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"Jane!" At the sound of her name being yelled, a wild-haired brunette who turned 17 just over a week ago, turns around. It's day one of her last year in high school and teachers have already managed to annoy her.

The girl with whom she's been friends with since third grade, Ryleigh, runs up to her. "How have you been? I haven't seen you in ages!" Ryleigh smacks Jane's shoulder, her way of saying hello. "Yeah, well, you're the one who decided to go on a two-month trip to Europe. That wasn't me," Jane laughs while continuing to walk towards the main exit. Thirteen-year olds run past them, one drops his book right in front of them. Ryleigh picks it up and gives it back, laughing at the baffled look on the boy's face.

"Happy belated birthday, by the way," Ryleigh says to Jane. "I'm taking you out for dinner tomorrow, 's that okay?" She pushes against the door leading outside, holding it open for her friend. The brunette nods and pulls the other strap of her backpack over her right shoulder.

"So, how was the first day back?" Ryleigh says, managing to avoid some freshmen that are walking up the steps.

Jane groans. "I'm glad this is my last year, honestly."

"Me too. You know, there's this new girl in my French class. She said she's from New York, but she lived in Paris so her French is absolutely perfect," Ryleigh says.

"Really? A girl who changes schools in her senior year?" Jane says, surprised.

"Yeah, she told the class that she moved around a lot, and finally ended up here. She's really pretty, but she's a bit of an outsider already," Ryleigh answers. "Anyway, are you coming to the first practice tonight?"

Jane has been on the soccer team for years now, having even lead them to the national championships. She's also a substitute for the softball team, occasionally playing when they don't have enough players or when she has a weekend off.

"Of course, what else am I gonna do? You know me," Jane replies, dropping the subject of the new girl although she's really curious.

Ryleigh smiles and shakes her head before looking up at Jane again. They have arrived at their crossing, the place where they always split up. Jane goes left, lifting two fingers in the air as a way of saying goodbye to Ryleigh, who goes right.


When Jane knocks on the front door of her house, it takes a full minute for it to open. Frankie, one of her younger brothers, opens it for her.

"Hey," he says, stepping back to give her the space to come inside. "Sorry, forgot my keys," Jane says and closes the door behind her. When she looks at her younger brother, she notices something in his eyes that makes her uncomfortable straight away and she grabs his shoulder to stop him from walking back into the house. They stand like that for a second, face to face, not saying anything.

"Dad?" Jane shouts suddenly, letting go of her younger brother and walking towards the living room. The sight that greets her makes her blood boil.

Her father is laying on the couch, asleep. At least a dozen beer bottles are by his side, his feet are up on the couch and he's wearing old, dirty clothes. He was supposed to go to work today, but judging by his current state of inebriation he definitely didn't do any of that today.

"Hey!" Jane says, voice still raised. She shakes her father's shoulder, trying to get him to wake up. She feels Frankie stand behind her and she turns around, nodding her head towards the stairs. He understands, and not even five seconds later she hears his bedroom door close.

"Whatisit?" The figure on the couch slowly sits up. "You need something?"

Jane stands in front of her father, and a flash of anger crosses her face. "Yes! Everyone's back in school, mom's at work, and you're laying on the couch doing nothing! You're supposed to be working!"

"Shut up," her father says angrily. "I canceled my jobs for today, okay? I'm not feeling well."

"Yeah, because you just downed twelve bottles of alcohol," Jane spits, not caring about the consequences this might have.

"Be careful, young lady. I'm your father," he says, and the tone of his voice makes Jane step back and put her hands up. "Alright, alright. If you want to sit around here and continue being an alcoholic, fine," she says, making sure to get the hell out of the living room before he starts shouting.

Once she's safely in her room, she throws her backpack in the corner before silently walking out again and knocking on Frankie's door. He shares a room with their brother Tommy, the youngest of them. He opens the door slowly, eyes wide. He heard the yelling downstairs and made sure to safely stay in his room.

"Hey man. Let me in," Jane says, working to keep the anger out of her voice. He complies and she enters her little brother's room. It's a mess on Tommy's side, piles of clothes and books make the space seem even smaller than it is. Frankie's desk is, in contrast, neat and clean, and everything seems to be in its place. Jane sits down on Frankie's bed, patting the covers next to her as a sign for him to sit down.

"How was your first day? I didn't even see you around," She says. Frankie is a freshman now and he goes to her school. Tommy's a little younger, he still goes to Junior High, which is in a different building.

"It was fine. I met a guy named James, he's in almost all of my classes and he's really nice," Frankie replies. Jane manages a smile, still not completely focusing on what her little brother is saying. Frankie waits patiently for Jane to say something, but when she takes too long, he decided to ask if Jane wants to play soccer with him.

"I've got practice tonight, 's that okay? We can go out to play together tomorrow or something," Jane says. Frankie nods, knowing that this is not only an agreement to playing tomorrow but also to Jane leaving him in the house with his father tonight. Tommy will be home too, and Jane desperately wishes that her mother doesn't come home early. Her mother and father in one room can only lead to one thing: fights.

"If you need help with anything, homework or something, I'm here," Jane says, before getting up and walking towards the door.

Frankie's "Thanks, Jane" reaches her ears just before she closes the door.



The next day in between first and second period, Jane hears people shouting in the hallway. They always are, definitely the freshmen, but somehow this sounds different. She rounds the corner and sees a group of girls, the "queens" as they call themselves, stand around a small blonde girl. She hears them tease her and wonders why nobody intervenes. She slowly approaches them, listening carefully to what they're saying.

"So you're new here, huh? Little miss high class from Paris?" That's Claire, the most annoying girl of them all. She's in Jane's Spanish class and has managed to annoy every single teacher in the school.

"Technically, I'm from New York, but," the blonde starts, but is interrupted by one of the other girls.

"Technically," one of them repeats, "oh my god. Can you speak like a normal person?"

The blonde girl wants to say something, but seems to think better of it. She lowers her eyes and that's when Jane notices the books the blonde is holding close to her chest. She can already see what's about to happen. She quickens her pace and just manages to grab Claire's arm before she pushes the books out of Maura's hands.

"I wouldn't do that, Claire," Jane's tone is threatening.

"Oh look, it's Rizzoli. Why does blue collar folk like you stand up for little miss high class?" Claire spits, trying to push Jane's arm away, but the brunette is too strong.

"I wouldn't do that, Claire," Jane repeats, pinching Claire's arm hard before letting go. "Now fuck off and go bully some of your own kind."

The girls look at Jane with so much hatred, she's sure that they won't just leave that easily. Surprisingly, they do, and Jane turns around to face the smaller girl she just stood up for. "What's your name?" she asks, looking into the girl's eyes.

"I'm … I'm Maura," the blonde girl replies. It takes a few seconds before Jane recognizes the name, but when she does, she just about manages not to gasp. Ryleigh didn't lie, the girl is really pretty.

"Oh, you're Maura! My friend told me about you," Jane says. The blonde looks up at her, eyes wide and unbelieving. Before Maura can say anything, Jane continues. "I bet you were going to dump your books. What color's your locker?"

The vicious look that's still visible in the brunette's eyes scares Maura a little. But hey, this girl just stood up for her, something she didn't have to do. Still, Maura doesn't completely trust her, and expects the brunette to walk away any second and leave her on her own again. After all, that's what most people do.

"Purple," she answers hesitantly, "463. And I don't "dump" my books." Her eyes immediately go wide, as if she just said something wrong. Jane decides to not comment on it, and continues their conversation. "We're almost next to each other. I'm purple, 469. Come with me, I'll lead the way."

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