The Monster Girl Encyclopedia is a book that describes monster girls that happen to obsess over cock quite a bit. They live in a world where they are feared and hated, but what would happen if they start to appear in a world who have never heard or seen them before? What if they appeared in our world?

Chapter 1: A long night on the job

San Francisco, California, United States

A squad car was patrolling a safe area in Francisco at night. Inside it was a pair of police officers, Officer Mack and Trevor. Trevor was the new guy and Mack, who had been on the force for 8 years, was showing him the ropes. "...And that's the code for armed robbery." Mack finished, Trevor nervously asked "D, does that happen often here?" Mack chuckled "Nah this is a safe and quiet neighborhood, don't worry, the station would never send the new guy out to the slums on the first day." "Oh, ok." Trevor smiled as hen looked out the window.

Mack and Trevor were talking about this weeks 49ers game when a call came through the dispatch. "Possible 261A by Greensboro Street, any available cars sound off." Mack quickly picked up the receiver and replied "Were closest and were on our way over." As they sped off Trevor asked "What's a 261A? I forgot." "Attempted rape." Mack coldly replied. The car quickly entered Greensboro Street and parked and jumped out, Mack signaled to Trevor to pull out is gun which he nervously did. They heard someone cry out "HELP ME!" to which the officers reacted to. They ran to the nearby alley, they rounded the corner and Mack yelled out "FREEZE SHITHEAD! Put your hands where I can, see them?"

What faced Mack and Trevor wasn't completely Human, it appeared to be a young woman with a petite body. She wore what appeared to be a pair of belts fashioned as a tube-top and purple rags around her waist. But the frightening thing is that she had WINGS instead of arms, furry legs with claws and large batlike ears! On the ground in front of it was a nearly naked man who seemed to be this creatures victim. Whatever the thing was it CERTAINLY didn't look happy to see them. The creature screeched at them and flew off into the night sky! Officer Mack turned to Officer Trevor, who was ghost white. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" Trevor cried out to Mack. However Mack had no answer to that, he had never seen anything like it before. "Trevor let's go to the car and I'll contact the station, you go grab the emergency blanket for this guy let's hurry!" Trevor gulped and followed Mack, it was going to be a long night.

Meanwhile the Werebat was angry as she fled the scene, those Humans had ruined her meal! The worst part is that she had no idea where she was! But that was something she had to worry about later right now she was hungry, maybe she could find another man nearby.

This story will start off as a series of oneshots, with a proper story following it after. If you like it comment and let me know!