Waking up Donna felt terrible, her head throbbing "where am I?" Barely managing a whisper but heard by River. River looked over to Donna stirring "your in the med bay of the tardis Donna" standing next to her bed seeing how little time the universe has Donna Noble left. Tardis, Doctor, Daleks, Rose, Library, River dead, Donnas thoughts were jumbled and they burned.

Donna heard a voice in her mind "my dear child you know what's coming, don't you?" Donna new, she new she didn't have much time left but at least she will die remembering. "Donna Noble your time will end soon, just as the Ood have sung" that damn voice, why can't it just leave her alone. "can't do that Donna Noble, I'm here till the end" Donnas mind screamed WHY. "You are the most important woman in the whole wide universe" Donna didn't believe that it was just luck, she was just a temp from Chiswick that can type 100 words a minute big whoop.

The Doctor stood with River by Donnas bed while Martha, Jack and Sarah-Jane stood in the corner giving Donnas grandfather and mother time to say goodbye.
There wasn't a dry eye in the med bay that day losing Donna was emotional for everyone present.

Time stood still as the universe came to a halt. DoctorDonnas song could be heard across the galaxy.

Donnas eyes flew open, gold light flowing behind her eyes, her back arching off the bed, her legs and arms outstretched, the pain was unbearable. Donna screamed as her head burned images and memories zooming though her thoughts.

Regret, anger and sadness played in Donnas final moments, knowing she couldn't stop this from happening. She regretted never telling the Doctor how she felt, anger at him for being so blinded by Rose Tyler and sadness that she'll never be travelling the stars with her best friend forever.

Spaceman we had the best of times. The best.

Donnas fragile body exploded with pure gold light, blinding everyone and blasting them across the room. The Doctor was the first to recover hurrying back to the bed to find it empty. It was over. Tears fall from his young face. The tardis silent for the first time since he stole the vessel. Wilfred Mott broke the silence by his wrecking sobs and Sylvia's attack on the Doctors person "you did this, you took her from me, you murdered my little girl" she screamed, tears escaping from her haunted eyes. Jack pulled Sylvia into a comforting hug, letting her break down in his arms.
Martha and Sarah-Jane holding each other on the ground. It became to much for the Doctor to watch and left the bay leaving the grieving friends and family behind.

Donna Noble the most important woman of all creation. Scattered among the stars never to be forgetton.