I don't own Coco.

This is a AU where Coco had gone with her papa. Just read and see what happens.

Also this is my first Coco fanfic. You'll be able to tell in a moment. This is just for fun, so sorry if it's not complex as most of these are. Just enjoy it!

"Hector! You can't go, mi amigo! I need your songs", pleaded Ernesto as he watched his partner grab his suitcase and stuff his belongings into it. "Por favor!"

"Tranquilo!", whisper-shouted Hector. His eyebrows furrowed at the sight of the begging man before him. "You'll wake her!", he said, hoping his little girl was still sound asleep in the next room.

A sigh of exasperation escaped from Ernesto's lips as he laid his head in his hands and walked towards the open window, looking out into the night. He noticed several people finally left the stadium he and Hector had performed in that evening. He hated playing it safe. He hated staying in a shabby hotel room, getting lucky if they could even afford to travel to the next city that awaited them. Granted they have been a success but not enough to remain in one place.

Even if Ernesto could make it on his own, nobody would give him a chance. He could sing there was no doubt about it! But he was useless when it came to writing songs. That was where Hector came in handy.

But now he wanted to ruin everything they had worked for... all for his familia...

Ernesto also really hated the fact he brought his niño malcriado. That stupid girl! "Honestamente, Hector! Why did you bring her if she was going to be the problem?!" He stood his ground. Not faltering under the icy cold stare he had recieved.

"She is not a problem! I'm doing what is best for mi mija. She needs to be back home with her mother and me. I never should have come with you, Ernesto. I'm sorry but my mind is made up."

As he placed his suitcase and the small pink one next to the door, he thought about what had happened at the concert a few hours ago. Of how during the after party, there was this one hombre who had too much to drink, started a brawl with another. The altercation turned into a bigger one, one of which Coco had witnessed and was nearly trampled before Hector had taken her away, back to their hotel room.

Once there, the four year old sobbed against her father's chest as he did his best to comfort her.

"P-papa!", she cried, burying her tear stained face in his shirt.

"No llores, cariño, estoy aquí", he soothed as he held her protectively.

Wiping her tears away, he kissed her forehead, helped her get dressed for bed and tucked her in. The moment he kneeled in front of her, guitar in hand, her eyes lit up the way they always did when she was happy. It filled Hector with joy to know exactly what it took to see his daughter smile again. Gracias a dios!

Strumming the beautiful instrument, he began to sing. "Remember me..."

He had sung their special song twice. It was good enough for Coco. She yawned as her eyes slowly fluttered shut.

Sighing, Hector rested his guitar at the foot of her bed and gently caressed her head, kissing her forehead again. He slowly backed out of the room and shut the door. He begrudgingly took a seat at the table in the corner and ran a hand through his hair. There was a choice to be made...

Did he take this opportunity to showcase his and Ernesto's talents? Sí. Did he have the time of his life? Sí. But after the limited fame he had come accustomed to faded, he had to face facts...

He missed his wife. He had to consider his daughter's well being. It was not good for her to be traveling like this. Indeed, Hector wanted her to experience this with him, but during rehearsals and the shows going on longer and longer, they barely got to see each other. Coco would always be a stagehands responsibility to look after. That wasn't right...

It was clear to Hector what was more important. That is why he would leave and take his daughter back home to Santa Cecelia. He knew Ernesto wouldn't take this lightly. "I'm sorry, Ernesto. But I'm leaving tomorrow night", said Hector, trying to be the sensible one.

A few minutes had gone by without another word.

Hector jumped a bit as Ernesto quickly turned around and clapped his hands together, putting on the fakest smile he could muster. "Very well, Hector, very well", he exclaimed as he walked over and sat at the table as well. "But first! Let us have a drink!"

With one pop, the pure alcohol began to fizz. He grabbed two glasses and filled them. Handing one to Hector, he raised his glass, smiling in a way he had never done before.

"I can't, Ernesto. If Coco wakes up-"

"It's just one drink, mi amigo!"

Hesitating, Hector too raised his glass. Both men clinked the cups and took a sip.

It was satisfying for Ernesto to calmly take another sip as he watched the unconscious man fall to the floor. "He'll be awake in a few hours."

Drinking the last of the wine, the singer stood up to go outside and fetch the rope he had seen next door.