A/N: Wow, my first fanfic on my new account. I've actually wanted to write an Emperor's New Groove fic for about 3 years now, it's just that I didn't have any ideas until this summer, when I started writing this fanfic. Funny how I don't post it until December, though.

Anyways this story mostly revolves around my OC Sansa, but Kuzco is also really important too. This specific fanfic takes place over the course of New School, and hopefully if I can stay interested long enough, I can actually do the full series I was planning to do, which takes place over the movies as well (the first movie being a prequel to this story, and Kronk's New Groove a sequel) plus an original story that I was going to write like it was another sequel to the movies (but with a few crossover elements with the original concept, Kingdom of the Sun, as well as the movie The Road to El Dorado)

Before you read this, and before you pass harsh judgement on Sansa-I'd like to note that her character development is the most important thing to this story, and that if you don't like how she is as a character now, that's fine, but you should remain open minded, because she won't be like this forever, as the point is for her to grow, learn, and change.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy.


It had been a week since Kuzco had been back in the palace, after having been turned into a llama, and he was starting to get back into the swing of things-of course, things were different than they were before, as Kuzco had learned his lesson about being selfish and cruel. He became far more helpful, and a better emperor to his subjects.

Of course, someone didn't like that...And she had a plan. A plan to take him out in the one way that breaks the spirits of all teenagers...

High School.

The brisk Andean winter ended, bringing the warmth of spring to the Kuzconian Empire. Wildflowers decorated every field, and every end table, of every home. Kuzco wasn't too fond of the flowers however, as they made him sneeze.

He was relaxing in his throne, named Throney, having a facial, with cucumbers over his eyes, his feet up on a took a sip from a fruity umbrella drink, handing it off to a servant. "Thank you, Chipana." he said. He had made a habit of memorizing the name of every servant. He was loving life again, especially because who'd have thought being nice to people would get you further? Kuzco didn't think so until he had his heel-face turn.

The royal records keeper, Imasu, ran in. "Sire...Something has come to our attention." He said anxiously, as he was expecting Kuzco to snap at him.

Kuzco sat up, and pulled a cucumber off his eye, and ate it. "Yeah?" He pulled off the other, and ate it as well.

"Uh...you see...It's come to our attention, from the principal of Kuzco Academy, Principal Amzy, that you haven't fulfilled your high school requirements..." he said, cowering away, expecting the worst.

"But...I'm the Emperor...And didn't I have those royal...Tooty thingies?" he said, as he was suddenly interested by the state of his cuticles.

"Sire...you fired one because you didn't like their hair color." he said "And you fired the other because you thought his name was funny and he got mad at you."

"Well he shouldn't have been named "Senor Monkeyballs" if he didn't want me laughing!" Kuzco pointed out, waving his hand. He leaned over to another of his servants, Sansa, who was holding a jug of water. "Get a load of this guy." he snickered a little.

Sansa stared, in disbelief that the Emperor was talking to her. The incarnation of their very gods, taking notice of her. She didn't want to mess up so she began to laugh. Very loudly. To the point where she dropped the jug, and it shattered on the stone floor. "a-ah! Oops..very sorry, your highness i didn't mean to-"

"It's fine" Kuzco cut her off. He could care less about one smashed clay jug. "Just try not to step on those shards."

Sansa, however, began to play with her hair in embarrassment.

Kuzco turned back to the records keeper. "School me no likey."

"But sire-"

"No. No school."

"If you don't, you can't be Emperor anymore-"

"School is-Wait, what?!"

"If you don't complete your school requirements, you will be removed from the throne." he said "And Yzma will be your replacement."

Kuzco stared in horror. And so did Sansa, as she backed out of the room in worry.

Kuzco was in his room, packing only what was necessary-as he wouldn't have access to any royal funds or privileges. He was to essentially act as a peasant for 4 years, or until he got all of his credits. Whichever came first. He wouldn't even be allowed his royal clothes, with the exception of one royal robe, for special occasions. He couldn't even bring his real crown, just a replica.

He packed a small sack, filling it with the uniforms of the school-which he wasn't fond of. Next he picked up Wampy, setting the plush into his sack as well. He put the one robe he was allowed, and changed out of the one he was wearing, and put on his llama poncho that was a gift from Pacha.

Then he set out to go find a place to stay, as he was now truly on his own.

He walked for 4 days, as that bridge was still broken.

It started raining, as Kuzco sat down at the base of a tree on the outer end of the jungle, towards Pacha's village, as he began to cry.

Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the city, in a dark alley, in a small house made of boxes, Yzma made Kuzcramen, whilst cackling to herself. Kronk sat on the couch-also made of boxes-trying to get comfortable, whilst holding a housewarming gift basket. "You know I could cook you something." He pointed out.

Yzma looked over and rolled her eyes. "I'll stick to this, I'm trying to eat light." she replied "But I can't believe I managed to trick that idiotic records keeper into thinking Kuzco has to go to school!" she laughed. "Then all I have to do is fail him in ONE subject! Just one tiny little subject, and then I'll be!" she ripped off her clothes to reveal an empress outfit "EMPRESS YZMA!"

"Do you just wear that under your clothes all the time?" Kronk asked

"Saves time changing." she brushed it off.

Then the door opened in a rather forceful fashion, and Sansa entered.

Yzma was surprised, as she wasn't expecting a visit from her daughter so soon. "S-Sansa, what are you doing here? And no housewarming gift for your dear mother, who birthed and nursed you?" she crossed her arms.

"Cut out the innocent act, mother." she crossed her arms, and tilting her head. "Just what do you think you're doing, Principal Amzy."

"Uh-uh...what? What ever do you mean, my dearest little flower-" Yzma tried to gesture at her daughter, nervously.

"Don't you 'little flower' me, mom. I know you're just going after Kuzco!" she said crossing her arms, and raising an eyebrow in suspicion. "If what I think your're doing, is what you're doing, you better not be!"

"I-I promise, daughter, now go along, mumsy needs her beauty sleep!" Yzma rushed her out the door, and closed it-which due to Sansa's forcing actions, left the door broken, and it partially hung down in a pathetic fashion. "Eugh, of course my daughter, and her painfully obvious crush on that little ungrateful brat, has to get in the way of my plan!" she cursed to herself.

"You're not going to get rid of her, are you?" Kronk said suspiciously, as if he thought that was a terrible idea-which it was. After all, Sansa was his daughter too.

"Of course not, who will carry on my brrrilliant genes." Yzma replied. "And I GUESS yours too." she added on reluctantly.

"Uhhhh..." Kronk was searching for an answer. "The other one?"

"W-what other one?" she said nervously, then regained her composure. "There is no other one Kronk. We-we only had one child." Yzma said like she had something to hide.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight" Kronk replied. There wasn't another child, right?

Kuzco had his head in his lap, sobbing over night. He was cold, wet, and miserable. He cried. The sun was rising, and he looked up. He realized where he was.

"Maybe Pacha will let me stay with him..."