Chapter 44: Meet and Greet

Lord Arthur, husband of the Demon Lord and one of the most powerful people in this world, was a little nervous. Anyone in his position would be after all, he was traveling to a potentially hostile world for Lilith's sake!

With the Earth humans already in talks with the Order Arthur had to hurry. Who knows what devious lies the Order has already told them! He did not wish to have a war against both the Order and Earth humans so time was of the essence.

The incubi husband of the Demon Lord stood at 7 foot even, with platinum blonde hair, bulging muscles and pale blue eyes and an ink black scleric background. A nicely trimmed beard and mustache adorned his face as he fastened the last parts of his armor. Said armor was once marked with the symbols of the Chief Goddess, now was instead covered with his wife's seal. The same could be said for his sword; the blade, forged by the magic of the Chief Goddess herself, was to be used in the killing of the Demon Lord. Now the blade had been changed to demon realm silver to ensure that killing with it was no longer possible.

Of course, he couldn't represent the whole of the Royal Makai by himself. To join him were the high priestess of the Fallen Faith and the collective heads of the eight Sabbaths. They were to represent their respective faiths at the debate table. Others would be coming along, such as representatives from Wonderland, the sea kingdoms, Zipangu and Mist Continent's respective Demon Lord leaning lands. Even the Radicals had to be represented at the talks.

This mission required cooperation with all the major factions and groups within the mamono world, even the dangerous ones, if they were to work out some sort of relationship with Earth. If any they weren't brought along, said groups would protest the whole of the negotiations. It didn't help that Druella had blatantly disregarded her mother's order to stay within the Royal Makai. However, Arthur knew deep down that his daughter's rebellious "phase" was to be more permanent than Lilith realized. Regardless, with Druella gone he needed to find a representative from the Radicals otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

So Arthur hesitantly reached out to a well known Radical living within the Royal Makai itself, a demon by the name of Apollya. Apollya was a high ranking member of the Radicals that had been living in the Royal Makai since she had settled down with her husband years earlier. Apollya was especially controversial however, her time with the Radicals was spent committing sexual torture on Order males. Sometimes, said sexual torture would blur the line with actual torture, so Arthur was in no mood to talk with the demon. Nevertheless Apollya was a name most in the Radical faction knew of and respected despite her retirement.

His group was gathered near the portal to Earth, everything was ready. Luxure had assured her father that she had altered the portal to drop off the group near some form of civilization so they could get to work right away. Arthur stepped back for a few moments to give his wife his goodbyes.

"Sweetie, I hate sending you out like this. I swear if you get even the slightest scratch I'll be there to rescue you!" the mamono lord said as she hugged and kissed her man tightly. He smiled as his wife before turning back to the portal and began to march towards it.

Atop one of the Demon Lord's castle spires, Druella watched the congregation with feigned interest. She just needed a chance to sneak in without anyone spotting her. She could use some invisibility magic but her mother could easily see through that. She had to wait for the right moment.

Said moment came when the last members of her father's group stepped through the portal. Her mother turned away and headed back in the direction of her office. Now was her chance! She quickly bolted for the portal, flying at blinding speeds and practically slamming into it like a linebacker. In less than a second she cratered, literally, into wherever she landed on Earth.

She quickly jumped up and looked around, noticing that she landed in a settlement of some sort. She scanned around, looking for witnesses to her arrival. Deeming that there were none she fled her little crash site. The lilim was excited and eager to see the world she wished to corrupt.

Paris, France

Arthur blinked as his eyes adjusted to the bright, uncorrupted sky. He gasped in surprise and awe at what he was witnessing. Beautiful buildings, most in pristine condition lined the well paved roads. In the distance a massive metal spire pierced the heavens as some familiar and some unknown noises filled his ears. The honks of metal contraptions that, if he remembered correctly, were called cars were mixed in with the voices and walking of pedestrians.

Something else that piqued his interest was those said pedestrians. He saw dozens walking along the paths next to the paved roads and yet he saw a couple of mamono mixed in with the humans. Some were obviously married, clinging to their husbands as if attached to them, others were still single. Given their looks of jealousy directed towards the married mamono it was obvious. But what was most startling for the incubus was the fact that most of the single mamono weren't attacking or trying to seduce any of the single men they passed by. This was a surprise to the whole group, who by now had all arrived in the city.

All of this, however, had taken place over the course of a few seconds. The people around the delegation quickly realized what had just occurred. Many humans jumped and cried out in shock and fright, and while the mamono were also surprised by their sudden appearance the realization that they were fellow mamono calmed them somewhat.

The situation soon began to spiral out of control as the humans either ran away or pulled out small devices from their pockets. The mamono recognized some of the faces within the delegation. After all, the husband of the Demon Lord was quite famous after all. Some bowed while others remained in place as the humans vacated the place.

Arthur stepped forward and began to approach the nearest local mamono. Said mamono was an arachne, who quickly realized who she was in the presence of. She bowed before the incubus king as he smiled and gestured for her to rise.

"M, my king! I'm surprised you have come and am honored to be in your presence! Why have you come and what can I do to assist you?"

With that Arthur began to explain that he needed to speak with the nearest, greatest authority. Fortunately for him, that nearest, greatest authority was well on its way.

It began with a few small vehicles, painted white and blue, pulling up to the group. Human men in blue jumped out of the vehicles, the humans soon realized what they were dealing with and developed frightened and nervous expressions. Nevertheless some began to shout at the group in some unknown language as one spoke into a small black device on his vest. They seemed to the incubus that they were some sort of law enforcement. Arthur didn't quite know just what they were saying, but he knew a threat when he saw one.

Regardless, he didn't want to escalate the situation and cause unnecessary violence. Especially so considering that this was meant to be a diplomatic mission. He turned to the crowd and paled as he saw Apollya approaching him and the humans, he quickly grabbed her wrist.

"Don't even think about it. Just cast us a translation spell and quickly!" the incubus king growled. The demon smiled sinisterly while rolling her eyes, she flexed her hand casting the spell.

The human language suddenly became comprehensible to Arthur, Apollya and the rest. The humans were ordering them to put their hands up and step away from each other. Arthur's group began to become hostile, who were these humans to tell such powerful mamono what to do!

But all were surprised when Arthur did what was demanded of him, then they regained their senses. This was to be a diplomatic mission, they couldn't afford to aggravate the humans too much. They slowly followed his lead, at this the humans calmed a little, but were still on alert.

"Good day gentlemen," Arthur began. "I wish to know who is in charge."

The humans looked to each other confusingly, talking amongst themselves, some still watching the mamono intently. Some had pulled out what looked to Arthur were guns, at least how Martha described them. More law enforcers arrived in the meantime and were told of the situation.

Eventually one stepped forward, armed and ready, but not in ill-intent. He eyed the group, he eyed Apollya, he eyed Arthur as he gestured for the incubus to stand. Arthur's eyebrow rose as he too rose the human then told him to keep his hands above his head.

"Monsieur, you wish to speak to someone of authority?" The human asked.

"Indeed, the highest ranking person around, I wish to negotiate you see."

"Negotiate, monsieur?"

"Yes, I wish to negotiate with your leaders on the behalf of my wife."

"Your wife?"

"The Demon Lord."

At this the man turned sheet white and took a few steps back, then sprinted back to his compatriots. The law enforcers began to talk in tense, rushed tones as a flying vehicle came overhead! Arthur looked up in shock as a small metal pod with rotating blades and a large metal tail hovered overhead, marked with the same symbols as the law enforcers' cars. Arthur vaguely remembered that the flying vehicle was called a helicopter.

The helicopter lifted away a bit later as another law enforcer approached Arthur. The human tentatively held out a small device, to which he explained was a cellphone.

"Here, this should get you into contact with someone."

Arthur looked upon the device before taking it. The human then gestured for him to place it up to his ear, which he did so.

"Hello, who is this," a voice pierced from the device. "And what do you want?"

Arthur was pleasantly surprised, almost losing focus, before giving a response.

"I am King Arthur the husband of Lilith, the Demon Lord. I wish to negotiate a truce and to open negotiations, are you someone of authority I could begin?"

The line went silent for a minute, Arthur thought the man on the other end had ended the call before a response came in.

"Uh, well, yes and no. I am Pierre Swaro, I'm the mayor of the city you've, uh, landed in. Paris to be exact. However, I am nowhere near the level of authority you are requesting. I can patch you over to some people who can take up your request. But first I must ask if your group has any ill intentions?"

Arthur chuckled. "As long as you don't attack my delegation I assure you my delegation will not attack anyone here, in Paris? Was it? As well as anywhere else. You have my word."

There was another pause on the phone, but the mayor eventually came back.

"Alright your majesty, I'm putting you in contact with someone of higher power. Please hold."

Arthur didn't know what that meant but he did as instructed and held the phone. Minutes passed and eventually he heard a new noise over the phone.

"Am I speaking to King Arthur of the Royal Makai?"

"You are."

"Excellent, I am Charles Duvalier, the president of France. You are here to open diplomacy and negotiations yes?"

"Indeed I am your excellency."

"Alright I will be sending an envoy to discuss the basics and to bring you to a better place to discuss this. Is that alright?"

"Well as long as I know where we are going, and that my delegation can travel with me, I will accept these terms."

The two talked a bit more before the president of France hung up the call. There were to be a few vehicles sent to pick them up to transport them to the negotiating location. Things were looking up to say the least.

By this point a crowd had formed around the area, full of humans and mamono, watching with curiosity as the event played out. The law enforcers relaxed considerably but were still on the lookout.

Eventually a few long cars made their way beyond the barricade the law enforcers had set up. They were of high quality and clearly for them. As Arthur approached he signaled for everyone to follow his lead.

When he got close enough a man stepped out of the vehicle. Dressed in unknown but obviously high quality clothing. He stepped forward and held out his hand.

"Good day your majesty, I'm the envoy the president spoke of. Would you please step into the limo, your delegation as well."

Arthur raised his eyebrow at the man's held out hand, but shrugged as he took it, shaking hands with the envoy. He then did as he was asked and stepped into the vehicle.

Things were looking up indeed.