke's sour expression, "sorry, I'm Shizune your therapist and you must be Sasuke. It's nice to meet you."

Sasuke nodded.

"Tell me about yourself." Shizune's voice was sweet and calming, like a mother lulling her son to sleep. Her short black hair was cropped around her face and her black eyes shone with sincerity. She fit the image of an omega perfectly but she didn't smell like other omegas. Her scent was mixed with another more domineering scent. The conflicting smells confused Sasuke; it was like Shizune's scent had a protective guard around it. God, he hated that he noticed the differences in scents. Everything had been so much simpler before his transition. Back then he didn't notice things like how people smelled like. He wanted to get up and leave but he stood seated just for the small chance that this woman could give him the answer to control his instincts.

"I'm sixteen years old, I presented as an alpha almost two weeks ago, and I'm a student."

"Congratulations for presenting as an alpha. I'm sure your parents are thrilled." Shizune smiled. She tucked a strand of her short hair behind her ear as she wrote the little bit of other information down. "So, how do you feel about presenting as an alpha?"


"Annoyed?" The therapist repeated in shock, "b-but why? You must be excited! You're now an elite member of society. You're destined for greatness!"

"Excited?" Sasuke laughed, genuinely amused at such a wild concept, "people keep acting like being an alpha is the greatest fucking thing. I thought so at first too but ever since I presented as an alpha I've become an animal. My mind is constantly trying to dominate things. I can't even fucking sleep all through the night anymore!"

Shizune smiled knowingly, "that's normal, Sasuke."

"You don't understand, I literally felt like killing my own brother the other day just because he hugged some dumb blond."

"I do understand." An empathetic look settled on Shizune's small features. "Let me guess, you feel like you're on the brink of insanity?"

"How'd you know!?" It was like the omega had read his mind and saw his inner most turmoil. Sasuke felt like rewarding her but then shooed the weird (alpha instinct) away.

"I know because it's a part of basic puberty. Every young alpha at some point has such a thought."

"So, I have to feel insane for the rest of my damn life and this is just my body changing into its final stage?!"

"Oh, no! God no!" Shizune shook her head quickly, "once you claim a mate your instincts will be leveled out. Your mate will calm down your urges monumentally. This isn't your final stage so to speak it's more like the pre-step to your "final" stage."

"Mate?" Sasuke repeated the foreign term.

"Yes, your bonded pair. It's the person you'll claim as yours."

"Claim?" Sasuke questioned again. He could feel himself getting angry at the fact that he didn't know things that a omega knew.

"Since you're an alpha you'll be the one to claim your mate. You claim someone by biting his or her neck," Shizune extended her neck and pulled down her turtleneck revealing a crescent shaped scar, "this is a claiming mark. I usually don't show others it because my mate doesn't like it when I do but for teaching purposes I'll allow you to see it. Only an alpha can give a mating mark and once they do that person is their bonded pair. My alpha, Tsunade, gave me this and as a result I belong to her. It's one of the privileges of being an alpha."

Sasuke tried to absorb the overload of information. He had never really known of such a thing as claiming. His father was a beta so his mother didn't have a claiming mark and he had never noticed any mark like that on any of his aunts or uncles-not that he was ever truly looking for it though.

He frowned suddenly realizing what this meant. "Does this mean I have to wait until I find a mate to calm my instincts down?"

"Of course not! I realize you're still a teenager and claiming a mate is far in your future. Claiming is just the most effective and natural way but there's another way. You might have noticed that my scent is different than other omegas?"

Sasuke nodded.

"That's because my alpha has mixed her scent with mine by rubbing her scent gland against mine. Its called scenting and I'd recommend you try to scent with someone. It doesn't require giving a claiming mark but it does have almost the same calming effect for an alpha. You can even let someone scent you!"

"I don't have anyone I want to scent with." Sasuke scowled because as he spoke for some misbegotten reason Naruto's face came into his mind. Why'd he think of the dobe? He most definitely didn't want to rub his scent gland against Naruto's!

Shizune sighed, "There is actually one last way to tame your instincts though I don't really like resorting to this method. You can take a medication called suppressants to calm your alpha urges. It's not very common because many alphas don't like to hide their natural alpha essence with drugs but it will calm you down. I really don't prescribe them that often, mostly only to omegas, but if you'd like I can prescribe them to you."

"So it's either take drugs or suffer?" Sasuke sighed. And people really had the audacity to say that being an alpha was a "privilege." Sasuke snorted. What a fucking joke. It was even funnier since he was one of the idiots who had believed that at first too. "I'll take the drugs."

"Are you certain that is what you want to do?"


"Very well then!" Shizune cheered, "I'll just need to confirm with your parents and then I'll write your prescription right up!"

Sasuke glared at her. He wanted the drugs now. Why the fuck did he need permission from his mom and dad? Wasn't he supposedly above them? Plus it was his own damn body! He could put whatever he damn well pleased into it. He glared harder at Shizune, mentally yelling at her to obey and just go get his suppressants already.

Shizune stopped mid rant-she seemed to shrink right before Sasuke's eyes. "I have to ask you to stop sending alpha waves to me, it's very disrespectful to try and dominate an already bonded omega." Shizune was trembling slightly and her voice sounded strained. Her scent became guarded.

"Sorry, I didn't know I was doing that." Sasuke forced himself to calm down; he was taken aback by Shizune's reaction.

Shizune perked right back up. "It's okay because I know you're still learning!" She smiled widely, "you know, you're not like the other alphas of your age that I've consoled. You're stronger, maybe that's why you're so overwhelmed by your urges."

Sasuke didn't reply. He knew Shizune was attempting to compliment him but he wasn't flattered. He actually wanted to scream. Just break down and dissolve until nothing was left of him. If he was "strong" then why did he feel so weak right now? In that moment of sadness he thought of Naruto. Why? Again he didn't know. But the image of the blond omega managed to calm him down only for a brief fleeting moment. It was enough though for Sasuke to realize that he had some serious repressed feelings for Naruto.

"H-hi Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke nodded. He had chosen to not eat on the rooftop today so he wasn't surprised Sakura had come looking for him.

"Hey beautiful." Neji greeted beside him, "what's a pretty little omega like you doing at the alpha lunch block? I'm Neji by the way." Neji waggled his eyebrows, sending his alpha pheromones out heavily to the girl. She was cute, her long pink hair was coiled up into two buns and she had placed sakura flowers in the center of both of them. They smelled sweet just like her. Neji could see her bright pink bra through her white uniform top and her shapely legs looked so spreadable adorned with the thigh high white socks she was wearing.

"Nice to meet you, Neji-kun. I just wanted to talk to Sasuke-kun." Sakura said shakily as she trained her jade green on Sasuke's lax form. "He wasn't on the roof top so I wanted to make sure that everything was okay. I was really worried." As Sakura spoke a worried scent mixed in with her flowery smell. The scent usually made alphas want to console her but Sasuke didn't even budge. It would send the wrong message to her, he was sure of it.

"I forgot about it." Sasuke told her honestly. She at least deserved the truth. He really had forgotten. When he got home yesterday he was so disturbed by the mini-breakdown he had had in Shizune's office and then the revelation about Naruto that he had completely forgotten about Sakura.

"Damn, Sasuke that's cold." Neji scolded.

Sasuke didn't say it to be mean he just didn't want to give her false expectations that he actually cared for her in a romantic manner. He knew omegas grew attached easily and that they were delicate. He didn't want to hurt Sakura or break her heart; he just wanted to be honest with her before she grew too attached. The old Sasuke would've never even cared about the feelings of an omega so this was a big step up.

"Oh…okay." Sakura smiled brightly, "That's okay, I forgive you for forgetting. I made you sweet omurice and added lots of diced tomatoes in it because I noticed you really like the cherry tomoatos I pack in my lunches. Do you wanna go eat it on the roof?"

Damn, Sakura hadn't gotten the hint. Sasuke wanted to turn her down but she had made a lunch especially for him. He definitely didn't want to hurt her feelings. So he agreed.

"Wah, I'm so excited!" Sakura clasped her hands and smiled.

"Lucky." Neji muttered as Sasuke got up and left the cafeteria with Sakura. She was the prettiest omega in their grade. Sasuke was one lucky bastard.

"I sautéed the tomatoes with rice oil and added some spring onions. Is it good?" Sakura watched as Sasuke chewed.

"Its delicious." Sasuke had to admit Sakura was a good cook. She'd make an excellent wife in the future for another alpha but not him. He had to be honest with her before he wasted anymore of her time with false hopes of the future.

"We should stop this. I'm going to start eating in the cafeteria again."

"What? No!" Sakura shook her head at the mere thought. "Why? Is it my food, do you not like it?"

"No your food is delicious, but-" Sasuke could not bring himself to be honest. Sakura was already on the brink of tears. He didn't want to make her cry. Again, Sasuke was amazed at his own kindness towards an omega. Not even a few months ago he hated omegas with a passion that had been passed on to him from his own omega hating mother. "It's just, hard for me to be by you. Even though I'm on suppressants it's hard for me to control my self. I hope you understand." It was big fat lie but it was less harsh than the truth. And this way he could stop seeing Sakura without hurting her feelings. It was a win/win situation.

"That's all?" Sakura blinked and her tears dried. "That's not a problem at all!"

Fuck, Sasuke had miscalculated and had accidentally made the situation worse.

"I can help you with that, silly!" Sakura got onto her knees and before Sasuke realized what she was doing Sakura rubbed her scent gland against his.

"How do you feel now?" Sakura's eyes twinkled with excitement as she gazed expectantly at Sasuke's shocked face.

Sasuke could not hide the fact that he felt much more relaxed. So this was why that therapist recommended he'd find someone to scent with? Sakura had only rubbed her scent gland against his for less than a second but it was even stronger than taking a single suppressant pill...

"You don't have to worry, I'll scent with you whenever you want so you don't have to take those pills anymore if you want." Sakura sat back down and took a bite of her omurice. She munched happily as she stared at Sasuke's face. He was still in a state of shock but she didn't mind.

Sakura's mother had always told her, alphas were cold by nature. 'They'll use you for their own reasons and then leave you when they no longer need you.' Is what her mother always said.

But Sakura didn't plan on giving up. She wasn't weak like other omegas, sure she could act like them but she wasn't weak at all. Her mother had taught her something else and that was that an alphas only weakness was their need for an omega. She'd exploit that weakness in order to get Sasuke to be hers.

Naruto hadn't come by the next day or the day after that. A whole month passed and nothing. Sasuke didn't try to pry like the last time. Whenever he saw Itachi leave he'd just go on with whatever it was he was doing. He didn't want to know or think about Naruto and the feelings he had for him.

It wasn't easy though, even while on suppressants he still craved Naruto's scent, it wasn't a deep craving like before, it was more like an ache or an itch that he couldn't scratch. Sasuke tossed in bed. Maybe it was a good thing that Naruto hadn't been by, smelling the dobes scent would probably screw up the little sanity he was able to obtain thanks to the drugs he was on.

There was a light knock on his door. Sasuke already knew who it was. It was his mother. Before his transition she used to just waltz right into his room but now she didn't dare enter unless granted permission. He wanted to tell her that it was okay to come into his room but he knew even if he told her she'd never dare. This was just another dynamic that changed thanks to his second trait identification. If his mother had been a beta she wouldn't be so subservient but unfortunately for her she was an omega.

"You may enter."

The door groaned open and his mother poked her head through. "Just wanted to make sure you were up before I left for work, sweetie."

Sasuke nodded.

"How are you feeling? Do you need a refill of your prescription?"

"I'm fine and no."

"Okay then, I have to go. Have a good day. I love you."

"I love you too, mom." Sasuke replied mechanically.

His mother closed the door.

Sasuke yawned. He felt bad for his mother. Before she left he could smell the apprehension in her scent. He wanted to reassure her but no matter how many times he tried she'd just go right back to acting the same way.

Sasuke rolled out of bed, done with thinking about things he couldn't change. He ran his hand through his messy black hair as he stretched. He grabbed his towel and headed to the shower. When he was done he changed quickly. Pulling on the customary school uniform he was required to wear. The last thing he did before he left was take his suppressant. He checked himself in the mirror one last time then left his room.

"Damn I was waiting forever, let's go already, you loser! Itachi whined when Sasuke finally made it downstairs. The Uchiha brothers always carpooled to school in the mornings the same couldn't be said about after school.

"Sorry, won't happen again."

"Sure it won't." Itachi rolled his eyes and affectionately ruffled Sasuke's hair. "It happens every other day!"

Sasuke cracked a smile. It wasn't because Itachi had said something funny but because he genuinely liked being with his brother. He was the only person in their family who still treated him the same as when he was still un-transitioned.

"Let's go, if we're late mom will kill us." Itachi shoved Sasuke through the door. "Well-she'll kill me," Itachi corrected, "She wouldn't touch a hair on your perfect alpha head."

"Yeah, probably." Sasuke murmured lowly. His good mood was instantly soured.

They got into Itachi's car. It was a nice enough car, all white and shiny enough to attract attention. It had been a present from their father on Itachi's eighteenth birthday. Itachi turned the key and immediately the warm heat blasted in their face and the radio was playing low. Itachi reversed out of the driveway and off they went.

It was quiet for a while until Itachi's phone rang. The abrupt loud sound startled Sasuke out of the mini nap he was having.

"What's up, baby?" Itachi answered his phone and drove the car with one hand.

Sasuke's interest was piqued by the nickname. Itachi only called one person baby and that person was Naruto. Honestly how had he ever not realized that they were dating? He sat up so he could hear the conversation better. It was an unconscious move he didn't even know he had done it. His body just wanted to hear Naruto's voice that badly. It had been so long.

"You're not coming, why?" Itachi pouted.

Sasuke could only hear the light timber of Naruto's voice but he couldn't make out any words. It was irritating. The dobe needed to learn how to speak louder! Wow, Sasuke must've really been tired because he never in his wildest dreams thought he'd ever say that Naruto needed to be louder.

"Don't worry about that. Just wear a scarf to cover it up and no one will know."

A scarf? Was Itachi talking about what he thought it was? So Itachi had given Naruto a hickey? Sasuke frowned. He would've been more annoyed if drugs weren't controlling his emotions.

"Your mom already left? I'll just give you a ride, I'm by your place anyways so see you soon."

"Who was that?" Sasuke asked despite already knowing that it was the dobe.

"Naruto, he didn't want to come to school because of some dumb shit. He's such a baby sometimes." Itachi laughed. "He's been acting weird lately. I thought he was mad at me because he didn't want to hang out for a while but last night he invited me over and let's just say we made up." Itachi finished awkwardly.

"Oh." Was all Sasuke replied. That was the only acceptable reply he could muster. He was trying to not imagine Naruto and his brother having make up sex.

"You don't mind if Naruto tags along right? I know you two aren't on the best of term right now but I can't just let him ditch his class."

Sasuke did mind very fucking much. "No, it's cool."

They drove in silence until they reached Naruto's house. Sasuke had never actually seen Naruto's home. He never had a reason to go over on account that he and Naruto weren't friends. The dobe's house was small, one story and yellowing grass. It made Sasuke sad for a moment that Naruto lived in such a shabby place.

Itachi pulled into the driveway and called Naruto. He announced that he was outside waiting then hung up. They waited for a few minutes then Naruto finally came out. Sasuke watched with rapt interest as Naruto trekked towards the car. He hadn't seen the dobe in weeks and whether he admitted it or not he had missed him. Naruto was dressed in a black turtleneck and tight light blue jeans that had tears at the knees. He wore long black boots that came up to the underside of his knee. He looked cute, Sasuke stubbornly admitted to himself.

Naruto walked up to the passenger door and was about to open it but then noticed Sasuke sitting there. His eyes widened slightly. He averted his eyes and went to go sit in the back row. Sasuke stiffened, Naruto smelled so fucking good. He was on suppressants; he should be able to handle it. Naruto smelled better than he even remembered.

"You see you were worried for nothing. You can't see anything with that turtle neck on." Itachi said as he reversed.

Naruto made a sound of agreement. Keeping his silence. There was a heavy tension in the car. Sasuke found himself continuously checking the side mirror just to get glances at Naruto. The usually loud dobe looked so glum. His scent matched with his depressed image. Sasuke wanted to help him but he refused to listen to instinct.

"I'm tired of this!" Itachi let out a frustrated sigh as they stopped at a red light.

Both Naruto and Sasuke looked at him, startled by the sudden outburst.

"You two need to make up now! I know you guys weren't the best of friends but ever since that day you've both been in the worst moods. It's tiring!"

Sasuke somewhat agreed with his brother. It was tiring but what could either he or Naruto do about it? He had feelings for the dobe that he wasn't ready to accept.

"I planned something for tonight in order to mend whatever the fuck is going on between you two."

Naruto let out a surprised gasp, "what?"

"Were going to the firework festival. It'll be fun. I got four tickets so Sasuke you can bring someone too." The light changed to green and Itachi continued on.

It was clear that saying no was not an option.

Sasuke spent the whole day at school worrying about the upcoming trip to the festival. He was dreading going, he didn't want to go but Itachi had been resolute. At lunch he had accidentally vented to Sakura about it and she had taken the liberty to invite herself as Sasuke's plus one. It soured Sasuke's mood even more. Sakura had then offered to scent mark him which Sasuke reluctantly allowed. He didn't like to scent with Sakura. He had only done it twice since the first time they had started despite Sakura's offer of scenting instead of taking suppressants. It was easier to take the drugs. Sakura was insistent though and sometimes it was just easier to go along with it so sometimes he agreed like today. Plus it would help him later when he had to be by Naruto.

That afternoon Sasuke walked home like he always did. He smelled Naruto before he even walked inside his home. He paused at his doorstep, what was Naruto doing here? He had thought he wouldn't have to deal with Naruto until the nighttime.

Sasuke let out a breath. He could handle this. He was on suppressants plus he had allowed Sakura to scent mark him earlier. He was prepared, he was able to handle Naruto's scent in the car this morning and he could and would handle it now.

Sasuke squared his shoulders and opened the door. He could smell that Naruto was in the kitchen as was his brother...great. Sasuke thought bitterly. He put his backpack down and ventured into the kitchen.

"Hey loser, you're just on time. The pizza we ordered just got here, want a slice?" Itachi asked as he pulled out a piece of pizza from a cardboard box. The cheese from the greasy slice stretched as Itachi raised it to his lips and took a big bite.

Sasuke wanted to say no so he could go straight upstairs before Naruto's scent started to affect him but he was indeed hungry. He always ate after school and today was no different. He'd just get a quick slice and go.

"Sure." Sasuke grabbed a napkin and a slice of pizza. He ignored the hum of Naruto's body. He could still smell Naruto's scent but it was faint. This morning it had been so much stronger but thanks to Sakura it was like a wisp in the air. The little wisp however was still a wonderfully pleasing scent unlike any others.

"Thanks, I'll go eat it in my room." Sasuke turned to leave but then he felt a weight pull against him. He looked down and saw Naruto's hand fisting his uniform blazer.

Sasuke was shocked. He didn't know what to say, he looked up to question Naruto but his face was covered in a dark shadow due to his bangs hanging in his eyes.

"What is it?" Sasuke questioned alarmed.

"You smell different." Naruto stated darkly.

"What do mean?" Itachi was confused as he watched from the sidelines, still obliviously chewing on his pizza.

"Don't you smell it? He let an omega rub their scent gland against his."

Sasuke clamped his hand over his scent gland, "you could tell?"

"Of course I can tell!" Naruto yelled.

"Why are you getting so worked up?" Sasuke was just as confused as Itachi. Naruto was so angry his clenched hand had begun to tremble.

"Yeah, baby. Calm down." Itachi gently pried Naruto's hand off Sasuke and pulled him against his chest. "Don't get worked up over dumb things. Maybe you're hungry, here have a bite," Itachi put his pizza slice in front of Naruto's down turned lips. Naruto shoved the pizza away and continued glaring "It's a good thing Sasuke found himself an omega, so who are they?"

"Just an omega from school, she makes me lunch so I eat it with her."

"That's good! Bring her tonight to the festival so we can meet her. She must be special if you let her scent mark you." Itachi said cheerfully.

"Yeah, I told her already. She's coming." Sasuke sighed, Itachi smiled as if that were the most amazing thing. "I'm going to go upstairs now." Sasuke awkwardly said. He went up the stairs and enclosed him self in his room. As soon as he was alone he threw his slice of pizza on his study desk and plopped down in his swivel chair.

What was that?!

Sasuke was trying to make sense of Naruto's strange behavior. Why did the dobe get so mad like that!? Could Naruto possibly be jealous? Sasuke snorted at the complete lunacy of the thought. How could the dobe ever be jealous when he already had Itachi. Naruto was probably just angry that he had managed to find an omega despite barely transitioning.

Yeah...that's what Sasuke told himself as he nibbled at his greasy piece of pizza.

Sasuke startled when he heard his doorknob twist. He had dozed off in the middle of his stats homework. All those formulas had put him straight to sleep. He wiped the saliva that had accumulated at the corner of his lips and sat up just as his door swung open.

It was probably Itachi. He prepared himself for whatever it was his brother wanted to talk to him about, which was most likely Sakura. His brother would want to know everything about her since he was under the impression she was someone special to him.

"What do you want?" Sasuke said groggily. His jaw dropped when Naruto's small figure appeared in his doorway.

"Shh." Naruto held his finger to his lips. "Itachi doesn't know I'm here."

"What are you doing here?" Sasuke watched as Naruto quietly shut the door behind him.

"I just want to talk."

"Bullshit, get out!" Sasuke was panicking, even though he was on suppressants and had Sakura's scent mark he was starting to get overwhelmed by Naruto's scent. Was it because they were in such an enclosed space? It smelled stronger than it did downstairs.

"We can talk downstairs." Sasuke offered. He didn't know how much longer he'd make it with how strong Naruto's scent seemed to be getting. Plus it was dangerous to talk in here. Seeing Naruto inside of his room was making him think weird things. Like how he was pleased that Naruto was surrounded with his scent while in his bedroom.

Naruto ignored Sasuke's offer, he continued walking until he was standing over Sasuke in his swivel chair. "This omega you let scent mark you...is she your girlfriend?"

This again? "Why do you care?" Sasuke didn't understand what Naruto's obsession was with Sakura. "You really came up here just to ask me that?"

"Answer the question."

Sasuke gulped. Naruto was so angry that it once again shocked him. Why was it slightly turning him on? Fuck-everything about Naruto was turning him on. It was ridiculous, he should be able to withstand Naruto's scent right now but it felt as if he was even more sensitive to it than usual.

"She's no one special." Sasuke answered honestly.


"Why do you care so much whether or not I have a girlfriend?"

Naruto suddenly became shy. His scent turned sweeter as a result. It made Sasuke's mouth water.

"I-I don't know! I told you that I couldn't help it." Naruto blushed. "I tried to ignore you but I keep being drawn in. I was going to continue to ignore you this morning too but-" Naruto paused as if he were embarrassed about what he was going to say, "this morning I could smell it. You're starting your rut. I-I guess I'm drawn to it."

Sasuke's cheeks grew hot. Naruto had scented him? He didn't even know he was about to start a rut, he had only been through one before and it had been torture. He spent the whole week enclosed in his room. He thought only of Naruto the entire week as he relieved him self over and over again. What was the idiot saying-"So you want to help me with my rut?"

Naruto's cheeks turned an even darker shade of red. "Shut up, alpha prick!" Naruto looked down.

"What about my brother?" Sasuke didn't want to betray Itachi but what was he supposed to do when Naruto had willingly come to him? He couldn't turn down Naruto's offer even if he wanted to because his body was already anticipating.

"Itachi and I aren't dating, I can do what I want." Naruto scolded as he got onto his knees in between Sasuke's legs, "stop asking questions and just be grateful I'm doing this for you!"

Sasuke was at a loss for words. Was Naruto really about to do what he thought he was? No…the dobe would never. Naruto hated him. But what else could Naruto be insinuating? It was obvious what Naruto meant as he undid the button of Sasuke's uniform slacks and pulled down his zipper. Sasuke's mouth went dry as Naruto's hands took a hold of his dick. Naruto's pretty hands looked so small wrapped around his erect prick.

"It's so big, it's been awhile since I've seen a knot." Naruto's eyes were glued to the engorged knot located at the base of Sasuke's dick. The raw scent of pure alpha in a rut wafted off Sasuke's dick in thick waves. It was dizzying to the omega. Sasuke smelled this strongly in the beginning of his rut Naruto could only imagine how good Sasuke would smell when he reached the apex of his rut in a few days time.

Sasuke growled. He didn't want Naruto to mention another alpha's knot right now or ever. "Don't' mention him."

"Why? His was smaller than-"

"I said don't!" Sasuke twinned his hand in the hair at the back of Naruto's head and pulled, "don't mention him or else."

Naruto whimpered, "Okay, I wont!" Naruto easily succumbed to Sasuke's demand. As an omega he was subservient to an alpha but with Sasuke it was different. Ever since Sasuke transitioned Naruto had been fighting off the urge to submit to Sasuke. It was as if his body instinctually wanted to obey. He had been fighting it for so long and he had been successful (sort of) but the scent of Sasuke's rut was too strong. He wanted to be the one who helped Sasuke through it. When he had smelled that other omega on Sasuke he had nearly lost it. No other omega had the right to help Sasuke during his rut. Thinking of the other omega was making him angry.

"Did you spend your other rut with her?"


"That girl you let scent mark you." Naruto pulled his head forward and freed him self from Sasuke's grip. His face was stern and yet somehow still erotic to sasuke,"Did you spend your rut with her?" Naruto repeated and enunciated each word.

"You're jealous?" So his previous thought had been right. Naruto was indeed jealous over Sakura. Naruto was an idiot; there was nothing to be jealous about.

"What if I did?" Sasuke teased. Naruto was suprsingly cute when he was jealous.

"So you did?" Naruto could not keep the dissapointment out of his voice.

"I was joking, dobe. I haven't spent my rut with anyone else but you."

Naruto flushed red, "I'll punish you for lying to me." Naruto licked a wide swath up Sasuke's length. He moaned as he tasted Sasuke's salty essence. He licked again, this time he made sure to run his tongue up the vein on Sasuke's member. He teased it with continuous licks and sucking. Naruto's pink tounge and cherry red lips working his dick was an arousing sight. The dobes lips were made for sucking dick.

"You like that?" Naruto kissed the tip of Sasuke's prick then took the bulbous head into his mouth. He grabbed the base and poked Sasuke's dick into the inside of his cheek, rubbing the sensitive tip along the smooth wet surface.

"Fuck," Sasuke groaned deep in his throat. He never imagined having someone simply lick his dick could feel so good. He had never expieranced the sensation before and that was obvious by how sensitive he was. It was embarrassing how affected he was. He felt like putty in Naruto's hands.

"There's already precum!" Naruto exclaimed in surprise as he popped Sasuke's dick out of his mouth and swallowed the little overspill of salty precum coating his tongue. Naruto shivered at the bitter taste, he hated the taste of cum but he'd allow it this one time for Sasuke. "Is this your first time?"

Sasuke was too embarrassed to admit his lack of sexual expierance. Naruto was older so of course the dobe would have more expierance than him but he hated that.

"That's so cute." Naruto truly looked happy,"so that means you've also never had your knot played with, huh?" Naruto said giddily.

Sasuke once again chose not reply. The answer was obvious.

"Don't be shy, alpha. I'll show how good it feels." Naruto kept eye contact as he pulled Sasuke's dick up and licked down it. He paused when he arrived at the engorged knot. He licked his lips then blew a little puff air over the knot. "Your knot is seriously impressive. If you let it flare up inside of me we'll be stuck for such a long time." Naruto spoke as he continued to blow little teasing puffs all around Sasuke's knot. Sasuke squirmed as he thought of knotting Naruto. Did that mean the dobe was giving him premission?

Naruto smirked as he stared right up at Sasuke. "Want me to lick it?"

"You know I fucking do!" Sasuke hissed.

Naruto flicked his tongue out. He let his saliva dribble off the tip of his tongue so that it landed on Sasuke's sensitive knot. He raised his hand and fingered the trail of saliva and smeared it all over.

"Naruto I swear to god if you don't stop teasing-" Sasuke's words caught in his throat as Naruto practically sucked his entire knot into his wet, warm mouth. Sasuke couldn't hold back, he came embarsssingly fast. His cum squirted all over the top of Naruto's hand and face.

"Shit, sorry!" Sasuke wanted to die. He was mortified. He hadn't even lasted a whole second. He didn't even want to look at Naruto. The dobe would never let him live it down. To make matters worse he could feel him self getting hard again. Sasuke sucked up his pride and chanced a glance at Naruto. To his surprise the dobe wasn't laughing at him like he thought he would be. Naruto was glassy eyed and was staring at the cum on his hand. He looked like a soulless doll sitting there.

"Dobe what is it? I said I was sorry!"

"I slicked."


"I slicked Sasuke! I never slick outside of my heat!" Naruto doubled over, collapsing his head onto Sasuke's lap, "this isn't good, I'm not on the pill." Naruto murmured brokenly. "Stupid bastard why did me making you cum make me slick?!"

"What is slick, Naruto? What's wrong?" Sasuke noticed Naruto's scent had gotten sweeter. It was ridiculously potent, and making his mind hazy. He subconsciously brought his hand up to his dick and squeezed his hand around his knot. He needed friction.

Naruto moaned, "alpha, let me do that for you." Naruto raised his head and engulfed Sasuke's large cock. His eyes watered as he tried to fit all of Sasuke into his mouth but the alpha was too big, his lips barely grazed the top of Sasuke's knot.

Sasuke grunted. That sweet smell was getting stronger. Was that because of Naruto's "slick"?

Naruto bobbed his head up and down a few times then abruptly pulled off, "fuck, I'm slicking a lot." Naruto stood up on shaky legs.

"Where are you going?" Sasuke felt like a primal animal. Where did Naruto think he could go without his permission?

"I'm not going anywhere," Naruto reassured as he unbuttoned his tight jeans and pulled them down along with his briefs. "The slick will soak my clothes if I don't take them off."

Sasuke stiffened. A trail of clear white substance was dribbling down Naruto's supple tan thighs. So that was slick? Sasuke reacted out of pure instinct, he stood up and hoisted Naruto into his arms then threw him on his bed. Sasuke hastily pulled Naruto's boots off then his pants and underwear. The sequence of events had all happened in a few seconds for the disoriented omega.

"Open your legs." Sasuke ordered.

Naruto didn't even take a moment to think, his legs tumbled open immeaditley giving Sasuke a view of his most intimate areas.

"You're beautiful." Sasuke said mesmerized. He ran his hands up the inside of Naruto's sticky thighs, "so soft." Sasuke remarked.

Naruto mewled. He wasn't acting like himself. He would never let an alpha manhandle him like this but Sasuke had a weird control over him. He couldn't fight it. He felt so hot underneath Sasuke's gaze. He wanted to be the only one Sasuke looked at like this. "No ones ever told me that before."

"You let another alpha see you like this?" Sasuke was enraged that he wasn't the only one who had seen naruto like this or felt what the inside of naruto's thighs felt like. He knew naruto wasn't a virgin and had slept with other alphas but being reminded of it infuriated him.

"Not in a long time, it's mostly Itachi who has." Naruto had tried to reassure Sasuke but his intent had backfired.

Sasuke hissed. "Don't speak another mans name right now!"

Naruto nodded, he was submitting and later he would hate himself for it.

Sasuke brought his fingers to his lips and sucked off the little bit of slick that had accumulated on them from when he touched the inside of naruto's thighs. Naruto tasted so good, he needed to taste more. Sasuke bent down and licked along the inside of naruto's thighs, coating his tongue in the delicious sticky substance.

"You pervert." Naruto's legs were trembling.

Sasuke snorted, "says the dobe who got wet just from sucking on my knot."

"S-shut up!" Naruto blushed so hard that even the tip of his dick turned red. Sasuke had never witnessed a full body blush, it was cute. Everything about the dobe in this moment was surprisingly cute.

Sasuke licked again, this time he circled his tongue around naruto's hole. He wanted to put his dick inside of it and feel the warmness wrapped around his dick.

"Can I?"

"Can you what?" Naruto groaned.

Sasuke stuck his tongue in and out of Naruto's hole, breaching through the walls before quickly taking his tongue back out again to show Naruto what he wanted to do to him.

Naruto squirmed at the sensation. "You can't! I'll get pregnant I didn't take my birth control today!"

Sasuke grinned, the image of Naruto pregnant with his child was an arousing thought. "So? What's wrong with that?"

Naruto sat up, supporting his weight with his elbows as he glared down at Sasuke between his legs. "That's not funny!"

"I wasn't joking. The thought of you swollen with my kid is hot as fuck."

Naruto's glare hardened, "you're sixteen and I'm still in college. There's no way that's happening." Naruto seemed to be coming to his senses as he spoke, "I mean you still haven't even finished high school yet. You've barely transitioned and you already want kids? What am I doing I'm too old for you!" Naruto clamped his legs closed. "I shouldn't have given into my instincts! I-I'm sorry!"

"Shh, dobe. I was only joking." Sasuke hadn't been but he'd keep that to himself. "There are other ways you can get me off without risking you getting pregnant."


Sasuke laid on the bed. He grabbed naruto's hand and pulled him on top of him so that Naruto was straddling his thighs. "Like this." Sasuke wedged his dick between Naruto's slippery ass cheeks. His dick slid up against naruto's hole as he pumped it up and down.

"You pervert!" Naruto moaned at the weird sensation. No one had ever done this to him before. It felt odd and only made him want for Sasuke to actually fuck him. Everytime he felt the head of Sasuke's dick stroke against his entrance it drove him crazy.

"It's not enough!" Naruto groaned, "I want to feel you inside!"

"Are you sure about that? You'll get pregnant remember?" Sasuke panted as he continued to the thrust, the friction was getting so mind numbingly good.

"Just do it, I want to feel your knot inside me!" Naruto cried.

Just as Sasuke was about to give into naruto's request a knock sounded on his door. The knock was like reality coming to claim them.

"Hey, is Naruto in there? I looked all over the house and I can't find him."

Both boys froze. The sound of itachi's voice was like a slap in the face. Naruto quickly hopped off the bed and put his clothes back on lighting fast.

"I thought you and itachi weren't dating?" Sasuke watched as naruto struggled to zip up his boots.

"What are you doing still sitting? Hurry up and put your dick back in your pants!"

Sasuke sighed and did as told. "So you lied, you guys are dating?"

"No we're not! But that doesn't mean I want him to know." Truthfully Naruto was ashamed. He had given into his instincts and actually had almost let a sixteen year old kid knot inside him.

"You there, loser?Can I come in?" Itachi called.

"Yeah, go ahead." Sasuke stared at naruto's nervous face. So...was all that a one time thing?

"So you were in here? I thought you went home." Itachi sighed in relief, "what were you doing in here?" Itachi looked at Sasuke then Naruto, "were you guys fighting again?!"

Sasuke could tell that Naruto was panicking. Damn that dobe. "We weren't fighting. Naruto came up here to talk. We decided we're going to stop being so mean to each other."

"That's amazing!" Itachi smiled widely, "i'm so proud of you baby!" Itachi embraced Naruto and kissed his cheek.

Sasuke stiffened. He almost growled at itachi to keep his hands off naruto. Thank fully naruto seemed to be thinking along the same lines because he twisted out of itachi's arms and took a step away.

"What's wrong?" Itachi asked confused. "I thought we made up?"

"That doesn't mean we're dating." Naruto averted his eyes, "I'm going to go downstairs." Naruto casted a look at Sasuke, his expression was unreadable, then left.

"That was-"

"Don't day it. I already know," Itachi sighed, "I thought because of the makeup sex we had everything would be like it was before but it's not. I'm hoping tonight at the festival goes good. If it does I'm going to ask him to be my boyfriend. He's never said yes but-"

"Wait, you guys were never dating?" Sasuke was stunned, he had always assumed itachi and naruto were a couple.

"No, we're just friends with benefits." Itachi said glumly. "Hopefully not for much longer," itachi smiled, "I'm going to go check on him. We're leaving for the festival in a couple hours so call your girlfriend and tell her start getting ready. And you," itachi nodded his head over at Sasuke's closet, "it's a firework festival so make sure you wear a yukata!"

"She's not my girlfriend and fine."

Itachi nodded then left.

Sasuke felt guilt quickly take root inside his stomach. What had he done? Itachi seriously liked naruto and here he was betraying his brother...all this for a dumb blond?

A cute dumb blond with cherry red lips, a captivating scent, and beautiful big blue eyes...

Shit, Sasuke internally cursed. His feelings for the dobe had gotten even deeper.

This want good at all.

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