It wasn't very unusual for Sunil's owner to have to leave him overnight in the day camp, his job was quite demanding and often led to working well into the night and picking up Sunil the day after. So it didn't come as much of a shock when Mrs. Twombly came in to gather Minka, always the first to leave, and mention to Blythe that Sunil would stay behind. He wasn't one to misbehave, so Blythe didn't find it absolutely necessary to stay in the camp with him. Sunil was very sleepy, anyway, and she only had to do routine checkups on him if she was worried. Sunil had most of his assets with him in the camp daily: Bed, favorite food bowl, cobra toy, favorite treats, so he was the easiest pet to keep overnight.

Sunil was already quite sleepy by the time Zoe and Penny had been picked up, so he started to arrange his sleeping area. He had his food bowl nearby in case of midnight cravings and his cobra plush that he always held tight to while he slept. Sunil was lying lazily in his bed watching Pepper and Vinnie try to pry Russell off the ceiling after an unfortunate turn of events. Russell was starting to get a little panicked and looked around the room anxiously.

"H-hey, Sunil! A little help over here?!" Beads of sweat were forming on his brow and he was trembling slightly.

Sunil glanced up with a bored look. He sighed, mumbled something about how everyone is a troublemaker, and flung his cobra at Russell. Russell caught the cobra, for Sunil had pretty good aim, but he was still in the ceiling. Russell looked at the cobra in his hands and looked at Sunil with exhaustion.
"Thanks, but you can have this back," He then threw the cobra, with his poor aim, at Sunil, smacking him in the head with it. Sunil, too tired to fully register what just happened, gave a thumbs up and settled in his bed. He hugged the cobra tight to his chest and fell asleep to Pepper's words of encouragement towards Vinnie, who was trying to scale the walls.

Sunil awoke in a very green and lush jungle. The humidity was thick and surrounded him completely. He got up from the patch of soft grass he had settled on and began to wander. The sunlight was spotted on the ground, hardly visible through the leaves of the canopy. Eventually, Sunil reached a clearing fully lit by sunlight. In the center of it lay a sleeping cobra. It's skin shone beautifully in the harsh sunlight, purple and green reflecting in Sunil's eyes. Sunil hadn't eaten in a bit, so he ventured closer. As he approached, the purples and greens became browns and oranges, and the curled figure morphed into a hedgehog on his back, hands between his legs, rubbing furiously. Sunil circled closer, curious. He felt a heat build in his groin as the figure became more clear.
"Sunil...Oh, Sunil…" The hedgehog's moans grew louder as he got closer, Sunil couldn't take his eyes off the scene in front of him. He came as close as he could between the hedgehog's legs and saw that the hedgehog was Russell. Russell looked back at him with ecstasy, mouth open and cum dripping out of his mouth before lunging forward and sinking his venomous fangs into Sunil's flesh-

Sunil woke abruptly, finding his bed in disarray and his cobra somewhere under all the covers. He was panting heavily from the scare and the dream. As he rearranged the fabric and retrieved his cobra, he felt his length brushing against the fabric, pleading for attention. Sunil glanced around the daycamp quickly, seeing no other pets around. He lay back in his bed, deciding whether it was really worth it to tend to his needs or if he should just ignore it as best as he could.

His groin said "stroke" but his eyes said "sleep", so he decided he'd try to fix his issue in the morning if needed. He nuzzled into his soft bed and held his cobra close to his chest and tried to dream of something less exciting.

It's hard to sleep with a plush toy against your throbbing cock, however. Sunil soon realized that sleep may be impossible and that he'd just have to succumb to his needs. He wrapped a paw around his thick arousal and started lightly pumping. He lay on his back and stared straight up at the ceiling, bored. For a second he could have sworn he saw something up there, but it was probably some half-asleep hallucination. He closed his eyes and tried to get lost in the sensation, but was extremely bored.

Sunil sighed in exasperation and gave up. He could feel the cobra on his chest rise and fall with his breaths. He stared at the cobra in front of his large cock for a bit, and then decided to just roll with what had popped into his head.

Blythe was good at sewing, and he could find a way to easily clean it before his owner, or anyone else, took notice, and no one else was in the camp, so it was pretty low risk. He'd slept with a mangled toy cobra before, so it wouldn't be an immediate problem. He did feel kind of dirty about it, though.

Sunil took his sharp claws and tore a hole about a quarter of the way down the tail, taking care not to make the hole bigger than necessary. He felt his length pulse with excitement and nervousness as he gripped the neck of the cobra. He lined up his tip with the hole he tore, loose filling tickling his nerves, exciting him. He tested the width of the hole a bit, ensuring tightness and imminent pleasure before slamming his whole cock into the toy. He was just a bit wider than the plush, the fabric stretched tightly against his sensitive skin. The soft fabric, the dirtiness from his act, the warmth emanating from his cock-it took all of his stamina not to cum right there. His breath was taken away by the overwhelming pleasure. He slowly withdrew his length before thrusting with all of his force once again, groaning and blushing wildly.

It didn't take long to get a rhythm, long thrusts punctuated with loud groans filled the room and it felt near intimate for the virgin mongoose. His mouth opened at some point, panting as his fur became damp with sweat. He was a horny, sweaty mess of a mongoose. And he loved it.

His knees grew weak, shaking and threatening to collapse as he felt his end coming near. Pressure built at the base of his cock, begging to come out. His pace quickened and his moans filled the day camp, seemingly deafening. He could feel the explosion building, ready to be released, but a loud crash dragged him out of his fantasy. He looked over his shoulder and saw Russell with a horrified face, blushing madly and panting.

"H-hey, Sunil," Russell laughed nervously as Sunil's face contorted into terror, then melted into guilty ecstasy. He shot his load into the cobra, still pinned to his bed under his paws. His balls twitched as he emptied every last drop.