I did say that I was going to do a story with a Quinn and Zed pairing.

Chapter 1

Quinn stayed silent as she was being escorted by two Order of the Shadow disciples. As she was being escorted, she silently cursed to herself for getting caught as well as thinking back to how all this happened. Upon hearing rumors that the recent attacks on Demacian diplomats in Ionia were caused by the Order of the Shadow, Jarvan had sent her along with several other ranger-knights to investigate the allusive order. Unfortunately, during their investigations, they've been ambushed by several members of the Order of Shadow. Caught completely off-guard, the ranger-knights were swiftly dispatched and captured. Fortunately, Valor, Quinn's faithful companion, manage to escape, which hopefully meant that someone will come for them. As soon as the group of captured knights were brought to the Order of the Shadow's hidden temple, she was instantly separated from everyone else. For several days, she hadn't seen either her fellow rangers, which made her worry about them. For several days, she'd been subjected to all manners of torture that the Order of the Shadows put her through in an attempt to make her talk about her mission. She, of course, stayed silent, not willing to tell them anything. Eventually, she was roughly pulled from her makeshift cell and was being escorted to who knows where.

She was then pulled from her thoughts when one of her guards pushed her forward into a large room before they both left. Upon recomposing herself, she looked around and saw only a table with a steaming hot bowl of noodles, a kettle, two teacups, and a lone ninja sitting behind the table. Upon cautiously walking toward the ninja, Quinn noticed that this ninja was covered in armor, unlike the other ninjas she encountered. Upon hearing some steps, the ninja looked up and motioned for her to take a seat. Upon seeing her not moving, the ninja extended the blades on his wrists, like a warning. Reluctantly, Quinn sat on the other side of the table. Seeing that she followed his instructions, the ninja retracted the blades and poured her a cup of tea before doing so for himself. He then offered her a cup, which she took cautiously. Hesitant to drink it in fear of it being poison, she eventually took it when the ninja took did so as well to the other cup. Relishing in the taste of the drink, Quinn looked at the ninja before in suspicious as he looked back at her, his helmet masking his emotions. After a short staring contest, the ninja then spoke.

"I assume you are confused at what is going on, Demacian." Said the ninja as he looked at the ranger-knight, particularly the injuries from her interrogations. There were some bruises on her face along with some wear and tear on her outfit. But other than that, she looked fine.

"Yes." Said Quinn after a moment of hesitation as she looked at the bowl of noodles, hunger threatening to overtake her self-control. For the past few days, she'd been only given enough food and water to survive, which only extended to simple stale bread and dirty water. So, having a hot bowl of food in front of her, was torture. Seeing her hungry eyes, he motioned for her to eat, which she did so. She then picked up the utensils native to Ionia, which she then began to struggle to use properly. After the third attempt had spilled some noodled on her leg, the ninja sighed to himself before taking the utensils and expertly picking up some noodles. He then brought the noodles to her mouth, causing Quinn to glare at him. "I'm not a child." Said Quinn stubbornly as she closed her mouth, her pride forbidding her from being feed like a baby. Rolling his eyes, the ninja then grabbed one of her hands with his free hand before having placing the utensils in her hand, placing the hand and fingers in the correct position so the utensils wouldn't drop their contents. Frowning to herself, she carefully brought the food to her mouth, where she ate contently.

"Well, you're here because, unlike the rest of your fellow Demacians, who boast about how Demacia will make us pay for this assault, seemed to be a bit more…open-minded." Explained the ninja as he looked at her as she ate, finally figuring out how to use the utensils properly.

"And what makes you think that?" Asked Quinn with a guarded expression.

"Because you're not boasting about the might of Demacia or have insulted my disciples." Said the ninja, finding amusement in her shocked expression.

"You're…" Started Quinn before gulping in shock as she looked at the leader of the Order of the Shadow.

"Yes. I'm surprised you didn't figure it out sooner." Said Zed. "Given your reputation as the Wings of Demacia and how you can easily acquire information from your enemies. Or is that all exaggerated?" Insulted, Quinn glared at Zed.

"It's not." Said Quinn. "I can slip in and out with ease."

"Then why didn't you do so when my men captured you?" Asked Zed with a raised eyebrow. Quinn, remembering, just looked away with an embarrassed look on her face. "Moving on, I must ask why your group decided to snoop around in our business."

"I'm not telling you anything." Said Quinn. Seeing that she was adamant in not telling him, Zed raised his hand and a disciple carrying a covered cage teleported in. He then pulled the tarp covering the cage away to reveal, to Quinn's horror, Valor, who was barely breathing. "What did you do to him!?" Yelled Quinn as she glared at Zed.

"We've done nothing to him." Said Zed, truthfully. "When I sent my disciples after the bird, they've found him like this. They also found this stuck in him." He then threw placed a blade on the table, still covered in Valor's blood, a blade that Quinn knew all too well.

"A Noxian assassin blade." Spat Quinn as she examined the blade. "But why would you…"

"Isn't it obvious." Said Zed. "The Order of the Shadows helped drive back the last Noxus invasion sometime ago. I'd assumed that they wished to have Demacia handle us as the council of elders is too weak to try and wipe us out. There's also the bonus that we'll take out some of your most powerful warrior, like Garen or the dragon half-breed."

"So, what? They just assassinated a few Demacian diplomats and framed you?" Said Quinn with skepticism. "I don't buy it."

"Whenever you believe it or not, I'm telling you the truth." Said Zed. "I have no desire in being in a war with Demacia. Your people may be fools, but fools with a strong army. One that I admit is possibly the best army in all of Runeterra."

"Some humility in you, after all." Commented Quinn, a bit surprised at hearing this from Zed. The reports said that he was boastful and arrogant.

"I know when to give credit where credit is due." Said Zed. "I learned that a long time ago. Moving on, if you still don't believe me, then accompany me in an expedition. We located a Noxus camp not too far away. If you want your proof, it's probably there." He then got up and looked at Quinn with impatient eyes. Frowning to herself, she wondered if she should even go. Noxus may be Demacia's most hated rival, but it wasn't her mission to investigate them, only the Order of the Shadows. But if he's telling the truth…then they're playing into the hand of Noxus, something that she didn't like at all. However, the Order of the Shadows isn't completely innocent. Over the years, confirmed reports of Order of the Shadow ninjas killing Demacian officials as well as a few Ionian officers. The reason they weren't being taken care of now was because of Noxus and compared to them, Demacia couldn't afford a possible lengthy campaign against the Order of the Shadows, especially with how large they've grown over the years. Sighing to herself, she turned to Zed.

"Just observation." Said Quinn. "And I won't guarantee that you'd convince me. This could all just be a way to blame Noxus for your assassinations."

"All I ask is for you to see." Said Zed before getting up. Sighing to herself, Quinn got up as well. Smirking to himself, Zed led her to where her weapon was.


"That's the camp?" Asked Quinn as she, Zed, and four Order of the Shadows ninjas observed a Noxus camp. It was definitely the real deal. There was no way to tell if this was a fake on made by the Order of the Shadows. There were just too many miniscule details that were right. But… "And you said that this camp contained evidence that Noxus caused the recent assassinations?"

"I merely said that they may have it." Said Zed. "There's no guarantee. But that doesn't mean they won't do it soon."

"True." Conceded Quinn as she readied her crossbow. "What's the plan?'

"Kill them all." Said Zed. "But discreetly, there's not telling how many Noxians are here or how many are nearby. We'll take care of any guards that may impede you while you go the leader's tent." He then pointed to the grandest tent in the camp. "The evidence you seek will most likely be there" With that, he and his disciples disappeared in mists of black shadows, leaving Quinn alone. Upon being left alone, she stealthily entered the camp, careful not to alert any Noxus guards. Thankfully, she managed to arrive at the leader's tent without alerting anyone. Upon entering and seeing no one inside, she rummaged the tent for a journal or anything that may prove the Order of the Shadows innocence. She eventually found it in the form of a journal that was contained in a desk drawer. Upon opening the journal and skimming the filled pages, she found some incriminating evidence against Noxus as well as proving the Order's innocence along with a bunch of vital information regarding operations against both Ionia and Demacia.

"So, Zed was telling the truth." Thought Quinn before stuffing the journal in a bag that Zed gave her. "Might as well thank him the next time we meet." She was about to leave when she suddenly heard footsteps approaching the tent. Upon hearing the footsteps, Quinn ducked under the bed, which was just high enough to fit her. Just when she entered a comfortable position, the Noxian commander in charge of this tent had entered the tent. Upon noticing some things were missing and things were misplaced, the woman in charge frowned. She went to her desk and opened a drawer, frowning again upon noticing her journal was missing. She then scanned her tent, looking for potentially hiding spots for spies. She then approached the bed, staring at it. Suddenly, she brought out her sword and stabbed it through the mattress, managing to stab Quinn in the shoulder. Screaming in pain, Quinn clenched her shoulder as soon as the sword left it. The bed was then tossed aside via magic before the woman turned her over with her foot. She then stabbed her again in the stomach, piercing the leather armor.

"Well, well." Said the woman as she looked down at Quinn. "If it isn't the Wings of Demacia. Now, I wonder why you're all the way out here." Said the woman sarcastically before stomping her foot on Quinn's shoulder wound, making her wince in pain as blood began to spill out. The woman then looked her in the eye. "I assume you have my journal, correct?" She then began to search Quinn while digging her sword deeper into Quinn. She soon found it and was about to pull it out when a hidden blade was suddenly thrusted into her throat, spilling blood over Quinn. After tossing the body away, Zed pulled the sword out of Quinn while also holding her mouth in case she screamed. Seeing the blood coming out of her shoulder and stomach, he ordered two of his disciples, who came with him, to scour the tent for more information while he took Quinn back to the temple and then come back with reinforcements. He then grabbed her bridal style and traveled to the temple through the shadows. Upon arriving, he ordered some of his best healers to tend to her while he took ten of his best with him to destroy the Noxian camp. As he watched the healers for their best for Quinn, Zed couldn't help, but think of how this could be…beneficial for him to have a Demacian ranger owe him for saving her life.