This is a piece set after the entire story, so past sixth season. It depicts another of the 99 caverns, simply called the Cavern Boarder, and to most it is considered a wall of desert. There is, however, another way out of the ninety-nine caverns, call it, the entrance to the South Caverns!

So, what happens, when Eli Shane and the Gang run into a trap orchestrated by a new player, who uses highly advanced technology to sling his slugs faster and better than anyone else before. What happens, when one man, takes down the entire Shane Gang?

The Shane Gang arrive in Antimony Cavern, Trixie, the media annalist having told them there was a warning that something was going down there. The Town is quite extensive, so they move to the populated area, the center first. The bar is rather full, but there is no commotion, the day is new and there is plenty of time before night falls.

"Okay, Trix, where's the trouble. It's been too long since we had someone to take down, not even Ender's been seen for months." Eli slumped back into the seat of his mecca-beast, a common piece of technology that gave the rider easy movement between caverns. Pronto, the mole was, as he always was, was thinking of all the amazing quests he could tell the common folk when they found some. Kord, the Cave Troll was messing with the energy scanners of his shot gun like blaster, which was spiking.

"Hay, Eli, there's a high energy pulse emitting from somewhere close by." Kords voice echoed loudly, even though the cavern walls were miles away. Eli turned in his seat, watching Kord and then moving around to view his slugs.

"Hay, Burpy, how about we take a higher look at what's going on here?" Eli pulled forward his blaster, a hand gun design and fired his Infernous towards the sky. Burpy flew upwards, then circled back and allowed Eli to jump on, the two moving above the buildings and gaining a better view.

"Hay, why did no one tell Pronto that it was time for sight seeing?" Pronto aimed a Arachnet at the side of the closest building, slinging himself up to the roof tops.

"Thank you for coming, Pronto." As Pronto came onto the roof, rolling to stay alive, he found a fist slamming into his face, belonging to an armored body. He nearly fell off the building, his blaster did.

"Who is you, to, hit the great Pronto?" His purple hands reached up to rub his giant nose. The body talks, deep and computerized.

"I'm The Guardian of The Cavern Boarder, and your team are to be tested." Pronto smiles, noticing a somewhat male sounding voice and he stands again, forgetting the pain.

"Well, Pronto will excel in this test." The Guardian steps back, pulling out a small barreled blaster and shooting at Pronto. Another Arachnet, which rapped the unsuspecting molenoid.

"Well, you are a disappointment. The others must do better." Guardian moves away, then hears a shout from above.

"Hay, no one messes with my team." Eli and Burpy fly towards him, Guardian smiles.

"Now, this should be interesting." Pulls out a large barreled, sniper like gun and fires a Polero, at the same time as his small gun shoots wildly in another direction a Crystalyd, which buried into the closest building and disappeared.