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BlondeClam:'I'm doing to tell my classmates and teachers about my position.'

UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:'You're going to do what?'


UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:'...Looks like I'm going to Japan.'

BlondeClam:'You don't have to! It's fine.'

UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:'I'll be there in 13 hours.'

Tsuna looked up from his phone to see the paperwork on his desk. It was definitely worth getting away from. Also, he had his dear son to go visit...and to run damage control for.

Tsuna stood up and made his way to the room that his Guardians usually congregated in. The room was the tranquil library where four comfy couches had been placed in a corner.

Lambo was doing homework, Gokudera was trying to help. Mukuro would open an eye and explain the simple thing Gokudera had managed to complicate more. (Mukuro claimed to only help Lambo 'because Lambo's whining woke him up.' Nobody believed that, Mukuro has slept through attempted raids on Vongola Mansion.)

Chrome and Takeshi were making craft projects. A tired Ryohei lay on a yoga mat off to the side of the couches.

Hibari had claimed one couch, and only Mukuro (because Hibari's his rival), Chrome (because Hibari tolerated her), or Takeshi (because he's oblivious and skilled enough to survive) would dare think of getting near the furniture while the Cloud slept on it.

Tsuna opened the library doors with a light creak.

Tsuna took a breath and annouced. "Everyone, I'm going to Japan."

The atmosphere in the room dropped. The only reason the Guardians could think of was that either Tsuna was desperate to escape from paperwork or something horrible happened to the girls or Hiroto and Yuma.

A sudden dark presence stood behind Tsuna. Tsuna held back the squeal that threatened to come out when a gun was pressed to the back of his head.

"Explain, Dame-Tsuna." Reborn merrily 'asked', his tone held tints of 'if this is a ploy to get away from your paperwork you're in for it.'

"Hiroto needs help running damage control." Tsuna explained simply.

Reborn narrowed his eyes but removed the gun from Tsuna's head. Tsuna mentally sighed with relief.

"So, you guys get to take care of the paperwork for the next week. Bye!" Tsuna booked it out of the room with all the speed of a anxious lion.

Reborn smirked. 'I trained him well. But running like that is not acceptable for boss, so he's going to get some tor-training when he comes back.'

The Guardians sat in shock, their brains trying to unravel what Tsuna said.

"Dang it." All of the Guardians loudly cursed. Gokudera hit Lambo on the head with Lambo's notebook.

"Oww, Bakadera-nii, whyyy." Lambo complained.

"You're still not allowed to curse, cow." Gokudera frowned. Lambo glared at Gokudera.


Tsuna grabbed his packed suitcase and briefcase that was at the front door. Workers bustled around the foyer, cleaning, carrying duffle bags, and wheeling mysterious packages. A sharply dressed man opened the door for Tsuna.

"Try to make sure the house doesn't end up in shambles while I'm gone." Tsuna half joked.

"With Hibari and Mukuro under the same roof, I doubt goings on will be smooth. Regardless, we'll take care of it." Mark Ferrari assured. Mr. Ferrari was an overall manager of Guardian managers and Mrs. Ferrari was Chrome's manager. The couple knew firsthand the chaos of the Vongola Family.

Tsuna shook his head at the mention of his most bloodthirsty Guardians. "Good luck, you'll need it.

Mr. Ferrari grinned. "Undoubtedly. Godspeed and good luck, Boss." The manager cheerfully replied.

Tsuna stepped outside and made his way to the limo waiting to take him to the airport.


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EspressoforDays:Give my regards to the octopus, I know him as Morte.

UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:You know the octopus?

EspressoforDays:He is a good assassin, one of the best.

EspressoforDays:He disappeared last year, I suspect his apprentice had something to do with it.


EspressoforDays:A good a man as you can find who works as a killer.

UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:Good to know.

Tsuna hmmed in thought. 'I wasn't expecting that...'

Tsuna arrived in Japan without any problems aside from almost running into a enemy Mafioso and an Interpol agent in the airport. The don continued looking over his shoulder even in his home country. You never know when a hitman or an exasperated Guardian might show up.

A short drive later, Tsuna glanced at his phone. Hiroto said to meet here at a cafe to pick him up after school in a few hours.

Tsuna wandered around the town There were a few interesting shops to check out and beautiful scenery in the distance.

Eventually Tsuna got bored and pulled up a map with Hiroto's phone tracker. The Don headed up the mountain. (Well...I guess you can almost never be too careful with your kids. Considering how E Class gets held hostage or kidnapped several times it's somewhat justified.)

The mountain path was quite beautiful. Tsuna absent mindedly noted landmarks and possible ambush locations.

Tsuna stared at the gigantic cream colored thing in front of him. 'Is that...a giant pudding? Is that a tentacled yellow UMA eating the pudding? Is that Korosensei? There's no one else it could be.'

Tsuna watched the yellow octopus fly into the school room with glasses of pudding. 'I'm done. I'm just done.' Tsuna exasperatedly thought.

"I'm going back down the mountain, there's too much weird right now. Even for me." Tsuna decided outloud.

Tsuna grabbed a coffee at the rendezvous cafe and waited. The young Sky and Rain rounded a corner, with the two adolescent mafia were a handful of other E Class students.

Hiroto and Isogai instantly spotted the don. Karma and Nagisa's followed Hiroto's gaze to the brown haired man. Tsuna smiled at the suspicious students. Hiroto and Isogai glanced at each other.

The students warily stopped a few yards away. "Who are you?" Kayano questioned.

"Ah. I'm Tsunayoshi Sawada. Hiroto's father." Tsuna waved sheepishly.

"So, you're the mafia don? You don't look like it." Karma observed with smirk.

Tsuna raised an eyebrow. The students all felt the blanket of bloodlust that pressed down on them. Light seemed to hit the father's eyes in a way to lit up sparks of orange and gold in his murky brown eyes.

Mr. Sawada's lips quirked up for a split second. The students had stepped closer together the moment they felt the bloodlust.

Mr. Sawada blinked and the aura disappeared leaving behind a gentle looking man. "Looking so innocent that people think 'there's no way they could be involved in something bad' is a very useful tool for assassins and for mafia." Tsuna instructed with a smile.

Karma smirked. "Well, I fail at that." Karma commented.

"Huh." Nagisa commented. The bluenette took out his notebook and wrote the piece of advice down. "Thanks for the advice, Mr. Sawada."

"You're welcome." Tsuna replied with a smile.

"Hiroto, Mom is expecting us home soon." Tsuna's smile turned slightly strained. Vongola women were not to be tested.

Hiroto smiled, his enthusiasm at seeing his dad tinted with the nervousness of crossing his mother. "Okay."

"Hey Isogai, do you want a ride home?" Hiroto offered.

Isogai looked at his friend. Hiroto gave Isogai a thumbs up sign. "If it wouldn't be any trouble." Yuma politely responded.

Hiroto swung an arm around Yuma. "It wouldn't be any trouble at all Isogai." Tsuna acquiesced.

An awkward silence fell between the students.

"See you guys tomorrow." Hiroto shot his non-mafia friends a bright smile. "Yeah, see you tomorrow." Sugino replied with a grin.

The civilian students continued walking home.

"I call shotgun." Hiroto claimed his seat with speed of a man from a sinking ship jumping aboard a life boat. Isogai rolled his eyes and climbed in the backseat. Tsuna shook his head at two's antics.

Hiroto and Yuma chattered in the back. Apparently even for them, a pudding assassination was noteworthy.

'Kayano' was the one who came up with the plan, she was the quiet green haired girl who stood beside Nagisa. Tsuna's HI told him there was a a bit more to this girl then being a pudding lover.

Isogai walked next door to his house. Tsuna and Hiroto headed inside their own home. "We're home!" Hiroto shouted.

Tsuna watched the woman he married walk into the foyer. "Tsuna." She greeted him with a smile. "Kyoko." Tsuna murmured. Husband and wife kissed, their son fake gagged at the sight.

"Just wait until you get married, Hiroto." Tsuna teased. Hiroto rolled his eyes.

After dinner, the father and son went outside to train. It was a tradition for the two to fight when Tsuna came home.

Tsuna used his arms to block Hiroto's kick. Hiroto performed a quick flip. Tsuna almost grabbed one of Hiroto's ankle.

"You've learned some parkour." Tsuna pleasantly observed.

Hiroto smirked. "That's not all I've learned."

"Glad to hear it." Tsuna smiled. The man decided to take advantage of the lull of clashing in the fight.

The two cautiously circled as they watched each other.

"I've gotten reports about this Korosensei, it was weird to see him flying today. " Tsuna paused as Hiroto hesitated before attacking. "What's he like?" Tsuna asked.

Maehara stopped moving as he thought. "He's patient, intelligent, and silly. Korosensei is a real teacher, he cares about all of E Class and takes the time to help us." Tsuna nodded and stepped forward.

Tsuna objected to his sons's lack of movement with a lazy swing. Hiroto dodged the punch.

"Your opponent won't wait for you to think." Tsuna pointed out. "How do you like your classmates?" Tsuna questioned.

"Isogai is still my best friend. Karma, Nagisa, Kayano, Sugino, Kanzaki, and all the others are a lot of fun to be with." Hiroto asserted.

"That's good. Now, about your grades and your place in E Class." Tsuna

A dangerous glint entered Tsuna's eyes.

Hiroto laughed nervously as he dodged an uppercut."What about it?"

"You're grades have improved and I'm glad you have friends." Tsuna admitted. "But...Currently you're at the bottom of your school's hierarchy. How are you dealing with it?" Tsuna asked, his tone tinged with worry.

Tsuna dodged Hiroto's front kick.

"I'm dealing with it. We're dealing with it. I don't want to leave E Class, Dad. Please don't make me." Hiroto pleaded.

"If something happens, call me, call Mom, tell an adult. Heck, tell Hibari if you have to. Don't bottle up problems, we're family. We have your back." Tsuna lectured.

Hiroto smiled and tried to kick his Dad's kneecap. "Nice try, kid." Tsuna complimented with a smirk.

The fight went on until Tsuna got Hiroto in a headlock. Hiroto wriggled desperately.

"Say uncle." Tsuna advised.

"Uncle." Hiroto muttered.

"I didn't hear you." Tsuna teased.

"Uncle!" Hiroto half yelled.

Tsuna let go of the headlock and scooted away for some space.

The two Sawadas stretched their muscles in tandem. Both dad and son knew they'd already have sore muscles tomorrow, stretching after exercise decreases soreness. Being sore can be the difference between whether you live or die during an assassination attempt.

For a minute or two after, the two looked up at the rapidly darkening sky. Both comfortably splayed out on their backs among the grass.

"Err...Dad?" Hiroto hesitantly asked. "Yes?" Tsuna answered.

"Would you help me with my homework?"

Tsuna smiled softly. "I'd be glad to."

Tsuna didn't know what to do. Threaten the principal, kill the octopus, and get his son up to a higher class?

He was worried over his child. Over his child's classmates and Guardian. Over the world.

Reborn would usually listen to Tsuna babbling on about things. But, Tsuna's HI told him that Reborn was feeling a bit murderous towards the don for the amount of paperwork Tsuna's Guardians managed to dump in the hitman. Also, Reborn was pretty useless when it came to children problems and not criminal problems.

Tsuna regretted the last and only time he had asked Reborn. Tsuna was looking for a child friendly guard animal. Reborn suggested a tiger. Reborn was subsequently banned from advising on anything regarding Hiroto aside from clothes.

Tsuna snapped out of his reminiscing. It was time to call his old man.

"Tsuna-fish, what are you worried about?" Iemitsu questioned.

"I'm worried about Hiroto." Tsuna admitted.

"What specifically?" Iemitsu mentally sighed. The blond hoped that now was not the time Tsuna would catch the paranoia of parenthood.

"His grades, his social life, and the drama he's going through." Tsuna summarized.

"Need I remind you of what you went through when you were a teenager?" Iemitsu joked.

Tsuna scoffed. "I dealt with death threats and Reborn."

Iemitsu laughed. "True." Iemitsu's tone turned serious. "Be there for him. Be there for Kyoko. Call often, send postcards, and make sure he knows you love him. That's all you can really do with juggling family and our work."

Tsuna declined from quipping about how Iemitsu's advice had already been tried with Tsuna years before. The don did hate his father for years...but now...he understood far more then he wanted to. A reconciliation had already happened between them. It hopefully wouldn't need to happen between Tsuna and his son.

Tsuna moved the conversation on. "Did you ever meet an assassin called Shinigami?"

Iemitsu shrugged. "Once."

"He's now teaching a class of middle schoolers, is an overpowered yellow octopus, and is helping a group of 'school trash'." Tsuna deadpanned.

"Yes. And?" Iemitsu pursued the piece of information his son had omitted.

"And Hiroto's part of E Class." Tsuna announces with a sigh.

"Morte has always been a strange person." Iemitsu mused. "Considering the reports I've gotten, he would not intentionally do harm to any of his students. He's not the worst...he's actually gotten better. He's not a megalomaniac as the national governments think." Iemitsu concluded.

"Hmm." Tsuna's HI helpfully told him Iemitsu was right, then his HI motioned his thoughts towards Hiroto's bed room.

Tsuna twisted the door knob to Hiroto's room, the bedroom was empty. Tsuna looked to the open window.

"Tsuna, what happened?" Iemitsu questioned.

Tsuna sighed. "Thanks for the help. I got to go. Hiroto just snuck out of his bedroom window. Good bye Dad, love you."

"Love you too, son." Iemitsu replied. Tsuna ended the call with a determined tap of his thumb.

BlondeClam (online), UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay (online)

UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:Where are you?

BlondeClam:I went it meet up with my classmates.

UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:To do what?

UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:It's past midnight, for God's sake.


BlondeClam:I'm going to stake out a place with my friends.


BlondeClam:Please, just trust me. Nothing bad will happen to me.

BlondeClam:We're not doing something that could get us killed or something.

Tsuna hesitated and checked with his HI.

UnfortunateCatchOfTheDay:You tell me everything in the morning.


Hiroto woke up, fell out of bed, and hurried to get dressed.

Tsuna had made breakfast this morning. The sleepy Hiroto explained what had happened and Itona's situation.

"Could you sponsor him? Please? He doesn't have a place to live or any money."

"Alright. But you make the offer for me...And he has to accept the deal, don't put words in his mouth." Tsuna relented.

"We can talk about more details once you're finished eating." Tsuna instructed.
"Hey look who's here. Guess its nice not having to bust through a wall, huh?" Hiroto teased.

The strawberry blond suddenly grew serious. "Itona, you don't have any money or a place to live, right?"

"Yes, I'm completely broke." Itona admitted.

"My dad said he'd sponsor you. I can talk with about the specifics during lunch, if you're willing...?" Hiroto nervously asked.

"That'd be fine." Itona accepted.
Just as Korosensei dismissed the class for lunch, a man walked through the door.

"Hello? I hope I'm not interrupting anything. It is lunch time, correct?" The brunette asked.

"Who are you?" Korosensei questioned.

'Just forget Omerta, the Vendice owes you.' Tsuna thought to himself with a mental shrug.

"I am Tsunayoshi Sawada, the Tenth boss of Vongola." The don introduced himself.

"He doesn't look like a mafia member." One of the students muttered. Tsuna wilted slightly under the gazes of the unbelieving students.

Hiroto and Isogai hide their laughter with coughs. Mentally, Hiroto was dying, it was hilarious to see his dad who easily dealt with mafia memebers every day try to deal with his classmates.

The don sighed, a smirk played at his lips. "That just makes it easier to not be caught. As I told some of your classmates yesterday, assumptions-especially of what people think a assassin or mafia member-look like are useful." Tsuna advised. Hiroto and Isogai nodded in agreement.

Tsuna smiled at the confused and dubious looks he received. "Think about it. No one expects an old lady, a child, or anyone innocent looking to be a criminal, good fighter, or a killer. Use general habits and assumptions to your advantage, that's a basic rule for planning."

Korosensei wrote down the gist of Tsuna's tips on the board. "Okay class, copy this down." The octopus instructed his students.

After the students started to jot down the tips, Tsuna turned to Korosensei. "Ah, ho quasi dimenticato. Reborn dái i suoi saluti alla Morte. (I almost forgot. Reborn gives his regards to Death)."

"Grazie. Si prega di dare i miei saluti a Reborn. (Thank you. Please give my regards to Reborn)." Korosensei responded, the former assassin was pleasantly surprised by the mention of his fellow colleague.

Tsunami glanced at the students, most were almost finished writing.
"Vieni a trovarmi fuori. (Come find me outside.)" Tsuna told Korosensei.

After the last student put their pencil down, Tsuna declared "I'm going to issue a challenge to you students. An hour from the deadline of the world blowing up, I will try to kill Korosensei. If you want to kill him yourselves, you must do it before then. If you succeed in killing Korosensei and want protection, Vongola and I will protect you all from a public reveal and anything involving government programs or such you do not want to participate in."

The silence was deafening. Tsuna bit his bottom lip to keep from laughing. The students looked dumbfounded at Tsuna's offer. "Now, I'll leave you to your schooling." Tsuna excused himself.

Tsuna hummed to himself. The spot the brunette had chosen was a small clearing in the woods.

The don didn't have to wait long for the octopus to show up.

The sudden lash of wind announced the yellow creature's arrival. About a yard of space separated the two.

"I want to talk to you about my son." Tsuna quietly declared. "What are your plans for this class?" The don enquired, a slight frown etched itself onto the man's face.

"To help them grow into well rounded and skilled adults. There are no underlying intentions or plots. I merely wish to help these children to the best of my abilities." Korosensei stated.

Tsuna nodded. "Why'd you become a teacher?" Tsuna questioned.

Korosensei hesitated before answering truthfully, "to fulfill a promise to the woman I loved."

"She must have been some woman." Tsuna observed.

"That she was." Korosensei softly agreed.

Tsuna glanced at his wedding ring in thought. The don brushed aside the tenderness that sprung up in his heart.

"Let's get down to the rest of our business." Tsuna cheerfully said. Korosensei started as the man leaned forward.

A dark smile tugged at the don's lips. Suddenly, two tentacles fell to the dirt ground and a anti-sensei knife was in Tsuna's right hand.

"I can kill you. I, really, can." Tsuna seemed to almost purr during the delivery of his threat.

Korosensei gulped. "Hehehe." Korosensei chuckled nervously.

Tsuna took a step back from the teacher and smiled happily. "But I won't..." Tsuna admitted with a grin. "...For now." Tsuna tacked on as footnote.

"For now, I...will trust you with my son. You have the backing of Reborn, my son, and my father." Tsuna decided with a frown.

"Help him grow along with your other students, do not treat him as an outcast as he felt he was before." Tsuna closed his eyes as he asked the teacher. The don didn't know what answer he expected, perhaps the teacher of his son once again lying through their teeth.

"That I will." Korosensei committed to the challenge.

Tsuna snorted. "You're really something. You're not lying." Tsuna commented with a smile.

Korosensei gave his usual grin in reply. The octopus teacher nervously sweated as Tsuna briefly smirked.

"If Hiroto comes to any harm under your care, I will hold you personally responsible. It doesn't matter where you go, I will hunt you down. Your death will be far from ethical." Tsuna sweetly menaced, his face expression as unthreatening as a bunny was to a wolf. What was terrifying were the orange eyes the color of liquid metal.

"I accept the risks." Korosensei drew himself up to his full height. "Your boy will grow into a fine man, Decimo." Korosensei half promised and half complimented.

The don tilted his head to the side. Tsuna's lips quirked upwards into a content smile.

"That he will."