So, it's been three years since I wrote anything. This is due primarily to a lack of ideas. And then I played Forces. It was okay overall, the gameplay is solid enough, and I appreciate quite a few things the game dose character-wise. The problems here are 1. too short, and 2. the game doesn't take it's plot seriously enough. Everything is set up for a dark story, and then there's no follow-through. It's the later problem I hope to rectify with this adaptation. Hope you enjoy!

The Forces of Hope

Eggman sat at his desk, trying to think of a new plan. "Ugh! Is there anything I haven't thrown at that blasted hedgehog yet?"

Suddenly the space in front of Eggman seemed to distort. He leaned back in surprise and reached for a scanner. Before he could scan the anomaly, a red stone flew out of the distortion and struck him in the face. Eggman fell to the floor with a cry of pain. The anomaly disappeared without a trace.

Eggman looked at the stone. "What the hell is this and where did it come from?" He took it to his lab to study it.

A few hours later, Orbot and Cubot brought Eggman his lunch. The sight of the stone made them curious. "Is that a chaos emerald?" Cubot asked.

"No, this appears to be something entirely different. My readings indicate there is a large amount of power contained inside, but it is nothing like the chaos emeralds."

"Well, where did you get it?" question Orbot.

"Well, that's the strangest thing. It just appeared in here. I have no idea how it got here or what it even does."

Just then alarms stared going off, and explosions sounded in the distance. "Sir!" Orbot cried, "A group of mobians is attacking the base!"

"Then do something about it!" Eggman was panicking. How had they found him already? He didn't even have time to build that many robots yet!

Then there was a loud bang on the lab door. Eggman grabbed the strange stone and tried to run. The door was knocked off its hinges and several figures raced into the lab. Eggman was terrified but then quickly realized that not a single one of them was Sonic. In fact, he didn't recognize any of them!

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" Eggman demanded in an attempt to establish some authority.

One of them stepped forward. "We're just here to get some of your equipment. There are a lot of companies willing to pay top dollar for this junk." Then he saw the red stone in Eggman's hands. "That looks valuable."

The jackal pulled out a sword and pointed it at him. "How's about you hand that over?"

Eggman backed up thinking, I need more robots!

And suddenly, there were more robots.

Everyone stared in shock. "Where did they come from?" the jackal shouted.

Just a moment ago, there had been only a few robots in the room. Now, the mobians were surrounded. Eggman was amazed that his wish had been granted. But how? He looked at the gem in his hands. Was this its power? Deciding to test his hypothesis, he tried imagining Metal Sonic. Sure enough, the blue robot appeared as well.

Eggman turned his attention back to the intruders, now filled with confidence. "I will now accept your surrender."

"How did you do that?"

"I can do many things" Eggman boasted, not about to tell them that he had no idea what he was doing. "Now I could just dispose of you right here and now, but I am impressed you were able to find my secret laboratory. I could use your skills. And in return for your loyalty, I can provide you with more wealth than you can image."

Th mobians looked to their jackal leader, waiting for him to decide. He thought about his options. "Alright. We are at your service."

"Excellent! You can start by cleaning up the mess you made."

The mercenaries obeyed and left. Eggman examined the robots that had appeared out of thin air. He attempted to take one apart, but it vanished.

Eggman was confused. Were they even real? He reached out poked the robot nearest him. It felt real. Eggman then turn to the dart board he had with a picture of Sonic on it. He instructed the robot to shoot it. The robot did as told and the dart board was destroyed.

"Hmm. They aren't exactly real, but they can impact the real world." A smile creeped across Eggman's face. "I can create anything just by thinking about it? The possibilities are INFINIT!"