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You Lied

Chapter 4

After the last class, Bulma sent both Chi Chi and Eighteen a text in their group chat.

The principal was able to find out what computer that the fabricated photos were made from and what room. We're going to be there while he checks a few last minute things. Meet us in there in five minutes.

She texted the boys and told them to meet her in the main office. Five minutes later, the principal led Bulma, Goku, Krillin, and Vegeta to the room.

"We should really start locking these doors after hours." The principal remarked.

"Yea, that would prevent things like this from happening." Goku responded as the principal opened the door.

Chi Chi was waiting for them in the room as Bulma instructed. Eighteen hadn't gotten there yet. The principal walked around to one of the computer stations and turned the computer on. He took a seat, sifting through the saved documents. It took a good ten minutes before he found what he was looking for. Soon enough, he had all three Photo-shop documents pulled up, and he printed a copy of each one out. Eighteen never arrived.

"Alright, we need to head back to my office." The principal told them.

"Okay. Krillin, text Eighteen and tell her to just meet us at the office." Bulma said to Krillin.

Krillin did as he was told, and the group headed back towards the office. This time, Eighteen was waiting for them in the office. The principal sat behind his desk as the students each took a seat.

"Okay, now we need to get a statement from you about what you know about this, Bulma." The principal said.

"I came to school one day, and Chi Chi and Eighteen showed me these pictures. I became upset, and after that Goku, Krillin, and Vegeta came and saw the pictures. When Yamcha got there, we all yelled at him and called him a cheater. But Vegeta later told me that they were actually fake, which is when I came to you. Earlier today, I asked Chi Chi where she got the pictures from and she told me that Eighteen had them and said she took them. I asked Eighteen and she said Chi Chi had them and said she took them." Bulma explained. "And then I sent each of them a text saying to meet us in the room where the false pictures were made."

The principal thought for a moment. "I'll need to confirm this by checking each of you girls' phones."

The three girls all handed the principal their phones, and he confirmed what Bulma had told him. He then handed them back their phones and sighed sadly.

"Bulma, I hate to inform you of this, but the person who did this..." He trailed off.

"Was Chi Chi, wasn't it?" Bulma finished for him.

"Huh?" Chi Chi gasped.

"Yes, I'm afraid so." The principal finished.

"What? Bulma, no! I would never! It must have been Eighteen! Like I said, she told me she took the photos. She was obviously the one who did this. Think about it, she didn't even show up at the room you told us to meet in!" Chi Chi tried to argue.

"She didn't show up because she didn't know where to go. I told you guys to meet me in the room where the false photos were made, but I never told her what room that was. In fact, I never told either of you what room it was, yet somehow you knew." Bulma countered.

Chi Chi looked down with worry, realizing she had been caught. All five students turned angry glares towards her.

"Chi Chi, tell me you didn't do this." Goku said with a disappointed tone. She had no reply.

"How could you?!" Bulma screamed at the person she thought was her friend. "How could you do this?"

"I- I just wanted you to be happy-" Chi Chi started but was cut off by Bulma.

"And what about Yamcha? Did he deserve to be treated the way he was because of you?" She seethed. "You told me you were my best friend and you would always be honest with me."

"But Bulma, I-"

"You lied!" Bulma screamed.

"Bulma, he would have never been any good for you. You were better off-"

"That wasn't your decision to make. It was Bulma's." Eighteen countered. Chi Chi sighed, then glared at Vegeta.

"You idiot! Why did you tell? Do you see what you did to me?" She started saying to Vegeta, who silently started at her, unsure of what to say.

"Stop it, Chi Chi! Vegeta told the truth. You're the one who did this! Don't blame him!" Goku defended.

This whole time Krillin had been silently seething. "So you tried to ruin Yamcha's reputation, ruin his friendships with all of us… just because you thought you knew what was best for Bulma better than she did?! And then you tried to blame my girlfriend for it?!" He raged. Eighteen had to put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

Chi Chi flinched from his angry tone. She had thought that they would forgive her easily. She thought they would give her credit for thinking she was helping. But as she frantically searched each of their eyes for any sign of mercy or forgiveness and found none, she was starting to realize just how much trouble she had gotten herself into.

"I hope you know what this means, Chi Chi. About us." Goku told her solemnly. "I can't trust you. And I can't forgive you. We are done."

Goku then walked away. The others began to follow suit. Chi Chi desperately tried to stop them. "Guys wait-"

"Shut up!" Eighteen yelled at her. "No one else here has anything to say to you."

The group dispersed then, each person still reeling at the discovery that it was Chi Chi who did this. They all needed time to cool off, especially Krillin. The next day, the principal met with them to tell them that Chi Chi had been suspended for five days, and that she was banned from any and all computer activities for the remainder of that school year, including computer courses. Krillin had been upset to learn that Eighteen hadn't been letting Yamcha talk to him, but he knew she meant well and such was her nature, so he didn't hold it against her. He was also still somewhat upset with Vegeta for not mentioning the photograph's lack of authentication, but since he came clean on his own, Krillin didn't hold that against him either.

Just one day after finding out what Chi Chi did, the group (minus Chi Chi of course) was back to normal. But there was one last thing they still needed to take care of.

- A few days later -

It was Saturday, and Yamcha had just gotten unpacked after arriving home from his trip and was on his way to Krillin's house. Krillin had called him and told him to go there and that they needed to talk. Yamcha was glad to have at least one person who still wanted to talk to him. He seriously missed hanging out with him and Goku. Even Vegeta would have been welcome company.

He knocked on the door, immediately afterwards being greeted by Krillin who ushered him inside.

"Surprise!" A loud chorus was heard as Goku, Vegeta, and even Bulma and Eighteen all stepped out, smiling. Goku was the first to walk up to him.

"Yamcha, I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry for accusing you of cheating. We know you didn't. Chi Chi set you up." He explained.

"What? Really?" Yamcha asked, slightly confused.

"Yes she did Yamcha." Bulma answered. "But we're not friends with her anymore. And I really am sorry for the way I treated you."

"That goes for all of us." Eighteen spoke next, her expression much warmer and kinder than the last time she had said those words to him. "And I'm sorry for not letting you talk to Krillin. He never really believed that you cheated on Bulma."

"Yamcha..." It was Vegeta. Yamcha turned to him. "I'm ashamed of how I handled the situation. I knew for a month and let it go on and on. I shouldn't have wanted to get Bulma that way. I hope someday you can forgive me."

"Guys, guys, guys!" Yamcha began. "Listen, I forgive all of you. I know the last month hasn't exactly been fun for me, in fact, it was pretty much hell. But right now, I just want to be able to chill with my friends again. I think I've had more than enough of this whole 'being mad at each other' drama for one lifetime."

After that, the whole group just kind of hung out. They ordered pizza, played games, and just kind of messed around for the rest of the night. Things were winding down when Bulma came up to Yamcha with a somewhat worried expression on her face.

"Yamcha, listen..." Bulma trailed off. Yamcha wasn't worried. He knew what she was going to say.

"Bulma, if you want to go out with Vegeta, I'm totally fine with it." He said to her.

"Huh?" She stumbled.

"I know you're crazy about him, and I just want you to be happy, no matter who you want to be with. To be honest I kind of figured you did a while ago, I've made my peace with it. So go for it!" Yamcha explained.

"Oh, thank you for understanding, Yamcha!" Bulma said sincerely, giving him a tight hug.

She then went over to Vegeta. "So, can we make this official? Like, with no secrets this time?" She asked him.

His response was to kiss her deeply. "You have my word."

Yamcha, Goku, Krillin, and Eighteen all gave them an applause. Bulma then launched into a full scale discussion with Vegeta on where their first 'real' date should be.

From that night onward, the six of them had become closer friends than they ever had been before. They never knew if they would all still be in the same relationships that they were in forever. But if there was one thing that they all learned, it was that romantic relationships didn't have to dictate their friendship.

Author's Notes- Well, that's all folks! I wrote this because I hate how Yamcha is always branded a cheater and cast out just because Bulma is with Vegeta. Actually, a few of my DBZ fics have been inspired sort of by things I saw in other stories and didn't like. But I always try to make them enjoyable to read nonetheless. I know Vegeta was a little OOC in this fic, and I'm going to fix the description to show that. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I have a lot more stories on the way. Reviews are appreciated!