As April ran in to find her classroom panicking about her being late to class. She was so worried that she had actually passed her first period classroom by running way beyond it! So, she turned around and ran back to the classroom that she passed. She decided to open the door to walk inside into the class like she was supposed to. She could see that the teacher was already in the middle of a lesson and all the other students were in their seats paying attention. Their attention was switched when April had just entered into the class.

"Uh hey.",said April awkwardly.

"Your late, .",scolded the teacher.

"I'm sorry, I'll try better.",pleaded April.

"That's good. Everyone makes mistakes. Please take your seats."said the teacher

April noticed that some of the seats that were filled with students so there was no choice for April to sit in the back of the class as the teacher went back to teaching.