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The summer after graduation, Jane and Maura spent nearly every day together. It felt great to finally have all the time in the world, with a seemingly endless holiday in front of them. The brunette got into the Academy after successfully passing every test, and Angela wanted to throw a party, although she was worried sick about her daughter becoming a police officer. Frost made it into the Academy as well, and Maura remembers her girlfriend being so proud of him. They all celebrated together.

Their studies started in September, and Jane and Maura would only see each other on the weekends. Jane shared a dorm at the Academy, Maura slept in a private room at Boston University.
It was hard, going from seeing each other and sleeping together every day, to seeing each other only twice a week. But they also couldn't be happier, because the both of them were now finally doing what they wanted to do all along. Jane ranked first on nearly all the tests at the Academy, and Maura still scored perfect A's, despite the fact that she did all advanced classes.

At the end of their first year at the Academy and BU, Audrey called them to let them know she dropped out of college. She wasn't able to handle the pressure of having to be the best, and her soccer coach was terrible. She told them she'd be going to California, because she'd applied for a job as a copywriter for women's sports magazines. They all supported her in her decision.

When Frankie graduated, two years after Jane, he told them he would be going to the Academy, following his sister's career path. He casually dropped it at a Sunday dinner, and all hell broke loose.

"I got accepted into the Academy."

Frankie's confession makes everyone at the dinner table go silent. Jane's mouth falls open in shock, not having heard about this, and she looks at their mother.

"You WHAT?" Angela yells. "Are you INSANE?"

Jane puts her hand on her mother's arm. "Ma, come on."

But Angela pulls away. "No! How am I ever supposed to sleep? Now I have two children putting themselves in the line of fire every day! Frankie, don't do this to me. First your sister, now you. Is there nothing else-"

"MA!" Frankie's voice is loud in their small kitchen. He never yells, and everyone looks at him, shocked. "Why can't you just support my decision? Why is everything always about YOU? How you can't sleep at night, how you worry too much, it's always you. Can't you ever think about what I want?"

"Frankie," Jane tries this time, because their mother can't seem to respond. "Let's just calm down."

Her little brother doesn't get the chance to answer, because Tommy angrily pushes his chair backwards and gets up. "When I'm finally not the one screwing up this family dinner, you decide to start," he says to Frankie before leaving the room, slamming the door behind him.

Jane looks at Frankie sympathetically, although she slightly agrees with Tommy. It hadn't been the best idea to drop this during Sunday dinner.

"Let's discuss this another time, okay?" she suggests, both to her mother and Frankie. They both nod, although Angela doesn't look at her son.

They finished dinner in silence.

Frankie went to the Academy anyway, despite the still frequent protests of his mother. Jane supported him through everything, and although she was incredibly proud of him, she was a bit scared as well. She would never admit it, but being a cop has been harder than she anticipated. She wouldn't care if something were to happen to her, but she'd rather die than see Frankie get hurt.

She didn't tell him. One person constantly worrying and complaining about them being cops was enough.



Jane and Maura broke up for a while, after a particularly big fight. It happened four years after they graduated, when both girls were still busy with their studies. Their weekends together were spent in a small flat, which Maura bought for the both of them so they could really be together when they weren't studying. The brunette still slept at the Academy from Monday to Friday, and the blonde at BU. But their arguments and fights became more and more frequent, and that last fight meant the end of their relationship. Neither one of them thought things would be okay between them ever again.

"Jane, go to sleep."

The blonde turns around in their bed, switching off the brunette's night light.

"Maura!" the brunette says, switching the light back on again. "You know how important this exam is to me. Just five more minutes."

"That's what you said half an hour ago, Jane," the blonde huffs, annoyed. "It's three AM. Tomorrow, or today actually, is Monday, and I have a shift at seven."

The brunette sighs, pushing back the covers before getting out of bed. "Fine. You get your precious sleep. I'm going to study."

Maura rubs in her eyes, sitting up sleepily. "Jane, come on. Don't be like this."

The brunette gets up and walks towards the door, throwing up her hands in frustration. "Leave it."

"Jane." The blonde heaves herself out of bed, following her girlfriend into their living room. "You're too stressed. It's going to be fine."

"Of course I'm fucking stressed!" Jane yells, not bothering to control her emotions. "This is my last test. If I fail, I'm finished. Then I've wasted four years of hard work."

"How could you possibly fail if you ranked first on nearly all tests?" Maura counters, agitated. She's exhausted and wants to go to sleep. Now.

"Just go to bed, Maura. You wanted to sleep, so sleep."

Maura sighs excessively, rubbing her temples. She doesn't want this any longer, and what comes out is "I really don't see the point in trying anymore, Jane."


Jane searches her girlfriend's eyes, trying to confirm if she heard this right, but Maura doesn't look at her. The brunette tries to stop her hands from trembling before she asks the next question.

"What do you mean?"

Maura swallows, trying to ignore the pain in her chest. Is it possible to feel physical pain at the thought of leaving Jane? "I mean," she says, deliberately avoiding Jane's eyes. "That maybe we should just break up. I think it'd be better for the both of us."

Jane staggers backwards, the confession nearly sweeping her off her feet. She knows they have been fighting more often, but she didn't know Maura felt this way. Of course Jane hates fighting with her girlfriend, but she hasn't thought of breaking up. Maura is her everything.

"The thing is, you will be fine on your own," the blonde states. "Nothing ever seems to bother you. No matter what I say, you don't seem to care. It's like I'm nothing to you!"

The brunette finally finds her voice, although tomorrow she might wish she hadn't.

"That's what you think?" she spits, infuriated. "You think I'm some kind of arrogant, selfish person who doesn't care about anything at all? You think I don't love you so much that I'd have no idea what to do if you're not here?"

Maura takes a step back, surprised by this sudden outburst. "No, that's not .." she starts, but finds that she forgot what she was going to say. She's at war with herself, wanting to keep Jane but also stop their fights.

The brunette takes her silence as an agreement, which is definitely not what the blonde wants.

"Gee, thanks!" Jane replies sarcastically, turning away from Maura to run her hand through her dark brown curls. "God, Maura, if you'd just told me …"

"If I had just told you?" the blonde yells, frustration taking over once again. "I've been telling you for weeks, Jane. You're just not listening!"

The brunette feels terrified, but because she's Jane, she leans towards anger very quickly. She turns back to face Maura, the look on her girlfriend's face tugging at her heartstrings.

"So now I'm an arrogant, selfish person who doesn't listen to you? Good to know. I'm glad you're so fucking perfect then," Jane spits back.

"At least I pretend to care about the people around me!"

The moment the words leave her mouth, Maura knows they're the wrong ones. She knows that the brunette cares about her family, and about her, most of all. This is definitely not how she wanted this to go.

"Jane, that's not what I meant," the blonde tries. "I just-"

"Don't worry," the brunette cuts in. "I'll be out by tomorrow evening."

Maura wants to cry. She looks into wide brown eyes, which look terrified and furious at the same time.


They managed to not see each other for nearly ten months. Maura sold their flat and bought her own house while Jane lived with Frost, both trying to move on. The brunette took on every undercover operation she could, and Maura was incredibly busy with Medical School. On Jane's birthday, the blonde had considered calling her, but she stood with the phone in her hand for ten minutes before she realised she couldn't do it.

So they didn't see each other at all, and Angela kept asking her daughter what had happened. Jane only told her that they fought, nothing more and nothing less. She was determined to act like everything was fine, just like Maura was doing. The blonde kept studying and working hard, pretending she wasn't hurting. But then, on a cold December evening, there was a knock on Maura's door.


The blonde feels her heart leap for a short second when she looks at the person standing on her porch. It's pouring outside, and the brunette who's standing there is absolutely soaked, raindrops falling from her clothes onto Maura's door mat. Her dark brown hair is clinging to her face and her mascara is all gone.

Still, the blonde cannot remember seeing anyone more beautiful.

They observe each other for a while, needing some time to simply look after not having seen each other for so long.

"Pop died," Jane says out of the blue, looking down at her feet. "Alcohol poisoning."

Maura doesn't answer, not sure what to say. She wants to look at Jane's face, but strands of wet hair are hiding her expression.

"It happened two weeks ago. Tommy's heartbroken. I can't help but feel so conflicted about all of this, and …" Jane looks up, her own tears mingling with the raindrops on her cheeks. "I didn't know where to go, or who to talk to, and I just ..- I miss you so much, Maura."

The blonde isn't sure what or how to answer. She looks into dark brown eyes, realising that her love for Jane hasn't faded at all. She could pretend when she didn't see the brunette, but now Jane's back and standing in front of her, the feelings come back full force.

When Jane hesitantly moves closer, she realizes that she has opened her arms, and the brunette carefully steps into them, immediately burying her face in Maura's neck. Her wet clothes soak Maura's instantly, but neither one of them cares.

"Jane," the blonde mumbles. "Oh, honey."

Now the both of them are crying, entwined on Maura's door mat, after ten months of not seeing each other. They feel their instant connection, still there after such a long time.

They never stopped loving each other.


The brunette had stayed the night, sleeping next to Maura in her king-size bed. They didn't kiss, they didn't talk. They were simply together, holding each other tightly.

When Jane woke up the next morning, it took her a few seconds to realize she wasn't laying on Frost's spare mattress in his guest room. The scent in this room was so familiar, so … Maura. She sat up immediately, confirming if what she thought was true.

It was.

She was in Maura's master bedroom, and the blonde wasn't laying next to her. When Jane put her hand on the mattress next to her, it was cold, as if Maura hadn't slept here at all. But from her memory she knew that the blonde did, and she scanned the room, looking for some kind of note.

There had been a white piece of paper laying on Maura's nightstand. The brunette didn't get out of bed, but crawled over to the blonde's side of the bed to pick up the folded piece of paper.

It was only when she had already read the first two sentences that she realized it wasn't meant for her. At least, not then.


Please come back.

I told you things I didn't mean. The words came out wrong, like they usually do when I'm around you. You distract me, with your beautiful eyes and courageous smile and simple t-shirts that somehow look so good on you. I never wanted to lose you like I did. It feels too late, writing this now, seven months after you left. After I asked you to leave me. God, please know I never wanted you to.

It was a letter. A letter that was meant for her, but Maura never actually sent. Jane took a breath, debating whether to continue reading or not. She found she simply had to. She needed to know.

I told you that you'd be fine on your own. What I really meant was that you don't need me to be fine, not like I need you. You've taught me so many things about life and somehow I can't seem to give anything back to you for that.

You would be fine because I thought you could easily leave me, which is exactly what you did. I know I asked you to, but you did immediately and without further questions. I hoped you would stay, which is irrational, because you always do things I ask. Another thing that proves how much you loved me. Do you still love me?

A teardrop had fallen onto the paper, and the brunette quickly tried to dry it. She hadn't realized she was crying, and she quickly folded the paper, putting it back on the nightstand. It was then that Maura entered the room, wearing a simple pair of jeans and a grey top. When she noticed that the brunette was crying, her expression immediately turned into one of concern.

"Jane! What's wrong? You're okay. You're in my house and-"

But the blonde couldn't continue, because the brunette had gotten up from the bed and wrapped Maura up in a forceful hug, leaving her unable to speak. Jane's tears had soaked her t-shirt once again, but she kept holding the brunette tightly. She couldn't help but notice how Jane and her still fit together perfectly.

"Maura." Jane's voice was hoarse, thick with emotion.


"I still love you. So much."

How many times had she dreamt of hearing those words again? She'd lost count.

"Jane." Tears were falling steadily from her cheeks now too, leaving little spots on the brunette's top. "Come back with me. Be with me. Please."

That's how, after ten long months, things were finally okay.



They got married five months ago, on the sixth of May, in a small chapel just outside of Boston. Jane didn't want to make something big out of it, although her mother clearly thought otherwise. After a lot of bickering and Frankie talking to his mother for hours, Angela had finally agreed.

Jane wore a white button up to their wedding, tucked into black trousers. Maura had tried coaxing her into a dress, but it didn't work. The brunette firmly stuck to her wish, although that didn't stop her from looking at Maura with wide eyes when the blonde emerged from the waiting room, wearing a dress in deep shade of red. The brunette had to work hard not to cry. She couldn't believe this was actually happening.

After the ceremony, they went to a restaurant just outside of Boston. They had rented the restaurant and the bar for the entire evening and night, so it would be just them and their families. Tommy, Frankie and Angela were there, and so was Maura's mother. Audrey came over from California, Frost arrived with his girlfriend Charlotte, and Jane had also decided on inviting the sergeant who guided her through her first three years on the force. His name is Korsak, and he's a sweet, old man with years and years of experience.

This had been the brunette's third year on the force, and although she didn't often tell Korsak, she appreciated having him around. He'd taught her important things, like how to tell if a suspect is lying, or how to not get too wrapped up in a case. The last thing had proved to be difficult for the brunette.

Who hadn't been at their wedding, was Jane's father.

The brunette first thought of him when she stood at the altar, looking at the small group of people she called family. It still felt weird to see Angela without her husband, although Jane knew they'd only be fighting if he had been here. The second time was when they were having dinner in the restaurant, and she zoned out for a bit. She thought of Frank, what it would have been like if he'd gotten better at being a dad. She thought of Ryleigh, because she couldn't help it. She wondered where her former best friend was and what she was up to.

Maura noticed Jane thinking, and put her hand on Jane's thigh to bring her back to reality without anyone noticing.

She leaned in to whisper in the brunette's ear. "What's wrong?"

"I just wish he'd gotten better so he could be here and see this," the brunette smiled sadly, clearly conflicted about how she was feeling. "But I also think it's better this way."

It didn't take more than a second for Maura to understand what Jane was talking about, and she entwined their hands. She didn't say that it was okay.

"Look around you, honey."

If the response surprised Jane, she didn't show it. She had looked up from their hands and glanced around, but nobody had noticed her looking, all of them too wrapped up in their own conversation.

"That's what I do when I miss my father. Do you see all these people? They're still here and still with you. And they can give you so much more than Frank could ever have."

"He didn't always mean to hurt us," Jane replied softly. "Although, most of the time …"

"I know," Maura said. "But he was addicted. That's a mental disorder. It wasn't always his fault, but I agree with you when you say it's better this way."

Jane looked into hazel eyes, ever so understanding.

"I love you."

Before Maura had gotten the chance to reply, the music got turned up all the way, and Frost had yelled "Time to dance, everyone! I don't care if you can't or won't dance, this is a Rizzoli-Isles party, and we're dancing!"

Everyone laughed and got up, although some of them were clearly less thrilled than others. But they all got up, and Jane saw Tommy push their mother onto the dance floor. She smiled at that and let Maura pull her up from her chair, dragging her onto the dance floor. Much to Maura's surprise, Constance had joined them as well, loudly singing along to the music.

Jane looked into her wife's eyes once again, seeing them sparkle with happiness.

"Come on, Jay. Sing," Maura pushed, smiling widely. Jane pretended to huff, but joins them all in the chorus, immediately followed by Audrey.

"I'm walking on sunshine, who-owwww!"
"I'm walking on sunshine, who-owww!"
"I'm walking on sunshine, who-o-oww!"
"And don't it feel good? Yeah!"

At the end of the evening, Jane and Maura were the only ones left on the dance floor of the restaurant. Everyone had gone to sit down, or had already (well, it was three AM) gone home.

Jane pulled her girlfriend — no, wife — closer, hands resting in the small of Maura's back. "Hey."

"Hi," Maura replied, smiling softly. "We didn't wear traditional wedding clothes today, did we?" the blonde mumbled, looking into brown eyes.

"Traditional?" Jane responded. "We're Rizzoli-Isles' now. Classy, but comfortable."

Maura laughed. "I love you."

"Is that so, doctor?" Jane replied, leaning in to press a kiss to Maura's neck.

The blonde shivered, her arms tightening around her wife.

"Without a doubt."

She leaned in to kiss Jane, because the brunette looked so gorgeous and peaceful and hers.

They parted because someone tapped on Jane's shoulder. It was Frankie, telling them that they were going home.

Jane hugged her little brother tightly, not letting him go for about a minute, until Frankie desperately tried to get out of his sister's grip by tickling her. The brunette pulled back with a grin, but a bone-crushing hug from Angela prevented her from saying anything to Frankie.

Although everyone had gone, Jane and Maura stayed a bit longer, swaying to the music while exchanging gentle kisses.

Finally, at four fifteen, they decided to wrap things up, and called the bar owner to tell him they were leaving. He wished them lots of luck in their life, and the brunette teared up, so Maura had to finish the call. She grabbed their coats from the rack and texted her mother to let her know they were going to the hotel where they'd booked a room in advance, because they knew it'd get this late.

When they were sure they hadn't forgotten anything, they left the bar, holding hands. The hotel was a fifteen minute walk, and although Jane loved the city, she had to admit that this was nice as well. In Boston, the streets were never empty, but here was nobody to be seen.

There had been a full moon outside, resulting in a soft glow on their faces.

"Will we always be together, Maura?" the brunette had asked, real and genuine and, if Maura read it right, a little bit scared.

She didn't hesitate.

"Always. I promise."

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