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Gilbert's mind went blank and filled with a thousand thoughts at the same time, only to empty and refill again. His mouth went dry and he found himself instinctively licking his lips before he was able to speak.

"Kiss you?" he asked in a voice slightly above a whisper,

Her nod was barely perceptible, so small was the movement, but it was there. This is what she wanted. Instinctively he took a step forward, even as he was still trying to work out what to do, as if dragged by a magnetic pull towards her.

Of all the thoughts in his mind he suddenly, clearly heard his mother's voice. One summer evening several years before, Mrs Lynde, tending to her dying husband, had sent word asking Gilbert's mother for some of her herbal remedy to ease his discomfort. His mother had been out, vising relatives, and was not due back until the next night. Without hesitation, Gilbert went out, found the herbs, used his mother's recipe book to mix the required quantities, and delivered it to Mrs Lynde together with a loaf of bread and the supper his mother left for his own meal. It was only when his mother returned and was thanked by Mrs Lynde for her kindness that Gilbert's efforts were discovered. That evening a proud mother had said "I've raised a gentleman who, when he can, will not only honour a lady's request but will go over and above to ensure her comfort and support".

He could do this. For her. Give her his first kiss (for despite his good looks and popularity he'd never engaged in the sort of behaviour some of his friends did when out of town). As a friend. Was that even possible?

He was closer now "As a friend?" he whispered.

She bit her lip, the nod, if it was there, was small, but her eyes pleaded with him not to let her down.

He could do this. Press his lips to hers for a few seconds - oh God how long did it have to be? Ten seconds? Ten seconds should be enough. To share a this with her. To help her work out whatever she was trying to work out about love and romance.

Slowly, Gilbert placed his lips on Anne's. And was immediately lost.

As Gilbert's mouth had descended on hers Anne had suddenly become frightened. What had she asked? What must he think of her? What if he refused? For a moment, his proposal in the orchard of Patty's Place flitted through her mind and she realized how much it had cost him to ask and be rejected.

And then their lips touched. Softly, gently, tentatively he held his lips to hers. It felt like forever and a mere moment at the same time. A gentle sigh escaped from Anne as finally she knew that a kiss didn't have to be bitter and ugly. It could be beautiful and sweet. She felt none of the violation she'd felt at the orphanage, tasted nothing bitter and foul like she had with Roy. This is what kisses should be.

He forgot to count. He forgot that he even thought he should count. For a moment he was overwhelmed with the sense of her. He placed his hands gently on her upper arms to steady them, holding his body off hers. As he held her there slowly, tentatively his lips started to move of their own accord. Anne put her hands on his hips for balance as she felt Gilbert's lips move she instinctively moved hers with him, without thought, every part of her attuned to him.

They were in perfect sync as they continued to slowly kiss, breaking away for milliseconds without ever completely breaking lip contact then moving back in again.

Gilbert was drowning in the sweet divine of Anne. Over and over their lips moved. His senses were overwhelmed, he could smell the rosemary in her hair, the lily of the valley perfume she wore and under that something more, something Anne, a gentle sweetness that was all her own. This is for her, this is what she wanted he reminded himself. With a Herculean effort he went to move away to break the kiss, only to lean back in once more and continue. Once, twice he tried and finally summoning strength he didn't know he had lifted his mouth from hers and took a half step back to enable him to look into her eyes, his own questioning to make sure she was all right.

Anne had been trying to work out what she tasted when suddenly his mouth was no longer on hers. Apples, was that apples? Was that the taste of Gilbert Blythe? Not the mass-produced apples like they sold in Kingsport, but that rare, wild flavour of a Blythe strawberry apple. Suddenly, with his body away from hers, she felt cold.

Both breathing hard, they stared at each other, neither speaking, chests rising and falling as they caught their breath. Anne needed to be sure, what was that taste? She took her arms off his waist and wrapped them around his neck, intertwining her hands in his hair as she brought his lips back to hers.

There were a lot of surprises for Gilbert this night. Right now, he wasn't sure what surprised him more, Anne pulling him back in or the way her tongue gently flicked across his bottom lip, begging for entrance. He took a step forward, lifting her slightly off the ground and planting her back down against the tree, leaning into her, this time holding his full body against hers, balancing them with one hand on the tree and his other on her waist, his right leg adding stability placed on a convenient tree root.

He parted his lips and met her tongue greedily, drinking her in. Gentleness was gone as these two, overcome with their passion and need for each other, by mutual unspoken agreement, deepened the kiss.

Gasping for breath he pulled back, lent his forehead on hers, watching for any sign that she wasn't enjoying this, then lent in to kiss her again. Several times he did this, giving their tired lips a chance to rest before returning, sometimes with a soft peck, sometimes he'd gently graze her nose with his lips, once he trailed soft, sweet kisses up her jaw line, before returning and claiming her mouth once more. Again and again.

They didn't know how long they stood there, but as the cock crowed, regrettably they broke apart. Gilbert bent down to pick up her shawl that had fallen, and placed it around her shoulders, pausing to brush her hair from her eye and gently, once more, press his lips to hers. He left his arm around her as they continued back to Green Gables, her head resting on his shoulder.

As they walked from the woods into the yard of Green Gables with only the moon for company, he moved his arm from around her shoulder, picking up her hand as he led her to the gate.

He paused, opened the gate to let her through, then gently kissed the back of her hand, while he stared into her eyes, not daring to speak, smiled softly, turned and began his journey home. Anne held onto the gate for support as she watched him go until he got to the bend in the path. He looked back, caught her eye, smiled and held her gaze for just a moment, then turned and continued on.

Overcome with emotion, Anne's legs felt week, and her lips tingled where they'd touched his. She could still feel his breath on her face, and knew she'd never eat an apple again without thinking about Gilbert Blythe. She didn't know what she felt in that moment, as her mind swirled, but in a sudden realization of how easily they could have been seen, was glad no one had happened along the path while they were there. She walked the few steps from the gate to the Green Gable front door, went through and headed straight to her room, sitting on her bed dazed, knowing that it was unlikely that sleep would come to her tonight as she pondered Gilbert's kiss.

Some time earlier...

The walk from the Barry farm to Lone Willow Farm - Fred and Diana's new home, if the direct path had been taken, should have been about twenty-five minutes. Fred and Diana, however, had chosen to take a steady slow meander to their new home. Both pleased to have a few moments to themselves, both nervous about what was to come, but mostly just enjoying being alone together after a long day surrounded by people. At Fred's suggestion, they'd taken a slight detour towhere he'd proposed to her. He'd chosen to propose here as there tree was in the centre of a small clearing, slightly off the main path, and in the height of summer when the woods were in were in full leaf, hidden from anyone passing on their way through the woods. Leaning her back against the tree as he had on that day he, kissed her, this time as her husband, teasingly testing the three button rule they'd lived by during their engagement. The two enjoyed the gentle seclusion as they discussed the events of the day in lover like fashion.

"Your face when I walked down the aisle..."

"You were, you are, so beautiful..."

"I can't believe you learned to dance, for me ..."

A movement on the path made them both jump.

"Just a fox, I think" said Fred quietly, "let me check."

The path was slightly lower than the clearing where Fred and Diana were secluded, giving him a good view of all that was below. As he looked down the path the moon moved out from the clouds, bathing Gilbert and Anne in light.

He let out a long, low whistle and said softly without turning "I know you said they do things differently in the big city love, but in Avonlea, that's called an engagement!"

Diana, ducked under his shoulder to look and gasped, before he put his hand over her mouth so as not to disturb the couple. She stared in shock, just in time to see Anne and Gilbert finishing their first kiss and pull apart.

"I hope she's okay, I told you what she said about Roy, what if she doesn't like it? Oh my..."

Almost as she spoke, Anne had reached up and pulled Gilbert back towards her.

"I think she likes it just fine", Fred responded, a huge grin on his face "I should stay and take notes! Atta boy Blythe!"

He turned and taking Diana's hand, started to walk out of the clearing the opposite way from which they'd entered "Let's take the back-path home," he suggested, "I don't fancy disturbing those two just now, do you?"

Diana nodded her agreement as they walked in silence until they were far enough away to be able to use their normal voices without being overheard. Fred chucked. "Only those two could make me think of someone else's romance on my wedding day!"

He put his arm around Diana and gave her a gentle squeeze as he spoke. "Come wife, we should be home in five minutes. Charlie has given me strict instructions on what I need to do tonight, and I intend to follow them to the letter!"

Laughing, they continued on into the night.