Heartfelt Confessions

Rosalina paced the Gryffindor common room nervously as she did her best to hype herself up.

This was it.

"You can do this," She whispered to herself as she continued to pace the corner of the room.

The love letter she had written on a spare piece of parchment at a whim was gripped tightly in her left hand as she continued to pace, her mind buried deep in thought. She wanted to give it to him so badly, but there was a heavy pit of worry that formed in her stomach that made her nauseous the moment she had tried to take a step up to his dormitory.

She kept over thinking the situation and her anxiety jumped to the worst of conclusions, all of which included him laughing at her and throwing the letter back in her face, but not before telling her that she must have been completely out of her mind to think that anything could happen between the two of them.

So that's how she found herself having a mini mental breakdown in the middle of the common room at 3am, when she was meant to be in bed fast asleep not downstairs.

It seemed that in her daze she had not realised the very person she wished to give it to had come sneaking through the portrait with a mug of tea in hand, and dressed in a thick woollen jumper and flannel pyjama bottoms, looking like a runway model in the blandest of clothes.

"Rosa," Sirius called her name softly, catching her attention in an instant.

She stopped pacing and turned to look at who had called her name, nearly having a heart attack at the very sight of the soft looking Sirius.

"What are you doing?" He asked. "It's 3 in the morning."

She paused for a moment before gathering her wits. "I guess I could ask you the same thing," She replied, running a hand through her curly hair that probably looked like a mess at this current moment in time. She didn't have any time to worry about the state of her mismatched pyjamas either with the way he was looking at her with soft eyes, slowly drawing her in.

"I couldn't sleep so I went to get some tea from the kitchens," Sirius explained walking towards her and then taking a seat in the armchair directly in front of her. "And you?"

"I-I couldn't sleep either," She said, unsure of what to say, her hands still gripping the letter tight.

"What've you got there?" Sirius asked as he took a sip of his tea, placing the mug on the side table.

"Uh- nothing. It's nothing," Rosa said, quickly moving to stuff the letter in her pocket, her Gryffindor bravery running away from her.

"It's obviously not nothing," Sirius said and with a mischievous twinkle in his eye that distracted her, he stood up quickly and plucked the letter from her hand. As soon as the piece of parchment left her hand, her heart fell in her chest at the thought of him seeing the contents.

"No, don't," She protested but it was too late, he had opened the letter and begun reading.

She was ready to heave.

His face morphed from his initial cheekiness into an expression that was much more serious as he continued to read along, the words of love warming his heart. I have so much of you in my heart. The words were etched onto the parchment in an elegant script, the ink of this last line making Sirius realise what this was that he was holding.

"A love letter," Sirius said with surprise, his grey eyes glancing up at Rosa who was looking anywhere but him with a shyness that he thought was adorable. "Did you write this?"

"Uh, yes," She uttered, blushing and looking away from him.

"Who is it for?" He asked and she wracked her brain for an answer. Quick! Lie! Names, names. Remus, no too obvious of a lie. Peter? No. Friends. Ravenclaw... Jones!

"Uh- it's for, Jones," She replied suddenly after coming up with her answer.


"You know, Jones, the Ravenclaw seeker," She lied, hoping he would believe it. Jones was actually her potions partner, and he was very kind so she was sure her lie wouldn't be that far off that Sirius couldn't believe it.

"You wrote a love letter for Jones?" He asked, trying to bite back the bitterness in his tone with an awkward smile.

"Yes." Her answer came out with a sliver of uncertainty that she hoped he didn't pick up on. She couldn't believe she was lying about this but if it would save her from embarrassment she would risk it.

"Wow, I didn't know you felt this way about him," Sirius said, suddenly feeling deflated. He passed the letter back to his friend and sat back down to pretend his tea was keeping him occupied. "I'm happy for you. It's a beautiful letter. You write well."

"I-," She felt terrible for lying, especially because the only one who ever had her heart was Sirius.

"I was going to give him the letter," Rosa explained. "But I'm scared he doesn't feel the same way. I-I'm not very good with this type of stuff."

"What? You mean romance?"

"Yes," She laughed, feeling a bit lighter knowing that this would at least be a bit of an honest conversation. "I don't have a lot of experience with crushes and confessions, so I'm a bit apprehensive to actually give him the letter. It's quite... bold."

"What do you have to lose?" Sirius said looking at her with his starry eyes. "You're beautiful, strong, intelligent, caring, anyone would be blind not to be in love with you." He felt his heart clench as the words flowed out of his mouth, but it was all unaltered truth. She wanted to melt into his arms right then and there and tell him it wasn't for Jones, she wanted to confess that it was for him, but her anxiety prevented her from doing so. There was a war waging inside of her, a part of her that screamed to tell him, the other that said to keep quiet.

"You really think so?" Rosa asked taking a seat next to Sirius.

"I know so," He said. "Give it to Jones. I'm sure he'll feel the same way."

"I don't think I can," She said. "I'm far too nervous to speak to him, let alone confess my feelings."

"It's not that hard, I'll help you if you'd like?" If he couldn't make her happy, he at least wanted her to be happy, no matter how much his mind was telling him he would regret this later if she started dating Jones.

As she looked over at Sirius she couldn't believe that he was so nice that he would help her do that. She wanted to cry honestly, why did she lie in the first place?

"Uh-I lied."

"What?" His brows furrowed in confusion.

"I lied, it's not for Jones, the letter that is," She mumbled incoherently but slowly he was understanding what she was trying to say, "I panicked and said it was for Jones, but it's for you, Sirius."

His face dropped into an expression of surprise as he looked down at the letter in his lap and then back up at Rosa who was biting her lip in uncertainty, a rosy pink decorating her delicate cheeks and her eyes darting around the room and away from his gaze.

"I'm flattered," Sirius said and she felt her heart drop in her chest.

"I'm sorry, this must be so awkward, I should have realised that you wouldn't feel the same way, I shouldn't have said anything-," Rosa was cut off her rant when Sirius pressed his hand against her mouth to keep her quiet for a moment.

"I never said I didn't feel the same way Rosa," Sirius said causing her to calm down as he removed his hand from her mouth. "I was just surprised is all. You wrote this letter with such care and love and I'm more than flattered, I'm bloody ecstatic because I feel the same way," Sirius declared with a laugh, taking her hand in his own and squeezing it lightly to reassure her that it was the truth.

"I didn't expect this at all," Rosa said as she looked him in the eye.

"The way things played out or the fact that I love you?" Sirius asked enjoying the way a rosy blush appeared on her cheeks. He had been smitten with her for so long, he couldn't believe that things were finally falling into place and in the common room at 3am no less.

"Both," Rosa admitted, feeling as light as a feather as Sirius's thumb grazed her cheek gently. "I wanted to tell you for so long, I mean you read that letter. You know how long I've been in love with you Sirius. I just never thought you'd ever reciprocate my feelings."

"Well I'm happy to say that I do."

With a speed that shocked Sirius the girl before him had leapt forward and pressed her soft lips against his causing him to gasp in surprise before his own eyes fluttered closed. His hand came up to rest upon the apple of her cheek as she kissed him with a shocking enthusiasm, relishing in the taste of her lips upon his. Merlin knows how long they spend sitting on that couch snogging but when they both pulled away with dorky grins on their faces they were glad that they had this heartfelt confession. Rosa was simply over the moon and if it wasn't for the breathtaking smile that Sirius wore she wouldn't have believed that this was true.

Sirius had no issue when Rosa curled up next to him on the couch and they spent the rest of the morning talking in hushed whispers and stealing kisses, because it felt like the world wasn't working against them for the first time in a very long time, and they were both happy for their heartfelt confessions that made it feel like everything was suddenly falling into place.

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