Firstly, thank you so much for the interest you guys show for this little story! It makes me all warm inside to see that a lot of you guys were interested with the premise I put out. And also, I can't thank the people who send in their Ocs enough. I got some really, really great ones! It made it hard for me to pick. But in the end, I managed to narrow it down to some OCs I really think could make the story interesting.

For these creators of the selected OCs, I can't thank you guys enough for replying to my messages, answering my random questions and also, writing your sample writing. You guys really gave me OODLES of information to work on, and for that I'm so very thankful! I will definitely use the info I gathered from your sample writing for the chapters, and most probably post the full writing as omakes or little snippets at the end of any chapters.

For creators for OCs that I haven't chosen, fret not! I will most probably open more slots on the future, and there will definitely be more chances then. You guys are awesome, and I hope to see more OCs from you guys when the time comes.

Also, I won't be introducing all characters in a single chapter, and even if I do, that character might not immediately know about Golden Atlas or meet Lucy yet. I plan for each meeting to not be so coincidental. I don't know how to pull that off but.. Ehehe, I'll try? Wish me luck!

Now, onto the OCs! (In no particular order)

Le Mort, age 24, Mist Craft Magic by Vaati Star

Bines, age 28, Sonic Magic by Red Reef

McCauley, age 28, Thaumaturgy Magic by AltariaMotives

Vlostrum Tithar, age 32, Martial Archive Magic by Pine Swiftwings (S CLASS)

Vermont, age 19, Yin and Yang Magic by Egotistical Psycho

Al-Kharys, age 23, Sand Magic by Sundered Heart

Gyrellen, age 20, Fallen Angel Magic by Trevor607 (S CLASS)

Kamiya, age 19, Chain Magic by Post-Apokiasulyptic-Misha

Okay! Congrats to everyone! Unfortunately, there won't be a chapter here, since I'm still planning it. But II want you guys to be updated as soon as possible so I decided to upload this. However, I plan to finish very, VERY soon. So I'll see you then! Bye~!