The Provisional Laws of Acquired Behavior or Learning

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May 1st 1992, Wizarding Army of National Defence Headquarters, London
Quietly purchased from the Historic Royal Palaces charity foundation with the caveat of maintaining the place unaltered, The Banqueting House, Whitehall was the first public wizarding location based above ground in a heavily populated area. Privately renamed by the wizards as W.A.N.D Headquarters and remodeled on the inside, the building was massive, especially with the help of expansion charms as well as the levels of the old ministry which had been carefully connected to the building. To the non-magical eye, the place had simply become another repurposed privately owned building but to the magical eye, the building represented the public face of the new magical government. No longer known as the Ministry of Magic the new seat of the magical government was unrecognizable especially given that all the below-ground offices were now restricted to the people who worked there and no longer traversable to the general public. Today though was the grand opening with The W.A.N.D Charity Gala, this would be the first time since the Diagon Alley attack that the beating heart of the much-changed British magical government would be open, though for a limited time, to the public. Still despite this explanation from multiple angles, Sonic could not fathom how the magical's had managed to buy the place from the non-magicals. Firstly on account of money and secondly because of its actual location and history. He himself had faced his own problems with earning money in the wizarding world as the economy of a society where you could conjure half of the basic necessities was more than a bit unbalanced and very unfair towards newcomers which made the discovery of the Potter Vaults a pleasant and welcome surprise. Unfortunately, he couldn't access the main vault if only because the goblins were still digging it out from the invasion which had apparently collapsed more than a few of the Gringott's underground passageways, the trust vault had, however, was on the sixth basement level down, one level above the collapse so that was lucky.
So on that account, Sonic wondered how the magical's had managed to buy such an important place with money that to the non-magical eye came seeming out of thin air, a conspiracy theory that would undoubtedly bring non-magical investigators and their inland revenue running.
Secondly, it was an open secret in the non-magical world that Whitehall was the home of most of the United Kingdoms really important government infrastructure with most of the jobs not being the kind of stuff publicly admitted to. Sonic imagined that W.A.N.D had made more than one bargain with the non-magical government, a thought he only once idly shared with Susan who confirmed it by getting very twitchy and unsubtly changing the subject to clothes. Though come to think of it the second thing might actually be the answer to the first, by making everyone think it was a secret government scheme. This made sense as the first plausible explanations non-magicals came up with in the face of something odd usually consisted of 'government', 'terrorists', 'spies', 'aliens', 'god' then the assumption that 'a wizard did it' and usually in that order.
Ignoring that the new building was nice Sonic thought, forty shining gold chandeliers with candles glowing with incandescent spectral fire glinted far above his head illuminated the room. A silent but magnificent lightning storm danced in the new ceiling in place of the old paintings with all manner of flying creature darting in and out of the storm. The building had clearly been massively expanded on the inside with spells with the first floor being half the size of a football field. Long tables for all the guests were arranged at the edges of the room, for now carrying general finger food though that would change later when the speeches and announcements began.
Next to Sonic, Miles subtly gulped down a few sauce-covered prawns with no grace at all when no one looked.
"Bored already?" Sonic froze unnoticeably then relaxed turning his gaze to Roger Malone "I can manage fine. You?"
Roger tugged his ascot to loosen it "Admittedly I am a bit bored, it is hard to strike up a conversation with an adult decade's my senior and be taken seriously"
Sonic nodded sympathetically suddenly grateful that no one was forcing him to do likewise though he had been approached a few times mostly by the goblins attending the gala about his heroics at Hogwarts. It was nice to see another person from school in one piece, as the school had been evacuated in a hurry and letters and news announcements only said so much.
"Ready for the exams next month?" Roger grinned and nodded looking justifiably pleased having been one of the better students in Slytherin "Quite, though I do wonder how they intend to teach us herbology next year?"
Sonic shrugged recognizing the probe for information and saw no harm in sharing "Everyone's getting a pass, though the seventh years have been granted permission to attend an eighth year if they're interested in it"
Roger nodded thoughtfully "Are you interested?"
"In herbology? Not as a career but there is a certain 'charm' to it"
Catching sight of Sonic's shameless grin at the massively overused pun Roger raised an eyebrow "That was truly terrible" both boys were silent for a moment then laughed. Behind them unnoticed, Miles finished the prawn platter.
Minutes later a clatter from the raised red dais drew the eyes of everyone in the room signaling that it was time to be seated.
As friends of the princess Sonic and Miles merited seats next to her at the table with Bunnie and Rob while Neville sat further down next to his grandmother who looked remarkably unhappy at being sat next to Alastor Moody evident in their heated conversation that had just finished.
Queen Amelia Bones was a vision in her golden dress sparkling tiara framed by her tightly bound hair, ascending the podium none could take their eyes off her as the head of state began to speak, Magical Britain could not even begin to understand the scale of the fire that was about to be unleashed with one speech.
"Welcome all to the grand opening of the United Kingdoms Magical Government, Headquarters to the famed The Wizarding Army of National Defense, For the past month's chaos has reigned, Magical fluctuations, attacks on our populace both in our city centers and the shining bastion of light that is the premier institution of magical learning in the world."
Behind the queen images began to form out of silver mist hovering above a silver bowl attended to by two soldiers illustrated the mentioned events, Susan glanced worriedly at Sonic and Bunnie their expressions had gone remarkably plastic they watched the burning of Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Acromantula attack replay in the memory.
"Some would say this is a result of changing too rapidly, that we are casting away valued traditions and ideals that made this nation great."
The images changed, showcasing the old ministry, the vile statue of Magical Brethren that represented only bigotry and of Cornelius Fudge, the last Minister Of Magic before its reformation into an absolute monarchy, being led out in disgrace.
"Evidence however points to these attacks upon our people merely as signs of a long-festering illness in our society that only now is coming to light, not as a sudden expression of violence. Too long we as a society have been quietly simmering in a state of discontent masked as normality as injustice after injustice was perpetrated upon the populace under the aegis of the old government, those content in living off the past glories of far grander ages long consigned to history books!"
Papers shimmered across the screen sentences like 'Muggleborns and Beasts need not apply', 'Magic is Might' highlighted in glowing red as they fell.
A hush fell briefly and Queen Amelia Bones continued the image of determination "Today we begin to rectify this injustice, shaking off centuries of malaise, we are awakened as a nation of one people, all species, under a single banner, Magicals!
Our non-magical cousins have advanced in different ways as they take a path wholly separate from ours yet no less great,-" More images appeared determined to crush delusions of magical superiority into dust in all who watched, a sped-up construction of a massive city skyline, fighter jets soaring at impossible heights and images of the earth from space with a happily posing astronaut "-It is time we magical kind of Britain and associated magical territories remember that, of all the world we alone are still the empire on which the sun never sets!
In this new age will reclaim our dignity, our power and most importantly, our duty to all those under the auspices of the British Magical Empire and not just a small community!
We have changed, we have advanced, we are going to continue to advance and we are here, finally to stay."
The applause when it started quickly ascended to a fever pitch roar, everyone swept up in the emotion of the queen's speech. Even as Sonic stood on his feet and clapped with the rest of the crowd he wondered what the rest of the wizarding world, no doubt listening over the Wireless at this very moment, were thinking.

Los Alamos, New Mexico 1946
Not for the first time, Dumbledore lamented his weak chin, the necessity of shaving his waist-long white beard into a goatee had left him feeling horribly exposed, the de-aging potion that had been forced on him had rid him of most of his wrinkles and even regain his auburn hair coloring had certainly helped his backache though. Another thing that frustrated him was the poor excuse of a suit, He hated the bland colorless thing incandescently with every fiber of his being. Still, sat in the corner bar Albus did his job seemingly stewing over his drink giving off an air of unapproachability even as he dived into the minds of the off duty scientists from the relatively nearby laboratory to the south of the town. Mentally nudging one of the scientists he managed to get him to speak to his fellow about his work, Earning a scolding shush from the co-worker. 'Jackpot' Albus mentally crowed as the more relevant thoughts poured by him pushed to the forefront of the scientist's mind 'Wait what?' Albus dived deeper into the scientist's mind 'Project Ultimate Peacekeeper?' as he read himself in on the details of the project Albus placed his now shaking hands flat on the newspaper he'd been pretending to read hiding them from curious eyes. Feeling now more than ever as if he were at the edge of a precipice Albus unflinchingly dove down the rabbit hole.

May 5th 1992, Forbidden Forest, The Ravine
Sonic carefully edged the oak log into place, the large gouged notches allowing him to slot the logs together like a jigsaw puzzle. As he'd discovered, if he wiggled his fingers as if holding the item when he was levitating it he could control what he was levitating as tactilely as if playing with toy blocks. The log cabin was coming along nicely though he'd have to reread the book when he was ready to do the roof, he'd had some ideas about transfiguration and moulds that he'd have to run by Professor Lucretia before he tried anything though but if he did it right then it would be a nice log cabin for when he wanted a home away from home.
Further away from the incomplete log cabin on a stretch of cleared earth Knuckles was teaching Neville how to throw a punch with Bunnie supervising.
Knuckles had been amazed upon being shown The Ravine by Sonic as the time they'd known each other in the wake of the Kudzu Attack had resulted in a firm if slightly antagonistic friendship.
Similarly with Rob while their friendship wasn't as close as the others they'd bonded over their shared outgoing hobbies, similarly shared trauma and surprisingly enough unusual hair colors.
Rob had been as described by Fred as a bit 'off-kilter' after the attack and as Fred had ashamedly admitted possibly quite a time before that, initially Sonic had thought this was because he'd been attacked, knocked unconscious and then attacked again but then the whole sorry story came out.
Rob had been gazing dispassionately at the water of the black lake and the castle in the distance as he reiterated the events of the term to Sonic, of the backfiring prank he'd played and then the fallout, a year-long campaign of terror and humiliation by his own dorm mates, culminating in his suspected ambush.
"It's only now that Crabbe's dead, Goyle's gone and Nott's transfer to Durmstrang that I can really talk about it" Rob had admitted to Sonic quietly "I just want to put everything behind me now" Sonic had then offered his own opinion keeping the sympathy from his voice as he expected Rob would respond poorly to it. "The way I see it you didn't know any better and they really crossed the line in doing that, are you going to be okay next term?"
Rob thought on his last remaining dorm mate Michael Corner who had escaped the attack relatively unharmed though traumatized by the loss of his dorm mates apart from Rob, a boy who he had had a hand in tormenting, between the guilt of bullying and the trauma Corner was now being homeschooled and was thus unlikely to return to Hogwarts.
"I think I'll be okay" The sheer relief on his face at no longer being, for lack of better terms, tortured, tugged at Sonics heartstrings so with the agreement of the others he had invited him to The Ravine one day. The way his expression had lit up in awe as they descended into the hidden clearing had been gratifying.
It had become not uncommon for Rob to traipse into camp every other week and hang out sometimes going fishing in the river together.
Speaking of the river Miles was down there again with a large amount of copper piping, a box of mismatched construction material and seemed to be soldering something with a blowtorch, ordinarily Sonic would be more worried about handing a young child a blowtorch but Miles was a responsible kid and knew what he was doing.
Hopkirk was not there with them today reason being that this was a day off for all the hard work they'd been doing. With Hogwarts still closed their End of Year Exams were being held by the ICWs Educational Office at W.A.N.D Headquarters in June and Hopkirk had judged the group ready to take the examination by storm.
Susan was going to have the easiest time of it considering she had already done all the theory for every year and only had the magic to go. The first-year exam for herbology had been completely scrapped as the Kudzu had torn its way through the greenhouse and wreaked pretty much everything that was going to be evaluated, though that hadn't spoiled Sonics interest having planted a great many cutting of useful healing plants near the waterfall before the event even happened.

May 10th, The Rookery, Ottery St Catchpole, Devon
Luna and Xeno peered at the person curled up peacefully under the blankets then exchanged looks "Do you think we used too much-"
"-Nargle Dust? Possibly"
"Regardless he should wake up soon..." speculated Molly Weasley looming behind the duo, having been summoned to her neighbour's house by a loud explosion followed by an ominous trail of smoke drifting from the Lovegood house, tutted she had shooed the two out of the guest room "Really! It's a good thing you freed the child from that horrible trap but did you perhaps consider asking for help beforehand?"
Lingering at the open door as Molly scanned the child with a diagnostic charm, Xeno protested his innocence "It worked though!"
"And just where did you even get that ritual from?" asked Molly pointedly eyebrow arched as Xeno's expression shifted from exultant to slightly shifty.
"Merwyn the Malicious's Manual of Malicious Machinations for the Malcontent?" Xeno offered weakly suddenly realizing Molly Weasley might start to yell at him without the benefit of her famous howlers.
Molly paused in her ministrations going over the book's title in her head, resisting the urge to scream with the sleeping child in earshot and actually looked at Xeno "Have you ever considered that taking advice from someone called 'the Malicious' might not be a good idea?"
"It was perfectly fine" Xeno defended weakly flinching under her glare "I even managed to substitute much less heinous ingredients and it worked!"
"Barely" spoke Molly pointedly fingering the unnatural bright red streaks in the boys otherwise long jet black hair.
"So pretty" cooed Luna sitting next to the bed.
"You won't tell anyone about this will you?" Pleaded Xeno.
"I really should" Molly admitted grudgingly.
Xeno slowly grinned sensing victory in Molly's hesitance "But you won't? Not even your husband?"
Molly sighed in a suffering tone remembering Xeno's wife asking her the same thing in the exact same tone more than once upon a time "You, Xeno, are impossible, Yes, I'll keep your secret."
"Hhmmmn?" Both turned to the bed where the now awake boy found himself in the cuddling embrace of a cooing Luna Lovegood, blank ruby eyes full of confusion as she carded his hair softly with her hand.
"Isn't he ever so cute! I shall call him Shadow and he shall be mine and he shall be my Shadow!" Molly leveled Xeno with such a flat look that he flinched.

May 19th, Hogsmeade Village, Bluewind House
It was dark both inside and out as Miles rummaged through the back of the basements storage closet for the potion he had been attempting to brew for the past few months. His heart started to sink as he saw the still black liquid in the vial, before with a great rumble nearby signifying a lightning strike the potion flashed and the vial turned blood red. Miles grinned even as he unstoppered the concoction and quaffed it down glorifying in his success as he felt the described sensation of fiery pain and an intense double heartbeat as the image he sought slowly began forming in his head. There was no warning as the heavy metal shelving above him, stacked to the brim with vials of Wit-Sharpening potion, rattled by the weather, came crashing down on top of him and everything went dark.

Far beneath Hogwarts
Deep in the bowels of Hogwarts something stirred and creaked, large silvery vines were illuminated with white light as they crept past the glow bugs nibbling at the remaining flesh in the rodent ossuary. Bones were sent rattling out of the way followed by clouds of disturbed glow bugs. The vines slithered on ignorant of the yellow eyes creeping silently ever closer.

May 20th, Third Floor, St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, London
"There, all fixed up!" chirped Healer Stout as the last of the bandages over the scratches were healed with a splash of Essence of Dittany. Miles flexed his hand carefully as the watching Sonic sighed in relief. "Now the results should be in soon but I don't expect there to be any serious after-effects"
Sonic continued to eye Miles worriedly even though the bandages had been removed yesterday still on edge from finding the unconscious Miles under the rubble of the shelving unit eerily unmoving.
The Healer tutted as she examined the results which had arrived when Sonic was lost in thought "As I expected, I'm afraid to have to advise young Miles to never take another Wit-sharpening Potion ever again, It seems the potion itself has seeped into your bloodstream, because of that the effects have become permanent." Miles and Sonic blinked in surprise with Miles tentatively asking the question more for Sonics benefit than his own as he could already feel the truth in its effects "So this is the new normal for me then?"
"Yes" Stout confirmed checking over the results and writing something, Miles turned to Sonic knowing that he had to come clean about the other thing that he had been doing and not sure how he'd react.
"Sonic will you help me with the project I'm working on? It's why I was in the basement" Sonic paused eyeing Miles critically something in the tone of his question raising the hairs on the back of his neck. "Why were you down there anyway?"
Miles looked abashed and fidgeted with a bit of his jumper "Promise not to be mad?"
Sonic raised an eyebrow questioningly and promised no such thing "Miles…"
Miles shrugged to himself and made an expression of great concentrating. Neither Sonic nor the healer were expecting what happened next as Miles vanished from view and in his place, for a tiny beige fox kit to materialize with a happy mewling bark, even less expected was its twin fox tails happily waving behind him in the air.

May 21st, Secret Underground Research Laboratory
The Head Unspeakable stared at the gargantuan golden ring levitating in what some filthy-minded Unspeakable of yore had unfortunately named 'The Love Chamber'.
Once containing a single cauldron full of Amortia the most powerful potion in the world, the cauldron had been upturned and its contents as well as the actual cauldron flash vaporized by the cascading energy from the giant floating golden ring appearance. From what his scans told him the ring functioned as something like a portal and 'the monkey test' had revealed a habitable atmosphere on the other side from the vague images from his Legilimency scan of the monkey showed. Sure they'd be studying it until they were sure it was safe but then? The Head Unspeakable was looking forward to a new adventure away from the paperwork.

May 23rd, Hogsmeade Village, Bluewind House
Miles huffed as he added another line to the blueprint on his desk and gazed out of the window wistfully.
Sonic had initially taken Miles foray into becoming the first squib animagus in recorded history well, right up until the healer had lost her temper and lit into the duo and made Sonic understand precisely what Miles had been risking, not even accounting for how he had somehow modified the potion to work without the spell aspect of the procedure, something that had never ever been done before.
Sonic had then made Miles register his form with St Mungos who would register it with the government and proceeded to put Miles under house arrest. This was the first argument the two had ever had since they'd become brothers, neither liked it.
In the basement of the Bluewind House, Sonic continued to sweep up the glass into a large old pewter cauldron, where it would eventually be taken to the ravine to become fodder for glass making lessons. Gazing at the space where the old shelving unit had been Sonic sighed, He had almost lost his little brother to an accident if not to the shelving then a potion gone wrong, it was a very disconcerting feeling. He needed to talk with someone and he knew just where to start.

Devon, Longbottom Hall
Neville Longbottom did not jump when his fireplace flared green though he made a note to tell Sonic that the green fire clashed with his blue hair awfully.
"Sonic? How are you? You can come over if you want" Sonics worried look lessened "Thanks I'll be over in a minute" Sonic withdrew his head from the fire and stepped through with a shiver "I hate floo" he announced in an aggravated tone shaking out his near mane of blue hair.
"At least you stopped skidding out the fire and landing in a heap" Neville pointed out knowing from his expression that Sonic had something he needed to say and letting him work his way to it with small talk.
"There is that" Sonic reluctantly conceded glaring once at the fireplace, then he caught sight of Neville's project on his desk. "Is that the armor we got you for Solstice?" Sonic asked looking at the individual pieces, Neville brightened "Yep, I've been working on my enchanting, someday I'll have a working suit of power armor" Sonic smirked in amusement at the eagerness in Neville's expression before his expression sobered. "Miles nearly died recently" Neville's expression became alarmed before Sonic swiftly explained, "He's alright though, a shelving unit collapsed on him in during a thunderstorm but the sight of him like that.. it really scared me."
Then Neville asked the question Sonic had spent most of his life expertly tap-dancing around "What did your parents say?"
Sonic shifted in place uncomfortably "Can.. can you keep a secret?"
Neville's curiosity was piqued "Sonic you're one of the only friends I have, I trust you"
Sonic looked around shiftily and Neville noticed his gaze lingering pointedly on the moving portraits that were unsubtly trying to listen in, portraits that both boys were aware did not answer to Neville but his strict grandmother. Meeting Sonic's gaze levelly Neville spoke lightly eyes briefly but pointedly skirting over the eavesdroppers "Why don't we have this conversation in the greenhouse?" Neville noticed Sonics discomfort ease and was confident he's made the right decision.
Minutes later in the Greenhouse Sonics uncomfortable expression had returned as Neville lost his composure and blatantly gaped at him "No guardian? None?" Sonic nodded tiredly rolling his shoulders with a gusty sigh "I didn't think it was a big deal but then the healer brought it up in conversation and I barely managed to convince her that we had the accident at a friends house doing something stupid"
Neville took a steadying breath as his head was swimming at the implications "Ignoring how this shouldn't be possible for the moment, don't you want guardians?"
Sonic met Neville's gaze speaking seriously "Neville. The people I used to stay with couldn't care less what happens to me, I left for Hogwarts without telling them and they haven't reported me missing yet. That alone should tell you how much they don't care. And Miles? I don't know what happened to his parents but I rescued him from a locked cell in a leaky dungeon full of horrors."
Sonic shook his head violently at the memory and Neville wondered if he'd ever be brave enough to ask about said horrors "Listen Neville, Miles and I? We've been fine together, we're both fiercely independent and we own our little house in Hogsmeade outright and have enough funds to last for a long time if used responsibly"
An uncomfortable silence settled between the two Neville looked away from Sonic and back at his own house as he spoke "Did I ever tell you about my Uncle Algie?" Sonic shook his head "No? What about him?" Neville teased his shirt nervously wondering if he was really going to go ahead with this or not before deciding to be brave once and just spit it out "Before, When blood purity was important, everyone thought I was a squib." Neville saw the incomprehension in Sonics eyes about why something like that would matter and felt a surge of fondness for the bluenet, Neville explained "In magic families that's considered disgraceful so he decided to... scare the magic out of me" Neville looked up, Sonic's expression was steadily going colder as the seconds passed and his went voice flat uttering a single word "How?"
Nevile idly teased a nearby snapping Fanged Geranium with a stick "He once pushed me off the Blackpool Pier, I got dragged under by the current and nearly drowned, I'm... not sure what he expected to happen with that, even with magic" Neville laughed bitterly, Sonic growled quietly as Neville continued speaking, "Another time he dangled me out of the upstairs window and dropped me, on purpose I think" A moment of silence ensued as Neville let that bombshell sink in before continuing "The worst thing I think was when my family cried because I saved myself with magic, instead of, you know? Because I lived"
Neville met Sonics gaze evenly "I'll keep your secret but my advice? If neither of you can stomach a guardian? Why not try being what a guardian is supposed to be, go back home and be the kind of guardian we both wish we had"
Sonic smiled before it faded looking back at Longbottom Hall now with open disdain knowing the actions or inactions of the others who lived there "What about you?"
Neville frowned uncomfortably "I'll be fine, I have magic so... apparently... I matter now" Neville shrugged off Sonics concern, still scowling at the house Sonic turned to Neville "You're welcome to come over to our house whenever you want, no invitation or warning needed"
Sonic turned to go home when Neville stopped him "How many other people know about this?" Sonic laughed openly and honestly "To be honest you're actually the first, I probably won't tell anyone else until Miles is at least eighteen" Neville felt immensely touched at being trusted with such an important secret.

Hogsmeade Village, Bluewind House
A knock on his bedroom door drew Miles attention away from the schematic and he pointedly turned away as his brother entered with a tray of food.
"I'm sorry I yelled at you" Sonic said softly, there was no response as Miles continued taking notes ignoring his brother. Sonic sighed and entered the room placing the tray next to the schematic on the table and moving to sit next to Miles. Miles didn't pull away so Sonic counted that as progress and began speaking lowly, "I'm not used to having someone to care about, and before this year I've never had an example of being cared about either so I'm pretty much making this up as I go along." They sat quietly as in peaceable silence with Sonic looking on quietly at the schematic Miles was working on. "That's… Possibly a rocket?" Sonic hazarded a guess Miles finally began to speak. "It's a self-propelled bodyboard I've been working on... I figured we could go to the ravine and play, when I'm not grounded" Miles corrected voice teary him sinking into his brother's side as Sonic hugged him shushing him as he cried.

May 26th, Unplottable Heavily Warded Location
Bunnie yelped as she ducked under a barrage of spellfire, an alarm rung signaling the end of the session causing the girl to examine herself before swearing the air blue as the spectral green flames danced between her prosthetic's joints, rendering the prosthetic more and more inoperable as the seconds passed. Bunnie stared incredulously at her grinning godfather who held several screws and bolts that had seconds ago been in her leg "...You weaponized floo powder?" Moody grinned "Great isn't it! And if it worked on you it should certainly work on those automatons I told you about" Bunnie paused thoughtfully then nodded but still made her objections clear "Could you have tested it on someone else instead of me first?" Moody grinned madly "I already did, I just wanted to see how you'd react" Bunnie lunged forward with a punch that Moody near danced out of reach of with an amused cackle "Going to have to try harder than that little hoppy"
Bunnie growled at the nickname but knew better than to sling a spell his way, wary of starting something she couldn't finish. "Anyway, what's this I hear about you being friends with the Longbottom heir?"
Bunnie raised an eyebrow as Moody fiddled around with the weaponized floo powder returning the nuts and bolts to her limb "Do you disapprove?"
Moody snorted "Naw, the kids good people. Anyway, his granny, that senile old hag of a vulture Augusta asked me to teach him to defend himself, I wasn't going to accept but he's your friend so I figured you'd want in on that?"
Bunnie chuckled "I'd love ta, if only ta stop ya from traumatizing Nev."