Loonatics: United

Episode I: New Routine

"Acmetropolis had suffered several attacks throughout the years, but none like the Hijackers, a parasitic threat that originated from ignorance and fear, worm-like machines capable of taking over any weaponized things like vehicles, laser cannons or…" Tech E. Coyote was interrupted by Duck.

"Oh great! Your diaries again, are you, like, a failed horror b-movie narrator or something?" Duck said.

Tech sighed. "I was just about to tell how amazingly we took down those monsters." He put down his pen shaped recorder. "We must document this kind of stuff for future generations."

Duck chuckled. "More history lessons to study? Man you really want them to suffer."

"There is nothing wrong with a little knowledge Duck, but in your case I understand it." Tech said.

"What was that?" Duck asked angrily.

"Nothing, Einstein." Tech stood up from the couch he was sitting on and headed to the HQ's kitchen.

Duck followed him. "Don't you dare ignore me! You have just insulted me, haven't you? Or maybe you think I'm smart, do you?"

"Just drop it, Duck." Tech said while grabbing his metallic mug from the other side of the kitchen's bar with his magnetic powers, then he took a brown pill from a container and threw it gently into the mug, then in a few seconds the pill turned into coffee.

"Where is Ace?" Duck asked.

"He is looking for more hijackers on the computer." Tech took a sip from his coffee.

"And unfortunately for you guys, I found plenty of them, so you know what to do." Ace had arrived to the kitchen.

Duck growled. "Ten months ago we were fighting against killer machines, and now we are just doing the clean up!"

"It's what happens when there are literally no more mad people with powers, because they are all gone." Ace said. "Our home is a deadly dumpster now, but there are people still living here, the ones who couldn't just pack their stuff and go to another planet, like it or not, this is now our mission, since we were abandoned."

Tech sighed. "Things really changed a lot, but he is right, Duck."

Duck nodded. "Yeah, I just miss the old times."

"All of us." Lexi joined the conversation along with Rev Runner.

"We miss running the fastest we can to stop crazy bad guys who only want to destroy everything that stands in their way just because something like an old vendetta and a weird meteor gave them enough motivation to be evil, but our main goal was always to protect the people and that's exactly what we are doing." Rev said.

Slam had arrived and just crossed his arms and grunted with approval.

"Lexi, Slam, I need you to search in the downtown, my computer wasn't able to track that location, Rev, explore the whole city again." Ace commanded.

"And what will you do, boss?" Duck asked.

"I…I need to figure out some, things." Ace answered. "Go."

Duck chuckled. "And I'm the lazy one." He left with Tech.

"I'll catch up with you in a moment Slam." Lexi said.

Slam nodded and went to the elevator.

Ace sat down on the kitchen's table. "Here we go again."

Lexi sighed and sat down next to him, then she put her hand on his shoulder. "It's been weeks since you last got out of this building, what's wrong?"

Ace looked at her. "It's…" He preferred to remain silent.

Lexi got closer to him. "Do you trust me?"

Ace nodded and chuckled. "Always."

"So, tell me, what's wrong?" Lexi asked.

"I am afraid." Ace said.

Lexi sighed. "I have told you this a million times, what happened was not your fault, it just, happened."

"Tell that to the thousands of lives that were lost that day, Lexi, I always thought we were capable of protecting them all, to do the impossible, but I was all wrong." Ace said.

"You are right, we can't do the impossible I mean who can, but still, we can do all the possible to become better every day." Lexi stood up after kissing Ace briefly. "This conversation isn't over yet." Lexi walked away and got on the elevator.

"Hurray." Ace said, already alone.

Tech and Duck were checking the surroundings of the building; the coyote was scanning the place with a special artifact. "And again, no more hijackers."

"I don't know, maybe you'll get lucky today." Duck said while moving some rubble with his hands.

Tech turned around to face him. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh don't you think I don't remember when Ace ordered you not to adopt a hijacker." Duck answered.

Tech grunted. "It could be very useful!"

"Maybe back in the day but now we are just a prevention team, there are no more threats here." Duck said.

"In the planet maybe, but the outside, man that really creeps me out." Tech replied, then his device began to beep. "Duck, move slowly and don't make any noise."

"What? Oh is below me, is below me Tech?! Kill it! Kill it now!" Duck teleported next to him. "Meh I was overreacting."

"Stop talking." Tech pointed his device towards the metallic, tire sized worm that came out from the rubble and shot a green ray to it, making the worm to shut down.

"How is it called? The worm-killer?" Duck asked. "Can I have one?"

Tech ignored him and walked towards the hijacker, he took out a small, spherical device and squashed it on his hand, then it grew into a holographic, transparent bag, he took the worm and put it inside of it.

Duck walked towards him. "Ace is going to kill you if he…"

"If he finds out." Tech looked at Duck menacingly. "Am I clear enough?"

Duck nodded. "Just don't blame me when you unleash the second world's end."

Rev was running at full speed through all the city, glancing rapidly at every single corner in the search of hijackers. "Nope, nope, nope…" He repeatedly said at each place he checked. "Wait." He suddenly stopped in a hill nearby a group of soldiers that were following a male gray wolf who seemed to be their leader, Rev ran cautiously to get nearer to them, then he managed to hear some words from the wolf.

"Start searching boys, those worms won't get out by themselves." The wolf pointed towards the horizon and the soldiers began to search all over the place, Rev gasped and ran away quickly.

Meanwhile, Slam was throwing destroyed cars and rubble while Lexi was walking slowly next to the street trying to hear anything that could lead them to more worms. "Nothing yet Slam?" She yelled.

Slam growled in a negative tone, then he finished searching.

Lexi sighed and came back with Slam. "Okay big guy, let's return to the tower, like always."

Ace was looking through the window at his destroyed home world, thinking about his greatest battles and smirking while doing so, but then almost instantly returning to reality. "I'm so sorry." He placed his hand over the glass, like if he was holding the far city.

Lexi and Slam returned to the HQ, Slam went directly to his bedroom, and Lexi went with Ace. "Don't you prefer watching, like, actual TV?" Lexi asked.

Ace chuckled. "You know there are no more channels working, but this view, is something I have to deal with every day."

Lexi hugged him suddenly. "It's okay."

"Uhm, what is this?" Ace asked with confusion.

"You needed this." Lexi answered.

Ace smiled and hugged her back. "You know what?, I am starting to feel better already."

Lexi broke the hug and placed her hand on Ace's cheek. "Like if I don't know you."

Rev interrupted them after he had arrived unnoticedly. "Ace I found a weird group of soldier wannabes talking about doing the same thing we do every day every night and that is of course looking for those crazy hijacker worms whatever and they looked very suspicious to me like evil suspicious."

Ace scratched his chin and began to think. "Soldier wannabes? That doesn't sound good, like, at all." He said.

The elevator door opened, and Tech walked quickly towards his room. "Nothing again boss, normal day with absolutely no surprises!"

Duck followed him. "Yeah and he is not breaking any specific rule at all so don't worry!" Duck winked at Tech and gave him a thumbs up.

Tech growled at him and shook his head, then he slammed the door of his bedroom.

Duck just walked away from the door and headed to the living room where the others where talking.

Ace sighed. "It's obvious they are hiding something, but now we have more important things to attend, Rev, have you localized this guys?"

"Oh! Didn't think about it." Rev concentrated to use his global positioning powers, after a few seconds he managed to find something. "They are on the abandoned baseball stadium and there are lots of them."

Ace nodded. "New mission Loonatics, it looks like these new guys are going to be interviewed."

"A friendly interview or a tough one." Duck said while thundering his fingers.

"That's up to them." Ace said.