By the time when school was over all the bus riders streamed onboard. April had managed to get a seat for the ride. The school bus had stopped at her house, April got off the bus and headed her way into the house.

The moment she got back inside of the house her pet Chihuahuas barked at her in a way of saying "welcome back." This made April smile a little. She focused on closing the door behind her. Once she got inside, after seeing her dogs, her Dad came towards her to greet her welcome back as well.

"So April, how was school?",asked her father, Sam.

April's smile had turned into a frown when her dad asked her about her day.

"It was fine.",said April.

She then walked her way up stairs and into her bedroom. April's mother,Rachel appeared. She saw April making her way up the staircase and into the bedroom and shut the door.

Rachel looked over to her husband to see what his response was. Sam then looked over at Rachel shrugging his arms as he walked off leaving. Rachel went to go upstairs by herself to see what is wrong with her daughter.