Alex Marie Peach

Author's Note: You don't have to read this, thought it would be better if you do because it will be easier for the rest of the story. The proper story starts on the next chapter.

Hi! My name is Alex Marie Peach, and this is all you need to know about me!

Appearance: Long brown, wavy hair, bluey green eyes, pale skin, medium height, light pink colored lips, and i'm also skinny.

Personality: Shy, kind, caring, quiet, timid, little confidence, friendly to those who get to know me, passionate, charitable, animal lover, trustworthy, innocent, loyal, geeky, smart, loves to learn . . .

Personal Qualities: I'm academic - good at English, R.E, History, and pretty good at Biology too. Teachers love me! I can keep a secret. I'm very forgiving, (perhaps too forgiving), I'm sympathetic, and good with animals.

Bad Qualities: I'm a weakling. I can't help that though, can I? The mathematical side of my brain is, like, dead. Although I scrape by in tests . . . The fact that I'm too trusting and forgiving of people could also be a bad quality . . . I have very little common sense. I'm not very good at team sports, though I am a pretty fast runner, and quite flexible.

Dream: To become a vet, write books, and own a lot of pets. :)

Pets: A Retriever called Max, I also own a cat called Maisy, and my parents bought a young horse two months ago for when I entered year eleven! I love riding, and horses, so i recently acquired Maple! She's three, so still a filly really, but I'm breaking her in so it won't be long until I can ride her. She's sixteen hands high, and she'll probably only grow another inch or so.

Home: I love my home! We have our own stables, (three of them), and also a small menage, and a big field.

Author's Note: Well thank you for actually reading my work! I wrote this on the seventh of December 2017, so i'll start writing it properly tomorrow. Please heart, comment and follow! It would be much appreciated!

Menage - an enclosed area where you can exercise a horse/pony.

'Hands High' - horses are measured in hands. Sixteen hands is pretty big. Usually, riding horses are no bigger than seventeen point two hands, but there are exceptions.

Filly - a young female horse aged three and under. A colt is a boy.

To 'break in' - to train a horse how to carry a rider with a saddle, (seat), and bridle, (headpiece), and jump, canter (run slower than a gallop, trot, like a jog).

Thank you!