Maehara Hiroto, the strawberry blond with brown eyes, looked normal. Alright grades now that Korosensei was teaching him, quick on his feet, and monstrous reflexes...And if you looked closely, it looked like he was restraining himself.

The reason why Maehara had to restrain himself? When you get tutored by Reborn, fast moving objects, like Korosensei, you can watch and react to like if they were under water. When you get woken up Vongola Style, you learn to dodge and block in your sleep. When you have to spar with whoever is available several times a week, you learn how to beat your opponent. Of course this is all not public knowledge, everyone in the Italian mafia suspecting him to be the Vongola heir has gotten him enough assassination attempts already. He hasn't had any assassination attempts lately though, it might be due to the fact the Vongola just wiped out several Famigilas because they found a network of human traffickers.

The people who remain undefeated by Maehara, he hasn't managed to beat Reborn, his dad, or Hibari. And he rarely beats any of the guardians. He's managed to beat Skull, aside from that the Arcobaleno pulverize him in sparring whenever possible.

All of that has led to a high tolerance for pain, poison, drugs, and high regard for his comrades and friends. His preferred weapons are his brain, looks, personality, and knives, the latter usually two, and of the throwing variety . He has notably dated many girls through his middle school life.

Yuma Isogai, son of two ex assassins. His two siblings, Yuma, and his mother, live in a house next to the Maehara's. Yuma is Hirito Maehara's Rain Guardian, and has been trained by Takeshi Yamamato. They get along quite well and have a father-son bond. Yuma is proficient at strategizing, and his preferred weapons are knives. He is noted for having an almost ikemen(perfect) personality except when it comes to killing.

The two make an unlikely but balanced pair.