Chapter 25: Professor Regulus Black – Part 2

Amelia Bones was shocked at the sudden coming of requests for records of Azkaban inmates from Hogwarts students. She could understand Nymphadora Tonks requesting records of Sirius Black's case since he's her mother's cousin but not the others. Having an idea of what's going on, she went to Hogwarts. "Amelia, what can I do for you?" The Headmaster asked.

Amelia then showed a list of names. "Are all of these people Muggle Studies students?"

Dumbledore read the list. "Yes, Amelia. I assume it's about Regulus assigning the students to pick Azkaban inmates and check if their choices would be metaphorically considered witch hunt victims. Don't worry about Nymphadora. She was forced to pick Sirius Black but understands his guilt is obvious."

"I'm no longer certain of that, Headmaster." She replied. "Why didn't you tell me my predecessor didn't allow Black a trial? What if he's innocent?"

"There's no way he could be innocent, Amelia!" Dumbledore exclaimed. "That's why he was denied a trial."

"The law is clear, Headmaster." Amelia replied. "I'm surprised Andromeda Tonks never protested. She was supposed to be his barrister and very good at it."

"She understands his guilt is obvious albeit it seemed she didn't know about Black betraying the Potters." Dumbledore explained.

They were then informed that Andromeda wanted to see the Headmaster.

Days later, Sirius Black received a visitor. "Sirius Orion Black, it recently became knowledge of Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, that you didn't receive a trial. She, against advice from those who understand your guilt is obvious, decided to 'rectify' that." A guard said.

"I want a trial with Veritaserum." Sirius demanded.

"Because of all the time you spent with the dementors, a Mind Healer must confirm your metal competency before considering your request, Black." The guard informed Sirius.


"You should thank your brother for your chance to cheat justice." The guard commented.

One healing session later, Sirius was introduced to his barrister. "Regulus? What about Andromeda?"

"Based on her refusal to do anything for years in spite of being your solicitor made Director Bones declare her unqualified and I took over." Regulus explained. "Do you still want to answer questions under Veritaserum?"

"Yes." Sirius answered. "But how did you get me a trial in the first place?"

Regulus then explained his newfound teaching career. "And would muggles really compare me to a witch hunt victim?"

"Yes, Sirius." Regulus answered. "Are you thinking about your godson's muggle relatives? They're probably teaching him to believe the trial is a good idea. Assuming they even know about you."

"Or that Harry's still with them." Sirius suggested.

"If someone took him from them, it's still a secret." Regulus commented.

Sirius was eventually tried and acquitted. Dumbledore requested a meeting with him and Regulus. "Sirius, I understand you'll want to see your godson but it's important that he remains with his muggle relatives."

"They won't mind the occasional visit, brother." Regulus commented. "Vernon and Petunia never bought into the biased notion that you're guilty."

Dumbledore couldn't tell what shocked him the most: that the Dursleys knew of Sirius Black or that Regulus knew of them. "Then how come I never heard of that before?"

"Because they were afraid you and Crouch would memory-charm them into forgetting everything so Harry wouldn't be taught to defend my brother, Headmaster." Regulus explained.

"Did they really think me capable of that, Regulus?" Dumbledore asked in concern.

"Crouch sent Sirius to Azkaban without a trial and you condoned the decision, Headmaster." Regulus explained. "They feared the both of you had ulterior motives."

"Reggie, I understand you suspecting Crouch but why do you suspect Dumbledore?" Sirius asked.

"Dumbledore wanted to be the main magical influence on Harry." Regulus stated. "There's also the need to make Harry live with someone blood-related to his mother and the Headmaster might have feared you and your wife wouldn't understand it. Your daughter having been killed with her is what keeps Moody above him in my suspect list regarding her death."

"Regulus, there's something else you and your brother should know." Dumbledore uneasily said.


"How dare you fake her death?" Sirius asked. "Couldn't you just have Acquila live with Andromeda?"

"The law is clear on that matter, Sirius." Dumbledore explained.

"The law was also clear on the matter of a trial for my brother and yet…" Regulus argued. "Were you really pretending to have fallen for Pettigrew's trickery or were you biased against the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black?"

"I'm afraid the second option is more likely than I ever cared to admit." Dumbledore confessed.

They then picked up Acquila upon clearing things with the orphanage and Sirius then reintroduced himself to Harry. "I'm so glad you're finally free, Godfather." The Boy-Who-Lived commented.

"No need to be so formal with me, Harry." Sirius replied. "Just call me 'Uncle Sirius' or just 'Sirius'."

"Okay, 'just Sirius'."

"You have your father's sense of humor, Prongslet." Sirius replied and then explained the nickname.