Song for this story one call away by Charlie Puth.

my first ever fanfiction story.

The look in those usually strong shimmering green eyes told me I was wrong I betrayed my best friend. Call me selfish but I couldn't let the most important woman of all creation die an unimaginable fiery death after everything she did to save us all.

"Doctor" Wilfred Mott called happily upon opening the front door until seeing the Doctor on the wet ground holding his granddaughter in his arms "Help me please" the Doctor begged Wilf, trying to keep his voice steady all while both his hearts broke.

"She can never know, not for one moment, she can never remember travelling in the TARDIS, aliens on distance planets and me" the Doctors voice cracked with grief while trying to explain to Wilfred Mott and Sylvia Noble why he had to block her memories of everything to do with him. "But Doctor she was better with you" Wilfred cried out, stunning Sylvia who tried to argue with her father but Wilfred stood his ground not backing down,
"For one moment, one shiny moment she was the most important woman of the whole wide universe" He spoke with conviction and pride.
The backlash was expected "she still is to me" Sylvia snapped at the Doctor.
"Then you should tell her that sometime" was his angry retort.

Upon leaving Wilfred stopped the Doctor once more "Doctor what will you do now? Everyone..." The Doctors sad reply "Everyone has someone else now they deserve that". Wilfred's heart breaks hearing the Doctors defeated voice "Doctor every night I will look up at the stars and I will -" the Doctor cuts Wilfred off "she can never know she will burn up" he shouts in fear. But Wilfred shakes his head "no Doctor I will keep watch for you every night on our Donnas behalf". Tears slip down the elderly mans face as he watches the younger man trying to hide his pain.

Wilfred stayed by the front door minutes after the heartbroken time Lord disappeared with his tardis not feeling the ice cold of the rain as it pelleted down on the haggard old man. Goodbye doctor

The Doctor sat on the grating of the control room still in his wet sodden clothes lost in grief as the tardis spun into the vortex unhappily. The old girl missing the other half of her master.

He could still see his best mate begging him not to take her away from him and her memories of their extraordinary time together.

The first time appearing in the tardis in her wedding dress full of ginger fiery accusing him of drugging and abducting her. Robot Santa driving her away in a cab of all things she jumping out into the tardis into his arms. the reception being held without her " their having the reception without me" she shrieked at the Doctor. The Christmas tree exploding, more robot Santa's. Hc Clements with the empress of the racnoss and Lance in cohoots with using Donna as a sacrifice full of houn particles. The Doctor full of fury killing the racnoss babies. Him and Donna running, all that running. Donna afraid of him when he made it snow after committing murder. "Promise me your find someone"

How Donna came back to him when their paths crossed again a year later at Adipose industries run by miss foster. Near death as him and Donna hang from a broken scaffolding lift. Little fat babies running round on Earth. How too minds think alike. His tardis parked by her mother's car. "I just want a mate" "you just want to mate" "your a long streak of alien...nothing".

Pompeii and it's volcano day. Woman turning into stone. Stolen tardis. Donna kidnapped. "You fought her off with a water pistol. I bloody love you!". Near death again under a volcano this time "I'm sorry Donna" "we don't matter..together Doctor" together we caused history to repeat. More running. "Save someone Doctor anyone" because of Donna 4 people were saved from an agonising death.

The start of all this, losing his best mate. Ood planet. Selling Oods for profit. The Oods turning murderous. The Ood brain tormented for so long by pitiful humans. The Oods song of slavery wishing for the circle to be broken. "I spent all that time looking for you, Doctor, because I thought it would be so wonderful out here. I want to go home". The Oods finally free thanks to him and Donna, the sorry excuse who caused the Oods pain for karma to finally come back around and him turning into a Ood (a dish best served cold he bitterly laughs). The DoctorDonna friends of the Ood kind. "And know this, Doctor Donna. You will never be forgotten. Our children will sing of the Doctor Donna. And our children's children. And the wind and the ice and the snow will carry your names forever". Ood Sigma.

The day Martha Jones came to call. Earth being invaded by Sontarans. Poisonous sky. Martha's clone. Donnas grandfather Wilfred Mott being suffocated by atmos in his car, Sylvia saving her father. The moment I thought I lost Donna till "Dumbo". Donna stuck in tardis aboard the sontarans ship she showed how she had a rightful place at my side with her courage. Oh Donna. The young mans life as he sacrificed himself to take my place to destroy their ship. Donnas delightful slaps.

The memories came thick and fast to the Doctors mind trying to push them away but they kept coming.

The day I gained then lost a daughter. Planet Messaline where a deadly war between humans and fish like hauth broke out. My DNA used to grow a fully grown woman warrior. "How about Jenny that's a nice name". Donna with her brilliant mind working out what the code on each sections meant. Leading us to finding out the war only started a mere seven days ago. Martha separated with the hauths. Finding the source that was never a weapon but to start life for the new planet. Losing Jenny after she took a bullet for me. "How could I ever go back to normal life after seeing this? I'm going to travel with that man forever".

Agatha Christie and a giant wasp. Donna my faithful companion "But, the body in the library? I mean, Professor Peach in the library with a lead pipe". Giant wasp being lady Eddisons biology son. Finding out why Agatha was missing her memories back then.

"A library Doctor really". 51st century library the biggest library in the universe. The day we found why you should be scared of shadows more specifically Vashta Nerada. The day I thought I lost my Donna, the day We met Professor River Song. Sending Donna back to the tardis seemed a great idea at that moment till I realised she never made it, a stab to both my hearts, guilt I thought but now it was because I lost my best mate my other half. I was ready to accept my death by helping all those people but River had other ideas. Donna came back. Another death in my name. "Your friend, Professor Song. She knew you in the future but she didn't know me. What happens to me? Because when she learned my name, the way she looked at me—".

Donna comforting me after the nightmare ride on midnight. "Can't imagine you without a voice".

The Doctor shook and collapsed in a heap of a blubbering mess. All those deaths in his name hurt then adding Donna to the ever increasing list of failures became to much to bare for the vulnerable alien. Her laughter and delicious scent still remained further torturing the time lord.

The last memory of Donna still so fresh another stab for him.

Do you know what's happening?

Yeah There's never been a human-time lord metacrisis before now. And you know why?

Because there can't be. I want to stay

Look at me. Donna, look at me

I was gonna stay with you...Forever I know Rest of my life. In the tardis. The DoctorDonna. Oh, my. I cant go back. Don't make me go back. Doctor please! Please. Don't make me go back.

Donna oh Donna Noble. I am so sorry. But we had the best of times. The best. Goodbye No! No please no

He couldn't stop their last conversation playing over and over in his exhausted mind. The tardis whinging sadly for her lonely and broken master.

I'm so sorry Donna Noble