World building: Ok, so I'm Julien Sapphire but just call me Julien. So you might know nothing about our world but it's name is Remnant. It's completely overrun with creatures of darkness known as the Grimm. They can take many forms but their colors are all the same. A completely black body with glowing red eyes and pure white bone-like plates all over their bodies. The common forms of Grimm are the Nevermore which is a giant raven the size of a passenger plane, the King Taijitu a massive two-headed snake, the Boarbatusk which is a massive boar with massive tusks, the Beowolf that is a wolf-like creature the size of a large bear, the Ursa which is a large bear-like creature that's almost the size of an elephant, and the Deathstalker which is a giant scorpion roughly the size of a Nevermore. They simply seek to destroy humanity but we have built mighty walls around our cities to protect them. We train young fighters to protect those who can't protect themselves. We call these fighters Huntsmen and Huntresses. I am one such Huntsman-in-training and the leader of my team of Huntsmen or I will be at least. This story is a tale of the light fighting desperately to survive against the darkness. The story picks up during my last year at Signal Academy a school for Huntsmen and Huntresses after my last year I plan on applying for Beacon Academy. Beacon is a larger school that will train me until I graduate and become a real huntsman…little did I know my timetable would be sped up just a bit.

Chapter 1-Red and Blue: I was walking down the street with my headset on listening to and singing my favorite song: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles): by The Proclaimers. "-But I would walk 500 hundred miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walks 1000 miles to fall down at your door…" I was singing when a man in a white suit, black dress pants, a black bowler hat with a red ribbon and black feather, and holding a walking cane bumped into me. I pulled my blue headset down to rest on my neck and looked him in the eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry sir." I said out of habit. "No problem, Blue." He responded shrugging it off before sprinting off towards a ladder on a large nearby building. He named me Blue after the Dark Blue jacket with a black lightning bolt picture on the back and the headset I wore. "That was strange." I shrugged it off until I saw a girl in a red hooded cape and black dress dash by me holding a massive red scythe. "Ok then, pretty sure she's a huntress. Well if she's chasing him I might as well see what's going on I said before dashing afterwards. He and I dashed up the ladder and I pulled out my own weapon I was carrying strapped to my back. She simply pointed her scythe at the ground and it released a gunshot powerful enough to launch her onto the roof. My weapon transformed from a dark blue shotgun into a greatsword that I held in one hand. "What's going on here?" I inquired. "None of your business Blue." The man shouted at me. I looked over at the girl in red and tilted my head, silently asking her why he was calling me that. "I don't know he's been calling me Red for a while now but more importantly he just tried to rob a dust shop." She responded to the look. Dust is a well…dust-like mineral that contains the strength of every type of element there is. Fire, ice, air, lightning, water, etc. I looked behind me down the street towards the Dust shop that I remember being down the road. The window was broken and a bunch of goons with weapons were unconscious on the road. "An unsuccessful robbery it appears." I remarked. "Enough talk, it's time I leave." He announced waving his cane about as he talked. "You're going nowhere!" the girl in red responded. "That's where you're wrong kiddo." He said with a smile before an airship flew up from the side of the building, picking him up. "End of the line Blue and Red!" he shouted before tossing a single red Dust crystal back and firing and pointing his cane like a gun and firing an explosive blast out of it. Before the blast from the exploding crystal could reach us a lady, who was obviously a Huntress, jumped in front of us and erected a powerful barrier out of energy dust. Me and the girl and Red looked at each other and shared a large smile. The huntress shot several blasts of energy dust at the ship before using her powers to cause an ice storm above the ship. This sent several spikes of ice into the ship but still it stayed flying. The unnamed man went into the cockpit of the airship and a lady in a red dress appeared in his place. We couldn't see her face as it was blocked by the shadows but she instantly started firing blasts of fire from her hands at us the Huntress blocked the blasts but the Dust from the blast landed on the roof and the Fire lady caused the part of the roof to explode that we were standing on. The huntress used her power to throw us and herself out of the blast. The huntress then used her powers to throw chunks of the roof at the ship but the man flew the ship away despite the massive damage it received. We both ran up to the Huntress like children and looked at her in amazement. "You're a Huntress!" we exclaimed. She turned to look at us. "Can we have your autograph?!" we asked excitedly. From there we were instantly taken to a building that the where we were to meet the headmaster of Beacon Academy, we didn't know this at the moment though. We sat at a table under a light which made it look like we were being interrogated. "I hope you realize your two's actions tonight won't be taken lightly. You put yourself and many others in great danger." She scolded us while pacing back and forth behind us. "They started it!" the girl defended herself. "If it were up to me I would send you both home with a pat on the back…AND A SLAP ON THE WRIST!" she said again in a very stern voice. Striking the girl's hand with her wand. "But there's someone here that would like to meet you both." She said with a loud sigh. A man with wild white hair, small glasses resting on his nose, and a black and green suit walked in with a mug in one hand and a tray of cookies in the other. "Ruby Rose, you have silver eyes." He said looking at the girl. "And Julien Sapphire, you have eyes blue like lightning." He remarked. "Uh…what?" we both said in unison. "So, where did you two learn to do this?" he inquired showing a recording of Ruby absolutely destroying the thugs that tried to rob the Dust store. "S-Signal Academy." We both responded reluctantly. "But I didn't really do anything." I said scratching the back of my head. "That's not true! You helped me chase that guy in the white suit!" Ruby assured me. "Signal Academy taught you two kids how to use two of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?" he inquired. "Well, one teacher in particular." We both said in unison before looking at each other in confusion. He put the cookies on the table and she grabbed the plate and practically inhaled all of the cookies. Now that I looked at her close up I could tell that her hair was midnight black with crimson accents, her eyes were indeed a bright silver, and she was very young, about my age if I had to guess (15). "It's just I've only ever seen one other scythe wielder of that caliber…a dusty old crow." He said referencing somebody he knows. "Thash muh unkul!" she said as she was still chewing the cookies. "Sorry, That's my Uncle Qrow!" she said again cheerfully. "He's a Teacher at signal! I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing and now I'm all like-Hooowaaah! Witchaaaa!." She made karate noises and karate chopped the air. I chuckled to myself only hearing it as a pun. "So what about you Mr. Sapphire?" he inquired. "I was taught by my sister's boyfriend, Sterling, who's like my best friend. He taught me all about using the blasts from my shotgun to propel myself to go faster or reposition myself. I was awful at fighting before he agreed to train me but now I'm practically a ninja with a giant sword!" I went on practically nerding out about my new skills. "And what are two adorable young kids such as you two doing at a school to train warriors?" he inquired. "Well…I want to be a Huntress." She said before looking over at me. "And I want to be a Huntsman." I said with with determination. "You want to slay monsters?" he inquired. "Yeah!" we both said in unison. "I only have a year left at Signal! And then I'm going to apply to Beacon! You see, my friends are starting there this year as they took the classes a year before I decided to, even though we're the same age, and they're trying to become Huntsmen, and I want to as well as I want to go on adventures with my friends. I want to see the world and I want to do it with my friends and if I help people on the way that's great and if I die along the way at least I got that far." I said with determination. "And you Miss Rose?" he inquired. "I only have two years left at Signal! And then like him I'm going to apply to Beacon! You see, my sister's starting there this year, and she's trying to become a Huntress and I'm trying to become a Huntress 'cause I wanna help people. My parents always taught us to help others, so I thought, 'Hey, I might as well make a career out of it!' I mean the police are alright, but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic and exciting and really, gosh, you know!" she nerded out. "Couldn't have said it better!" I said patting her on the back. "Do you two know who I am?" he inquired curiously. "You're Professor Ozpin. You're the headmaster at Beacon." We said in unison again. "Hello, you two." He said. "Nice to meet you." Ruby said politely. "Nice to finally meet the headmaster of the school of my dreams." I said with a huge smile. "You want to come to my school?" he asked in a more serious tone looking at us both closely. "More than anything." Ruby said sincerely. "It's my greatest aspiration!" I responded with excitement. "Well, okay." He decided.

Chapter 2-A Beacon in the Darkness: "Julien!" I heard a familiar voice calling before I was tackled from behind in a large hug. I obviously fell forward, clearly not expecting it. I rolled over to see my childhood friend Daniel on the ground next to me in his signature red hoodie with a silver stripe running from the back the whole way up the hood. "Well hello there!" I said in a surprised voice. We were now on the airship bringing us the Beacon Academy which is located on a cliff overhanging a large waterfall. My other friends Isia and Treven were standing above us chuckling to themselves. "Some things never change." Isia said still chuckling. He offered me his hand and pulled me up. As usual we all were wearing our signature colors. I was wearing my pure midnight blue hooded fur jacket, grey t-shirt, black sweatpants, and my black/blue sneakers. Daniel was wearing his dark red hoodie with a silver image of crossed swords on the back, white shirt, bright blue pants, and black sneakers. Isia was wearing his green hoodie with a black stripe running the whole way up the back and hood, his dark green t-shirt, black sweatpants, and black sneakers with green accents. Finally, Ethan was wearing his black and grey hooded jacket with Fleur De Lis symbols across it, black t-shirt, blue jeans, and grey sneakers. All of us are relatively the same height and build, that being about 5'8ish and extraordinarily average. I have a light shade of dark brown hair and eyes as blue as lightning. Isia is the shortest of the group with light brown hair and eyes blue like ice. Daniel has dirty blonde hair with eyes as blue as water. And lastly Ethan has eyes as brown as the earth with dark brown hair. Everybody was now looking out the windows and pointing at buildings they recognized. We simply looked down and saw that we were flying over Signal Academy. "There goes home." I remarked. "Hey, Beacons our home now." Isia said putting his hand on my shoulder. "Yeah, I guess you're right." I said before a news report hologram popped up on the wall. "…The robbery was led by nefarious criminal Roman Torchwick, who continues to evade authorities. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact the Vale Police Department. Back to you, Lisa." The reporter said. "Thank you, Cyril. In other news, this Saturday's Faunus Civil Right's protest turned dark when members of the White Fang disrupted the ceremony. The once peaceful organization has now disrupted…" the program was interrupted by a hologram of the same huntress that had saved us on the building the night before. Just a quick explanation the Faunus are people that have certain aspects of animals like ears, tails, horns, special abilities, etc. "I wonder who she is." I said to myself. "Hello, and welcome to Beacon!" she said cheerfully. "My name is Glynda Goodwitch." She announced. "Oh, guess I didn't have to wait too long to find out." I commented. "you are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy. Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now, it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and training needed to protect our world." She said before vanishing. "Cool." I said and shrugged it off. Again a bunch of people looked out the window and this time a blonde guy wearing some armor seemed like he was about to puke. He ran down the isle and vomited in the trashcan. "Heh, guess the view isn't for everyone eh?" Treven said nudging my arm. "Yeah, guess not." I responded with a chuckle. About ten minutes later we arrived at Beacon and the doors to the ship opened to let us out. We all walked out shoulder to shoulder as we typically do when walking together. We caught Vomit boy hunched over the nearest trashcan and chuckle to ourselves. We walked for a while before I realized I had no idea where to go and neither did my friends. I looked around and practically nerded out about every cool weapon I saw. "Jay, they're just weapons. Why are you so obsessed?" Danny asked me. "Are you kidding? Seeing new weapons are like meeting new people but better considering each Huntsman/Huntress builds their own weapons from scratch!" I went on. "You really need to learn to talk to other people." Isia pointed out. "Hey you promised not to bring up my social awkwardness!" I snapped. "I know It's just you really need to get over it." he repeated. "Plus I have you guys so why would I need to meet new people?" I inquired. "Well, actually we need to catch up with our other friends, bye!" they all said before rushing off. And like that I was alone, confused, and terrified of everybody because if you haven't picked it up yet I have severe social anxiety. I looked around for a couple seconds and saw Ruby sitting on the ground getting yelled at by a stuck up girl in a white dress who had matching white hair. I decided I would help her out as I didn't see anybody around. I walked for about half a minute to get to them. "Hey! What's up, Ruby?" I called she turned and looked at me and looked back at the girl. The girl kept shaking a thing of fire dust and Ruby was about to sneeze. "Uh oh." I said before she sneezed and caused a massive explosion. I looked over and say the girl in white completely covered in soot. "AHAHAHAHAHAH!" I burst out laughing. "This isn't funny!" she cried. "This is exactly what I was telling you about when you knocked over my stuff!" she shouted. I noticed that a bottle had rolled away but it bumped into a girl's boot and she picked it up. She walked over to us while reading a book. She was wearing almost completely black clothes with a white under shirt and black bow. "I'm really, really sorry!" Ruby apologized. "Ugh! You complete dolt! What're you even doing here? Aren't you a little young to be attending Beacon?" she ranted. "Well…I…" Ruby stammered but was interrupted. "This isn't your ordinary combat school. It's not just sparring and practice you know. We're here to fight monsters! So watch where you're going!" she went on. "Hey, that's enough!" I stepped in. "Hey, I said I was sorry, Princess!" Ruby defended herself. The girl who caught the Dust container walked up. "It's Heiress, actually." She corrected. "Weiss Schnee, Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company, one of the largest producers of energy propellant in the world." She explained. "Finally, some recognition!" Weiss shouted. "The same company infamous for controversial labor forces and questionable business partners." She finished. "-What-How dare-! The nerve of-!" Weiss Stammered. Me and Ruby both started chuckling uncontrollably. "Ugh!" she huffed before snatching the dust container from the girl with the black bow. "I promise I'll make this up to you!" Ruby called after her. "I guess I'm not the only one having a rough first day." She commented. "So what's-?" she went to talk to the girl with the black bow but she had already began to walk away. She dropped onto the floor before falling onto her back. "Welcome to Beacon…" she said to herself. I was about to offer her a hand up when the Vomit Boy came up to her. "Hey…I'm Jaune." He introduced himself and giving her and hand up. "Ruby." She responded. I was still about ten feet away so I walked up to them after he helped her up. She chuckled and looked at him again. "Aren't you the guy who threw up on the ship?" she inquired. I walked up and introduced myself to Jaune. "Hey, I'm Julien." I said to him. We shook hands. "I'm Jaune." He repeated. "Yeah, I heard." I responded. "Oh, okay." He said. We walked around the campus for a while and Jaune defended his case and defended his motion sickness problem. "All I'm saying is that motion sickness is a much more common problem than people let on!" he exclaimed. "-Look, I'm sorry Vomit-Boy was the first thing that came to mind." Ruby responded. "Same here." I admitted "-Oh yeah, what if I called you Crater-face?" he countered. "Hey, that explosion was an accident." She defended. "-Well the name's Jaune Arc! Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it!" he claimed. "Do they?" we both asked at the same time. "-They will. Well, I hope they will…I mean, my mom always says that…Never mind" He went on. Me and Ruby chuckled awkwardly. "So I got this thing." Ruby said before pulling out her massive crimson scythe/sniper rifle. "Whoa!" Jaune exclaimed. "Ya know, even though I've already seen it once it's still incredibly impressive." I remarked. "Is that a scythe?!" he inquired. "It's also a customizable, high impact velocity sniper rifle." She went on. "Cool." I said approvingly. "A wha-?" he inquired. "It's also a gun. I call it Crescent Rose" She put it simply after pulling back the primer. "Oh. That's cool!" he remarked. "-So what do you two got?" she inquired. I pulled my shotgun from over my shoulder and transformed it into sword form. "I've got my highly customizable greatsword shotgun that uses 8-gauge soellkraft shells that explode on impact and can shoot accurately up to 500 meters away with the force to rip through 100ft of titanium plating. I named it Sapphire dawn. I also weaponized my gloves they let out a powerful explosion of electricity every time I punch sending a blast of electricity flying at my enemies or I can launch myself at somebody by firing them behind me. I haven't named them yet…what do ya think a good name would be?" I asked. "How about… Sapphire Dynamo?" Ruby suggested. "And that means?" Jaune asked again referring to my nonsensical weapon speech. "They're also a gun." Me and Ruby said at the same time. "What do you have Jaune?" we both asked at the same time. "Well uh, I've got this sword." he said pulling out a silver blade with a golden guard and blur cloth wrapped handle. "Oooooooh!" we both said in unison. "Yeah, I've got a shield too!" he said pulling out a scabbard that extended out to form a kite shield. "So what do they do?" Ruby inquired prodding the shield making it shrink and extend again and again getting out of Jaune's control. "-Well…the shield gets smaller…so…when I get tired of carrying it…I can just put it away." He explained after regaining control. "But wouldn't it still weigh the same?" we both inquired again. "Yeah, it does…" he said looking down at the ground. "Well, I'm kind of a dork when it comes to weapons. I guess I did go a little overboard in designing it." she explained. "I guess I did too." I said scratching the back of my head. "-Wait, you two made those?" he inquired "Of course!" we exclaimed. "All students at Signal forge their own weapons." Ruby went on. "Didn't you make yours?" she inquired. "It's a hand-me-down. My great-great-grandfather used it to fight in the war." He explained. "…sounds more like a family heirloom to me!" Ruby joked. "Well I like it! Not many people have an appreciation for the classics these days. She said. "Me included." I commented. "Yeah. The classics." He said cheering up. "So why'd you two help me out back there, in the courtyard?" she inquired. "Well my friends ditched me to catch up with their friends and we had already met plus you seemed to be in a tight spot so I thought I'd help." I explained. "Eh, why not? My, mom always says, 'Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.'" He stated. "-Hmmm…Hey, where are we going?" she inquired. "I don't know I was following you two." I stated. "Same." They both responded. "You think there might be a directory? Maybe a food court? Some sort of recognizable landmark?" Jaune inquired. Ruby and I both chuckled hard. "Is uh…is that a 'no'?" he inquired.

Chapter 3-The First Day: All the students found their way into the auditorium, which itself was a large building separate from the main school. I found my friends and Ruby found her sister but Jaune was kind of just left alone after we left him. "Hey Jay! Over here!" I heard my friends call. "Hey Ruby! I saved you a spot!" a yellow haired (Not blonde. Yellow haired) girl called. "Oh! Hey I gotta go! I'll see you two after the ceremony!" Ruby explained. "Same." I responded. "Hey, wait! Great. Where am I supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to? Or another cool sarcastic but witty guy to?" he asked himself. I walked over to my friends who where literally only a couple feet from the girl who called Ruby over. "Hey guys, what's up?" I asked. "This is your friend guys?" the girl asked. "Yeah, this is Julien." Danny explained. "Cool, I'm Yang. I see you already know my little sister, Ruby." She pointed out. "What are the chances?" I asked looking over at Ruby. "What?" everyone else inquired. "We've already met…trying to stop a robbery by a criminal named Roman Torchwick. We then were both scolded by a huntress named Glynda Goodwitch and met Professor Ozpin who personally accepted us both into Beacon." We explained. Our friends' jaws literally dropped. "Anyway let's move on." I said shrugging it off. "Besides that how's your first day going, little sister?" Yang asked. "-You mean since you ditched me and I exploded!?" Ruby asked sarcastically. "-Yikes. Meltdown already?" Yang asked. "No, I literally exploded a hole in front of the school…There was some fire…and I think some ice." She went on. "…Are you being sarcastic?" Yang asked in a playful voice. Ruby scoffed "Ugh, I wish!" she exclaimed. Yang turned and looked at me. "Hey, don't look at me. I showed up only a couple seconds before that part." I defended myself.

"-You!" Weiss shouted from behind. Ruby jumped into her arms and I bolted behind Treven. "-Oh god, it's happening again!" Ruby shouted. "Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope." I said repeatedly. "You're lucky all three of us weren't blown off the cliff!" Weiss exclaimed. "Just going to say again that I had nothing to do with this." I said still hiding behind my friends. "Oh my god, you really exploded." Yang said in a low surprised voice. "It was an accident! It was an accident!" she shouted as Yang put her down. Professor Ozpin stepped on the stage and walked up to the microphone. "Ahem…I'll keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and acquire new skills. And when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people. But I look amongst you and all I see is wasted energy in need of purpose, direction. You assume knowledge will free you of this but your time at this school will prove that knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step." Ozpin said before walking away. Glynda then stepped up to the microphone. "You will gather in the ballroom tonight. Tomorrow your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed." She said before she too walked off. "He seemed kind of off." Yang commented. "Yeah, it's almost as if he wasn't even there." Ruby added. "Who knows…maybe he's just tired or maybe it's something more personal. Either way it's none of our business. I said shrugging it off. "You shrug things off far too easy." Ruby noted. "Whatever." I responded. At night we gathered it the ball room of the main school building that looked more like a castle than a school. Me my friends were laying on the opposite of the room from Ruby and Yang. I wasn't really interested in chatting so I tried to get some sleep…a huge mistake when laying close to my friends. They kept trying to ask me different things about how my last year of signal was and the details of the robbery me and Ruby stopped. After about an hour they all got tired of asking questions that got no answers and fell asleep. I saw Weiss, Ruby, and Yang fighting about something or other before the girl with the black bow blew out the last candle and the room went dark and I finally got some sleep.

Chapter 4-The Landing Strategy: I woke up to see that everybody else was already up or pulling themselves out of bed. I dragged myself out of bed and into the room where all the students had stored their weapons after the ceremony yesterday. I opened my locked and put on my blue fur jacket and my holster that holds Sapphire Ridge to my back. I also took out my father's Midnight blue cloak over my jacket. Ruby walked over when she saw me. "You look good in a blue cloak." She remarked. It looked very similar to her hooded cape but instead of just flowing off the back like hers mine wraps around the front as well. My friends stopped and took on a serious look. "You're dead-serious about this." Isia said grimly. "You never wear that cloak otherwise." He pointed out "I'm going to be wearing it often because I need to take this initiation seriously along with all my classes so get used to seeing it. when I wear this cloak I refuse to fail and if I do I don't deserve this cloak." I responded in an even more serious tone that isn't often heard from me. This cloak belongs to my father who was killed protecting the city of Vale in the last Grimm siege. My friends grabbed their stuff and we headed out to the cliff as we were instructed. On the way there we bumped into Ruby and Yang again. "The cloak is a nice look." Yang commented. "Thanks." I responded cheerfully as I quickly changed my mood. "So what's your weapon yang?" I inquired. "Shotgun gauntlets that fire concussive blasts and enhance my punches." She explained. "What about yours?" she inquired. "Shotgun greatsword and electricity launching and channeling gauntlets." I explained. After that quick exchange we moved onto the cliff. As we stood on the cliff on designated squares Headmaster Ozpin prepared to give us his speech. "For years you have trained to become warriors. And today, your abilities will be evaluated in the Emerald Forest." Ozpin stated, "Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of teams. Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion. Each of you will be given teammates…today." Glynda informed us. "These teammates will be with you for the rest of your time here at Beacon. So it is within your best interest to be paired with someone with whom you can work well. That being said, the first person you make eye contact with after landing will be your partner for the next 4 years." Ozpin informed us. Many of the students murmured and voiced their disbelief. "After you've partnered up, make your way to the northern end of the forest. You'll meet opposition along the way. Do not hesitate to destroy everything in your path, or you will die. You will be monitored for the duration of your initiation. But our instructors will not intervene. You will find an abandoned temple at the end of the path containing several relics. Each pair must choose one relic, and return to the top of the cliff. We will regard that item, as well as your standing, and grade you appropriately. Are there any questions?" Ozpin explained. Jaune raised his hand. "Yeah, um, sir-"Jaune was interrupted. "Good! Now, take your positions." Ozpin ignored him. The first kid on a platform was then launched into the forest by the platform. I now understood what he meant by the landing strategy part and I knew exactly what to do. Jaune continued to ask questions but I was launched before I could hear them all. My friends all looked over at me before I launched I simply looked at them and smiled before telling them half of a pun. "I'd tell you a chemistry joke. You'll hear the rest of the pun next time you see me." I said before I was launched head first into the forest. Now it's time I tell you something else unique to thing world. Every living thing that has a soul has an aura. An aura is a protective shield that protects a living thing from danger, warns them of it, and heals them slowly over time. An aura also grants a living thing a semblance. A semblance is a power unique to that individual. I can manipulate manipulate lightning much like how that mystery lady who attacked us can manipulate fire. As I can manipulate lightning I can run as fast as lightning, fire bolts of lightning, or propel myself with it. I used my semblance to propel myself with lightning until I found a clearing far to the north and dropped down. I kept my weapon in pure shotgun form as I pulled out my compass and started heading north. I started sprinting, using my semblance to race as the speed of lightning or more accurately 1/3 the speed of light. All I knew was I needed to find my friends and fast and get one of those relics. So I did what I typically do when I'm alone. I started listening to my favorite song.

Chapter 5-Not Quite 500 Miles: I was now walking after about twenty minutes of searching nearly half the forest. I was singing as I cut down over fifty grimm beowolves. "When I go out I know I'm gonna be the man who's going along with you. And when I come home I'm gonna be the man who's coming home to you…BUT I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walks 1000 miles to fall down at your door…" I sang as I decapitated the last Beowolf. I continued walking and singing before something familiar rang into me and knocked me over. "Well hello there…again." I said casually as I looked and saw Danny lying on the ground next to me. "Hiya, Jay." He responded just as casually. He looked over and saw the mutilated and evaporating corpses of all the grimm I just killed…yes the Grimm's bodies evaporate upon death. "I find it creepy how you can just sing and murder a bunch of Grimm while remaining completely calm." He pointed out. "And I think you keep running into me on purpose…seriously watch where you're running man." I said before picking up my shotgun and killing one last Beowolf that had snuck up behind Danny. Danny jumped badly but I remained calm. "Seriously! How are you so calm?" he asked in a shocked voice. "They are attracted to fear and hate so I refuse to feel such emotions on the battlefield unless it's absolutely necessary." I reminded him while standing up and brushing myself off. "Need a hand?" I offered. "Sure, Thanks." He said taking my hand. I pulled him up easily and looked around us. "So…by any chance do you know where the Forest Temple is?" I asked him. "Nope, I was hoping you did…" he responded. "Anyway what's the rest of the joke?" he asked. "I would tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction." I told him before grabbing him by the shoulder. "Well hold on tight.' I said before bolting through the forest at top speed. Danny was completely used to this but he was still surprised by me grabbing him out of nowhere. We dashed along for about five more minutes before we ran into an abandoned temple that fir the description given to us. When we arrived Treven and Isia had already showed up. "Funny how I'm the fastest person in our group yet I'm always the last one to show up." I commented. "Heh, true enough." Isia responded. The temple had several pedestals, half holding two sets of white pieces the others holding two sets of black pieces. "So what piece did you guys take?" I inquired. "Oh, we took the first White Queen piece." Treven responded holding it up. "Ok, then we'll take the other White Queen Queen." Daniel decided. "Ok." I said with my signature shrug. "Heya!" I heard a familiar voice calling. I turned to see Yang and the girl with the black bow walking over to us. "What's up?" I called. "Not much just 2v2ed some Ursa. What about you?" she responded. "Oh, I just 1v50ed a bunch of Beowolves." I replied. "Cool." She said before walking over to the chess pieces. "How about a cute little pony?" she called over the the mystery girl holding up the white knight piece. "Sure." She responded plainly. "That wasn't too hard." Yang stated. "Well, it's not like this place is that difficult to find." Bow girl pointed out. "Hey, don't jinx it!" me and my friends warned. "Ok." Yang said with a shrug. At that moment we all heard a high pitched scream. "Some girl's in trouble!" Yang exclaimed. "Blake, did you hear that?" Yang asked. "Ok, so Bow girl's name is Blake. Well I was close enough." I said to myself. Out of nowhere we heard someone shouting. "Heads up!" Ruby was screaming falling out of the sky. She fell for a couple more feet before being intercepted by a flying Jaune which smacked into her and sent them both into the branches of a tree. "A wild Jaune appears." I said jokingly. "Ok, that was good." Yang said looking back at me. "Did your sister just fall from the sky?" Blake asked looking at Yang. "I-"Yang went to say something but was cut of by an Ursa Grimm walking out of the forest towards us. It was flailing wildly until a pink explosion behind it caused it to fall forward and a girl in a pink skirt and white/black shirt rolled off it's back. "Yeehaw!" the new girl called out. She stood up and looked back at the dead Ursa. "Aww. It's broken." She said disappointed. After she said that a guy in traditional Chinese clothes with a green and black top walked out from behind it breathing heavily. "Nora? Please… don't ever do that again." He said to the girl. "So her name's Nora." I thought to myself. After that she ran so fast up to the relics that I hardly even saw her move even with my incredibly fast perception due to my affinity for lightning and speed. The guy looked around confused as to where she went until he spotted us and saw her looking at the relics. "Ooooo…" she said intrigued by the white rook piece. "I'm queen of the castle. I'm queen of the castle." She sang as she posed with the rook. "NORA!" the guy called clearly annoyed "Hehehe, coming Ren!" she said as she balanced the rook on her head before dropping and catching it. "Did that girl just ride in on an Ursa?" Blake asked surprised. "I-" Yang went to say but she couldn't find the words. "Yes. Yes, she did." I responded calmly. Just at that moment another girl with red hair, eyes green like emeralds, matching clothing, and golden Greek-like armor pieces came dashing into the clearing with a Deathstalker chasing her. It cleared a giant path of trees as it chased the girl. "Jaune!" she shouted. "Pyrrha!" he called back. "I'm meeting way too many people today." I said with a sigh. "Whoa!" Ruby exclaimed. She jumped down from the large tree and rolled to her feet as she hit the ground. "Ruby?" Yang asked surprised. "Yang!" Ruby said cheerfully and they went for a high five. Last second Nora popped up between them. "Nora!" she shouted excitedly denying them the high-five and surprising them. "Did that girl just run all the way here with a Deathstalker on her tail?" Blake asked astonished. Yang has had it by now she was completely overwhelmed. "Grrrrr! I can't take it anymore!" she said as she stomped her foot a large explosion emanated off of her. Her eyes went from lilac to crimson and her hair burst into bright flames. "Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something crazy happens again?" she shouted. Two seconds afterwards Ren ran up and joined us. And then Ruby looked up and saw something. "Um, Yang…" she said in a quiet voice. "How could you leave me?!" Weiss called from the back of a Nevermore than was flying over the clearing. "I said 'jump'…" Ruby defended herself. "She's gonna fall." Blake pointed out. "She'll be fine.' Ruby assured us. "She's falling." Ren pointed out. At that moment Jaune jumped from the tree and caught her mid-fall. "Just dropping in?" he asked in a romantic voice before realizing that he too was now falling. The both looked down and they seemed to stop falling for just a split second before they held onto each other for dear life and plummeting to the ground. Jaune hit the ground first and Weiss landed on top of hit with a loud crunch. "Oh, that was painful to watch." I commented while I cringed. "My hero…" Weiss said sarcastically. "My back…" Jaune said weakly. Meanwhile in the background Pyrrha was still being chased by the Deathstalker. Pyrrha was hit by the Deathstalker's claw and was sent flying and she landed beside us. "Great! The gang's all here! Now we can die together." Yang said with mock enthusiasm. "Not if I can help it Ruby said before charging the Deathstalker head on. "Ruby, wait!" Yang called. She pulled out her Crescent Rose and shot behind her to launch herself at the Giant Grimm but the Deathstalker batted her aside with it's claws. She was knocked to her knees facing away from it. She struggled to her feet and looked over at us. "D-Do-Don't worry! Totally fine!" she called over to us before looking back to see the Grimm looming over her. She jumped and fired her sniper rifle at the Grimm to propel herself away from it and started running. She transformed her scythe into it's carrying form and strapped it to her lower back while sprinting back towards us. Yang broke into a sprint to save her little sister but the Nevermore circled above and it now joined the battle. "RUBY!" Yang called and she sprinted. The Nevermore chased after Ruby and shot it's razor sharp feathers at her. None of them hit her but she was pinned by one that caught her cape and Yang was stopped in her tracks by the fierce attack. Ruby struggled to pulled herself free but it didn't work that well. "Ruby, get out of there!" Yang called. "I'm trying!" she called as she tugged on her cape. The Deathstalker was once again looming over her but she couldn't run this time. It was about to strike but Weiss stopped it's stinger by creating a wall of ice trapping it and saving Ruby. "You are so childish." Weiss commented. "Weiss?" Ruby asked opening her eyes to see that Weiss had saved her. "Thank god." I said before falling onto my back relieved. My friends cheered and we looked back to see what was gonna happen next. "-And dimwitted, and hyperactive. And don't even get me started on your fighting style" Weiss continued. "And I supposed, I can be a bit…difficult. But if we're going to do this we're going to have to do this together. So if you quit trying to show off I'll be…nicer." Weiss offered. "I'm not trying to show off. I want you to know I can do this." Ruby explained. "You're fine." Weiss assured her before walking off. She pulled the giant feather out of her cape and looked past the wall of ice to see the Deathstalker's tail was completely stuck and it was thrashing wildly to get free. "Whoa!" Ruby exclaimed with an audible gasp. Yang ran up to Ruby and tackled her sister in the fiercest hug I've ever seen. "So happy you're okay!" Yang shouted. Just then the Nevermore let out a fierce screech and we all were reminded of the grimm situation we were in…heh heh heh. "Guys, that thing's circling back." Jaune pointed out. "What are we gonna do?" he asked confused. "Look there's no sense in dilly-dallying. Our objective is right in front of us." Weiss pointed out. "I vote we just take the relics back to the cliff and be done with it." I recommended. "They're right. Our mission is to grab an artifact and make it back to the cliffs. There's no point in fighting these things." Ruby noted. "Run and live. That is an idea I can get behind." Jaune agreed. Ruby and Weiss grabbed the other White Knight piece and Jaune and Pyrrha took the other White Rook piece. We all took our respective artifacts and ran in the direction of the cliffs. We ran together making sure that nobody was left behind. The Nevermore and Deathstalker were right on our tail as we reach an old stone bridge leading to the cliffs. Soon we would be fighting for our very lives.

Chapter 6-Goal in Sight: The Nevermore got ahead of us and started firing it's giant black feathers at us again. Luckily for us the ruins leading up to the bridge provided the perfect cover. As it landed on a tower overlooking the ruins it let out a horrible screech before the Deathstalker finally caught up and forced us out of cover. "Run!" I heard Jaune call before we all started dashing up the middle of the ruins towards the bridge. "Nora! Distract it!" Ren instructed. She ran out in the open and as expected the Nevermore took off from the tower and hovered in front of us showering the ruins with it's feathers. Nora dodged and weaved easily as if she had done this a thousand times. Before taking out her grenade launcher and bombarding it with pink explosives disorienting it. It flew away for a little while to regain it's composure but it would be back soon. The Deathstalker attempted to get Nora from behind but Ren and Blake intercepted it and Weiss jumped down, grabbed Nora, and used her power with glyphs to launch them towards the bridge. "Go! Go!" Pyrrha ordered as she transformed her spear into a rifle while using her shield to block while she fired. She covered us as we all ran by. Ren, Blake, Weiss, and Nora all got past last as Pyrrha continued to fire at the Deathstalker though all of her shots were deflected by it's armor. Ren too stopped and pulled out his twin submachine guns and fired back at it. The Deathstalker swiped at them but they but rolled out of the way and began running across the bridge. The Deathstalker didn't dare cross the bridge but he Nevermore had circled back and dive-bombed the part of the bridge we were standing on knocking some of us into the air. Isia, Daniel, Treven, Ruby, Yang, Nora, and Jaune landed on the side nearest to the cliffs and the rest of us landed on the side near the Deathstalker. "We gotta get over there!" Jaune stated. "Let's do this!" Nora said enthusiastically. "But, uh…I can't make that jump." He pointed out. She knocked him back and transformed her grenade launcher into a giant hammer. She jumped and slammed the front of the bridge with her hammer which explodes upon impact sending Jaune flying. She then fired her explosive hammer again sending her flying over as well. She smashed her hammer down on the Deathstalker's head disorienting it causing in to take a couple steps back. The Deathstalker then attempted to strike her with it's stinger but she launched herself back with another explosion. She accidentally knocked Blake off the edge when she was trying to stop sliding back but Blake caught herself with her weapon that turned out to be a sword/pistol/boomerang/grappling hook. She swung under the bridge and landed on the giant Nevermore. She struck it's head five times with her sword then ran down it's back slashing it as she ran before jumping back onto the bridge on Ruby and Yang's side. "It's tougher than it looks!" Blake exclaimed. Then let's hit it with everything we've got!" Yang instructed. Ruby began shower it with shots from her sniper, Yang started firing blasts from her gauntlets at it, and Weiss used the dust in her sword along with her glyphs to damage it and slow it down. Meanwhile Nora and I were holding off the Deathstalker while the others shot at it from behind us. It went to strike Nora with it's stinger and it caught her off guard but I step in the way and blocked it with my sword. While I blocked it's stinger it struck me with it's claw knocking me out for a wile and sending me flying off the cliff. "Julien!" I faintly heard Isia call. I woke up as I was falling through the air. I saw Isia blink in front of me and then him and I were both sitting on the ground in front of Ruby. "Teleportation, eh?" Yang asked Isia. "Yep." He said smiling. I then turned my weapon into it's shotgun form and began firing at the Nevermore. We kept firing until it bashed into the bridge again sending us falling but we all ran up one of the falling pieces of the bridge and landed on different branches of the bridge. Me, Isia, Daniel, and Treven all landed on branch farthest to the left, Ruby and Weiss landed in the middle, and Yang and Blake landed on the right. Yang used her gauntlets to propel herself up to a tower where she kept launching long-range explosive shotgun blasts at the Nevermore. When I looked over at Pyrrha's group they had dealt with the Deathstalker by somehow impaling it's head with it's own severed stinger and knocking it off the cliff and were resting. The Nevermore came back around and tried to swallow tang but she simply held it's beak open and fired blast after blast of explosive shotguns shells into it's open mouth. "I! Hope! You're! Hungry!" she shouted as she blasted it repeatedly. She jumped off and it crashed head first into the cliff. It fell to the bottom of the cliff and landed on a ledge. Weiss then froze it's tail in place with her ice dust so it couldn't move. I blasted it several times at the base of it's wing and I eventually blasted it's right wing clean off. Yang and Blake used Blake's grappling hook to make a slingshot with two pillars and ruby jumped back full speed into the slingshot. Weiss used her glyphs to hold the slingshot steady. "Of course you would come up with this idea." Weiss said to Ruby. "Think you can make the shot?" Ruby asked. "Hmph. Can I?" she scoffed at the question. "…Can-" Ruby asked again but was interrupted. "Of course I can!" Weiss snapped. "Oh my god I know what they're doing now and this is gonna be epic!" I shouted. With her glyphs Weiss released the slingshot and ruby fired her scythe to propel her forward. She caught the Nevermore by it's neck and pinned it against the Cliffside. Weiss then formed several glyphs up the side of the cliff to propel Ruby along with the Nevermore up the cliff. Ruby fired her Scythe over and over again gaining even more momentum until when she flew up the cliff she decapitated the massive Nevermore. "WHOO!" I shouted. "Yes!" Isia, Daniel, and Treven said in unison and high-fived each other. She looked down the cliff back at us and rose petals were flying around her. "Must have something to do with her semblance." I said shrugging it off before rejoining the others and returning to the cliff to complete our mission. As we stood in the auditorium awaiting our teams to be named we talked over and over about the Deathstalker and Nevermore fight reveling in our mutual feeling of pure awesomeness. "Julien Sapphire, Ethan John, Isia Green, and Daniel Locke. The four of you retrieved the White Queen pieces. From this day forward, you will work together as…Team JEID. Lead by…Julien Sapphire." Professor Ozpin announced. Everyone present began clapping and I stood there stunned. After we were teamed up Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang were teamed up as team RWBY led by Ruby. And Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren were teamed up as team JNPR let by Jaune surprisingly enough. This was already shaping up to be an interesting year.

Chapter 7-The First Day: I woke up in bed in our new room. Our room happened to be right next door to team RWBY's and JNPR's and trust me you don't know obnoxious until to live next to them. I got up and changed into my school uniform witch consists of a black suit with gold lining, a white undershirt, and a red tie. Not my kinda outfit so I threw my jacket and cloak over it and looked in the mirror and decided that it looked pretty cool. I heard RWBY shouting and talking about orders of business when I heard Weiss shout that we were all gonna be late to class if we spent any more time standing and talking. We dashed out of our rooms and out the dorm building sprinting across campus to get to our classes. We walked in and sat down and the instant we all walked in the bell rang. The teacher's name is Peter Port and he is overweight and has the bushiest mustache and hair that looked almost like a wig. "Monsters, Demons…Prowlers of the night. Yes, the creatures of grimm have many names. But I, merely refer to them as prey. Hu-hah! Haha." He said proudly as if he was trying to make a joke or something and failing miserably. I literally heard crickets chirping after that comment. "Uhh, and you shall too, upon graduating from this prestigious academy. Now as I was saying, Vale as well as the other three kingdoms are safe havens in an otherwise treacherous world. Our planet is absolutely teaming with creatures that would love nothing more than to tear you to pieces. And that's where we come in. Huntsmen! Huntresses!...*clicking his tongue*" he said raising an eyebrow. "Creep." I said to myself but still quite loudly. "Individuals who have sworn to protect those who cannot protect themselves. From what you ask? Why…The very world!" he went on. "Eyyy-yeah!" some student said standing up and pointing his hand to the sky. We all kinda just stared at him until he sat down awkwardly. "How did he get into Beacon?" I thought to myself. At that moment I knew all I'd learn about this class is how much of an ego Professor Port has so I pulled up my hood and put my headset on. I started to listen to my favorite song and mumble the song. "When I'm lonely, I know I'm gonna be the man who's lonely without you. And when I come home I know I'm gonna be the man who's coming home to you…BUT I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more just to be the man who walks 1000 miles to fall down at your door…DADADADA. DADADADA. DADADADA. DADADADA. DUNDADALUNDADLUNDADA." I mumbled. Some kid walked up behind me and slapped me over the back of the head. I looked back and saw that Weiss had walked past me and did a drive-by slap on her way back to her seat from the pencil sharpener. I let out a low growl and glared at her. "Whoa somebody's pissed…" Isia commented. After a while of blabbing the teacher asked anybody thought themselves to be the best definition of a Huntsman and you can guess who raised their hand. The ice queen herself…Weiss! "Then step forward, and face your opponent." He instructed pointing to a massive cage that was completely dark inside with the exception of two bright red glowing eyes. It was a small cage for a Grimm so I was guessing that it was most likely a Boarbatusk as it's the smallest Grimm I know of. The professor opened the cage and just as I guessed out rushed a Boarbatusk. I wasn't really paying attention but Ruby tried to give her advice and Weiss snapped at her and called her annoying. She was beaten up by the Boarbatusk getting knocked back and being disarmed before finally knocking it on it's back and impaling it through the underside. After that class was dismissed and we went back to our rooms. Well at least my team did I went and sat under a tree near the dorm building and started listening to my music on my headset. Ruby saw me and walked up to me. I saw her and waved. She sat next to me and she was also listening to music. We both pulled down our headsets and decided to talk. "Hey, what're you listening to?" Ruby asked. "Well, have you ever heard about the Proclaimers?" I asked. "I've heard of them but I haven't heard any of their music." She admitted. "Ok, here." I said before placing my headset on her and playing I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles). In other words, my favorite song. She listened for a while then started singing along when she learned it. "I know you're more of a rock person but this song is good for just chilling, don't ya think?" I said. "Yeah, it's nice." She admitted. "Hey, I like rock as well." I added. "Have you ever heard of Bowling for Soup?" I asked. "Oh my god, I love that band!" she responded. "Cool, so we do have some middle ground." I said with a smile. We spent the rest of that day sitting there under that tree listening to each other's music and cracking jokes. When it finally grew dark and the time was about eleven so we decided that it was time to get back to our rooms. I walked into my room and instantly got tackled again…I looked down and this time it was Ethan. "I expected Isia or Danny but this I can say is unexpected." I said casually. "How can you be so calm about stuff like this all the time?" he asked curiously. "I can't afford to be surprised by anything since we are training to fight monsters…I guess it just melded into my personality." I responded shrugging it off. "You are the only person that thinks that way…you know that right?" he pointed out. "Eh, whatever. I say that gives me an advantage." I said standing up and pulling Ethan up with me. I looked over at the beds and saw Isia and Danny watching us and practically dying of laughter. "Hey, watch it or you'll be the one ending up on the floor." I threatened. "Oh, you're all talk." Danny said still chuckling. So at that moment I tackled him from his bed. "Oh, is that right?" I said laughing. I got up and walked over to my bed which was the first in the line of four beds. I looked over to see my other teammates were already fast asleep in the short span of time I looked away from them. I chuckled to myself and changed into my sleep attire. I laid down and pulled the heavy blankets the whole way up to my nose before drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 8-History: It was now about a week since the night me and Ruby spent listening to music under that tree. We were all gathered in the auditorium to watch a fight between Cardin Winchester and…Jaune…yeah this wasn't turning out to great for him. He was losing badly and was breathing hard while Cardin just stood there and laughed at him. Jaune charged at him, slashing downwards with his sword but Cardin simply side stepped it and smacked him hard with his greatmace sending Jaune flying. Jaune lost his shield after this hit because it was flung off the stage. Jaune got up quickly and took his sword in both hands and rushing Cardin again. He struck downwards and Cardin simply blocked the strike and pushed against Jaune and got the upper hand. "This is the part where you lose." Cardin said confidently. "Over my dead-" Jaune was cut off by Cardin kicking him in the stomach. Cardin was about to crush Jaune with his mace but of course the teacher stopped him. "That's enough, Cardin." Glynda said standing between them. "Students, as you can see Mr. Arc's aura has now dropped into the red. In a tournament style duel, this would indicate that Jaune is no longer fit for battle and that the official may call the match. Mr. Arc, it's been weeks now please try to refer to your scroll during combat gauging your aura will help you decide when it is appropriate to attack or when it's better to move to a more…defensive strategy. We wouldn't want you to be gobbled up by a Beowolf, now would we?" she went on. "Remember everyone! The Vytal Festival is only a few months away. It won't be long before students from the other kingdoms start arriving in Vale, so keep practicing! Those who choose to compete in the combat tournament will be representing all of Vale." she reminded us. The bell rang signaling the end of class. And now it's time for another explanation. A scroll is like a phone, it let's you communicate with anybody you know but it also shows you your aura level along with your teammates'. While the Vytal festival is a large tournament where students from all across the four kingdoms come to Vale to fight against each other to represent their kingdom and yes my team will be competing. I'm especially well off due to the complexity and power of my weapon and semblance not to mention my team's. Ethan wields a giant greataxe that channels fire dust to light the blade on fire or launch blasts of flame at enemies and his semblance allows him to cause explosions wherever, whenever, and at any intensity. Isia uses twin shortswords that transform into shotguns. Lastly Daniel uses a bow that fires dust arrows and can transform into two shortswords similar to Isia's his semblance is creating a force field around himself that he can manipulate freely. We went straight to lunch after this class where Ruby's, Jaune's, and my team all sit together while we eat. We were all pretty much done eating but we easily picked up on the fact that Jaune wasn't okay. "Jaune…Are you okay?" Pyrrha asked. "Uh? Oh, yeah! Why?" he responded as he was pulled back to reality. "It's just you seem a little…not okay..." Ruby added. "Yeah, you seem a bit distant." I noted. "Eh, guys, I'm fine…Seriously, look! He said faking a smile with a weak laugh. "Jaune, Cardin's been picking on you since the first week of school." Pyrrha pointed out. "Who? Cardin Winchester? Nah…He just likes to mess around, you know? Practical jokes!" he said shrugging it off. "He's a bully." Ruby said looking him in the eye. "Oh please…Name one time he's 'bullied' me…" he challenged. Everybody at the table had many memories of this kind of thing and we listed several for him ending with the time Cardin shoved him into one of the rocket-propelled lockers and launched him out of the school. "I didn't land far from the school…" Jaune defended. "You, know if you ever need help you can just ask…" Pyrrha reminded him. "OOH! We'll break his legs!" Nora shouted as she got up and raised her fist in the air. "Yeah!" I said jumping up and high-fiving her. "Guys, really, it's fine! Besides, it's not like he's only a jerk to me; he's a jerk to everyone." he said getting up to dump his tray. Queue Cardin pulling on a Faunus girl's bunny ears. "Ooww, that hurts!" she shouted. While Cardin and his friends kept laughing at her. "Please, stop…" she asked weakly. "I told you they where real!" he exclaimed pulling her ears again. "What a freak!" Cardin's friend Russel said laughing. They continued laughing and Cardin finally let her go. I got up and walked up to Cardin. I went to punch him across the face but all the sudden Ruby rushed up behind me using her semblance of speed and quickly pulling me back to my seat leaving rose petal everywhere when she used her semblance. "Atrocious. I can't stand people like him." She said in disgust. "Yeah, you're telling me. I want to wipe that smile right off his face!" I said clenching my fist. "He's not the only one." Blake pointed out. "It must be hard to be a Faunus." Yang said resting her hand on her hand. "No kidding, they get treated so unfairly it's sickening." I said glaring back at Cardin. Yes! Yes, prior to the Faunus Right Revolution, more popularly know as the Faunus War, humankind was quite, quite adamant about centralizing Faunus population in Menagerie." Professor Oobleck said dashing around the room at superhuman speed only reachable by people like me or Ruby before stopping to take a sip of his coffee. "Now! While this must feel like ancient history to many of you, it is imperative to remember that these are relatively recent event! Why the repercussions of the uprising can still be seen to this day!" he went on again only stopping briefly in his high-speed teaching to take a sip of coffee. "Now! Have any among you been subjugated or discriminated because of your Faunus heritage?" he asked the class. A few kids raised their hands including the girl with bunny ears who I've learned her name is Velvet. "Dreadful, simply dreadful! Remember, students, it is precisely this kind of ignorance that breeds violence!" he warned us again stopping to take a sip of coffee. "How much coffee do you think he could possibly need I asked looking over to Ruby. "Don't know, I do know that people like us that have a higher speed also have a higher metabolism and need more food and energy than others to function." She pointed out. "I knew that but thanks." I responded. "I mean, I mean, I mean just look at what happened to the White Fang! Now, which one of you young scholars can tell me what many theorists believe to be the turning point in the third year of the war?" he asked the class. I had no clue so I kept quiet. Weiss unsurprisingly was the one to raise her hand. "The battle at Fort Castle!" Weiss said proudly. "Precisely! And, who can tell me the advantage the Faunus had over General Lagune's Forces?" he asked the class yet again. At that moment Cardin flicked a paper football and hit Jaune who was sleeping waking him up and causing him to move his hand to look like he knew the answer. "Mr. Arc! Finally contributing to class! This is excellent! Excellent! What is the answer?" he shouted as he rushed up to Jaune. "Uhhhh…The answer…The advantage…of the Faunus…had over that guy's stuff…" he went on. I saw he was looking past the teacher at Pyrrha and I already knew the answer so I knew what she was trying to say. She cupped her hands around her eyes like binoculars to try to tell him it was night vision but he didn't get it. "Um, B-binoculars!" he said with a look of accomplishment on his face raising his hand like he had made a huge achievement but all he got was the whole class laughing at him. I looked over to Pyrrha and we shared a loud face palm. "Very funny, Mr. Arc." He said dashing back behind his desk again at top speed. "Does this guy even know how to walk normally?" I thought to myself. Cardin was the one that laughed the loudest and the longest. "Cardin! Perhaps you would like to share your thoughts on the subject!" he said glaring at him. "Well, I know it's a lot easier to train an animal than a soldier." He said with his feet up. This time I slammed my fist down on the table and stood up. "Sit down, Mr. Sapphire." He said with a loud sigh. "You're not the most open-minded of individuals, are you, Cardin?" Pyrrha asked. "What? You got a problem?" he asked her. "No, I have the answer! It's night vision. Many Faunus are known to have nearly-perfect sight in the dark." Pyrrha pointed out. Cardin growled angrily at her and glared. "General Lagune was inexperienced and made the mistake of trying to ambush the Faunus in their sleep. His massive army was outmatched, and the General was captured. Perhaps if he'd paid attention in class, he wouldn't have been remembered as such a failure." Blake said looking over at Cardin. Cardin grunted and got up ready to fight. "Mr. Winchester! Please take your seat." The Professor said with a loud sigh. Jaune was the one laughing now. The professor dashed up to Jaune and locked eyes with him. "You and Mr. Arc can both see me after class for additional readings." He instructed Cardin. They both let out a loud sigh. The class ended shortly after and me and my newly found large group of friends walked out of class together. "You guys go on ahead. I'll wait for Jaune." She instructed us. We all went our separate ways, some went back to their rooms, some went to do some extra training but I simply went and sat under the same tree and watched the stars as it was dark now. I sat there for about twenty minutes just looking at the stars. I sighed to myself and checked the time it was eleven now and the bell would ring for all students to be in their rooms soon. I got up and walked back to my room. When I walked in nobody was awake so I just closed the door and sat outside for a little while. I saw Jaune peering into his room through the door only slightly open before silently pulling it close. "Hey, Jaune!" Ruby greeted cheerfully. "Guh!" he exclaimed under his breath. "-Long time no see." She continued. I waved at them both. "Yo." I said casually. "Didn't see ya there Julien." She said scratching her head. "Did you lock yourself out again, Jaune?" she asked. "Oh, uh, nope! Heh, got it!" he responded pulling out his scroll to show us…yup the scroll is a key too. "So, where have you been lately?" she asked. "I, uh…" he let out a loud sigh. "I messed up. I did something I shouldn't have and now Cardin's got me on a leash and Pyrrha won't even talk to me…I'm starting to think that coming to this school was a bad idea." He said before resting his back against the door and sliding down to a sitting position. "I'm a failure." He said looking down. "Nope." Ruby objected. "Nope?" he asked. "Nope." Ruby repeated. "You're a leader now Jaune. You're not allowed to be a failure." She told him. "-But, what if I'm a failure at being a leader?" he asked looking up at her. "Mmm…nope." She said again. He let out a small laugh. "You know, you're not the easiest person to talk to about this stuff." He said. I got up and walked over to sit next to him. Ruby sat down on the other side of Jaune and looked at him. "Nope!" she responded to his statement. "Jaune, maybe you were a failure when you were a kid," she said. "And you might've even been a failure the first day we met." I added. "-But you can't be one now." We both said in unison. "You know why?" we asked him. "Uhhh, because-" he went to say but we stopped him right there. "Because It's not just about you anymore." We said at the same time. "You've got a team now, Jaune. All three of us do. And if we fail, then we'll just be bringing them down with us. We have to put our teammates first, and ourselves second." she said standing up. "Your team deserves a great leader, Jaune. And I think that can be you. Have a good night you two." She walking back into her room and shutting the door. I stood up and offered him my hand. "She's right you know." I said helping him up. "Yeah, I know. And uh, Julien..?" he said stopping me when I began to walk towards my room. "Yeah, Jaune?" I asked. "Thanks…for you and Ruby both being there for me." he said thankfully. "No problem, just make sure to be there for your team." I said before walking into my room and falling into my bed.

Chapter 9-The Field Trip: The next day we went on a field trip to the Forever Fall Forest where the trees' leaves are always crimson and the forest floor is covered in crimson grass as well. "Yes students, the Forest of Forever Fall is indeed beautiful. But we are not here to sight-see. Professor peaches asked all of you to collect samples from the trees deep inside this forest. And I'm here to make sure that none of you die while doing so." She stopped walking and looked back at us. "Each of you is to gather one jar's worth of red sap. However, this forest is full of the creatures of Grimm, so be sure to stay by your teammates. We will rendezvous back here at four o'clock. Have fun!" she instructed. I quickly took the three other jars from my friends and quickly filled them with the sap and dashed back to them and handed the jars to them before they could even blink. "Done." I said looking over to the teacher. "Impressive as always Mr. Sapphire." She said in an almost annoyed tone. I looked over to Jaune's and Ruby's team. "I could do it for you guys as well as I have nothing else to do." I offered. "No thank, Julien. But do you wanna hang out while we work?" Ruby asked. I looked back at my team and they all nodded. "Sure, why not?" I responded. But what I found weird is that Jaune went with Cardin and his group. I mean I get that he said he was on a leash but what could he know that would keep Jaune under his control? As they collected the sap I sat on a rock with my friends and cracked jokes. After everyone in our group had finished collecting the sap, which took twice as long as Nora kept drinking it, we heard a loud growl coming from where Cardin's group and Jaune went. "Did you guys hear that?" Ruby asked before Cardin's friedns ran by without him or Jaune shouting "Ursa! Ursa!" Yang grabbed one of them and lifted him off the ground by his collar. "What? Where?" She demanded. "Back There! It's got Cardin!" he shouted. Me and Pyrrha both dropped our jars and looked at each other. "Jaune!" we said in unison before all of us ran in the direction they ran from. "Yang! You and Blake, go get Professor Goodwitch." Ruby instructed. "You two, go with them! There could be more." Pyrrha ordered. "You guys follow me, we're going to get Jaune." I ordered pulling out my sword and rushing after Ruby and the others. We showed up to see Cardin on the ground trying to get away when the Ursa went to finish him off but at the last second Jaune blocked the strike with his shield. I pointed my sword at it a pulled the pump on it ready to fire. "Wait!" Pyrrha told me. "Fine." I said lowering Sapphire Ridge…that's the name of my shotgun/greatsword if you forgot. After he blocked the strike he countered with a quick slash across it's upper chest. It stumbled back but regained it's stability and remained standing. It went for a strike at Jaune but he jumped out of the way and rolled into standing. It tried to swipe at his legs but Jaune jumped. The Ursa saw this at struck him out of the air sending Jaune tumbling. He got up quickly at jumped at the Ursa but it sidestepped the attack at struck his back sending him flying yet again. He got back to his feet and checked his scroll I could tell by his expression that it wasn't looking good I went to help but Pyrrha grabbed my by the shoulder. "I know you're his friend but you have to let him do this." She told me. "Do what get himself killed?" I asked looking back at her. "No, let him get his confidence back." She explained. "Fine." I said thrusting my sword into the ground and watching him from afar. He charged one last time and this time the Ursa charged him as well. Time slowed down as I realized that Jaune's shield wasn't raised nearly high enough to block that hit but at the last second I saw a black aura form around it and his shield raised. I looked over to see that Pyrrha was responsible for the raising of his shield. He blocked the strike and with a powerful uppercut with his sword to the Ursa's neck he lopped it's head clean off. "Uh, what." Me and Ruby both said looking at Pyrrha. "How did you…" Weiss went to ask but Pyrrha intercepted the question. "Well, Ruby and Julien have their own unique form of speed, you have your glyphs…My semblance is polarity. "Ah, you can control poles." Me and Ruby quietly said in unison. "No, you dunces! It means she has control over magnetism." Weiss explained. "Magnets are cool, too." We both quietly said in unison again. At that all my friends face palmed. Pyrrha began to walk off and everyone looked after her. "Where are you going?" Weiss asked. "Yeah, we gotta tell them what happened." Ruby added. "We could. Or, perhaps, we could just keep it our little secret." She said and walked off. "Yeah, the only reason I didn't rush out there and kill that thing myself was so he could rebuild his confidence so I wouldn't tell him if I were you I said before pulling my sword from the ground, putting on my back, and pulling my blue hood up and walking away. "Point taken." Ruby said. I turned back and smiled. "Nice pun." I said before continuing my walk back. "Oh my god, I just did a Yang." She said before following us back to the group. After that both Jaune and Cardin were sent to the nurses office after we arrived back at Beacon. As usual we all made our ways back to our rooms and slept for the night and thought to myself. "I know Pyrrha was the one that told me not to intervene but if Jaune had been killed I would've blamed myself till the end of time." I thought to myself before finally drifting off to sleep in the extraordinarily comfortable bed.

Chapter 10-Arrival: Several days after that incident in the Forever Fall Forest Weiss her team along with me and Isia out of bed and to the docks to "Welcome the fine students of Vacuo to Vale." But really we all knew she wanted to spy on them to get and upper hand in the Vytal festival. "The Vytal Festival! Oh this is absolutely wonderful!" Weiss exclaimed. "I don't think I've ever seen you smile this much Weiss. It's kinda weirding me out…" Ruby commented. "That makes two of us…" I said under my breath. "What was that?" Weiss asked looking at me. "Nothing!" I said quickly before looking over at Ruby silently saying "What's with her today?" she simply shrugged as we kept walking. "Anyway. How could you 'not' smile? A festival dedicated to the cultures of the world! There will be dances, parades, a tournament! Oh the amount of planning and organization that goes into this event is breath taking." She exclaimed. "You really know how to take a good thing and make it sound boring." Yang pointed out. "Tell me about it." Isia said under his breath again as expected Weiss gave him the same death glare she gave me. "Quiet you." Weiss responded to Yang. "Remind me again why we're spending our Friday afternoon visiting the stupid docks?" Yang asked. "No clue." I shrugged. "me neither." Isia admitted. We stopped and looked over the rails and into the water. "Ugh, they smell like fish." Ruby commented. "I've heard that students visiting from Vacuo will be arriving by ship today. And as a representative of Beacon I feel as though it is my solemn duty to welcome them to this fine kingdom." Weiss explained. "She wants to spy on them so she'll have the upper hand in the tournament." Me and Blake said in unison. "Ah! You two can't prove that!" she defended. "Whoa." Ruby said looking down an alley where a building with broken windows was taped off by the police. "Look familiar?" I asked looking over at Ruby. She said nothing and we walked down to see what happened. "What happened here?" Ruby asked one of the police detectives. "Robbery. Second dust shop hit this week. This place is turning into a jungle." He said walking away. Yang scoffed. "That's horrible." She said. We overheard one of the detectives calling back to the other. "They left all the money again." He pointed out. "Huh?" Ruby perked up. "Ok, now this really is sounding familiar." I said. "Yeah, just doesn't make a lick o' sense. Who needs that much Dust?" the first detective asked the other. "I dunno, ya know what I mean?" the second detective countered. "You thinking the uh, White Fang?" the first asked. "Ya I'm thinking we don't get paid enough." He said taking off his sun glasses. "Hmph. The White Fang. What an awful bunch of degenerates." Weiss said in disgust. "What's your problem?" Blake asked looking at Weiss angrily. "My problem? I simply don't care for the criminally insane." Weiss said turning to her teammate. "The White Fang is hardly a bunch of psychopaths. They're a collection of misguided Faunus." Blake countered. "Misguided?! They want to wipe humanity off the face of the planet!" Weiss shouted. "So then they're 'very' misguided. Either way it doesn't explain why they would rob a Dust shop in the middle of downtown Vale." Blake said again. "Hmm…Blake's got a point. Beside, the police never caught that Torchwick guy Julie and I ran into a few months ago…Maybe it was him." Ruby said. "Yeah, it doesn't make much sense. Why would anyone need that much Dust? It must've been him." I agreed. "That still doesn't change the fact that the White Fang are a bunch of scum. Those Faunus only know how to lie, cheat, and steal" Weiss added. "That's not necessarily true." Yang defended "Hey, not all Faunus are like that. That's like saying all humans are just as judgmental as you." I pointed out as if the universe was hell-bent on proving me wrong all we heard next was a sailor shouting. "Hey, stop that Faunus!". We all ran to the rails next to the docks to see a guy with a monkey tail outrunning a bunch of sailors and a couple of policemen. "Thanks for the ride, guys! Hehe." He said before jumping off the ship and onto the docks rolling when he hit the ground. He jumped and hanged from a lamp post with his tail before climbing up and crouching on it. "You no-good stow-away!" one of the sailors called. "Hey! A "no-good" stow-away would have been caught. I'm a great stow-away." He called back while, I'm not even joking here, peeling a banana and eating it. "Hey. Get down from there this instant." One of the detectives from before ordered. The unknown Faunus threw the peel at him and it landed on his face. After that the Faunus ran by us and I swear he winked at Blake. "Well Weiss, you wanted to see the competition and there it goes." Yang pointed out. "Quick! We have to observe him!" she said before rushing after him. I looked over at Ruby. "Ugh, more running?" I asked in a tired voice. "Yup." She responded just as tired. "It's too early for this." I said under my breath. "Tell me about it…" Isia responded before we took off to catch up with Weiss and the others. Weiss rounded the corner and instantly ran right into another girl none of us recognized and they both fell over. She looked up and he jumped up onto a building and disappeared. "No! He got away!" she shouted. " Uuuhh, Weiss..?" Yang said pointing at the girl she basically just tackled. She looked down and jumped off of her. "Euh!" she exclaimed as she brushed off her dress. The mysterious girl stared straight at the sky. "Salutations!" she greeted us. "Uh…hi." I said. "I'm not good at talking to new people especially girls so ima just hide behind ya Isia." I said before dashing behind my friend and using him as an anti-socialization shield. "Um…hello." Ruby said. "Are you…okay?" Yang asked the unknown girl. "I'm wonderful. Thank you for asking." She responded. We all shared a look like 'What the heck?' before looking back at the girl who continued to lay on the ground. "Do you…Wanna get up?" Yang asked the girl looked like she was contemplating if getting up was worth it for about five seconds. "Yes." She decided before literally jumping to her feet. When she turned to us we all took a step back. "My name is Penny. It's a pleasure to meet you!" she said while wiping her head towards all of us trying to look at us all at the same time. "Hi Penny. I'm Ruby." "Weiss," "Blake," "Isia," "are you sure you didn't hit your head" yang asked before Blake hit her. "oh, I'm Yang." She said. Penny looked past Isia at me. "Who are you?" she asked. I jumped and pulled Isia in front of me again. "He's a bit awkward around new people." Yang said before pulling me by the hood and lifting me off the ground slightly. "Hey, let me go! Fine I'll introduce myself just put me down!" I yelled as I kicked around. She dropped me and I brushed myself off before looking at the new girl and taking a step back and bumping into Yang. "You said you'd introduce yourself and I'm not letting you go anywhere until ya do." Yang said looking at me. Yang quite honestly scares me and It doesn't help that I'm only about an inch or two taller than Yang and she's easily strong enough to pick me right off the ground one-handed. I sighed loudly and looked up at her. "I'm Julien but my friends typically call me Jay." I said. "There I introduced myself now let be back." I practically shouted. Yang and Blake stepped aside and I vanished into a Midnight blue blur of lightning. They looked back an I was standing behind Isia again. "You have to get over that." Yang pointed out. "I can't help it!" I defended myself. "how come you were so cool with meeting me?" yang asked. "Well for one I knew your sister and I already knew about you through my friends." I pointed out. "It's a pleasure to meet you!" she repeated. "Yeah, ya said that!" I pointed out. "So I did!" she said cheerfully. "Well, sorry for running into you." Weiss said turning to walk away. "Finally." I said to myself. "Take care, friend!" Ruby called back to Penny. "She was…weird." Yang pointed out. "Yeah, why did you make me talk to her it's not like we'll ever see her again. Again I just tempted the universe by saying that. "Now. Where did that Faunus riffraff run off to." Weiss said. Just as I looked up while we were walking I saw Penny standing in front of us again and jumped back and dashed behind a building nearby poking my head out to see what was happening. "What did you call me?" she asked looking towards Yang. "Oh, I'm sorry, I definitely didn't think you heard me." Yang apologized. "No. Not you..." Penny said walking past Yang and Weiss and up to Ruby. "You!" she said hovering over Ruby. "Me?!" Ruby asked in a quiet squeak. "I-I don't know, I—what I—um, uh—" she stammered. "You called me 'friend' Am I really your friend." She asked. I dashed up behind Penny to stand with the others. We all shook our heads no and made X's with our arms trying to signal that she should say 'No' but that's just not how Ruby works I guess. "Uummm…" she looked past Penny to see us and we kept shaking our heads and mouthing the word 'no'. "Ya, sure! Why not?" she said to Penny. We all went wide eyed and shocked and all of us fell backwards onto the ground. "Ahaha! Sen-sational! We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys!" she went on. "Ooh, is this what it was like when you met me?" Ruby asked leaning over to Weiss. "No, she seems 'far' more coordinated." She responded. "Ouch." I said looking over at Ruby. "Soo, what are you doing in Vale?" Yang asked Penny. "I'm here to fight in the tournament." She responded. "Wait…you're fighting in the tournament?" Weiss asked skeptically. "I'm combat ready!" she said giving a large military salute. "Forgive me, but you hardly look the part." Weiss commented. "Says the girl wearing a dress." Blake and I commented at the same time. We looked at each other and nodded. "It's a 'combat skirt'." Weiss said crossing her arms. Ruby dashed up beside her using her semblance, which I'm gonna name rose petal dash as when she uses it she leaves rose petals everywhere somehow, crossed her arms, and high-fived Weiss. "Yeah!" Ruby agreed. "Wait a minute. If you're here for the tournament does that mean you know that monkey-tailed…rapscallion." Weiss asked her. "Sheesh, choose a term already lady." I said under my voice. "The who?" Penny asked. "The filthy Faunus from the boat!" Weiss exclaimed. "Hey that's gone too far." I said. "Why do you keep saying that?" Blake asked Weiss. "Huh?" she asked. "Stop calling him a rapscallion. Stop calling him a degenerate. He's a person!" Blake demanded. "Yeah, he's not less than us in any way, more importantly he's not less than YOU in any way Weiss." I added. "Oh, I'm sorry. Would you like me to stop referring to the trashcan as a trashcan or this lamppost as a lamppost?" Weiss asked. "Stop it!" Blake demanded. "Stop what? He clearly broke the law. Give him time, he'll probably join up with those other Faunus in the White Fang" Weiss said. "You ignorant little brat!" Blake growled back before walking away. "How dare you talk to me like that! I am your teammate." Weiss said in a bossy tone. "You are a judgmental little girl." Blake corrected her. "What in the world makes you say that?" Weiss asked. "Uhh, I think we should probably go." Yang suggested. "Uh, yeah." I agreed. "Wanna lift back to Beacon?" I asked "I'll take you up on that offer" Yang and Isia decided. I raced them back to the dorms and walked in and crashed in my room. "That always takes a lot out of me when running that far." I said breathing heavy lying on my bed. "Maybe you should stop offering people lifts then…" Danny pointed out as he opened the door and stepped in. "How did you-" the question was intercepted. "I saw the flash of lightning you leave when dashing around." He answered. "Oh." I said plainly. "No offense but I think ima just pass out now so let's cut the conversation short." I pointed out before closing my eyes and passing out.

Chapter 11-Secret: It's been two days since our visit to the docks and Blake has gone missing after running off after potentially admitting to being associated with the White Fang. I ran all around town using my semblance, which I call Lightning Strike, and asking around but nobody seems to have seen her. I was walking along the sidewalk when I got a text on my scroll from Ruby that they've found Blake but need combat support. "Where?" I texted back. "The shipping port at the dock." She replied. I rushed over to see Roman Torchwick standing over the Faunus guy we saw earlier pointing his cane at him. "Hey!" I heard Ruby call. I looked over and she was standing on top of a large storage building with her scythe out standing beside Penny. "Oh, hello Red! Isn't it past your bedtime?" he asked sarcastically. I walked out from a shipping container and punched my gloves together. "Time to take a page out of Yang's book." I said under my breath. "Hey Torchwick! Remember me?" I called from behind. "Why of course I do oh, blue thorn in my side." He said turning to me before unexpectedly turning at firing an explosive blast at Ruby. It caught her in the chest and sent her flying back. Before I could launch at him, five drop ships circled above me and about fifty White Fang goons dropped down to stop me. "Kill him." He instructed. "Ouch, my feelings." I said glaring at him. "Eh, whatever." He said before running off behind the shipping containers. I stomped on the ground in rage and lightning began coursing along my body significantly raising my power. This time I decided to leave my cloak and sword at home so all I had was my blue steel gloves that channel my lightning capabilities and enhance them. I rushed around punching and kicking and generally electrocuting and knocking out all the goons hardly breaking a sweat. I looked back to see that Penny was now fighting as well. She was somehow controlling ten floating swords. She knocked out dozens of armed goons by slashing them and breaking their auras. "Hey, monkey boy I could use some help with these guys." I called over to the Faunus guy. "Sure!" he called back running over and taking half of the guys that were left over from fighting me so he was fighting about fifteen of the thirty guys that were still standing. I jumped over a slice from one of their swords and charged up a burst of lightning. After about one minute of fighting he had taken down nearly all of his guys and I was about to unleash a large burst of lightning to take down the rest. "Hey! Get clear! You don't wanna get hit by this!" I shouted over to him. "Okay just don't go too overboard he said before dodging a strike from one of the goon and running out of range. I let out a large burst of lightning that caught everyone around me, instantly dropping all of the White Fang goons. I looked over and saw the Faunus guy peering out from behind one of the shipping crates. I walked up to him. "Hey, thanks for the backup." I said. Going to shake his hand. At the last moment he pulled his hand back. "Uh, your gloves. I don't feel like being fried." He pointed out. "They only zap things when I'm fighting they're safe, trust me I built them myself." I assured him. "Ok, I'll just trust you." He said then shook my hand. "Anyway, I'm Julien Sapphire, it's nice to meet you." I introduced myself. "I'm Sun Wu Kong, and same to you Julien." He responded with a smile. We looked back to see that Penny had just shot down three airships by somehow firing a laser from spinning all ten of her swords in a circular pattern. "Whoa." We said in unison. After that she stuck all of her swords into a jet and straight up pulled it down. "How is she doing that?" I asked looking at him. All I got from Sun was a shrug and mutual confusion. We turned to see Roman had ran into an airship and had flown away being in one of the only two to escape. After the incident the police arrived and we sat on some crates waiting for Weiss and Yang to arrive. When they walked over to us Ruby jumped up and ran over to Weiss. "Look Weiss it's not what you think she explained the whole thing you see she doesn't actually wear a bow she has kitty ears and their actually kinda cute." She said almost as fast as she runs. "Weiss. I want you to know that I'm no longer associated with the White Fang. Back when I was with-" Her explanation was cut off by Weiss. "Stop. Do you have any idea how long we've been searching for you? Twelve hours. That means I've had twelve hours to think about this and in those twelve hours I've decided…I don't care!" Weiss explained. "You don't care?" Blake asked. "You said you're not one of them anymore, right?" Weiss asked. "No, I-I haven't been since I was younger-" again she was interrupted. "Upupupupup! I don't wanna hear it. All I want to know, is that the next time something this big comes up you'll come to your teammates, and not some…someone else." Weiss explained. "Of course." Blake said wiping a tear from her eye. "Yeah! Team RWBY is back together! Ruby exclaimed pumping her arms. I dashed up to her and high-fived her. We all grouped up In a circle including Sun. "I'm still not quite sure how I feel about you!" Weiss said pointing her finger up at Sun who simply let out a small laugh. "Hey, wait a minute. Where's Penny?" Ruby asked. I shrugged and looked around the circle but nobody saw where she had gone. "Eh, I'm sure we'll be seeing her again soon." I said confidently. "How do you know?" Ruby looked at me suspiciously. "The Vytal Festival, smart one. She said she would be fighting in the tournament." I reminded her. "Oh." she said simply. Then a look of urgency washed over all of our faces "We have to practice more!" I shouted before Rushing us all back to Beacon taking trip because I couldn't carry all of them but in the end I dragged them all back to Beacon and we immediately went to work training hard as the Vytal Festival was closing in and I don't think any amount of training could prepare us for what would happen that day.