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Chapter 1: Success

Skye lived in a badly maintained house. She was busy flipping through reports trying to make sense of what was happening. So many mammals were missing just disappearing without a trace. Her partner Jack Savage was away on a mission of vital importance with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, that's all she knew. No one would tell her anything else, what she tried to find out herself hadn't been successful.

Ever since her partner went on a secret mission, she was stuck with endless paperwork. Her job was to make connections between the missing mammals trying to find a pattern. Months without success, she started taking her work home. She started placing maps on the walls, each new idea required a new map, a new way to look at the problem anew.

She did call Jack Savage from time to time. His voice soothed her and kept her going, giving her hope that everything might still turn out alright. He gave her ideas on what to look for whenever she thought all hope vanished. He didn't pick up the two previous calls.

Without his guidance, she worked even harder trying to find a pattern that still eluded her grasp. They found no one missing yet despite the extensive resources Zootopia was pouring in on the effort. Not even a body.

She drew many lines connecting the mammals to each other, any pattern, sequence, anything she would find it. There must be a pattern somewhere. Mammals simply just don't vanish without a trace. Every new idea became another picture on the wall. Each idea led to yet another dead-end.

She knew that many of the pictures were of Judy's family, that young rising police officer with so much potential. By her recollection, Judy had a hundred and fifty siblings yet there was over images of two-hundred rabbits on the wall. Who were the other fifty? What were the names? She didn't know.

She knew them once, she drew lines connecting those images. They had something in common, something in relation to one another but who were they? Her house became a mess. She didn't clean or maintain the house anymore, just spent her every waking moment dedicated to this one pursuit.

One more connection, one more obscure fact uncovered. Laura and Megan were at the mall alone, eight years ago. Why did it matter? She didn't know, it was simply one more connection. She drew a line connecting both Hopps' siblings. She hoped in vain to find something connecting everything.

Someone opened the door to her house. Before she could even turn around to look at who was there. She saw her partner, the striped rabbit Jack Savage. He said, "Judy Hopps agreed to the wedding. It will be held tomorrow!"

That came as a shock to her, it was the last thing she expected to hear. She and Jack were partners, Judy was with Nick. It had been three months since she last saw Jack. ""Wedding?" she said. She studied Jack, he was extremely happy. Well rested, as if nothing was even amiss. Her own disheveled appearance contrasted Jack's pleasant mood. "I didn't even know you two were dating. What about us? I thought we had something."

"She finally said yes. My dream finally came true."

"What about Nick? I thought she and him were involved. Also, what do you mean by finally? You never asked to my knowledge. I didn't even know you loved her."

"Let's not talk about him, shall we?"

Jack was acting strangely. It was as if he didn't even care what she was going through. He was also dodging every question she had. "Jack, what happened? You, Judy and Nick, went on a mission together for three months. Now, you come into my house late at night, to tell me that you and Judy are getting married. What happened Jack? What happened on that mission?" Skye questioned. "The ZIA director would only say it's classified. He wouldn't tell me anything!"

She desperately wanted answers. She also felt extreme relief that he finally returned. Maybe, they would be able to find something, she would be happy if they found a corpse. It would be better than nothing at all. Jack didn't answer one question, she simply asked another, hoping for a response to something.

Jack said, "Skye, I'm sorry. I can't let you ruin this dream."

Confusion and betrayal filled her thoughts. She thought Jack's presence would fix everything. "Why Jack? Why?" she said before her consciousness gave out.

He couldn't allow her to live given her resourcefulness. It was all or nothing. He made sure she was dead from asphyxiation. There was no coming back from this at all. He killed his best friend for a better chance to obtain what he so desperately wanted.

She would probably interrupt the ceremony or find out what happened to the others. He couldn't allow that to happen. It took a lot of work for Judy to finally agree, he couldn't waste the chance since she finally said yes.

Skye was simply an obstacle to overcome. He entered Skye's bedroom one more time. Her room contained multiple pictures of him and her pristinely preserved over the years. All of them were from different missions they worked on together. He shed a tear at the memories they shared.

She was too skilled, she also loved him. That was why he had to kill her, so she couldn't interfere with his plans. Mammals were irrational in a sense that trying to control them wasn't of much use. He learned that over the years. She was simply a risk that had to be taken out of the equation.

Enough with lingering in the past. He put her corpse into his car. He drove to one of their private sites where they'd dump mammals that needed to disappear. No one checked these sites because the ZPD wanted to remain ignorant while the city council subtly approved. No one would know that the deed had been done. He tossed her corpse away. Her corpse joined many criminals, dictators, would-be leaders of corrupt organizations. Peace was only an illusion, one the ZIA worked tirelessly to uphold.

He drove back to his home constantly wondering if tomorrow would turn out just as he had planned. It was a grand scheme that would finally come to fruition. All he needed was one more day to go perfectly. He went over the checklist to see if there was anything else he could do to increase the chances of success.

Now, all he had to do was wait for tomorrow to come.

Jack Savage walked towards the altar holding Judy's paw. He was wearing a charming black tuxedo suit. Judy wore the most dashing white gown possible. The entire chapel was silent as they watched the two rabbits walk towards the altar.

Jack Savage observed who showed up for the ceremony. Her family was missing, so was Nick Wilde. Jack knew that Judy loved Nick Wilde, he was her partner. They've been together for many years. Did it matter that Nick was missing? He pondered.

Does the past matter even as they were about to be wed? He finally had what he wanted, what he desired that was always out of reach. After many attempts, he finally succeeded and Judy Hopps was his. She didn't seem to care, and he certainly didn't.

The chapel contained multiple anti-interspecies groups, that he had worked against in the past. It was strange he supposed but it didn't matter. The ZPD was there to keep the peace. Chief Bogo even decided to preside over the ceremony himself. They marched towards the imposing buffalo.

Chief Bogo instructed them to speak their vows. That event passed without anything going wrong.

Jack said, "I do." All he had to do now was wait for her to do the same. Those two words Jack so desperately wanted to hear as he beheld her dashing violet eyes. She was smiling and so was he. A moment felt like an eternity as he waited for those two words.

He began having second thoughts about this day because of her extremely long pause. Was she going to reject him once more? "I do," Judy said.

Chief Bogo grunted, "You may now kiss the bridge."

It took all of Jack's resolve not to panic. Was his perfect day going to ruined by just one word? He decided he would act as if nothing went wrong. He prayed that Judy would do the same. He moved to kiss Judy. She had the same idea as him. She too chose to ignore Bogo's error acting as if it wasn't even there.

As his dream slowly came true and he thought nothing could dampen his spirits. The chapel was clapping as they kissed and officially became a couple.

It was there as subtle as it was, a small tear droplet escaped her eyes as she kissed him. He knew from experience that it wasn't a tear of joy or happiness. Even as everyone attended clapped, he saw her struggling to maintain her smile. She was finally his mate, but she wasn't truly happy, and that wasn't good enough.

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