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Chapter 57

Battle of Nations

A heavy frown was visible upon Naruto's face as he finished hearing the intelligence reports from the Scouting parties of Zetsu's that he had sent out across the lands to keep an eye on the Allied Shinobi Force's movements.

Their enemy had finished amassing more than 220,000 thousand troops which itself was a significant achievement considering how little time they had to prepare after Iwagakure's destruction. It was a testament to Tobirama's organization skill and the shinobi nations shared desire to stop them at all costs.

"They must really hate us if they have put aside their decades long differences" commented Inoue dryly,

She watched her elder son glancing at the war map and could already see the gears churning in his mind as he saw the various directions from which the allied armies were approaching the Mountain's Graveyard.

For easier tracking, he had divided them into two main battle groups.

"Let's call those approaching from the east as the Rock Brigade considering they are led by the Land of Earth's forces and other smaller nations like the Hidden Rain, Hidden Grass and Hidden Waterfall. Together, they are nearly 100,000 strong made up of shinobi, feudal warriors and even drafted civilians. They shall be falling upon our eastern flank in less than 30 hours, but it will be a diversion" advised Naruto seriously,

Madara who had been silent until now watched as Nagato seized upon his elder brother's advise and pointed at the sea between the Land of Earth and Mountain's Graveyard.

"While the main army batters at our flank in order to keep us occupied, their Special Forces will try to flank us from the sea and go straight for this hideout. Iwagakure's Bomber Squadron is still in play and I'm sure they must have inducted other veteran shinobi from the smaller nations to aid in this attack. Their main aim is to rescue their Jinchuuriki or the tailed beasts inside them, it will not only help stop our plan but also increase their military might. They have the numbers to eventually encircle and finish us off. What they don't have is time" warned Nagato,

"Then we'll need to counter that. I can hit them with some Spartans and Zetsu support units before they flank us. Let's outflank the enemy and seize the initiative. We should not be completely defensive" recommended Kushina,

"Good ideas, but what do you suggest doing with the Leaf Brigade marching from the Land of Fire. They are even bigger force than the Rock Brigade with nearly 120,000 forces majorly from Land of Fire and Land of Wind alongside Samurai, feudal warriors and drafted civilians. This army will have more talented fighters and better commanders like Tobirama and Sakumo Hatake alongside many others. They shall fall upon Southern flank, our only advantage is that they won't try to go into the erstwhile Hidden Frost village territory which belongs to Kirigakure now in order to attack us from the sea on that side" suggested Madara frankly,

"While Kirigakure may have decided to opt out of this war, they are still sending the Seven Ninja Swordsmen after us. They are elite fighters who can directly aim for this hideout by coming straight from the sea, they have a Navy to assist if the task is too daunting. If they are deceiving us all and have secretly allied with the enemy, then we could be facing another army" said Hayate gravely,

"We're fucked anyway, aren't we?" teased Kasumi with a nervous laugh,

There was merit to her concerns as the situation was extremely dire. The nervousness was visible on every person's face except for Naruto who was the Supreme Commander of their army.

Apart from the Spartans, they barely had 120,000 Zetsu's who were the bulk of their army. Decent numbers, but just not skilled or experienced enough like the thousands of veterans in the Allied army. In an open fight, it would be a one sided slaughter.

Naruto, Inoue and Madara were all fearsome fighters equal enough in power to entire armies but the odds were simply too high.

"Madara, you must remain at the hideout for the time being with a small reserve force of 10,000 Zetsu's. You are our last line of defense, should the enemy penetrate our lines and reach here. At any cost, they cannot recapture the tailed beasts before our plan is done. More importantly, you are the only one who can execute the plan with your Rinnegan" said Naruto seriously,

"I would be more useful on the frontline especially against Tobirama's army. You'll need my power if you are to face the might of the Uchiha and Senju clans alongside many others" replied Madara with a frown, but Naruto shook his head vigorously.

"Tobirama knows you are the key to our entire plan. He knows our desperate situation and is creating a situation where you are needed on the battlefield. Anything to delay our plan from going through, while his special forces attack this hideout while all of us are away at the frontline. More importantly, he is a cunning fox and will use even dirty means to put you down. Fact is, if you fall- we are doomed. We are expendable, you are not" explained Naruto without hesitation,

"You want me to stay in this hideout like a coward while my comrades fight alone?" questioned Madara furiously, and received an equally challenging look from the former Mizukage.

"Yes, if that's the price for this plan to succeed"

Madara was humbled by that determination for it showed the lengths Naruto and everyone else was willing to go beyond to achieve their dream of uniting humanity.

But still...

"I can teleport you instantly to the frontline if things get too dire, I am not ruling that out completely. Even my mother can do that if I am occupied with her own Hirashin technique, I will still need you to send out a large number of your clones to the frontlines to give us a fighting chance" suggested Naruto calmly, earning a firm nod from his mother as well in support of the plan.

"You're worried Tobirama will use that against me?" whispered Madara,

"We both know he will...he has probably done it already" replied Naruto gravely,

"Even he wouldn't go that far. This is beneath him" disagreed Madara,

"There is no turning back now, Madara. For any of us, since we all have crossed lines that should never have been breached in the first place" rebuked Naruto, making the older Uchiha give a bitter nod.

"Then we must do the same. We don't have the numbers or more importantly enough officers to lead the Zetsu's. They can fight well under you or the Spartans but we both know how good they would be against exceptional shinobi like Sakumo, Tobirama and many others especially from Konoha" suggested Madara,

"Which is why I want my mother to take care of the only trump card we have by staying here with you"

Inoue was furious upon hearing what was said by her elder son and gave him a murderous glare.

"You don't need to protect me! I belong on the frontline with you!" she berated, only to receive an ice cold glare from Naruto.

"We are all most probably going to die, Mother. I am not doing this to keep you safe, but you are the only one with the tactical mind to analyze the battlefield and deploy our special trump cards accordingly wherever necessary. You are also Second in Command of this army, in the event of my death or incapacitation of any form- I am trusting you to lead the our forces" replied Naruto harshly,

"Elder brother's right, Mother. We need Madara and Black Zetsu to protect the Gedo Statue and thwart any attempts to stop the plan, us Spartans are trained to fight as a Unit, as Special Forces...and not to lead entire armies of this size for a long time. Except for Elder Brother who gained that experience through his conquests as Mizukage, we don't have anyone apart from you who can take up that responsibility" explained Nagato patiently,

"I'm not much for leading troops, I fight better on my own. It's why I sought out Naruto's help in the first place to lead my army in a situation like this" confessed Madara truthfully,

"What about Commander Reika Uzumaki? She has much more battlefield than I do!" offered Inoue hesitantly,

"She may have the experience but not the cold will to send troops to their deaths. Nor is she strong enough to utilize our special're the only one I could entrust this responsibility to" said Naruto honestly,

Inoue looked at her two sons for a long moment and could not help but remember how she had given her life in the past to save their lives.

Now she was being forced to watch them march to certain doom while she stayed in the rear.

As the Second Uzukage, she could see why it was necessary. Even the shinobi inside of her agreed that this had to be done...

But these were her sons...

Inoue was about to refuse before she remembered how she had asked her own husband-Yahiko to stay behind in Uzushiogakure while she and their sons went off to war. He had begrudgingly accepted her wish when she had pleaded with him and then also ordered him as his Uzukage to assist in the defense of their homeland should it come under attack.

As a loyal shinobi of his nation and a loving husband, Yahiko had granted her wish much to her relief.

Now the tables were turned and she found herself in a similar situation with her boys...

She clenched her fist and lowered her head until she felt a gentle hand being placed upon her shoulder. Looking back up, she saw Naruto looking at her seriously.

"Please, Mother" he requested,

"I promised Yahiko that you, me and Nagato would sit together at one table in our home and have dinner once this is over. Be the family that we were meant to be, as your mother it is my duty to protect you two. I already failed in that once, how am I supposed to sit back when my boys face the entire world?" asked Inoue miserably, even as tears arrived in her eyes making Nagato step beside her quickly.

"We have each other, Mother. As well as our Spartan comrades, we can handle this. Although you do owe me your delicious Sushi dish as payment for letting me do all the hard work this time" teased Nagato with a mischievous smirk, making her smile a little and caress his cheek affectionately.


She looked at her Elder son next and only saw the determination to succeed in his mission. It made her understand as to why Hanzo Uzumaki had chosen him to lead the Spartans, why he became the leader of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, why he became Mizukage and achieved what no Kage ever had before, and why Madara had chosen him to secure humanity's future.

"As Supreme Commander, I order you to do what's best in the interest of our cause and this army. We are shinobi...this is what we are meant to do" ordered Naruto coldly, earning a sharp look from his brother and the other Spartans.

"Elder Brother!"

Even as the others rebuked him for his lack of compassion, Inoue looked into those eyes that were the same as her own...

His gaze was cold and unwavering, yet she saw the faint quivering in his stance for an instant and realized what it had taken for him to do this.

"Very well, Supreme Commander" she agreed reluctantly,

She watched the brief flash of guilt in his eyes before he made it disappear and walked back towards the war map to explain their war strategy. As Inoue listened to it all, she realized the fact that Naruto had killed every shred of emotion in his heart in order to prepare himself for what was coming.

He was no longer her son, Nagato's brother, Kushina's friend, or Madara's accomplice...

He was the Supreme Commander of their army and he only wanted to win.

And knowing what they were about to face, that cold determination and ruthlessness of his was their only ray of hope.

(An Hour Later)

Madara found his Army's Supreme Commander overseeing the final preparations being made by their forces alongside the Spartans personally. Thankfully, he was isolated from the others allowing the Uchiha to approach him without having to send anyone else away.

Sensing his approach, the former Mizukage turned to face him and saw the grim look in the Uchiha's eyes.

"What's the real reason for making me stay here? The Allies are a considerable threat, but I sense something else being the cause of your concerns" commented Madara bluntly,

"Do you remember the Battle of Honshu?"

Madara blinked in surprise for a moment until a heavy frown arrived on his face as he remembered that encounter very well. It had been during his childhood and among one of the most brutal conflicts between the Uchiha and Senju clans, one of his younger brothers had fallen in that battle much to his sorrow.

But unlike most battles between the two rival clans where either one emerged as the winner or a stalemate at the very least, in this instant they were both defeated.

For the Nara and Aburame clans had lied in waiting as the Uchiha and Senju battled each other viciously. When both were considerably weakened, they swept in with greater numbers and terrible ferocity that resulted in a rare defeat for the two most powerful shinobi clans of the world.

If his Father and remaining brothers hadn't forced him to retreat, Madara doubted he would have survived that bloody encounter in which many of his clansmen alongside the Senju's lost their lives.

"It was a wise and cunning strategy for they would have never been able to defeat the Uchiha and Senju at their full strength. I have no intention of facing that same would be an insult to all my war training as a Spartan Commander" confessed Naruto,

Madara's eyes widened in shock as he realized just whom Naruto was truly concerned about, even more so than the current war.

"The Otsutsuki" whispered the Uchiha grimly, earning a nod from Naruto.

"They want the tailed beasts primarily like us. Now all of them are gathered together in one place...ripe for taking. If I was in their place, I would have made humanity kill each other in this war while I stole the real prize and brought an end to their kind by gaining that godly power. You are the strongest warrior of our army, if anyone can face those monsters in an open battle...then it's you, Madara. In the event you are also defeated, you are to order my mother to teleport the Gedo Statue alongside all Jinchuuriki and tailed beasts to the nearest safe location. Under no circumstances can the Otsutsuki be allowed to gain such a power...if that happens, then humanity is doomed" explained Naruto seriously, revealing the strategic reason as to why he had asked Inoue to stay back as well apart from the ones he already explained in the meeting earlier.

"They may not attack us, Naruto. It could be years before they even arrive here, we managed to stop their Scout from reporting back if you remember" suggested Madara calmly, only to receive an ice cold glare in return from the blonde.

"As Supreme Commander, it is my responsibility to prepare for as many situations as possible. You asked me to lead this army, then trust my judgement" replied Naruto,

"I will. The fact that you have thought this far only validates my choice of making you lead in the first place. You're a dangerous enemy to have" joked Madara with a light smile, finally making Naruto smirk a little.

"That I am"

The two men looked at the commotion happening in the cave beneath them as the Spartans and Zetsu's all made frantic efforts to finish their preparations.

"Shit's about to hit the fan" commented Naruto lightly,

"It hasn't already?" teased Madara, making the blonde chuckle.

"One way or another, the world will be a different place by the end of this war. I only pray for it to be better one, if only for all those who have died or will die to mean something" prayed Naruto hesitantly,

"It will" promised Madara confidently,

Nagato and Kushina had been taking one last break after completing their final preparations. They were about to drink a rare cup of coffee when they heard another familiar voice.

"Room for one more?"

Looking up, they saw it was Naruto standing a few feet away with a relaxed smile on his face which further widened when they readily beckoned him over. As he grabbed a seat beside his younger brother, he looked at Kushina for a long moment as he remembered how he had left her to pursue a new future in Uzu alongside the Spartans...ending their relationship and yet she was still here even after that.

"Kushina, I..." he whispered hesitantly, but she just smiled at him.

"What kind of friend would I be if I left you alone now? Not after all the times you saved my ass!" she offered gracefully, earning a nod from Nagato as well.

"And we're brothers. Family sticks together, Elder Brother" assured Nagato without hesitation, even as he patted the older blonde's shoulder gently in support.

"Then I couldn't have asked for better comrades then" replied Naruto gratefully, and watched as Kushina also placed her hand upon his other shoulder.

"You rallied all who truly believed in you. The future is still out there for all of us...a better tomorrow. We can do can do this. Never doubt that!" said Kushina resolutely,

"I agree. How else are we gonna enjoy the beachfront property Kushina just bought?" teased Nagato with a hearty laugh, earning a curious look from Naruto and making Kushina scratch the back of her head in embarassment.

"The village was grateful for my service and asked if I wanted I asked for a nice house" she admitted with a nervous chuckle,

"More like a mansion, Elder Brother. She knows how to milk out favors better than us, hell she is probably richer than either of us" teased Nagato,

"Oh hell no!"

As Naruto watched his two oldest friends bicker with each other, he couldn't help but smile and be relieved if only in this moment. From the corner of his eye, he saw Hayate and Kasumi going together in a nearby room which made him smirk.

"About time those two hooked up!" said Nagato with a smirk,

"If it helps lessen Kasumi's crankiness then I am all for it" agreed Kushina with a chuckle,

They were both surprised when Naruto produced a bottle of sake right in front of them by unsealing a scroll making Kushina grin wickedly as she seized the bottle much to Nagato's disappointment.

"You are technically still a teenager, so no drinks for you" said Kushina with a devilish grin,

"You serious, Kushina? Old enough to kill, old enough to drink. Now give me that!" protested Nagato in disbelief, ignoring the fact that he was still technically the same age as he was when he died years ago even after being revived, while his brother and closest friend had lived and aged.

It was a stark contrast which they all avoided talking about directly if it could be helped, if only to keep things as normal as possible.

"Sorry, Brother. I'm with Kushina on this one" teased Naruto, as he high fived the female redhead earning them both a sharp response from the younger Spartan.

''Fuck you both!"

The familiar sound of kunai launchers being locked and loaded was music to Naruto's ears as he stood atop a nearby rock having one last smoke as his Spartans assembled all around him. Despite the grim reality, there was a satisfied smile upon the former Mizukage's lips as he was once again leading probably the finest warriors he had ever known.

War was in their blood...and now with all the politics being completely cleared, it was a fight to the bitter end.

He also glanced at the 30,000 Zetsu's assembling out in the open, nearly a quarter of their total army strength getting ready upon his command.

"You sure you don't need more men?" asked Madara in concern,

"You are facing the Rock Brigade which has more than thrice the number that you are taking into battle" reminded Inoue worriedly,

"I know what I am doing. Trust me" insisted Naruto confidently, making the two older adults sigh.

"I do hope so" muttered Inoue,

Naruto understood her concerns quite well as he looked at his Spartans and the Zetsu's, many looked a bit nervous considering what they were going up against. Their only solace was the fact that their Supreme Commander would be leading them personally in this mission.

It was important to win the upcoming battle at all costs or the war was as good as lost.

He saw many looking to him to give them all that hope...that confidence to succeed against impossible odds, so despite his own fears he stepped forward and called out to them all proudly making everyone look at him in unison.

"This world has brought us all a lot of pain and suffering" began Naruto somberly,

He received many sympathetic nods from the Spartans and inquisitive looks from the Zetsu who were a complete different entity.

"But it has also brought us together as- Shinobi, Allies...Friends" encouraged Naruto with a proud smile, which even earned a few grins and smiles from the apprehensive Zetsu's.

For a moment, he dearly missed the Kirigakure army that had also followed him proudly in his conquests. He knew he had asked them to stay out of this war for their own good, but his odds at winning would be significantly higher if he had those men and women also at his side.

Nonetheless, he would fight bravely with everyone he had around him today!

"No one else has ever dreamed of a better world like we have. A much more compassionate and gentler world, there are those who disagree with the same and want to continue this cycle of hatred and violence. The next few days will decide not just the fate of humanity but this entire planet!" declared Naruto fiercely,

Inoue could feel a strange fire ignite within her own heart upon hearing those passionate words and saw a similar impact upon the troops. A lone tear arrived in her eyes as she saw the man her son had become today.

"We face our enemy together! And united we can fight and win! They say we represent anarchy and doom- but we are more! They say we shall all fall...but we will still fight regardless! We sent all the Kages running in Iwagakure and we shall do so again!" roared Naruto,

Madara grinned upon witnessing that tenacity even as the Spartans roared back with their leader and thumped their fists against their armor repeatedly in a rhythmic fashion. As seconds passed and the ground rumbled, even the previously nervous Zetsu's stood a bit more confidently and looked attentively at their Commander.

Sensing the moment, Naruto turned towards them and looked straight into their eyes.

"However insignificant each of us may feel about ourselves, we can make a difference with our actions. They underestimate our resolve and strength...and for that they shall pay their tribute in blood!"

Those final words were enough to earn a unison thumping of approval from the entire army.


Madara was left quite speechless when he watched the Zetsu's cheering alongside their Spartan comrades without a shred of fear in their eyes. Hell, they looked ready to conquer anything in this world.

They had always followed his orders out of fear even if it meant going to their deaths, but never had he been able to make them understand the dream they were all fighting for.

He looked at the man who had given courage, hope and purpose to one of the most cowardly forces in this world.

"You may not be as strong as me or Hashirama, you may have your own flaws and regrets...but still..." thought Madara with genuine respect, even as he glanced at Inoue and Commander Reika who were also inspired by that speech.

The trio watched as Naruto jumped down in the midst of the cheering army and shook hands with not just his Spartans but even more and more Zetsu's who too were also inspired by this Commander who actually interacted with many of them individually, shared a few jokes unlike Madara and even answered a few silly questions they asked.

They were all soon going into hell and yet the very presence of Naruto in their midst seemed to electrify the entire army with a fearless courage and purpose.

"I hope the Allies are ready to face their Demon" said Commander Reika Uzumaki with a satisfied smile,

Madara grinned upon that remark as any superior enemy would expect them to defend and cower in the face of the overwhelming power of the entire shinobi world.

But it would seem Naruto Namikaze had a different answer to that challenge...

He was going to attack.

(Land of Earth: Few Hours Later)

The Third Tsuchikage-Ohnoki did not look pleased at all after listening through the disappointing reports about his army's marching progress. When he had taken on its command, he had not truly understood how daunting a task it was to lead a 100,000 plus strong force made up of various nations including his own.

He had Kakuzu- the leader of the Hidden Waterfall village alongside Hanzo Salamander-the leader of Amegakure supporting him. But to say the three men had different views would be an understatement.

Kakuzu wanted to attack the enemy's stronghold and recover his village's lost tailed beast and Jinchuuriki at all costs, Ohnoki shared that goal alongwith the desire to take revenge upon their enemy for the destruction of his precious village and mentor.

Hanzo however was strongly advising caution in their approach and was the one who looked infuriated the most at the moment.

"We need to wait for atleast two hours to allow the rest of our army to catch up with the main group! We can't afford to have our forces be at a considerable distance from each other!" advised Hanzo furiously,

"Most of those slackers are civilians, feudal warriors and incompetent ninjas who can't keep up or understand the gravity of the situation. We need to hit the enemy before they finish their plan!" argued Kakuzu with a cold glare,

"That's still a significant portion of our army! Fighters whom we will desperately need for the battle! Not to mention many of our supply units are also in those approaching columns trying to catch up with us here! We underestimated Naruto Namikaze once! We can't afford the same mistake again!" warned Hanzo,

"We need to link up with Tobirama's army and launch our attack in less than thirty hours. How do we do that if we keep getting pushed behind schedule?" asked Ohnoki flatly,

The new Tsuchikage realized the impact of Iwagakure's destruction on the other shinobi nations. It had shaken them to the core and destroyed a significant portion of Ohnoki's forces, military stronghold and war supplies apart from the civilian casualties.

Iwagakure's officer core had suffered substantial casualties and those that were left were doing their best to keep their remaining army together. There was no doubt that their troops were itching for revenge and would fight ferociously when they encountered their enemy, but it was a herculean task of moving such a hastily assembled coalition army at such a short notice.

Especially one that had cracks in their leadership, trust issues, limited war supplies and an extremely short notice to act against their enemies.

"Ohnoki, listen to me. For all his crimes and inhumanity, do you truly believe Naruto or Madara don't know what they are doing?" asked Hanzo seriously,

The Tsuchikage clenched his fist bitterly and even Kakuzu grimaced as they were reminded of what those two men had done. One was a godly force of destruction and the other an extremely cunning and veteran military leader.

"We cannot underestimate those two, especially Naruto" agreed Ohnoki reluctantly, earning a relieved look from Hanzo and a disgruntled sigh from Kakuzu.

"Then it's settled. We wait for a few hours, regroup our forces and take stock of our supplies. Tomorrow, once our men are rested we can execute our plan as agreed. Kakuzu, you'll lead the Special Forces while I and Ohnoki will lead the main-"

Hanzo paused instantly as his eyes widened in horror, he barely managed to catch a glimpse of an alarmed Ohnoki quickly engulfing the trio in a monstrous rock dome.

They could feel a tremendous shockwave wash over on the ground above them where their Command tent had been standing not a moment ago. The ground rumbled all around them even as the three Kages hastily made their way up quickly only to witness a sight straight out of hell.

"My god..."

(One Hour Earlier)

Naruto looked at the vast encampment created by the Rock Brigade, it looked to be assembled quite recently and was yet to be heavily fortified on its perimeters. There was no dearth of shinobi protecting it in every direction and they had chosen a good position as it was surrounded by impassable mountains from two sides and an open plain in the front and rear which would make any enemy's movement quite easily visible.

But it would also be their doom if what he had in mind was executed perfectly.

The Spartans had taken up position on the western and eastern hills after having restrained the enemy sentries posted on top of them. Instead of killing them, he had ordered them to be placed under genjutsu to not set off any alarm bells in the enemy camp which would have surely happened if their teams had stopped reporting.

He could see a steady trickle of fighters coming to the camp from the rear, to say they looked exhausted would be an understatement.

"There is no Unit Cohesion in their ranks" commented Nagato, as he took up position beside his Elder Brother.

"They have learnt nothing from history or taken a page out of my own conquests in Kumogakure. Logistics and Planning are essential for movement of any army. Especially one as large as this made up of multiple nations, different form of troops and levies, command structures and general mistrust among factions that were bitter enemies not long ago. This is a hastily assembled group of fighters...ripe for the taking"

Nagato felt a shiver pass through his entire body when he heard what his brother said alongwith the cold and merciless look in his blood red eyes. In this moment, he saw a glimpse of what their enemies truly feared.

He watched Naruto turn towards the rest of their group standing behind them even as he removed a metallic cylinder by unsealing a scroll on his back.

"Hayate, drop this right in the middle of their camp on my command" ordered Naruto,

"What is it?" asked the curious Spartan officer,

"Something that will level the battlefield in our favor a little" replied Naruto with a cold smirk,

Hayate looked a bit taken aback by that statement but didn't hesitate in taking the device being offered.

"Once you unleash this, I want you to flatten them next with aerial bombardment. Target these areas where most of their officers will be located hopefully. After that, you are tasked with dealing with any Iwa Bomber squadrons that survive. Neutralize them at all costs" instructed the Spartan Captain decisively, as he pointed the targets.

"Done" agreed Hayate,

"Kasumi, bring down the mountain on their eastern flank. A lot of their supplies and logistical equipment are located there alongside medical units" ordered Naruto,

"I like this. No holding back" replied the female Spartan officer with a satisfied smile, earning a nod from their leader.

"Kushina: take half of our Zetsu forces, a Spartan platoon and attack their front as our Main Assault group. Advance as much as you can into enemy lines but hold your ground once you encounter fierce resistance. Your objective is to keep the bulk of their forces occupied in stopping what they will perceive as their enemy's main force from breaching their camp. It will give Hayate and Kasumi room to wreck havoc inside in the meantime" explained Naruto in detail,

"I always liked close quarters combat" agreed Kushina with a smirk, earning a nod from Naruto before he turned towards Nagato.

"Take the remaining Zetsu and Spartans to route their forces who are yet to reach this camp. Majority of them will be feudal warriors, civilian levies and other weaker units. Destroy their supplies and route them, don't pursue once they flee. Most of them hardly want to be a part of this war and won't be able to survive your onslaught, don't make them desperate for their lives or they may unite and push you back" explained Naruto,

"Understood. You want us to crush this army as a fighting group entirely by wrecking their supplies, causing maximum casualties among their veterans and officers and sending their weaker forces running" conceptualized Nagato,

Naruto was pleased to see his brother and remaining Spartan comrades easily understood what he wanted them to do. Then again, they were trained for war as much as he had been.

It was good to work alongside professional fighters who shared the same tactical mindset.

"We'll need to bug out after causing as much damage as possible. Once we lose the element of surprise, we'll start taking higher casualties and we have limited troops to begin with. Enemy has numerical and qualitative superiority" agreed Kushina confidently,

"No Spartan dies tonight" declared Hayate fiercely, making Naruto give a firm nod.

"I'll directly take on the Tsuchikage, Hanzo and Kakuzu. It should prevent the enemy from organizing themselves easily if their Kages are not there to guide them" proposed Naruto,

"Your Backup, Elder Brother?" asked Nagato seriously,

"Seven man team of Spartans. Their objective will be to keep any of the surviving Kage bodyguards or other forces from interfering in my battle. I'll pull them out when I retreat, launch flares when each of you achieve your objective or start encountering severe resistance-that will be our signal. Also keep our communication channels open through our armors" guided Naruto,

The former Mizukage was satisfied when he received confident nods from his comrades even as they all bumped their fists together a final time before parting away in order to carry out their objectives.

He glanced at the enemy camp one more time knowing he simply didn't have the numbers or enough firepower to wipe out a 100,000 strong army without butchering his own absurdly or even being defeated if he overstretched his hand.

It was why he had to carry out this Surgical Strike that would cripple and scatter this enemy force considerably. Inevitably, many would still end up joining with the Leaf Brigade led by Tobirama but at the very least he could ensure those numbers wouldn't be too high.

It was time to fight!

(Few Minutes Later)

Fully geared up and ready, Naruto watched as Hayate and his squadron descended from the high skies. They were swift in taking out a few Iwa bombers watching over the aerial zone above their camp. Before their bodies could hit the ground and alert the comrades, the Spartan Commando had already unleashed the metallic cylinder given to him by the former Mizukage.

As it fell from the skies, Naruto quickly performed a set of hand signs initiating a Fuinjutsu technique that compressed the monstrous energy inside of the tin can.

"In the short time we had, we could only weaponize two of these. Make them count"

The First Uzukage- Hanzo Uzumaki had been instrumental in their creation and had actually been true to his word of utilizing this power to protect the future of Uzushiogakure.

One instant the land was shrouded in darkness of night, and the next a blazing ball of blinding energy erupted right in the middle of the enemy camp.

Naruto's own eyes widened as he watched what Hanzo Uzumaki had dubbed to be a "Mini-Nova" going off right before his eyes. As instructed by the former Uzukage, he had detonated it a few dozen feet above the ground and witnessed the compressed Biju chakra that he had shared with his nation unleash its carnage.

Nearly half a kilometre of the impact area was simply vaporized in a ball of fire that consumed every thing in its destruction- be it man, material or land itself.

What was even more destructive was the shockwave that followed the blast which sent thousands of enemy shinobi flying or crashing like ragdolls. If their insides hadn't been turned to mush from the devastating force, most would be knocked out cold for a long enough time.

Nova Bomb.

"You crazy old geezer, the fuck kind of monster is this?" thought Naruto himself in horror,

He had personally witnessed tailed beast bombs during the Battle of Rezang La in the past, so had his Spartans. Those were attacks meant to flatten any enemy force.

But this weapon created from the same energy had the clear prints of a man's desire to cause maximum damage clearly visible.

The monstrosity's true power became ever more ghastly as hundreds of enemy forces were set on fire or started screaming as the poisonous Biju chakra started spreading across the area quickly attacking every living being at an atomic level.

One fourth of the enemy camp was simply gone in a massive crater that was left behind in the aftermath, another considerable portion was set on fire which only became even more deadlier as many supply tents got caught in it.

A huge cloud of dust and ash had settled high in the sky which was now shrouding everyone in darkness.

"It's raining ash" whispered one of the Spartans near the former Mizukage on their communication channel through their armor,

"The Earth's burning" whispered Hayate in disbelief, even sounding terrified upon witnessing the sheer destruction he had unleashed with that bomb.

Naruto steeled himself and took charge once again with his commanding voice reaching every Spartan in the area through their Communication channel.

"Get used to it. We're going in" ordered Naruto decisively,

"Copy, Commander" replied Kasumi swiftly,

Hayate and his squadron unleashed a rain of explosives tags upon the clusters where they spotted large concentrations of enemy forces.

Kasumi in the meanwhile had finished performing her set of hand signs alongside a few dozen Zetsu who were sharing their chakra with her to provide the desired effect. Her comrades having already executed their prisoners upon their respective mountain as soon the attack had begun.

"Earth Style: Mountain Slide!"

The Rock Brigade had not even recovered from the devastating first wave of attacks when the mountains across their camp's eastern side came crashing down in a torrential wave of mud and rocks sweeping through supply stories, medical ninja units and their support staff trying to aid their ever rising wounded comrades.

Naruto didn't flinch or look away as he watched hundreds more be crushed or buried instantly.

His own Spartan comrades seemed slightly taken aback by the carnage being wrecked and the cold slaughter of so many.

But this was war and neither side had the luxury of giving the other any quarter.

"Assault team: Execute!" ordered Naruto calmly,

He watched Kushina leading a surprise charge on the enemy's front gate with 15,000 Zetsu emerging from the ground like ghosts and several Spartans behind her. To their credit, the remaining enemy survivors roared in defiance and soon a bloody melee erupted on that front.

"Take their rear!" Naruto ordered next,

Nagato led the charge with the remaining 15,000 Zetsu and more Spartan forces to attack the enemy groups which were previously heading to join their encampment but now were trying to flee as far away from it as possible.

Sensing formidable chakra signatures emerging in the enemy camp, Naruto himself rose to his feet making the Seven man Spartan squad around him do the same. They looked at their Captain who glanced at the dozen prisoners they had taken while taking the western mountain they were upon currently.

"Drop them"

Uncaring of the hatred and absolute disgust he saw in the eyes of the Iwagakure prisoners, Naruto raised his kunai launcher to put kunai's straight through their brains even as his squad did the same in cold silence.

He led them down the mountain raining down a hail of explosive kunai rounds that tore the enemy platoons trying to mount a desperate defense. When his weapon ran dry, he switched to the cursed sword-Muramasa even as his squad rained death on any brave or foolish enough to charge the former Mizukage.

The blonde himself struck down two Iwagakure Jounin by beheading them with his cursed sword while kicking a valiant genin away, before the boy could get back up he received a kunai straight into his head from one of the Spartans guarding Naruto.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Flower"

Naruto unleashed a dozen flaming balls that struck another group of chunin's trying to swarm them.

"Earth Style: Mud Swamp!"

Using the Iwagakure ninja's own technique, one of the Spartan commandos trapped a dozen more younger ninjas in the trap even as the rest of his comrades swiftly executed the trapped prisoners with a kunai each through their brain.

Shock and Awe were what the Spartans were well trained to deliver and squad after squad of enemy forces fell in their onslaught. Each commando covered their comrades and advanced together as a well synced unit under the leadership of their Commander who dropped more and more enemy troops without any mercy.


Obeying without hesitation, the Spartans substituted away just in time as a furious roar was unleashed by Ohnoki even as he fired a Particle Style Beam straight in their direction which Naruto teleported away by throwing his Hirashin marked kunai.

A wave of purple colored poisonous cloud then descended upon the area but to Hanzo Salamander's chagrin, the Spartan commandos were well protected in their armored suits and helmets including their leader who unsealed a scroll which quickly sucked away all the poisonous air inside.

By then, Kakuzu had also joined the onslaught as Naruto found himself in front of three murderous Kage's just as he had expected.

Naruto brought forward Muramasa as half of his squad rejoined his side while the rest formed a defensive perimeter and began to stall additional enemy forces converging on their location like a tidal wave.

He stared at the assembled Kage's as they looked back at him with cold fury and hatred clearly visible in their eyes.

No more words were exchanged as they all charged.