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This fanfic is a continuation from The Ojou-sama's magnificent day off. The prologue is a brief summary of it just in case you have not read it.


Year 2095, November 2nd

Itsuwa Moi and Itsuwa Hirofumi, one of the 13 internationally acknowledged Strategic Class Magicians, visited Mayumi at the Saegusa residence before heading to the frontlines. They wanted insight of their enemy's magic from Mayumi. Mayumi, having stayed on the rear during most of the fight, recommended that they turn to Mari, Kei, Kanon and Katsuto for insights. After Moi and Hirofumi left, Koichi asked Mayumi to setup a meeting with the Shiba siblings.

Chapter 1

"Tatsuya-kun, Miyuki-chan, follow me for a moment." Mayumi said and exited the Student Council room.

"My father would like to invite both of you to the Saegusa residence for dinner tomorrow. Will you be able to make it?"

"Is it related to my magic?" Tatsuya asked in a rather serious tone.

"No, I did not breath a word about it and I made Nakura promise to keep it secret too" Mayumi replied without hesitation.

Tatsuya did a mental run through of his schedule before accepting Mayumi's invitation.

(Scene Change)

Tatsuya let out a sigh and sat in front of his workstation with a troubled face, unable to continue his work.

"Onii-sama, are you troubled by the fact that Saegusa-sama might have smelled something fishy regarding your identity?" Miyuki asked Tatsuya as she served him a cup of coffee.

"As expected, I can't hide anything from my Miyuki. Saegusa-sama most likely suspects that I am not a regular high school student due to my combat and CAD engineering abilities. He will most likely use the dinner as a platform to try to uncover more about me."

"Onii-sama, although they are the Saegusa, they will most likely not know about any of your identities. …Your identities are being safeguarded by the Yotsuba after all"

"Right, do not worry about it Miyuki" Tatsuya replied with a forced smile.

Miyuki quickly left Tatsuya, knowing that she said the wrong thing.

Worried that Miyuki will blame herself for bringing u the Yotsuba in front of him, he wanted to go after her to comfort her, but for once he felt that it was better for him to have some time alone. After all he needed to think about how he will face Saegusa Koichi tomorrow night.

Letting out yet another sigh, Tatsuya drank the coffee Miyuki brewed for him and allowed his brain to go to work.

(Scene change)

The following evening after school, Tatsuya and Miyuki dressed up formally and arrived at the Saegusa residence 15 minutes before the dinner. They saw Mayumi already at the reception room waiting for them.

"I hope we didn't make you wait too long, senpai" Tatsuya said as he and Miyuki approached Mayumi.

For the first time, Tatsuya saw Mayumi dress up for a semi-formal event. He allowed his eyes to feast on the black sleeveless empire waist silk dress that showed off Mayumi's feminine charms.

"Jeez Tatsuya, say a few compliments already. I believe it is your first time seeing me dress up formally after all. Something along the lines of 'Mayumi, you look great in this dress' would be nice".

Miyuki giggled as she watched Mayumi tease her brother. Seeing that Miyuki wasn't going to throw him a lifeline, Tatsuya could only sigh. After Tatsuya was forced to shower Mayumi with compliments, Mayumi led Tatsuya and Miyuki to the dining room. Mayumi abruptly stopped in front of the door to the dining room and turned to Tatsuya and Miyuki with a serious look.

"I am not sure if both of you are aware, but my father is infamously known to be a sly fox. Although I am his daughter, I have no idea what he is planning. As your senpai, let me giving you a warning, put on your best poker face and never let your guard down."

She then turned towards the door and put on her best poker face before opening the door.

"Father, they are here."

"Ah, nice to meet both of you. Although we have not met, I have already heard enough about the both from you through the 9SC and my daughter. I am sure that my daughter has said a couple of words regarding me as well so let us skip the formalities and proceed straight to dinner" Saegusa Koichi said while remaining seated.

The trio couldn't help but be baffled by Koichi' suggestion to skip formalities as they seated themselves. Tatsuya sat beside Miyuki and opposite Mayumi while Koichi claimed the seat in the middle.

Immediately after they were all seated, the servants began serving dinner and they started dinning. As soon as they finished dinner, Koichi opened the conversation.

"Tatsuya-san, your display of skill in the 9SC was spectacular. All the competitors that you rendered your help to swept the competition. Not to mention your victory against the scion of Ichijio had caused a huge commotion within the magic community."

"I am humbled, Saegusa-sama, but perhaps you are giving me more credit than I deserve, the competitors played a huge role in achieving their victories too."

"No, after all First High monopolised the top places for all the events that you were in charge of."

"That's right onii-sama, you deserve at least that much credit" Miyuki commented. She was sincerely happy that his brother was being recognised and she would definitely not allow his brother to discredit himself.

"Ah, Miyuki-san your performance during the Mirage Bat and Ice Pillar Break was spectacular as well. Not to mention you were the first to use flying-type magic during the Mirage Bat competition."

"Thank you, but I have to give credit to my brother for training me and adding the flying-type magic to my CAD prior to my competition."

"I am honestly surprised that your brother was able to obtain the magic sequence for the flying-type magic that was not released to the public yet. Even if I utilised my connections to the fullest, I would still have trouble getting that magic sequence prior to its release." Koichi remarked with a sly smile.

Miyuki bit her lips, knowing that she had said the wrong thing. Her brother will now be stuck between a rock and a hard place because of her.

"I have the privilege of being the beta tester for the FLT, thus I was able to get my hands on the flying-type magic before the public." Tatsuya replied without missing a beat.

"For a high school student to be selected as a beta tester for the FLT is definitely quite a feat, although it should not be too surprising to you considering your prodigious CAD engineering abilities.

I also heard that the magic that was adopted into the 'National Magic University Compiled Magic Encyclopaedia Index of True Names' was registered under Shizuku Kitamaya but was actually created by you. What about your teammate's unique CAD, was it created by you too?"

"Indeed, I created both the magic and the CAD." Tatsuya replied with a stoic face. However, under his poker face, he felt increasingly uneasy as the conversation continued. He had a similar feeling when he was negotiating with Yotsuba Maya, it was as if he was being played right into Koichi's hands.

Saegusa Koichi didn't find a weak spot in Tatsuya's poker face, but experience told him that he was definitely panicking under his poker face. 'Perhaps it is time to shatter it' he thought.

"Are you affiliated to FLT?"

"Other than being one of their beta tester, I am not otherwise affiliated to the FLT."

"Then would you like to be hired as a Magic engineer by the Saegusa family?"

None of them could hide their astonishment.

"I am afraid that I do not have a license"

"It is not illegal to hired a Magic engineer without a license."

"If I accept your offer, it will certainly stir up the magic community. After all, one of the strongest clans should not be hiring a magic engineer that does not even have a license."

"A license is a recognition of one's abilities. Furthermore, rejecting this offer now will cause commotion in the magic community as well."

That was the nail in the coffin. If word spreads that Tatsuya rejected Koichi's offer, it would garner him unpleasant attention. Tatsuya was left with no choice.

"Then I shall accept this offer with pleasure."

"Come on a weekly basis then. You can start tomorrow after you finish school."

"A pleasure to be working with you" Tatsuya barely forced those words out of his mouth as he extended his hand to shake Koichi's.

"Mayumi, show Tatsuya the room where we do our CAD maintenance. Inform me if you find that the equipment is insufficient Tatsuya-san." Koichi said.

Mayumi, Miyuki and Tatsuya exited the dining room and Mayumi showed the way to the CAD maintenance room. After Tatsuya left the dining room, he had been giving off a 'leave-me-alone' aura. Mayumi could tell that Tatsuya was clearly troubled by her father's offer. 'Tatsuya-kun should be happy, there will be so many magic engineers who are jealous of him, so why is he so troubled?' Those thoughts floated in Mayumi's mind but she could only suppress her urge to ask.

Mayumi led them down to the basement and opened the door the CAD maintenance room. Tatsuya frowned upon entering the room, it had only the most basic equipment required for CAD maintenance. "You seem rather disappointed Tatsuya-kun. Are you expecting the latest, state-of-the-art CAD maintenance equipment from the FLT?" Mayumi asked.

"I was expecting more since it is the Saegusa clan, this is barely enough for basic CAD maintenance."

"Are you insinuating that you would like more equipment? We can easily get it you know."

"Yes, I would appreciate it if your family could obtain more equipment. It is rather late Mayumi-senpai, I would like to take my leave now." Tatsuya gave a slight bow turned and headed for the door and Miyuki quickly followed her brother. Tatsuya left the Saegusa residence in such a haste Mayumi couldn't even walk them out.

"Onii-sama isn't that a little rude?"

"Yes, but I didn't want to give Mayumi-senpai any chance to ask questions. She must be really confused right now, since I should be ecstatic that I am hired to be the Saegusa clan's magic engineer, yet I appear to be so troubled. To avoid her from asking questions that may put me deeper into suspicion, I can only opt to be slightly rude." Tatsuya explained as they went back home

Meanwhile, Saegusa Koichi retreated into his study. "Nakura, your report."

Nakura stepped forward and handed Koichi a file containing all the information of whatever he could uncover about Tatsuya.

"He personal information is too clean. Even his mother is not shown huh? Interesting."
Koichi said with a sly smile. "His house is owned by his father, Shiba Tatsurou? Nakura."

"Yes, Saegusa-sama."

"Investigate his father, Shiba Tatsurou."

*Knock Knock*

"Father it is me, Mayumi."

"Just a moment, Mayumi.

Nakura, you are dismissed, go out by the backdoor. Do not let Mayumi know that you talked to me."

Nakura nodded and exited the room with urgency.

"Mayumi, you may come in now."

"Father, Tatsuya and Miyuki just left, although Tatsuya seemed quite troubled."

"It is only natural, after all he is a high school student but he has the pressure of being the Saegusa clan's magic engineer. Not to mention he does not even have a license and under scrutiny. Unlike you, he may not be trained to handle such pressure. That aside, what did Tatsuya-san say about our CAD maintenance room?"

"Ah he said that he would like more equipment to go along with the existing equipment."

"I will arrange for that, after all we only have the most basic equipment. Mayumi, do you think Tatsuya intentionally tanked his entrance examination?"

" Initially I thought so too, since his scored so well for his written examination, but after he defeated Hattori-san, I figured that he did not. The examination was not able to completely measure his ability."

"I see. Mayumi, you are dismissed."

Mayumi left the room, leaving Koichi alone in his study. He picked up his phone and dialled a familiar number. "Sir, I am sorry to disturb you at such a late hour, but I would like you to share with me some of your insight. What do you think of that child, Shiba Tatsuya?"

The one on the other side of the phone is none other than Kudou Retsu, the most influential person in the magic community and Koichi's sensei.

"Ah, that child. He is indeed an interesting one. He is not just a regular high school student. Koichi-san do not belittle him, nothing can escape him. Do not even try to tame him, he is the devil and the angel. Heed my advice and proceed with caution, Koichi-san, I am afraid I cannot share anything beyond that, goodnight."

Kudou Retsu ended the call, leaving Koichi in a silent study. Kudou Retsu's words circled his mind for a while. "He is an angel and a devil?"

At the same time, Mayumi lied down in her bed with a frown. "How rude of Tatsuya-kun! To just walk off like that in my house. Tatsuya-kun does not crumble under pressure though, I wonder what he is troubled about."

(Scene change)


Tatsuya and Miyuki without even turning their heads, that it was Mayumi. They waited for Mayumi to catch up before continuing their walk to school.

"Good morning, Senpai, I apologise for my behaviour last night" Tatsuya bow his head and apologised.

"Ah please raise your head, I didn't take it to heart." Mayumi then leaned towards Tatsuya and continued in a teasing tone," You are my reliable kouhai after all, how can I take a grudge against you."

Tatsuya was completely unfazed by Mayumi's provocative actions and took a step back to distance himself from Mayumi.

"Sometimes I wonder if you are a normal high school boy. You never react no matter what a girl does to you. It is as if you cannot feel lust."

"I have become accustomed to being around beauties thanks to my sister."

Miyuki's face was flushed red by Tatsuya's statement.

"There is the sis-con, Miyuki is all red because of you Tatsuya. I shall leave and not be the third wheel, bye!" Mayumi said in a playful tone and ran off to join her friends.

"O-Onii-sama, have you not told anyone other than Honoka that you are missing your emotions." Miyuki stammered as she desperately tried to hide her embarrassment.

"No, but I am honestly surprised that Honoka has not told anybody yet. See you after school, Miyuki." Tatsuya said as they reached Miyuki's classroom. He then walked towards his own classroom and continued his daily routine in school.

"EHHH, Tatsuya-kun, is it true that you were hired as the magic engineer of the Saegusa clan?" Erika exclaimed the moment Tatsuya stepped in the classroom. Everyone's eyes were now on Tatsuya, waiting for a response to the seemingly wild speculation.

"Yes, it happened last night when I had a dinner with the head of Saegusa clan." Tatsuya responded. 'Word sure spreads fast, was it Saegusa Koichi's doing?' Tatsuya thought while he walked to his seat.

It quickly became a hot topic and word had gone around the school by lunchtime. Tatsuya and Miyuki opted to have lunch in the Student Council Room to avoid the students in the cafeteria.

"You are the talk of the town, Tatsuya-kun"

"I knew that this would happen when I got hired, but I didn't expect the word to spread so fast." Tatsuya responded to Mari.

"Did Mayumi recommend you to her father?"

"Mayumi seemed equally shocked at her father's request."

"Tatsuya and Miyuki, you have visitor, they are currently at the guest room." Mayumi said as she entered the Student Council Room.

Tatsuya and Miyuki packed their half-eaten bento and made their way to the guest room immediately. Tatsuya seemed to already have expected their visitor from the get go but it took Miyuki a while before it dawned upon her. They might be meeting a member of the Yotsuba.

"Hayama-san, let us get down to business." Seeing the guest that he had expected, Tatsuya opened the conversation immediately in a business-like tone the moment he closed the door to the guest room.

"Alright then. Tatsuya-san, you have been summoned to the main house. Please come alone the day after tomorrow."

"Acknowledged, if there is nothing else allow us to take our leave."

"Wait, Hayama-san forward my request to Oba-ue to allow me to follow my brother."

"As you wish, Miyuki-sama." Hayama said with a bow before taking his leave.

The conversation lasted for less than a minute but Tatsuya and Miyuki went back to their classes without finishing their lunch. They simply did not have the appetite to after facing a Yotsuba.

'Did Saegusa Koichi deliberately spread the word? Does he know my real identities? How is planning to manipulate me? What is his goal?' Those questions flooded Tatsuya's mind for throughout the rest of the lessons. After school, he headed to the library's reading booth to indulge himself with the knowledge it held.

"Ara, Tatsuya-kun what are you doing here?" Mayumi asked when she saw Tatsuya open the door to the reading room.

"I am planning to feast on the database of knowledge that I am privileged to have access to." Tatsuya replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

"The already sage-like Tatsuya-kun is intending to get even smarter? "

"I wouldn't think of myself as 'sage-like', although I must admit that I am better than most in theory. What about you Senpai? Are you perhaps preparing for the upcoming university entrance examination?"

"What else do you think I am doing? Although this reading room is not meant for two, I don't mind you joining me unless all you want to do is to stand at the door."

Tatsuya nodded and headed into the reading room. Mayumi waited until Tatsuya closed the door and before starting to move to the side to allow Tatsuya to operate the terminal. She deliberately tripped over herself and allowed Tatsuya to catch her by the hip and shoulder.

"Ah thank you Tatsuya-kun." Mayumi said as Tatsuya quickly let go of her. She proceeded to stare intently at Tatsuya while he was operating the terminal.

"What is it, Senpai?"

"N-Nothing Tatsuya-kun, just that I err… I noticed that your face has nice proportions." Mayumi said while acting flustered.

"You are not cut out to be an actor Senpai."

"Hmph, even if you could tell that it was an act, at least show some emotions." Mayumi sulked.

"That is not my personality Senpai."

"Or am I just not your type, Tatsuya-kun?"

"What are you talking about Mayumi-senpai?" Taken aback by Mayumi's statement, Tatsuya let out a careless reply. Tatsuya couldn't help but let out a sigh. 'This conversation will lead to nowhere, I need to end it now.' Tatsuya could only think of one solution to shut Mayumi's mouth up for good without offending her. It was rather risky, but Tatsuya really wanted to end this conversation so he could indulge himself in the materials that was displayed on the terminal before Miyuki comes.

"A once-in-a-generation beauty who is both refined and elegant, how could you not be my type?" Tatsuya suddenly changed his tone to a gentle one and moved closer to Mayumi before gently putting his hands on her shoulders gently. As expected, Mayumi was flustered and blushed uncontrollably, rendering her speechless.

'Checkmate, now I can concentrate.' Tatsuya thought while secretly smirking.

Meanwhile, Miyuki had finished all the paperwork required faster than expected and left the Students Council room for the library to meet up with his brother. Miyuki headed for the reading booth that his brother was usually in and decided to surprise him brother by sneakily going in the reading booth. "O-nii-sa-ma? What were you doing with Mayumi-senpai?" Shocked by the scene that was unfolding in front of her, she could not control herself. The Snow Queen descended, seeing that her brother was holding Mayumi, who is blushing furiously, by her shoulders.

"It is not what you think Miyuki, calm down." Tatsuya said as he quickly released Mayumi.

"E-Exactly Miyuki-chan, it is a misunderstanding." Mayumi stammered.

Miyuki demanded an explanation from Tatsuya in an icy tone.

"Let's leave the explanation until we get home. Senpai I will be taking my leave now." Tatsuya replied without hesitation and dashed out of the reading booth. Miyuki quickly followed her brother.

"Was Tatsuya being sincere?" Mayumi mumbled while seeing them leave. She then collected her feelings and went back to studying.

Pleasing Miyuki was no easy feat, Tatsuya had to add 'shopping with Miyuki' to his already packed schedule and that was only barely enough to please her. Tatsuya was also miraculously able to convince Miyuki to stay home when he left for the Saegusa residence.

"Mayumi-senpai, I hope I didn't make you wait too long." Tatsuya said when he saw Mayumi.

"Tatsuya-kun it is rude to make a girl wait you know, luckily for you onee-chan is not so petty."

Taking care of Miyuki took longer than Tatsuya had expected, he made it to the Saegusa residence in the nick of time.

"That aside, is the new equipment here?" Tatsuya changed the flow of the conversation at once, making Mayumi a little more serious.

"It just arrived this afternoon, I am not sure if the installation is complete. At any rate let us not stay here, let's go to the CAD maintenance room."

Mayumi led the way to the room. The installation of the equipment was half done, not to mention that programming prior to the first use was still needed. The whole process will take at least one more hour. Instead of idling around the CAD maintenance room, Mayumi had decided to show Tatsuya around her house.

"This shooting range is built specially for you?"

"Yes, whenever you piss me off I will replace the targets with pictures of your face and shoot it. I never miss when it comes down to that." Mayumi replied in a teasing tone.

"I thought my 'onee-chan' is a forgiving young lady with beauty that is beyond the comprehension of this world, not a ruthless shooter who holds grudges."

"Hmph, whether I am the goddess onee-chan or the devilish shooter depends on how you treat me Tatsuya-kun." That was the only reply Mayumi could give as her face turned mildly red.

"I must treat you like a royalty from today onwards I suppose. I am at your service, milady"

"Alright Tatsuya-kun I admit defeat." Mayumi said as she giggled.

"Do I have the pleasure of personally witnessing the Elven sniper's skills?"

"Sure, but you have to drop that overly formal way of speaking."

Mayumi retrieved her rifle shaped specialised CAD and took aim.

A hundred targets flew across the room.

A hundred shots were fired.

A hundred targets broke into two.

Mayumi did a curtsy, signalling the end of the show.

"Mayumi-senpai never fails to amaze." Tatsuya said with a smile.

A servant came up to Mayumi and informed her that the CAD maintenance room is ready for use. Mayumi informed Tatsuya and they made their way to the CAD maintenance room. Tatsuya did maintenance on Mayumi and her twin sister's CAD. Although she already had experienced Tatsuya's work first hand, she could not help but be fascinated by Tatsuya's degree of calibration. Her twin sisters who were sceptical of Tatsuya were at a loss for words after they experienced it themselves.

"Tatsuya-kun it is quite late would you like to join us for dinner?" Mayumi suggested.

"I appreciate you offer but Miyuki will be preparing my dinner, I will be taking my leave now." Tatsuya replied.

"Ah, I see then allow me to walk you to the door."

"No need to trouble yourself senpai, please join your family for dinner, I am sure they are waiting for you."

Mayumi hid her disappointment and frustration.

It is always her.

It must be her.

Why must he always be with her.

Mayumi muttered under her breath subconsciously as she walked to the dining room.

Tatsuya rode his bike down an empty street and suddenly screeched to a halt. He stopped a few metres away from the man who stood in the middle of the road. Sensing a strong killing intent from the man, Tatsuya immediately hopped out of his bike. The man used acceleration magic to propel himself towards Tatsuya, throwing his fist forward. 'A specialised CAD in the shape of knuckles?' Tatsuya thought to himself as he skilfully dodged the attack. The man repositioned himself and closed the distance between himself and Tatsuya again. He quickly threw a jab which was quickly followed by a cross left uppercut and a cross. "Snap, Snap, Snap."

[Multiple fractures on both arms.]

[Combat level dropping below optimal conditions]

[Auto Restoration Ability \ Auto Activate]

[Magic Sequence \ Uploading]

[Core · Eidos · Data \ Retrieving from storage]

[Restoration \ Commence — Complete]

'Fortification magic? Looks like guarding against his attacks will not work.' Tatsuya grumbled as he prepared to defend himself against the man's next attack.

The man threw another set of attack at Tatsuya. A jab followed by a right uppercut, left hook then a right-hand punch.

Swift. Precise. Deadly. Those words describe the man's movement. He isn't an amateur, but he isn't skilled and seasoned enough to be called an expert.

The man's execution of the combo would kill anybody by now, especially with his CAD. However, against a close combat expert like Tatsuya he was nothing but a sitting duck. Tatsuya struck the man's head during his execution of his combo and finished him in one blow. 'A rather predictable combo that can beat down an opponent without much experience. The combo's one deadly flaw makes it a bad choice against an expert.' Tatsuya muttered as he picked up his terminal and called a heavily encrypted phone line.

"Fujibayashi-san, it's me Tatsuya. Sorry to disturb you at this late hour but I need your expertise. Please erase the footage as well as any Psion traces at my area now and send someone to pick up a body…Yes, I will submit a full report as soon as I am home… Yes, thank you." Tatsuya ended the call and put down his terminal before walking to his bike.

He instinctively moved to dodge a magic sequence that was fired at him. He couldn't dodge the attack but he managed to avoid a fatal injury. No magician was in the vicinity other than him, he even doubled checked it with his Elemental Sight, yet magic sequence would appear out of thin air rain down on him. He used Gram Demolition to demolish the magic sequence and dodged whatever he could not. Without any means of fighting back, Tatsuya opted to retreat. He Loop casted Leap and ran from the area, all while dodging and demolishing the enemy magic sequence.

"I am back, Miyuki."

"Onii-sama, were in engaged in combat?"

"Yes, I was attacked by a magician on my way back."

"A magician?" Miyuki gasped.

"Yes, but before I get into the details I need to warn Fujibayashi-san first. I called her to send her men there." Tatsuya replied in a serious tone then turned to his terminal. He punched a number that he had remembered by heart, one that was never used unless there was an emergency.

"Fujibayashi-san please call your men back at once. After the man that attacked me had collapsed, magic was casted out of thin air and it started to attack me. I used my Elemental Sight and it revealed that there were no other magicians in the vicinity and the magic did not originate from the man either."

"Acknowledged" Fijibayashi answered and saluted Tatsuya before ending the call.

"Magic was cast without a magician? How is that even possible?" Miyuki enquired.

"Unfortunately, I have no idea either. I will consult Yakumoto-sensei tomorrow morning."

(Scene change)

"Oh, Tatsuya-kun what brings you here today? I don't recall you having training on a Friday. Is it because of the fight last night?" Yakumoto-sensei said while throwing a punch at Tatsuya.

"You are well informed as always. How far has the news spread?" Tatsuya replied while blocking Yakumoto's punch and positioned himself counterattack with a high kick.

"Not very far, the Saegusa is trying to put the incident under warp." Yokumoto replied he jumped two steps back to avoid Tatsuya's kick.

"After taking down the man that attacked me, magic sequence rained down on me. There were no other magicians in the vicinity and the man didn't cast the magic either. As far as I know, no modern magic is capable of that so does sensei know if it is ancient magic?" Tatsuya stood at a relaxed stance and began making his way to one of the temple's room to continue their conversation after he and Yakumoto finished their 'greeting'.

"Hmm, I have not come across magic that can be pre-programmed to be cast once the magician is dead."

"Does sensei know of any phenomenon that can pull off similar stunts?"

"Tatsuya-kun did you sense any Pushion bodies?"

"I am incapable of sensing Pushion bodies."

"Hmm, then I will not be able to help you, Tatsuya-kun."

"What does this have to do with Pushion bodies sensei?"

"In ancient magic, there is something called Parasites. Parasites are made up of Pushion bodies and take control of a host. If that man was a host for the Parasite and he died, the Parasite will return to its original form, which is a Pushion body. Parasites can cast magic without additional aid, cutting down the number of processes for casting magic. The Parasite might have returned to its original form when you killed the man and tried to attack you to make you into a new host."

"I will keep that in mind sensei."

"The price for that information is an extended sparring session."

After sparring with Yokumoto, Tatsuya returned home and ate the breakfast Miyuki had prepared for him before heading out to school together.

On their way from the station to their school, their usual group, Leo, Erika, Mikihiko, Shizuku and Honoka joined them. They seemed to be unaware of the incident last night. 'The Saegusa is really effective in their work.' Tatsuya thought.

During lunchbreak, Tatsuya and Miyuki decided to have lunch in the Student Council room again to have a word with Mayumi.

"TATSUYA-KUN, are you alright?" Mayumi rushed to check on Tatsuya the moment he stepped in.

Bewildered by Mayumi's outburst Tatsuya was at a loss of words.

"Ah sorry." Mayumi said softly, noticing that her outburst had created quite a scene.

"I am alright Senpai, thank you for your concern." Tatsuya said as he recovered from his bewilderment.

"What are the both of you talking about? Did something happen yesterday?" Mari said to break the awkward atmosphere that Mayumi had created.

Tatsuya explained his encounter last night to everyone and Mayumi explained that her family had kept it under warps so most people will not know.

"Magic was casted without a magician?" Mari inquired.

"Yes, although I do not know how that is possible." Tatsuya replied.

"At any rate let my family take care of this, it is too dangerous." Mayumi made a statement. She was completely serious when she said it and she did not want anyone, especially Tatsuya to be exposed to anymore danger. "Also, do not spread this news. Do not even breath a word about it outside of this room."

With that, they finished their lunch and made their way back to their classrooms before the bell signalling the end of lunch break rang.

After school, Tatsuya reported to the Public Moral Committee HQ as per normal to help Mari sought out the paperwork.

Mari looked around, making sure that there was nobody else in the Public Moral Committee HQ before lowering her voice and turning her chair to face Tatsuya. "Tatsuya, this might be a little sudden but honestly what do you think about Mayumi. Not as a Student Council Senpai, nor as the daughter of the Saegusa Clan, but as a woman."

"That is indeed very sudden Mari-senpai." Tatsuya stopped work and turned to face Mari before continuing.

"Mayumi-senpai is a very playful, cheerful and exquisite young lady, but the most I can feel for her is that of normal friends. I am unable to experience strong emotions, so I wouldn't be able to love."

"Unable to experience strong emotions?"

"Yes, it is due to a magic accident that affected my brain. I am unable to love or hate, neither can I feel euphoric or sorrow. You could say that my threshold for emotions is extremely low. The only emotion that is left unaffected is my love for my sister"

"I see, that's why the both of you are so close."

"However, when I am with Mayumi-senpai, I do feel a little different. I do feel happy when I spend time with her, although I am not sure if that is considered love." Tatsuya sincerely felt this way. Last night at the shooting range, he felt happy. For the first time in his life, he felt happy being around someone other than Miyuki.

"I see, so Mayumi has a chance after all."

"Mari-senpai, are you going to report to Senpai or are you going to ask Senpai the same question you asked me?"

"If you are afraid that Mayumi asked me to do this, why did you answer my questions anyway."

"You would probably make me spill the beans using one of your truth serum anyways." Tatsuya said while pointing to Mari's pocket.

"So, you knew. I did this on my own accord, Mayumi doesn't even have a clue about this. I do intent to keep it a secret until the right moment."

"When will it be the 'right moment'?"

"I guess you will know when time comes. I will head out for patrol now, finish up your paperwork in the meantime." Mari ended the conversation and walked out of the Public Moral Committee HQ.

"Tatsuya-kun, I just received a message from my father. He requests that you make a report to him personally regarding your encounter yesterday." Mayumi said as she walked down the stairs connecting the Student Council room to the Public Moral Committee


"Yes, today after school if possible."

"I will head over to your house after I walk Miyuki home."

"That is fine too, would you like to have dinner at my place later?"

"No, I do not want Miyuki to eat alone and feel lonely."

"As your Onee-chan, I am proud that you are such a caring brother. See you later, bye." Mayumi forced that reply out of her throat and tried her hardest to not to show any disappointment and frustration.

(Scene change)

"I know that this is rude, but are you sure that there are no other magicians in the vicinity?" Saegusa Koichi questioned Tatsuya.

"Yes, I have an ability similar to Mayumi-senpai and I could not find any other magicians in the vicinity." Tatsuya responded.

Nakura then walked towards Koichi and reported to him. With a grave look, Koichi turned towards Tatsuya and Mayumi. "It multiple attacks have occurred, each with similar a phenomenal. Mayumi, I would like you to collaborate with the Juumonji family to investigate this matter. Tatsuya-san if you do not mind, help Mayumi too."

"I will have to decline. Without any prior experiences in investigations, I am afraid that I will be more of a burden."

"You have first-hand experience and the experience has already made you far more resourceful than you have thought. Assist Mayumi in this investigation, Tatsuya-san." Koichi gave no room for Tatsuya to retaliate. Knowing he has succeeded in forcing Tatsuya to cooperate, he secretly let out a smirk.

"Mayumi, walk Tatsuya-san to the door."

After Mayumi walked Tatsuya to the door, she returned to the study where her father was.

"Father, I can understand collaborating with the Juumonji family to investigate this case, but why Tatsuya-kun?"

"As I have said earlier, Tatsuya-san has experienced it first-hand, it is an invaluable information. His combat skills, particular his counter magic will also cover you in combat."

"We already got all the information we need out from him and Juumonji-kun's Phalanx will be more than sufficient to cover me in combat. What is the true reason you put him in this investigation with me?"

'She has grown sharper.' Koichi thought. He couldn't possibly reveal that he was suspicious of Tatsuya's identity and wanted to observe Tatsuya through this investigation, so he needed to come up with an excuse.

"My daughter, it is about time, you are at that age. Since he has proven that his abilities are on par with the 10MC members, I do not mind him joining our family although he is not even part of the Hundreds family."

"Me? I'm afraid that you are mistaken. "

"You need to stop denying your feelings, I have already given you approval so go ahead. Your father might have one fake eye, but I can certainly see well enough to know that you love him."

'Don't blush, not in front of Father, Mayumi control yourself.' She fought her feelings and quickly dismissed herself from the study.

After Mayumi left, Nakura reported to Koichi.

"His father's business name is Shiibara Tatsurou, the vice-president of the FLT? Are you sure? How could such and information not be known since the very first day?" Koichi questioned

"That is because his father's stated business name is faked. Most people who investigate his father will derive at the conclusion that his father is an owner of a café. Only by using my connections with people from Under could I have discovered that his father's real business name is Shiibara Tatsurou."

"So, Tatsuya's connection with the FLT is more than just a mere beta tester?"

"Although not confirmed, it is highly possible."

"Good work, you are dismissed."

Meanwhile, Mayumi ran back to her room before letting her emotions run loose. 'Me? In love with him? Is that even possible?' Mayumi thought as her face turned completely red. 'I should consult Mari shouldn't I, after all she has more experience than me in this matter.'

It is a Saturday but school was still in session. After half a day of school, Mayumi dragged Mari to the school rooftop.

"What is it Mayumi? Are you revealing some top secret?"

"Mari, how do you know when you love somebody."

"Ehh, Mayumi has love problems?"

"Mari, please answer the question."

"Is it Tatsuya-kun?"


"You are near perfect in every other thing except relationships huh? It is as clear as day, you absolutely love Tatsuya, I am sure it is not just me who has realised it. Think about it, aren't you happy when Tatsuya spends time with you and unhappy when he leaves you for other women."

"That… is true." Mayumi said as she recalled her being frustrated when Tatsuya declined having dinner with her because he wanted to be with Miyuki.

"However, Mayumi you have to know something about Tatsuya. Due to an accident, there is something wrong with Tatsuya's emotions."

"What? Elaborate please."

"The only saving grace is that he enjoys being around you. That is about all I can say, if you want to know more approach Tatsuya yourself." Mari redirected Mayumi's plea to Tatsuya and walked off.

"Mari, wait! How do you even get this information?"

"As I have said, ask Tatsuya."

'But how?' Was what Mayumi wanted to ask, but she figured that Mari would probably not tell her. 'If I want to ask him while he is alone, the only time for that will be when he comes to my house to maintain CAD.'

(Scene change)

"Good evening, Oba-ue."

"Good evening, Miyuki and Tatsuya." The Queen of the Night was sitting on her couch, enjoying her cup of tea.

"Oba-ue, did Hayama-san forward my request to you?"

"Of course, but my answer is no, Tatsuya is to come alone."


Tatsuya put a hand on Miyuki's shoulder, stopping her from rebutting.

"Understood, I will go alone." Tatsuya said in a tone as if challenging Maya.

"You catch on fast as always Tatsuya-san, see you tomorrow then." Maya ended the call with that.

"What did Oba-ue mean by that? Onii-sama what will Oba-ue do to you?"

"Miyuki, I will go to the main house alone tomorrow and I will tell you whatever that happens in the main house when I come back to you." Tatsuya said in a dead serious tone.


"Please Miyuki."

"Come back to me unscathed, promise me that."

"I promise that I will come back unscathed." Tatsuya replied and retreated back to his room. It was unusual for Tatsuya to call it a day so early, but he needed all the rest he could get to prepare for tomorrow.

Tatsuya rode his bike to the main residence. It was a non-existent place on the map. From the outside, the main house looked like an abandoned village, a place that nobody will visit. Tatsuya entered through the hidden front entrance and was led to the study where Maya was already waiting.

"It is your first visit back to the main house without Miyuki isn't it my dear nephew?"

"I believe it is also one of the few times we had a conversation alone."

"Have a seat, let us talk over some tea." Maya signalled for Hayama to prepare tea for two and waited until tea was served before continuing the conversation.

"You can start by explaining yourself." Maya stated.

"Saegusa-san has taken interest in me after witnessing my abilities in the 9SC and Yokohama incident. He most likely suspect that there is more than meets the eye regarding my identity and wants me to work under him so he can observe and uncover my identities." Keeping in mind the rivalry between the Yotsuba and Saegusa clan, Tatsuya made sure to use '-san' instead of '-sama' when mentioning Koichi

"How far has he gotten?"

"I am not sure, but I doubt he will be able to get as far as to uncover my identity as Silver or Ooguro Ryuuya."

"What else did he tell you to do?"

"Investigate the rogue magician incident along with the Juumonji family and his daughter."

"I heard that you are the first to have encountered one of the rogue magician, is that true?"

"Yes, I believe my case was the first reported one."

"Is the phenomenal true?"


"What is Yakumoto-san's take on this matter?"

"He suspects that it is a Parasite."

"I believe he is correct. Tatsuya, when you investigate this matter, show them your true strength. You do not need to worry about it potentially revealing your identities, just show the world your true strength, make sure that they tremble in fear. If it comes to the point where you need to reveal your connections with the Yotsuba, feel free to do so." Maya said with a smirk.

"Why do you want me to do that?"

"No questions, just do as I command you to."

"Your orders are not absolute."

In an instance, the roof turned into a night sky with stars that illuminated the room. It was a bewitching sight. In next instance the orbs disappeared and the room returned to normal.

"Do what you are told to when asked nicely. There are other methods of making you do what I want you to do. I am sure you will not like it when it comes down to her."

"You want to introduce me and Miyuki to the world as a Yotsuba in the flashiest way possible?"

"No, do not reveal anything unless you need to. What I want you to do is to simply not hold back."

"Within two weeks, get rid of the Parasites."

"You seem annoyed by them, Oba-ue."

"So much that I am willing risk revealing the secrets of the Yotsuba."

"I will give you a progress report at the end of the first week." Tatsuya said as he rose and bowed to Maya before leaving. 'Who could have dared to piss Oba-ue?' Tatsuya really pitied those who dared to disturb Maya, more often than not it ends up in a massacre.

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