For all the grief I have previously stated the forest or woods to be, that does not negate that it is the closest to actual cover to be found. Our room was totaled, the garden has had random people that I don't know in it, and I don't know the rest of the building, or how to get to a safe spot while others are fighting in it. The forest has trees to duck behind, or under if the roots leave holes, there are bushes to hide in, there are caves and Amon there to.

All perfectly logical.

I was not thinking this way at the time.

The first instinct I have when there is an explosion is to do a falling jump or, as this has shown, Panic. As in, fall to the ground and if you want extra space give it oomph or Run and try not to act like a chicken missing its head in a direction away from the source of noise. But I can't do either of these because Naruto. Naruto for a lot of reasons but the first is that he doesn't have such useful survival traits.

I say this because after understanding what was going on, and we had a bit of space, Naruto kept running toward the explosions (I say running but it's a rather generous term, better put trying to move at speed).
Not great for making distance.

But having to pay attention to him did restore my thoughts enough that I could with relative certainty say that in my panic I ran to the wrong part of the forest to get to Amon (Double check the map and everything). And I cant eve double back either. Why? Because I didn't get all the trees from before and there were people that had decided to follow and fight alongside the false trail they made with explosions (like the ones that totaled our room). I want to say I did that purposefully, but I was just tired, and it was dark. And there is now explosions between currently location and the dot that was Amon's Marker.

I was a bit miffed when I realized that.

So now I must keep running with a survival disadvantaged person while also being slow as all get out. Baby legs were not made to be used in a sprint. Note for the future.

At least they are focusing on the previous plant trail and not the current one. Sure, there's larger gaps but I am sure that if they tried they would notice. But they are preoccupied. And it's not too bright out yet.
So just Keep Moving, just keep moving… Why does that have a tune with it?
Moving on.

Just Keep Moving.

AN: the entire situation between explosions and dread boredom with random parades marking time is because of the saying that I have repeatedly come across when it comes to people talking about combat something like 'Ten months bored out of mind, one minute scared out of mind' or something like it, meaning you can go _ time and have nada happen, then blink and there are exploding notes everywhere. Originally this was also supposed to be longer but t he second bit is stuck between what I want, what it wants, and me making sure I don't twist it for author service.