Chapter 7

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Last chapter in this story. I might do another one that focuses on Quinn and Zed and their romance if people demand it enough.

Kayn was silently twirling his scythe around as he watched Zed train Quinn again. He was trying to teach her an Order of the Shadow secret technique. Though Quinn was failing miserably at doing the technique correctly, she kept trying and trying to do it right, each time getting closer. Zed, despite obvious frustrations on her failures, kept his calm and instructed her as harshly as he could without seeming to be an asshole.

"Oh, this is strange behavior, coming from your master, Kayn. He teaches her almost like as he's teaching you." Said Rhaast, causing Kayn to shrug.

"I suppose." Said Kayn as he spoke with the being in his weapon, not caring about his origins. Indeed, Kayn's weapon of choice isn't an ordinary scythe. It was a Darkin in a form of a scythe, permanently so unless he takes over the wielder of the weapon that said Darkin has taken form of. Kayn acquired the weapon sometime in his beginning of his career in the Order of the Shadow. At first, the two didn't get along, always struggling over who would be the dominant being over Kayn's body. Over time, however, Rhaast grew bored over trying to take over Kayn and decided to cut a deal with the man. In exchange for having the life force of whomever Kayn had slain, he'll allow Kayn to use his powers without him trying to take over his body. Though weary, Kayn agreed and the two had been good acquaintances over since, perhaps even becoming friends with how they banter.

"But he's gentler with her, almost fatherly. And she responds kindly, far more than before." Said Rhaast as he continued to observe the ninja. "Almost as if she has feelings for him and vice versa." Upon hearing that, Kayn laughed.

"Oh." Said Kayn, amused. "You really think so?"

"I've lived for a long time, boy." Said Rhaast. "I may be a Darkin, but even I can tell when one has feelings over another. And the ranger, I believe has a crush on your master. And perhaps vice versa." Humming at that, Kayn looked at the two as Zed countered an attack from Quinn before winning their duel with a blade near her throat.

"If what you say is true, then perhaps I'll get some tea when they confess." Said Kayn, smirking inside. Once they finished, Kayn walked up and gave his report to Zed. "It appears that Jarvan is still alive, master. The doctors managed to save his life and he'll be able to make a recovery a day before the planned invasion of the temple." Zed gave a nod.

"That is good news." Said Zed. "I have no doubt that Jarvan will attempt to stop the needless bloodshed as soon as he's able to. Is that right, Quinn?" Quinn just nodded.

"He'll do everything in his power to expose the Noxians. Daubeny croaked before Talon killed him." Said Quinn, a shimmer of hope building in her.

"Good." Said Zed. "Then we must make it a priority to secure Jarvan. Kayn, inform the masters that they'll be in charge for the next few days. Once you're done, round up our best fighters. There can be no mistakes. Jarvan must be protected at all costs. If he's killed, then our order is done for." Kayn nodded grimly, knowing what the stakes are. Within a moment, Kayn ventured to the shadows to inform the masters, leaving Zed and Quinn alone. Once he was sure that Kayn was gone, Zed looked at Quinn.

"I have no doubt that Talon will try to finish the job himself. I hope you put the training I put into you to use. And I'm not talking about the combat training." Quinn just frowned before nodding. In some of their lessons, Zed had, instead of training her in combat techniques, taught her how to restrain her emotions. To keep calm in even as an opponent hit the wrong buttons. She initially failed them all, at first, Zed certainly knew how to rile people up, but she eventually got the hang of it. She kept calm when Zed insulted her and her nation. She may feel a tinge of rage every now and then, but she kept it under control. She kept it so much in control that she nearly won a match against Zed, who tried to use her anger against her. Instead, she tricked him and fooled him into believing she was giving into her rage when in actuality it was a feint. That caused Quinn to get Zed's approval, who then proceeded to keep teaching her techniques to holding her temper back. The training, along with the combat training, was more intensive than back in Demacia but she endured. She was a Demacian, after all.

"Don't worry, when we face Talon again, he won't get the best of me twice. I promise." Said Quinn with Valor squawking in agreement.

"Good." Said Zed. "I will appreciate you keeping your word because if you don't, then we'll all die." With a sigh, Quinn nodded, knowing he was right.

"I know so when push comes to shove, I want you to be near me. So that, if I fail to keep my temper or if Talon beats me, you'll finish him off." Raising an eyebrow, Zed looked at Quinn, who looked at him with determined eyes.

"Good idea." Though Quinn wanted to be the one to beat him, she was willing to let go of her vengeance for the mission. Her vengeance was inconsequential anyway. What matters was stopping a war. Sensing that she was honest, Zed nodded at her.

"Good, keep those emotions in control. They are a powerful tool, but used incorrectly, and they'll be your doom." Nodding in agreement, Quinn then talked more privately.

"If I don't make it, if Talon manages to kill me, I want you to know that I'm grateful to you for teaching me and putting up with my tantrums." Said Quinn. Thinking back on those tantrums, Quinn was ashamed of herself. She was a ranger of Demacia! Not some little girl that whined when she didn't get what she wanted. Now that she was perfectly in control of her emotions now, she was going to make sure that didn't happen again. If she faced Talon again, it'll be done in a professional manner. Zed gave a grunt at that.

"Trust me, I've learn to deal with those with terrible tempers." Said Zed before looking at Quinn. "You better not go into another temper tantrum again. I don't want to deal with that again." Quinn nodded at that.

"Of course." Said Quinn. "If I may be so bold, why did you spend so much time with me? Why did you save me so many times and never gave up on me?" Zed just looked to the ground before shrugging.

"I suppose its because you remind me of myself." Said Zed. Blinking in surprise, Quinn prodded him more until Zed spoke more. "You still fight for your country despite your countrymen wanting your head. You still believe in their morals and cause despite being betrayed. And you're so brave. It takes a strong will to do what you did when you tried to save Jarvan. And a stronger one to endure what you were forced to when your countrymen deemed you a traitor and not let it change you significantly. You have my respect." Smiling, Quinn thanked Zed before looking at him.

"And you're much more different than what I've been told." Said Quinn. "You're a good man. If I ever get reinstated into the Demacian military again, I'll try my best to help you in your quest to protect Ionia." Zed nodded at that.

"Thank you, ranger." Said Zed. "Though I believe Ionia should be able to hold its own against outside threats, its good to have reliable friends.' Quinn nodding in agreement. "Alright, here's the plan." With that Zed began to tell Quinn the plan.

Two days later

Ionia capital

"Master, if I may be so bold, what is your exact feelings toward our newest recruit?" Asked Kayn as he and Zed were guarding the building that Jarvan was in from a hidden position via the rooftops. Zed, surprised, looked at his best pupil.

"Why do you ask this, Kayn?" Asked Zed. Trusting his apprentice completely, Zed had no qualms with discussing the exact details of his more private thoughts.

"The Darkin." Started Kayn, showcasing his scythe. "Believes that you two have…feelings for each other. And I won't deny that I'm beginning to believe so too." Upon seeing that Zed wouldn't respond quickly as he normally did, Kayn pressed on. "Do you have feelings for her?" Staying silent for a few moments, Zed simply shrugged.

"I do not know." Said Zed, looking at the spot where Quinn was in with several other of his top students. "I haven't felt anything like this before in my life." Considering Kayn the son he never had, even though they had a decade age gap between them, Zed confided with him things that he would never consider sharing with others. "If this what loves feels like, then it is a strange feeling." Kayn just smirked.

"I wouldn't know." Said Kayn, leaning on his scythe, causing Rhaast to yell out in annoyance. "I just flirt with Irelia, who continuously denies my advances." Zed just rolled his eyes, far used to Kayn's antics with their acquaintance. "Anyway, what caused these feelings? I mean, she is quite a looker. Not as beautiful as that fox Vastayan we met sometime ago or Irelia, but still quite beautiful. Or is it because she reminds you of yourself?" Zed just shrugged.

To be honest, he didn't know when these emotions began to manifest. Perhaps it was before he even meet her. He knew of her reputation as a sort of maverick due to her difference in tactics when compared to the standard military doctrine of the Demacian military. Her ability to think outside of the box reminded him of his own difference in thinking during his time as a student of Shen's father. Or perhaps it was when he first rescued her. The sight of such a strong individual break down from being accused of something that she didn't do made him slightly sympathetic and angry that the Demacians were so foolish. So, he comforted her. Perhaps that was when the feelings manifested. And they only grew as the two interacted more and got to know each other, finding they had common ground with each other. And despite him trying to deny these feelings, they just kept growing and growing until Zed wanted to spend most of his free time with her. It's sickening.

"Whatever it is, it shouldn't be there." Said Zed. "I'm the master of the Order of the Shadows. I don't have time for settling down and…finding love." Kayn just shrugged.

"It'll be a challenge, but its not like your one for backing down from a challenge, master." Zed just gave a grunt of acknowledgement. "Just try it out, master. Who knows? It might get that stick out of your butt and have you more relaxed." Zed slapped the back of Kayn's head for that remark, causing the young man to snicker. "Just give it a try, master. Love does do good things for a person."

"And also bad things." Warned Zed. Kayn just sighed, shaking his head, before going back to looking at the building that Jarvan was in. As his apprentice continued to observe the building, Zed looked at the spot that Quinn as in. Sighing, he started to question himself on why he became so weak.

Few hours later

"Master." Said Kayn, alerting Zed, who had been meditating. Upon registering Kayn's voice, Zed stopped to look at his apprentice.

"What is it?" Asked Zed, getting up.

"I saw several individuals go into the building where Jarvan is being kept." Said Kayn grimly. "They used the windows and infiltrated the level where Jarvan is." Upon hearing that, Zed sprung into action.

"Inform the rest of the teams to be ready. We don't know if more will come. I'll go by myself. Only sent aid when you believe I need it." Said Zed. Nodding his head, Kayn went into the shadows to inform the other teams quickly. With him busy, Zed went to the building, hopping to delay the assassins before they could take out Jarvan.

Jarvan's level

Talon grunted as he slit the throat of a Demacian guard. Looking at his fellow assassins, he saw that they had finished their kills. It seems the Demacians weren't pulling any stops in the protection of their prince. The room that they infiltrated in had a dozen Demacian soldiers in it. Outnumbered by six, Talon had killed four with poison daggers while the rest of the Noxian assassins went after the other Demacians. Caught off guard, four fell to Noxian blades before the rest could counterattack. The skills of the Demacian royal guard weren't to be messed with as seen when two assassins fell to their blades before the remaining guards were killed. Looking at his fellow assassins, Talon motioned for them to proceeded to Jarvan's room, whose location was discovered by another assassin that was sent to discover where Jarvan was being held, quietly.

As light as a feather, the assassins went into the rafters of the building as soon as they were out of the room. Too high up for any guards to see without looking up, the assassins passed by any guards as they ventured to Jarvan's room. As they ventured deeper, Talon saw that more and more guards were present. Pursing his lips, Talon wondered if Garen or the dragon half-breed was here, guarding Jarvan's room. Though intel had shown them to be far away from Jarvan, trying to talk the Demacian generals from being too rash, that didn't mean that they weren't in there right now, checking on the status of their friend, especially Shyvana. If the dragon half-breed was there, things would get messy. Very messy.

So it was thanks to luck, much to Talon's relief, that neither was inside. The only occupants, aside from Jarvan, was several doctors, checking on the prince's condition, along with a squad of Demacian royal guards. Upon seeing Jarvan was weakly looking at the doctors, made Talon realize that time was running out. If that fool Daubeny has revealed their plan, then all this would be for nothing. Looking at his remaining assassins, he motioned at the guards, causing them to nod. After acquiring their targets, the assassins sprung from the rafters, throwing poisoned knives at the guards with Talon throwing four. Finding chinks in the armor of seven guards, the poisoned knives acted quickly and paralyzed the men, taking them out of the fight. Shocked, the remaining five couldn't do anything when the assassins pounced on four of them and slit their throats. The remaining guard only had enough time before Talon threw a knife at his throat before killing him with another knife. Chuckling darkly at how easy this was, Talon made his way to Jarvan as the other assassins quickly dispatched the doctors. One doctor managed to yell out before being killed. With that, Talon sighed. With no way to know if any guards heard it, they needed to do this quickly.

Looking at Jarvan, who glared at Talon with hate, Talon brought out a knife intending to finish him off. He was about to swiftly slit Jarvan's throat when he heard the sounds of something whizzing through the air. Jumping back, Talon growled when he saw an enlarged shuriken embedded on the ground where he stood. He then watched as an armored figure landed behind one of the other assassins. Before the Noxian could do anything, the armored figure grabbed her neck and broke it with ease. The figure then threw another enlarged shuriken at another assassin killing them when it embedded into their skull. The last assassin threw a dagger at the figure, who simply disappeared in a cloud of dark smoke. Shocked, the assassin didn't react in time when the figured appeared on top of him before embedding his wrist mounted blades into the man's throat.

"These are the best assassins Noxus can provide?" Asked the figure as he got off the Noxian assassins, blood dripping from his blades. "I'm disappointed, Talon. It seems that only you and Katarina are the only noteworthy assassins in the employ of the Swain."

"You have that right, Zed." Said Talon as he looked at Zed, who stared back. "We didn't acquire our reputation from just our family name. We earned it through sweat and blood."

"That may be, but you will fail this day." Zed then got into a fighting stance. "And you will die by failing to complete a mission that was vital to the Noxian's recent attempt to conquer Ionia."

"That remains to be seen." Talon then threw several blades at Zed before charging at him with such speed that a simple blink would have caused someone to miss Talon as he zipped across the room to strike at Zed. Anticipating this move, Zed dodged Talon's attempt to stab his throat before countering with a jab to Talon's left thigh. Shifting his weight, Talon moved his thigh enough that Zed's attack missed. With Zed going for another attack, Talon jumped away while throwing several knives. Grunting, Zed swatted the knives with ease, the weapon bouncing off his crude, but effective, armor. Landing a few feet from Jarvan, Talon grabbed a knife and was about to throw it when Zed tackled him to the ground.

"You're not killing this man." Said Zed before bringing his wrist blades out. He then attempted to stab Talon's throat, but the Noxian just grabbed another knife and tried to stab Zed's thigh. Unfortunately, the master of the Order of the Shadows just disappeared in a cloud of shadows and reappeared next to Jarvan. Looking at the prince for a brief moment, Zed then refocused on Talon, who got up and brought out his large, serrated blade that was mounted on his right arm. "About time you took this seriously." Talon just ignored the jab as he looked at Zed.

"Even if I'm not the one that will kill him, Jarvan will fall this day." Said Talon. Zed just laughed.

"We'll see. You think that I didn't think you would have sent more than a dozen assassins against Jarvan?" With that, Zed charged at Talon, who charged in as well.


"Watch out!" Yelled Quinn as she fired a bolt at a Noxian assassin that was about to fire an arrow at an Order of the Shadow ninja that was busy fighting with another Noxian assassin. With the bowman down, Quinn launched Valor at the other assassin. The bird squawked as it raked its claws at the Noxian's face. Crying out, the assassin tried to swat the bird away, leaving him open for the ninja to stab the assassin in the throat. The ninja then violently ripped the blade out of the assassin's throat, ripping flesh from the assassin's neck. With his opponent dead, the ninja gave the bird a nod of thanks before going to help other shadow ninjas, who were struggling against the number of assassins that were sent to kill Jarvan.

"I can't believe how many they sent to kill Jarvan!" Exclaimed Kayn as he sliced two assassins that were about to ambush Quinn in half. He then grinned as he went through a building, using his shadow powers to do so, to engage with a group of assassins with crossbows and bows. After slicing them all into pieces, he looked to see more assassins coming. "They must really want him dead."

"Who cares how many they send!" Yelled Rhaast as he enjoyed the slaughter of the Noxians. "They'll all die under our power! Ahahah! These Noxians claim to be the pinnacle of strength!? They can't even match the power of Aatrox's annoying voice! And he had such an annoying voice. With a boisterous personality to boot." Rolling his eyes, Kayn ignored the excited Darkin before going on to help a group of ninjas that were about to be overwhelmed. With Kayn gone, Quinn looked to see a ninja fall to a poisoned blade while another lost the battle to remain conscious, his body riddled with slashes.

"At this rate, we'll be overwhelmed." Said Quinn, looking at the battlefield. While the ninjas were holding for now, they needed help or else they'll fall. And if they fall, then Jarvan will die. And Quinn refused to let that happen. She then looked at Valor. "Valor, listen. I need you to go find that Irelia. Zed told me that she was an ally to the Order of the Shadows. Tell her of the situation here and tell her to get help quickly! Go!" Squawking, Valor took off, hoping to find the blade master in time. Seeing the bird take off, a Noxian tried to take it down, only for a ninja to take him down with a shuriken.

Sighing, Quinn checked how many bolts she had. Biting her lip at seeing only three for each bolt launcher on her wrists. Looks like she needed to fight them with her blades now. Bringing them out, Quinn looked to see two Noxian assassins ganging up on a wounded ninja. Narrowing her eyes, Quinn charged at them, blades out.

By the time that she arrived, the ninja had already fell, a throwing knife lodged into his throat when he was distracted with fighting with one of the assassins. All Quinn could do know was avenge him. And avenge him, she will. Vaulting over and kicking one assassin to the ground, she fired a bolt at another. The bolt failed to pierce through the leather armor that the assassin wore, sticking out on his chest. Cursing in her mine, Quinn focused on the downed assassin, who was beginning to recover from the sudden kick. Stabbing him in the throat and forehead, Quinn grimaced a bit at seeing blood suddenly burst out from the man as she stabbed him. She may be a soldier, but she never liked to see blood just burst out from a person she killed. She preferred to just take them out from a distance. Still, ignoring the blood from the man, she wiped out her blades from the body and looked up just in time to see the other two Noxians coming at her with throwing knives and blades. Dodging the initial barrage of throwing knives, Quinn proceeded to dodge the attacks from the two assassins, who kept attacking and attacking her, not giving her an opening to work with. Gritting her teeth, Quinn continued to dodge, waiting for an opening, when one Noxian, either through impatience or stupidity, charged out of tandem with his partner. As the other Noxian cursed the fool, Quinn got ready as the assassin came at her with a serrated blade. When he thrusted at her, Quinn grabbed his arm and used it as a stratum to throw him off the roof and to his death. After throwing the man to his death, Quinn turned around to see the other assassin on top of her. Kicking her at the chest, the assassin sent Quinn to the ground. Hitting her head on the roof's tough wood, Quinn was dazed enough that she couldn't do anything as the assassin grabbed her throat. He was about to slit her throat when Kayn arrived out of nowhere and sliced him in half.

"*Laughs* You owe me now, Quinn." Said Kayn with a cocky smile. Quinn wanted to roll her eyes, but the pain from her head was still strong. Instead she just got up and looked at Kayn.

"How's it looking?" Asked Quinn as she held her head, hoping that there wasn't any internal bleeding. Kayn then grimaced.

"Bad." Said Kayn. "Our fellow ninjas are getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of assassins that the Noxians sent against Jarvan. We'll need to pull back if this keeps up."

"We can't pull back." Said Quinn, looking at Kayn. "If we pull back, they'll kill Jarvan. And if he dies, then war between the Order of the Shadow and Demacia is all but a certainty. We have to hold our ground. No matter the cost."

"I know that." Growled Kayn. "But the question is, will it be enough?" Quinn didn't and just cleaned her blades.

"We need to get out of the roofs. To Jarvan's position. I don't see us holding the roofs anymore." Said Quinn. Agreeing with the Demacian ranger, Kayn brought out a reed before blowing it hard. After a few seconds, the remaining ninjas went into the shadows and fled to the hospital that Jarvan was in, specifically the level where Jarvan was being kept. With that, Kayn looked at Quinn.

"See you there, Quinn. Hope you live." Said Kayn before fading into a black outline of his body and leaving. Gulping, Quinn ran towards the building. At the last moment before she ran out of rooftop, she jumped, aiming for an already broken window. She braced herself as she went through the window and was sent sprawling through a, thankfully, empty room. As soon as she recovered from the jump, she quickly moved away from the window, knowing that a few assassins will come for her. And they did in the form of a single Noxian jumping through the same window that Quinn used. Not wasting time, she pounced on him and stabbed his throat. As the man chocked on his own blood, Quinn proceeded to finish him off. Sighing, Quinn looked out the window to see if any more were coming. After making sure that no one had followed, she went deeper inside, hoping to find a more defensible position. As she made her way, she heard the shouts of Demacian guards as well as the sounds of swords clashing. Hoping that the guards were attacking the Noxians and not the ninjas, Quinn silently made her way to the rafters, hoping that no one would look up. She refused to attack her fellow countrymen. Even if it would be easier to just kill them.

As she jumped from rafter to rafter, she heard the voice of Talon. Along with him, she heard the unmistakable grunts of Zed.

"You're a worthy opponent." Said Talon. Quinn then heard the sounds of knives being thrown and hitting the wall of a dull thud. She then heard the clashing of blades and the sounds of someone being pushed. "Far better than what Quinn can provide."

"You don't have the greatest impression on your rival, do you?" Asked Zed as Quinn continued to hear the sounds of battle. Narrowing her eyes, Quinn stealthily made her way to the noises. Why the guards haven't heard the sounds as of yet astounds her. Soon, Quinn found the room the two were in. To her horror, Jarvan was there as well, but thankfully he was unscathed. Looking at the room, Quinn pieced together what happened.

Talon and a few other assassins infiltrated the building before they spotted the big body of assassins. They killed the doctors and guards that were with Jarvan and before they could deal the killing blow on Jarvan, Zed killed the other assassins and fought Talon, preventing him from killing Jarvan. Now the two were fighting each other. Whether Talon tried to kill Jarvan, Zed stopped him and kept him from a good distance from Jarvan, who was watching the fight with annoyance. Annoyance at not being able to do anything to defend himself. Biting her lip, Quinn readied her crossbow, intending to kill Talon. Aiming at Talon, she readied herself to take the shot. Praying that her aim will be true, Quinn waited until Zed was far enough from Talon so she can safely take the shot. Once he was away from Talon, she fired.


"Gah!" Yelled Talon as a cross bolt embedded in his shoulder, piercing his armor. Seeing the opportunity, Zed threw a reacquired shuriken at Talon. It was only through Talon ducking that the shuriken missed his throat. Still, Zed wasn't done and he quickly split into three shadows, who quickly charged at Talon. The three shadows sliced at Talon, creating a small red ball on his chest. Widening his eyes, Talon cursed in his mind as he recognized this technique. Realizing that he was doomed, Talon dashed toward Jarvan, intending to take the prince down with him.

Unfortunately for him, Zed and Quinn, who had just dropped from the rafters, stopped him. While Quinn dashed and kicked Talon square in the chest, sending him away from Jarvan, Zed threw two shurikens at him. The force of which he threw them caused them to embed on Talon's chest. Not done, Zed launched a shadow near Talon and had it slice at him with it's blades, ripping up his cloak of daggers and slicing his torso. With that, the Demacian and Ionian took defensive positions near Jarvan and watched as the Noxian glared at them. Not saying a word, Talon accepted his fate and waited for the red ball to explode, which it soon did, destroying his heart. With that, Talon fell to the ground, dead.

"Well, that is over and done with." Said Zed before looking at Jarvan. "Are you alright, Jarvan?" With the immediate threat over, Jarvan grunted as he struggled to get up. Upon seeing this, Quinn went over and helped him up.

"Let me help you, prince." Said Quinn as she helped him off the bed. Giving a grunt of thanks, Jarvan carefully placed his feet on the floor. At first, he struggled to stand, but he eventually got the hang of it. Seeing that her prince didn't need her help anymore, Quinn cautiously let go of Jarvan. Without her support, however, Jarvan nearly fell to the floor. Fortunately, Jarvan caught himself and pushed himself back up. Still weak to move on his own, Jarvan sat on his medical bed and looked at the two.

"Thank you for saving me." Said Jarvan, looking at the two. "Especially to you Zed." He looked at the ninja with gratitude. "Without your actions, Talon would have killed me, thus making war between your order and my people inevitable. Even though you probably done it for selfishness reasons, you have my people's gratitude. And my own." Though Zed was annoyed that Jarvan thought he did this for his own gains and not that of Ionias', he still bowed in respect.

"What will you do now?" Asked Zed. "There are still Demacian commanders that are pressing for war with my order. Then there's the fact that there are still assassins trying to kill you."

"One thing at a time." Said Jarvan, looking up and around them for any more assassins. "For now, just now that I will stop them from going to war. I will not let Demacia be fooled by the Noxians." Knowing that Jarvan was telling the truth, Zed began to leave. But before he did, however, Zed stopped and looked at Jarvan.

"What of Quinn?" Asked Zed. "Will you give her a full pardon and reinstate her in the military?" Though it was faint, Quinn could hear the slight hint of edge in his voice. Wondering why Zed had it, Quinn nevertheless stood quiet as she looked at Zed and Jarvan, two men that she respected. Sighing, Jarvan looked at Quinn.

"Well…that depends on her." Said Jarvan. He looked at her with sorrow and regret. He had been informed of what happened to Quinn when he recovered enough to hear. To say he was angry was putting it mildly. He would have told everyone the truth sooner, but he had just gotten his voice back just an hour ago. And he spent most of that time recovering. "What says you Quinn?" Quinn just looked back and forth between Jarvan and Zed, wondering who to join.

On one hand, she could get her life back. With Jarvan secured and knowing the truth, he'll easily uncover the truth and tell people what actually happen. He'll then get her pardoned and reinstate her in the Demacian military, which had her childhood dream. But on the other. She thought of her new place within the order of the Shadow. How they helped her in her worst hours. And how they treated her since taking her in. If she left them, she felt like she was abandoning them. But if she stayed, she felt like she would be abandoning her home country. Needing to think on it more, Quinn excused herself, saying that she needed time to think. With that she took to the rafters and left the two men alone.

"Are you willing to let go of one of your prized rangers should she refuse to join back into your ranks?" Asked Zed, looking at Jarvan, who sighed.

"I won't blame her or you if she decides to stay with you. I can't really do so because of what happened to her. Just know that, if she stays with you and your order, you better take good care of her." Zed grunted at the threat.

"I will." With that he disappeared in a cloud of shadows, leaving Jarvan alone. A few minutes later, a squad of royal guards came barging in his room, Garen and Shyvana in front.

"My prince!" Yelled Shyvana as she went to Jarvan. With Garen and the soldiers taking positions around them, Shyvana began to inspect Jarvan. Upon finding that nothing was wrong, she sighed in relief. "Thank god that your fine. We're currently fighting Noxian assassins everywhere in this level. We need to get you to safety." Hearing the sounds of battle were closing in on them, Jarvan nodded. With that, they all left the room. As they moved, Jarvan was being supported by Shyvana, who held him tightly.

Two days later

"We did it." Said Quinn as she watched Demacian commanders leave the building they were using as their command center. Many were annoyed while others were relieved. It was obvious to her that Jarvan's plea worked. They'll still need to be on guard in case any of the commanders decided to be stupid, but it seems the worst was past them.

"Of course, we did it." Said Kayn as he twirled his scythe, must to Rhaast's annoyance. "We had me." Rolling her eyes at that, Quinn looked at Zed, who had, for the most part been silent.

"Well, what's our next course of action?" Asked Quinn, looking at Zed.

"We'll speak with Irelia soon. Now that the meeting is done, we can speak to her to confirm that the Demacians are not going after us now. Kayn, you'll handle that." Smirking, he bid them ado and left, but not before giving his master a suggestive tilt toward Quinn, something that caused Zed to shake his head. With him gone, Zed looked at Quinn.

"Have you made a decision on what to do with your life?" Asked Zed, turning to look at Quinn. Sighing, Quinn looked Zed in the eye.

"I need your advice." Said Quinn. That caused Zed to raise an eyebrow.

"You know that I'll be mostly bias to keep you in my order," Said Zed.

"I know." Said Quinn. "But I also know that you'll give me your honest opinion on what should I do. Its my future, after all." She then sighed before telling him her dilemma. "If I join the Demacian military again, I feel like that I'll be betraying your order, the people that took me in during my darkest moment. But at the same time, I feel the same if I stay with you. I know that the military did me wrong during this whole debacle, but they're still my countrymen. And I still believe in the morals and beliefs of Demacia. I…don't know what to do. What…will you do with this dilemma?" Zed just starred at Quinn for a few moments, gazing deeply into her being. Even though a part of him wanted him to tell her to stay, that joining his order was the right choice, another part told him to tell her to decide herself. To give her sound advice that was as neutral as possible. Debating with himself, Zed sighed before making a decision.

"I believe that you should rejoin the Demacian military." Said Zed, surprising Quinn with his answer. "The Kinkou order may not believe it, but if I had the choice, I would undo what I did to master Kusho and prevent what has happened between Shen and I." Zed then sighed. "You have a chance to return to your former life, I recommend that you take it. Even if it hurts those that don't wish you to leave." Widening her eyes at that last statement, Quinn opened her mouth to speak, but couldn't find the words. Instead, she just stared at Zed's eyes. Beneath that neutral gaze, she saw something that she never thought she would see in Zed. Looking deep into his eyes, Quinn placed her hand on his arm. As the two starred into each other's eyes, Quinn sighed and let go.

"I thank you for your advice Zed, but," Quinn then smiled. "I think that I'll be more comfortable with your order." That answer caused Zed to recoil a bit in surprise, causing Quinn to smirk. "I was getting a bit tired of blue, so might as well go to black and red, right? Besides," She then let go and began to walk to the edge of the rooftop they were on. Before she jumped off, she looked back at Zed. "Will be best to for us if we stay in the same organization, right?" With that she jumped off. As if on que, Valor came and flew after her, leaving Zed alone. Scoffing in amusement, Zed pursued after her. He had a feeling that his life was about to get more interesting. And for the better.