The Lost Warrior

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Authors Notes: This is a sequel to my story Secret of Legends, this time it will solely focus on Soul Eater and Is This a Zombie. Since Doctor who was involved in the last story so they're will be mentions of doctor who elements (which I don't own) but I'll try to used them sparely so no one gets confused. Otherwise I'll try and make everything simple so if you're not familiar with Is this a zombie and only know Soul Eater you should be able to follow along.

Basically I made it easy enough to follow without needing to know anything other than Soul Eater.

Chapter 01: Ever After

The world didn't end, which tends to happen from time to time. People moved on and life moved on.

That is the thing about life, that it gives people a chance to move on, grow and live.

And that's what happened. People grew and changed.

Maka Albarn was one of DWMA's best meisters. Currently she was finishing up with school and would soon become a members of the staff. Kid had taken over his father's role and there would be need for help in that.

Kid was still partial to symmetry and would need his dual pistols the Thompson sisters to fight properly. Though he was aware that he'd need a scythe, which is where Maka came in. Maka with her own partner, Soul, would try and compensate and stand in for Kid as much as possible, especially for scythe fighting. Soul would stay close to Kid as much as possible if the need for him to actually fight with a scythe came up. Kid didn't want to become too reliant on that either, Soul would be the last true death scythe after all.

Black Star and Tsubaki were to stay at school too. After the Battle on the Moon against Asura some of the staff like Stein and Marie decided to take a step back and sadly many more of the staff perished in that battle. As a result soon as the battle ended they needed people to stay and take up their places. A lot of the Spartoi Unit was staying in Death City to help with that.

The previous Death Scythes were still spread around the world and Kid was using more experienced members of the staff to fill in their ranks.

Kid was doing his best to strengthen the school and to make any former enemies into friends if possible. Still there would always be something out there to try and end lives and the peace they worked for. They had to be ready and try to train those willing to fight.

Maka was getting ready for her day, at this point they only had some technicalities to deal with finishing school and becoming true staff members.

As she finished braiding her hair around her head into the crown like hair style, honestly she slightly missed her old pig tails, if just because they were so much easier put her hair in.

As she got ready Maka looked at her dresser drawer and some pictures she had there.

One was a picture of her and her friends during a recent celebration. There was another picture of herself with Soul, dressed as if for a night out on the town. It was picture from one of the first dates they had. The next had a silver hair girl wearing a white yukata while she ate some snack food at a festival. That was Eu, Maka's adopted sister. Maka had to admit they weren't all that close. There was some distance between where they lived, so it was hard to spend a lot of time together. Maka thought her a bit quiet, but nice, with an odd humor she might have picked up from their mother.

Another picture was of Maka's mother Kami and the woman Maka knew as Nene. Nene and Kami had been dating for a while. The picture was of Nene and Kami at the beach and they did seem to be enjoying each other's company.

Maka fixed her tie as she finished getting dressed. Maka felt that there was change in the air. That something was coming.


Maka walked up the steps to the school. Despite being so tiring when she first walked them, she now felt there were so few. This was to be one of the last weeks of her being an official student. They had finished the last few test and classes, mostly it was to give teacher time to grade everything. At the end of the next week classes would end and the students were using the time to get things done.

There was going to be a large graduation ceremony. It was a little sad, many students were from around the world so when school ended they would part ways. Many students were using the time to say good bye.

Maka smiled to herself as she heard the footsteps of her partner Soul right behind her. Deep inside her she had a distinct fear that would day she and Soul would have to part. For the moment though she was happy that they were together and she tried to treasure that time.

Soul smiled at her as they reached the last step. He quickly took her hand in his as they walked into the school. There were a few glances their way.

They had decided to start dating right after the last disaster they had gotten involved in. Still they didn't really care if anyone looked their way.

"Maka! Soul!"

Well, almost anyone. Black Star called to them as he and Tsubaki made their way down the hall towards them. Black Star always made a big fuss about them getting together. He spent a whole week just yelling how he knew they would get together. Black Star even took on the traditional big brother role and warned Soul not to break Maka's heart. Maka returned the favor by trying to break his skull open with a book.

The thing they found most ironic was that Tsubaki and Black Star had been dating for a while, even before Maka and Soul but they never said anything.

Maka was honestly surprised by that fact, Black Star was so loud and bragging about everything why hadn't he told everyone when he and Tsubaki started dating. Maka was still shocked how mature their relationship seemed to be.

In all honesty, Maka attributed that to Angela, Tsubaki and Black Star had taken in the young witch. Maka guessed that they were both putting their best foot forwards to give that little girl a good family.

Black Star wrapped his arms around his friends. "How are you, love birds?"

"Shut up, Black Star." Soul shoved Black Star away.

"Now, now," Tsubaki said in her gentle tone. "Sid wants to see us. Let's not keep him waiting."

"Yeah, and Kid is waiting to talk to us." Soul pointed out.

A quick good bye they split ways as Maka and Soul continued down to the Death Room. As soon as they knocked on the door the door swung itself open.

They quickly made their way into the room, pass the corridor guillotines to where Kid stood waiting for them along with Liz and Patty.

It was still strange for them to see Kid standing there instead of his father. When the three white stripes in his hair were linked he became a full grim reaper and his father died.

Kid had changed a lot in such a short time. Kid still has on his usual black suits but now wore his father's cloak. Standing next to him were his weapons, who instead of their usual cowgirl outfits had adopted more office lady outfits. Patty worse a pair of black pants and a pinkish-red top. Liz wore a similar red blouse and a black pencil skirt.

As much as things changed Maka found something comforting about seeing the Thompson sisters stand next to Kid.

"What did you want to see us for Lord Kid?" Soul asked him.

Soul usually called Kid just Kid but sometimes he'd call him Lord Kid, it was there little thing. Maka thought it helped Kid get used to being called Lord Death by so many people, that maybe this made it seem less weird to hear it from a friend.

Kid cleared his throat. "Well, this is the thing." Kid started off. "It actually involved your mother Maka."

"What?" Maka raised a curious eyebrow. "Mama is taking this week off, isn't she?"

After everything settled after the last major disaster, Maka's mom took a job as an advisor to Kid, along with running special missions for the school and general help with the weird magical happenings. Kami had an odd trait with that sort of thing, Excalibur got along with her and she seemed to get along with other-worldly magical things. After becoming friends with the Head Witch, Kami then adopted an underworld necromancer, and was dating another one. It gave her a unique take on the world that Kid found helpful.

"Yes, there have been reports of activity around Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset England." Kid explained.

"And what does it have to do with mama?" Maka asked the reaper.

"Let me explain. Years ago your mother left a request to the mission office. It was nothing too strange, she just wanted to be informed if anything out of the ordinary happened around that area. She never left a reason."

"So something is happening there?" Soul quirked an eyebrow now.

"It might be nothing." Liz held up a file folder. "There have been reports of strange figures running around the Abbey and reports of a creepy fog. People have been keeping away but there have been reports of strange sounds coming from the Abbey."

"Some pretty spooky stuff has been happening, maybe it's ghost, or some witches doing some sort of voodoo," Patty spread her hands in the air, "Oh! Maybe is space aliens trying to call home using Stonehenge! I guess, it could just be some punk kids too." Patty got serious, trying to think it through, she was trying to be more serious to be help to Kid.

Liz continued, "The place is an important historic place for the Brits. They've been pressuring the school to have someone check it out."

"And it would be pretty good PR to have the newest death scythe check it out. " Soul smirked, figuring it out.

Kid scratched his cheek. "Well, that is true." he admitted to them. "In truth this mission will most likely turn out to be nothing. Though if there anything to know about the abbey your mother might know. It would probably best for you to ask her yourself before you go."

Maka looked over the file, it was a little odd but not too worrisome. She could understand why the British were a little worried, the abbey was a world historic site. Plus it would be nice to see her mother again. Maka accepted the assignment.

Quickly the meister and scythe made their way into the school halls. After they took some turns and twists they reached a door and after that Maka pulled out a key.

The room was fairly spacious, there was a desk with some papers on it and on one side or the room there was a door standing by itself, not so much as touching a wall.

That would be an odd thing on its own even in Death City.

This door was special. How exactly it came to be was actually something that Maka had no idea of. All she knew was that this door was something that Eu and her odd adopted dad had whipped up for Kami.

This is where it gets a bit out there.

As their recent near-world-ending adventure proved, there were more worlds and dimensions. Eu and Nene came from one called the Underworld and left it after Underworld's battle against another called Viller. The world that Maka had known her whole life had seemed to be labelled The Abstract by some. Now Eu and Nene lived on another world much like her Maka's home world. The door would actually lead someone to that world.

Kami started dating Nene not long after that last adventure, and she eventually moved in with her. The door was a way in which Kami could get from Nene's apartment to Death City in an instant. It was a very interesting door. It even synced the time on both sides so even though Maka was in Nevada she wouldn't have to deal with a shift in time by going to the apartment in Japan. Only a few people had a key to that door.

Maka held out the key to the door her mother gave her. It was basically a key to the apartment.

Maka had some trepidation about this, her mom was taking some time off. Kami had just found out she had vacation days saved up and if she didn't used before the end of the year she'd lose them.

Maka had known that Kami had set aside this week to spend time with those she cared about. She had spent a few days with Nene already and was planning on spending today and the next few days with Eu. Then she planned to spend the rest of the week with Maka. Maka hoped that Eu wouldn't mind that she borrowed her early. She didn't think she would this would take too much time.

Maka pushed the door open and stepped through, finding a small apartment on the other side.

As they walked into the apartment they started to look around. It was still pretty early, Maka assumed her mother would still be there. That was when she heard something; she wasn't sure what it was as it sounded a bit muffled.

Maka reached for the door that the sound was coming from.

Maka didn't realize which room that door lead to.

The room was a bit dark, but at that moment Maka realized it was the bedroom. She happened to realize it when she spotted her mother with Nene. They were in a rather intimate state.


It took an instant for Kami to recognize her voice. "Maka!"

"What's going on?—" Soul stuck his head into the room to see what all the yelling was all about.

He instantly knew that he was seeing something he shouldn't.

What followed was a bunch of surprised yelps and screams. Kami and Nene quickly tried to cover themselves.

Maka placed her hands on Soul's eyes as she closed her own eyes tightly.

"Mama! We need to talk! We will be waiting outside!"

Maka quickly shoved Soul through the door and back to the school.

A few minutes later, both meister and weapon stood in Kami's office in silence.

Soul was doing his very level best not to think back on the images he saw. He was certain his girlfriend might kill him if she thought he was even thinking about her mother in that position.

Maka was blushing wildly. That was certainly not something she ever wanted to see her mother doing.

"We should have knocked on the door." Soul weakly said, trying his best to lighten the mood.

"Yeah…" Maka let out a forced laugh. It was so embarrassing and she would rather just forget this whole situation.

The door behind them opened up slowly. Kami now wearing slacks, a buttons shirt and her coat walked out.

"Ah, morning…" Kami said awkwardly.

"Morning…." Maka greeted shyly.

"Well, you don't need me for this." Soul started to walk away.

Maka grabbed his hand like a vice, "No, you're not going anywhere."

"I'm sorry you … saw that." Kami couldn't yet meet her eyes.

"We should have knocked." Maka told her.

"We have something to tell you!" Soul blurted out, hoping this would end all the faster.

"Yeah," Maka continued, "Kid told us about something. He said something was happening in Glastonbury Abbey and that you-"

"Glastonbury Abbey!" Kami looked at Maka in a near panic. "What exactly is happening?"

Maka was certainly startled but continued nonetheless. "A strange fog is covering the place, and figures..."

There was a moment of silence as the information fell into place. Kami quickly went to the phone that sat on her desk and dialed a number. "Pick up, pick up, why did I get you a phone if you're not going to use it?!"

"Mama?" Maka questioned.

Someone else picked up the other end of the line. "I need you to come to my office. I need you here now!"

"Who did you call?" Soul asked her this time.

The room seemed to open up as a golden light and a sword dropped itself into the floor.

"Excalibur has arrived!" The sword spoke.

Soul grimaced and Maka let out a sigh. Of all the recent changes to her life, Maka recently found out that Excalibur was actually one her accentors.

Yeah, she really didn't want to think about that too hard.

The very possibility was mind boggling, and no answer would be good. But he had been friends with Kami for years and this revelation made him more eager to help them. He would actually arrive if Kami called for him.

"No time for that!" Kami grabbed the sword and raised it into the air. "We need to go to Glastonbury Abbey! Now!"

"Glastonbury Abbey?!" Panic actually entered the sword's voice.

The door swung open. "Hey Kami! Should I make some breakfast?"

Nene took a step out, now dressed herself, to question her girlfriend.

As the sword swung through the air it creating a golden rift. Before anything could be done or said Kami ran through it and it closed behind her.

"Okay, so no on breakfast." Nene mumbled.


They stepped onto the grassy fields right outside of Glastonbury Abbey. Kami was glad she bothered to put on her boots and coat. English weather was always chilly. She let go of the sword and before it even touched the floor it transformed into a small white penguin-like figure.

"Glastonbury Abbey?" Excalibur questioned the woman.

"Yes, " Kami spoke to him. "Sorry about this, when I heard what was happening I knew I needed to get here quickly."

The legendary sword huffed, "So, what is happening?"

"Something is happening here and…"

"Please tell me you didn't just panic for no reason."

"No, I didn't. This place is basically a church, a place of peace. Nothing of much note has happened her in the last few centuries. If anything happens I'm worried it will have to be because what we did here."

"It sounds like paranoia."

"Tell me I'm wrong." Kami swept her arms across. "Does this fog feel right?"

Excalibur looked around, he tapped his cane on the ground, "It does seem wrong. It seems your paranoia might be right this time."

"It's not paranoia, it's instinct." Kami sighed, "Come along, gramps."

He chuckled to himself, following her along into the fog.


"What?" Maka so bluntly put the situation before them.

Kami panicked and then vanished. That was the extent of what they knew.

The door to the office opened again as two teachers showed up, Marie and Azusa. Marie was very visibly pregnant. She was close to giving birth but she didn't want to miss her students graduating, so she was helping around the school.

Azusa was much cooler than Marie, but she cared about the students too. That and she felt that they needed her there to make sure nothing went wildly wrong.

If you knew the staff you might agree with her.

Azusa stepped in, fixing her glasses.

"What just happened?" Azusa asked authoritatively. "We could see the light all the way down the hall."

"Mama called Excalibur and then she just vanished." Maka explained it as best she could. She was worried by her mother's reaction. " We should go tell Kid."

"Right!" Soul followed right behind.

Azusa honestly feared something far worse, she half expected that strange door inside the office to have exploded or something. But then again, she didn't know why Kami got out of there as fast as she could.

Marie strode in with a smile on her face. Azusa had known the woman for a long time and could tell when she was planning something.

"So, you're Nene, right?" Marie greeted the red haired woman. "We haven't formally been introduced. I'm Marie and that's Azusa. If you're hungry we have some donuts in the teachers' lounge. Maybe we can get some coffee and talk."

"Oh," Azusa let out Marie's true intention: grilling her friend's new girlfriend.


They walked through the fog; Kami scanned the horizon but she didn't see much of anything.

It hadn't helped that it had gotten dark. Kami had forgotten the time difference when she went across seven time zones. She searched through her pockets, pulling out a small flashlight.

Even with the light it didn't help much.

"Oh, I had forgotten this was here."

When Kami heard Excalibur speak she turned and spotted it.

It didn't seem like much, it was a patch of green grass separated by a thin pattern of white stone. A simple wooden sign stood there declaring it the location of King Arthur's tomb.

Excalibur pulled his hat off and lowered his head.

Kami respected the silence and stood besides him.

After a moment Excalibur spoke. "I know his body isn't here. You and Vivian moved it with of Morgaine's ships. Merlin told me how he defeated Morgaine, using that false me to lead her there. He dismantled her army. How he found his body and gave it a proper warrior's burial in a lake in another world."

Kami worried about Excalibur sometimes, he got sentimental and called them the other names. He would often use the name Arthur gave them when he spoke of their times at Camelot.

She couldn't stop him, she preferred when he called Morgana as Morgaine.

Time travel had a price. Yes, traveling backwards in time Kami and seen amazing things but it pained her too. She meet a young woman called Morgana who was the half sister to Arthur. She was kind and passionate and so full of life. Those close to her were allowed to call her Morgan, and Kami was one of the few she allowed.

Then time and magic took a toll on that young woman, and she not only became a full fledged evil witch but a war queen called Morgaine.

They stood at the foot of the false grave and mourned those they had lost.

The silence was broken as sound of ground cracking apart.

Excalibur fixed his hat. "It sounds like it's time to return to our quest."

"It's not the end of our journey just yet."

They walked towards the sound and to what they knew was one more battle together.


They sat at a table in the teachers' lounge.

Nene smeared some cream cheese on a bagel and sipped on some coffee.

Azusa glanced at Marie wondering exactly what she was planning.

"So, how have things been with you and Kami?" Marie questioned her. "You've been living together for a while now."

"Yeah, things have been good. We've just been finding our rhythm together."

"Sure, sure," Marie nodded her head. "So exactly how did you and Kami meet? Tell us the whole story."

"Oh, we met in a battlefield in the Underworld."

Azusa coughed, how did it seem right that Kami met her girlfriend in a battle?

"Oh, that sounds so romantic." Marie's eye sparkled. "In the middle of a battle your two eyes locked and you knew there was something special."

"Actually no, I thought she was might have been a spy or something. There were a lot of things blowing up there and a lot of dead. I was sort of distracted."

Marie had to admit that sounded a lot less romantic, "But over time you grew close together as you battle side by side! Falling in love as you did!"

"Well, there was certainly something there." Nene admitted. "We kept each other going during the tough times. Then there was a battle…only three people survived and me and Kami were the only ones on our side. The land had become a snowy wasteland. Me and Kami had to take cover in a cave. We huddled together by the fire and before we knew we were sharing each other's bodies."

Marie coughed, nearly choking on her drink.

Nene continued on, "At first we were just having sex to feel warm, to feel something, to feel human, to feel alive, but as the night went on I think I realized it was something more."

Azusa started to wonder if she should try to stop her; it didn't seem like Nene was shy about talking about certain topics.

Nene continued, "We were in that cave for nearly a week. I still remember the feeling of having her warm skin against mine. I remember staring into her eyes as we held each other. I remember how we talked afterwards about each other's lives. Slowly I started to understand that I didn't just like being with her, but that I wanted to be with her and I needed to be with her." Nene continued to speak in usually soft tone. "But we were in a war, I could ask that from her. She told me how her ex-husband betrayed her, I knew how unsure she was about being in a relationship. Either one of us could die any time and it would have been wrong of me to promise to stay with her when I couldn't guarantee it."

Both weapons were silent, understanding the woman a little more.

"We were with each us much as the war would allow. Then I stayed behind to let her escape with Eucliwood. I fought off an army of megalos, vampires, and our own people to by them time to escape."

Both weapons were quiet. it was not a pleasant thought to have to let someone you cared about go, much less fight off an army for them so they could have a chance to escape.

"But you found each other, didn't you?" Azusa found herself questioning Nene this time.

"It took a while but we found each other again. I had moved to Japan and started a new life there. We just sort of ended up running into each other because I happened to be near where Eucliwood found a place to call home."

"You obviously cared for Kami, why didn't you start something right when you found each other again."

Nene blinked once before she spoke, "She wasn't ready. I like Kami, I knew that and I had a feeling she liked me but she wasn't ready. She didn't want to risk getting hurt again, she was just not up for opening herself up to people. If she wasn't ready to be in a serious relationship I was willing to wait. I was just happy to spend as much time as I could."

Both women found themselves silent at the woman's sincerity. Marie had at first been a little worried that Nene might end up hurting Kami, but that fear was dispelled.


"Maka no!" Patty tried to stop Maka from barging into the Death Room.

The thing was that, Patty is a tough girl but an upset Maka is something no one can really stop.

Well, something did stop her. Maka stopped when she spotted Kid and Liz sitting at the desk Kid had installed so he could do everyday work easier.

At the moment Liz was trying to eat lunch together.

"You disturbing their cuddle time!" Patty let out.

"Patty we are just having lunch!" Liz yelled out to her sister.

"Suuuure." Patty winked at the now blushing pair.

Patty was a lot more insightful than people gave her credit for. She might childish but she wasn't a child, she was well aware that Kid and Liz needed time alone to make their relationship work. Patty certainly wanted it to work, she hated the idea of the group being forced apart one day, she did what she could to help. She would excuse herself so they could have lunch together everyday. Patty did miss having lunch with them everyday but did enjoy she got to get anything she wanted for lunch, yesterday she tried putting pizza in a burger.

It wasn't as good as she'd hoped.

"Patty!" Liz let out.

"I'll drag Maka and Soul away so you two can get all kissy-kissy again." Patty offered.

Kid just glared, "we weren't all kissy-kissy, we were just having lunch before things got busy." Kid couldn't help but blush.

"Getting busy? I thought you left that in the bedroom at night, didn't think you did that at the school too. You two are bigger perverts than I thought."

"Patty!" Liz buried her face into her hands.

Maka blushed wondering if they had interrupted something, "How can this happen twice in one day?"

"What?" Kid picked up on meister mumbled words.

Maka cleared her throat and stood at attention, "Kid, I need to know more about that mission. Mama went into a panic when she heard something happened at the Abbey, she called Excalibur and they rushed there without telling us anything."

"Excalibur seemed concerned?" Kid was curious about that, he pulled out a copy of the file.

"Yeah, that's weird," Soul pointed out, "that little guy doesn't get worried, Asura nearly covered the world in madness and he didn't seem to care. The world nearly ended and he only got involved because Kami was in the middle of it."

Kid hoped it wasn't anything as drastic as what happened last time.

Kid flipped through the pages, "Hm, here's something. A small note, it is said to be the burial site of King Arthur. Could that be something?"

"Maybe." Maka mused out loud, "Excalibur did say Mama was Nimue in the past."

Maka was still having trouble wrapping her mind around that, he mother had met a time traveler that would get involved with Camelot. Also that the time traveler would be known as Merlin though she called him a doctor, Maka was pretty sure he didn't have any doctorate.

Maka told the group, "I've been trying to read up on the legends of Camelot but there are so many versions and contradicting stories I can't make out what's real and what isn't. I'm pretty sure four versions were actually written by Excalibur."

"Why didn't you ask your mom to explain it?" Liz questioned.

"I did, she tried to explain it to me but I just got more confused. Everything she did with Camelot was way out of order that she could barely keep track of it."

"Wasn't there someone else we could ask?" Soul offered up, "Didn't they say Eu was known as the Vivian Lady of the Lake during that time? We could ask her."

"Yeah, we should ask her!" Maka piqued up.

They started to leave, "Sorry disrupt your lunch date." Maka turned to apologize.

"It wasn't-" Kid tried to explain.


Maka and Soul found themselves in back in Kami's office and went through the door. From there it would be an easy matter of calling Eu up.

As they stepped back into the apartment Maka reached for the phone as she noticed down the hall there were three people staring back at her.

A young looking girl with long flowing silver hair, who wore a purple dress and armor and looked at her with an unreadable expression.

She held out a small note pad with a clearly and fancy handwriting on it.

Hello Maka.

"Hello Eu." Maka smiled back at her sister.

When Kami left to travel the world she went some very far places, one of them was the Underworld. She met Eu and when Eu lost her home and control of her power because of a terrible war, Kami took her in and re-taught her to control herself and she adopted her as her daughter. Kami loved her like she was her own blood and raised her and cared for her.

Eu and Kami only parted ways when someone got Eu's attention and Kami let her stay with him while Kami lead away some people who were after them.

Maka wasn't super close with Eu but she was trying to breach the gap, they got along well and hoped that in time they would be close.

Next to Eu were two people, a young woman with long black hair and bright green eyes. That was Seraphim, a vampire ninja that was chosen to become Eu's servant, caretaker, bodyguard, and friend.

Next to Eu on the table was teenage boy with a clueless expression on his face and gray hair. That was Ayumu, he was a zombie and occasional magical garment girl. Ayumu was someone that caught Eu's attention, he made her feel safe and he died and was brought back by Eu.

Eu is a necromancer with great magical power, her voice could alter fate itself and if not for the armor she wore her powers would go out of control. Nene was actually the one that made them for her. Even with the power damped by the armor Eu could not speak out loud and show emotion without risking that power escaping and harming others.

Eu chomped on a cookie as Maka and Soul came over

"It's a pleasure to see you again." Seraphim welcomed them, "I would offer you some refreshments but since this isn't my home I would be out of place."

Ayumu chuckled, "Though it didn't stop Eu from grabbing a few cookies."

The girl didn't hesitate or slow down eating her sugary treat.

Maka couldn't help but smile, her mother and Eu had a similar taste in snacks.

Maka, where's mom?

I was supposed to spend the day with her but showed and she wasn't here.

"Yeah, that's what I wanted to come by for." Maka started out, "Something came up and I wanted to ask mama about it but when she heard about it she got Excalibur and rushed to Glastonbury Abbey."

Eu's eyes widened and suddenly all the plates and cups on the shelves shook and started to shattered.

What happened?

Eu's hands trembled as she held the notepad.

Maka paused for a moment, "Something is happening in the Abbey. A fog and figures, I'm worried about what might happen and I was hoping you could tell me what you know. But maybe you should wait and tell Kid too."

Maka took this seriously, Eu was always careful to hide her emotions and if something got that sort of reaction from her it must be big.


Knights wore sparse armor were all digging into the ground using heavy equipment. They had torn through one of the abbey walls and dug deep into the ground.

Kami knew that spot and her stomach turned, "Oh no..."

Even Excalibur seemed horrified, "We must stop them."

Kami held out her hand and soon the sword transformed and flew into her hand.

Kami strode towards the armored men, the sword glowing as she did, "I will give you one warning." Kami said her voice without hesitation or worry, why should she worry she was one of the strongest warriors of the world and armed with the strongest weapon on the planet. "This is sacred ground, you have stepped into land that I have sworn to protect for a fallen friend," Anger started to enter her voice, "you will not win, you will not escape, so take this chance to surrender and tell me everything I want to know and you will not be hurt."

One of the knights pulled out his sword, before he could blink Kami bridged the gap and cut his sword in half. The shards of sword danced around her, gold wings behind her illuminating the fog.

"You've made your choice."


They brought Eu to Kid, her friends coming along with her to keep her company.

Ayumu whispered to Seraphim, "I didn't think walking Eu to her mom's would have us going to this world to meet with the death god."

"Yes, this was an odd turn." Seraphim agreed.

"Haruna is gonna hate missing this."

"Yes, but you know how Haruna is around Lady Hellscythe's mother, she doesn't know if she should worship her or flee as quickly as possible."

Ayumu always got a chuckle from that, it turns out during the war Kami fought magical garment girls and using her skills as a meister won over their weapons and took them becoming a monster to them. They still respected her skills and the fact that it turned out their magical weapons were based on the demon weapons Kami had told them creator about.

Ayumu grinned at the idea that the shark tooth boy was a distant cousin to the pink chain saw he used from time to time.

Eu stared at Kid, he wondered if she was as uneasy as he was. Not that he had anything against her but he had this deep feeling in his gut that made him uneasy. She was a necromancer who could distort order, he was a death god and a keeper of order, they had opposing natures not that they were enemies.

Kid cleared his throat, "Maka says you might know something about what is happening?"

Eu nodded as started to scribble down something and passed the note to Seraphim.

Seraphim blinked, "Of course Lady Hellscythe."

Eu only handed her notes like this when she was going to need someone to speak for her, and only when she had a lot to say.


The Shining City, it's legends is old and known in this, my new home, and even the Underworld. I would wager that its story reaches many other worlds as well.

It was a lofty ideal thought up by a kind but naive king. He dreamed of a utopia, a land that would welcome everyone and where everyone could find happiness.

That was Arthur Pendragon.

The first time I saw him, I saw how his eyes sparkle, how he was kind, brave, and for a moment I would have thought he might be able to make his dream come true.

But that was not to be…

For such dreams rarely come true.

When I met him for the first time he met me as I splashed in the lake as my parents brought him to introduce me.

For a king, he would have moments of silliness, he would name strangers. He named my father Merlin, he named my mother Nimue, and sensing my nobility he named me Vivian Lady of the Lake.

He knew of my power and the danger it could bring but he never once looked at me with fear. He only spoke of my condition once, saying how brave and strong I was to hold such a burden.

I was lucky enough to one day return the favor and joy he gave me for those kind words. One day while playing at a Lake I would find a weapon near death and saved him.


I brought them together and they would become the thing of legends, together they became friends, and led the kingdom to glory and victory.

But these things never last….

No matter how much you wish they might.

Arthur's dream sprung from a hope, a hope that he could save someone he loved, his sister.

You would know her best as Morgan La Fey.

She was born as witch, and despite what people thought of witches he loved her as he would always love his sister. He hoped the kingdom would accept her and other creatures who could never choice their circumstances of birth.

But as magic often does it corrupted her soul, Morgana was corrupted and tried to take the kingdom for herself and her son.


"Lady Hellscythe?" Seraph asked as Eu stopped writing.

Eu pulled another notepad, one they all noticed had teardrops on it.

Maka was the first to say what they were all thinking, "Eu, you don't have to continue."

Eu held out the note and forced it into Seraphim's hand.


War, she lead war against her blood. I can't think of any culture that is not a sin.

I have been so unfortunate to be on many battlefields, to feel the deaths of those who died in those wars. But this one will be one of those I always remember.

Me and my parents had often found ourselves at Camelot at different times in its history, never quiet in the proper order, this time we arrived near its end. For one last task my parents had to accomplish.

But there is one thing I need to tell you about before I tell you about that visit.

I was not there for this part, my father told it to me and my mother shuddered at the memory.

My mother in her travels to the land, had fallen for Morgan. My mother cared not that she was a witch, but saw a beauty in her curiosity, her mind, and her passion. As the last battle began my mother arrived and tried to lead the witch away, fearing she would get caught up in it not knowing she was the one who started it.

The witch cast a powerful spell and bound my mother's mind.

She forced her to do something she otherwise not.

She compelled my mother to draw out my father, to isolate him, and trap him in a magical crystal that would kill him.

My mother knew what was happening and could not stop, she was being forced to kill a dear friend.

With that done, the witch knew my mother would one day free herself from the spell and come after her. The witch granted her the only thing close to a mercy she could offer her.

The only thing she could do to show what love she did feel for her. She kissed my mother and slowed her body and heart, and dropped her into the lake. Unable to move or fight my mother started to sink into the water.

The kiss left her feeling no pain, so it would a painless death at least.


The room was quiet, Maka felt warm tears streaking across her cheeks. The very thought of something like that happening to her mother pained in ways she could put into words. She saw Eu trembling.

Maka wrapped her arms around her and they held themselves for a moment in silence. Before Eu handed Seraph another note, her hands still shaking.

Seraphim noticed the writing was shaky and less than her usual elegant style. If her lady would continue she would continue to read.


My father is a trickster, he saw what was happening and managed to undo the prison and found my mother drowning. He pulled her out and undid the spell work on her.

Then he held my mother as she sobbed.

I cannot imagine the depths of her pain and despair, to have someone you care about do that to you.

My parents were weak and in pain and left the battlefield.

I don't know if it was years or days or even hours but they arrived with me they arrived as the battle ended.

That was the last time I saw Camelot, it laid in ruins, building, animals, and people burned to a crips.

The battlefield was worse.

I remember finding that weapon, Excalibur weeping over the naive king.

He died and his own sister brought that war to him, and her son kill to him. He was beyond my power to save.

What was worse was that the vile witch would come for the weapon. Now he was broken, he was being wielded as his meister died, he felt his friend's death and I doubt anyone one of us would have been in a better state.


There were gasps, Excalibur had always been a bit off but he felt his meister, his friend's death. None of them could bare the thought of experience themselves.

Liz looked over to Kid hoping that day would never come for them.


Morgan would come for Excalibur for his power so my father with his knowledge of the future plotted a trick. We stole a ship from Morgan and planted a false Excalibur in it along with Arthur's remains, Morgan would follow it for years and be led away from the real sword. Even spreading propaganda that Arthur would one day rise, to make Morgan focus on defeating a dead man.

The fairies had taught Morgana magic to travel the worlds and the magic helping her enslave and hurt so many they repented by taking Excalibur and giving him a home despite what trouble he caused them.

But there was one task left for us and I think this is the one most prominent for your question.


"What?" Kid asked.

"You know what is at the abbey?" Maka asked.



Eibon studied Excalibur, he hoped to create weapons to help forge the world into a better place. He did make many prototypes, none with such power as the demon weapons but in skilled hands they could do much.

These weapons and tools have become things of legends. These were weapons given to knights of the round table and the Thirteen Treasures of Briton.


"Clarent?" Maka whispered, "The sword that Mordred used to fight Mama."

"We still have some of the shattered pieces," Kid noted, "Index even said he helped repair it, of course Eibon made it, that's how he knew to repair it."

Eu nodded, before she continued her tale.


When the war ended many of the knights had died, and we could not let those weapons fall into the wrong hands. Those who lived, or most of them anyway, felt no longer worthy of such weapons.

We gathered them up but it felt wrong to hide them away in my father's trunks, or my mother's storage space.

We gave them as close to a proper burial as we could. We buried them under an abbey and even made a tomb for Arthur even if he's body was far away. We hoped with the stories we have spread and people would honor the burial spot and never touch the abbey and let the weapons rest there.

It worked for centuries.

If people are disturbing a sacred site to the Britons they can only be searching for those tools and weapons.


"Then Mama went to stop them?" Maka asked her.

Eu nodded.

"It should be fine." Kid told them, "Kami is skilled and armed with the greatest weapon. This should be nothing to her."

Maka couldn't help but feel uneasy, she told herself that it was only because she heard such a story.

It affected the others, Liz gave Patty a big hug, hating to hear about sibling fighting.

"Who else knew about them?" Ayumu spoke up. "I mean, you guys jumped across time everyone else who knew about those weapons had to be long dead."

"That's a good point." Soul agreed. "Did someone talk?"

No, one only the monks and the knights would have known.

And they would die before leaving a note or speaking a word.

"But someone does know." Maka spoke, "Of all the stories I've heard I've never heard about the hidden weapons in the abbey. Someone had to find out from somewhere."


Kami pulled one of the knights by the hair, everyone else was groaning on the ground, "Okay, how did you find about this Abbey? No one alive should know these treasures."

Kami waited for a moment to get no answer, "Fine, I'll just drag you back to Death City. I think Stein will get you to talk."

Kami paused as heard the sound of metal clanking.

Kami turned to find a knight dressed in black armor from head to toe. Kami was filled with dread, she tried to use soul perception to see what kind of man this was. Pain shot through her eyes and she saw nothing about this man, his soul was hidden in an aura of blackness. She cringed at the pain but that didn't last long as the knight rushed her. She tried to raise the sword to block an attack but the knight seemed to have expected that. He slid to the side and Kami found an iron fist pushing into her gut.

The air knocked out of her lungs she barely managed to hear Excalibur yelling her name. As she moved but the knights free hand grabbed by her ponytail and swung her into the wall of the abbey. The stone wall collapsed onto her.

In a flash of light Excalibur stood before the pile of stones, he held his cane to use as a weapon.

"I will not let you harm her anymore." The weapon's voice was determined as ever, wrath spilling forth from him.

The knight chuckled, "Excalibur, you must be a fool to think you could best me without a meister?"

"You seem to be familiar with me, have we met?"

"Yes, a very long time ago." Before Excalibur could do anything the armored knight grabbed him by the neck.

With fluid motion he jumped up to slam him into the hole the others had been digging. With a thunderous crack the last layer split open dropping them into a cavern below.

Excalibur's body shook as darkness took him, he barely make out the shape of weapons and tools all around him.

A moment later the knight stood victorious and carried the weapon out.

The others began to stir, their master told them, "Get the treasures we leave the moment everything is collected."

One of the men pulled out his sword and walked towards the Kami.

"Stop!" the black knight ordered, "She is not to die, leave her.."

Moments later everyone took all that was left in the cavern and took Excalibur as well.

Once more Kami was left behind with not even the ability to fend for herself as a friend lay in danger.


All they could do was wait, even if they decided to contact one of the meisters in England it would take time to reach the Abbey.

Eu sat at the end of the platform in the middle of the Death Room looking at the walls that reflected the blue sky outside. Maka sat besides her, neither saying a single word.

Maka was told a story about her mother, one she had never heard but understood why her mother never told her.

Her mom had been betrayed by people she cared about far too much and being left for dead didn't make things better.

Maka placed her hand on Eu's hand and both girls silently wished for their mother's safe return.

At the other end of the room the others talked to one another and traded ideas.

"Maybe if I asked for Tezca to find Kami." Liz offered up.

"I guess it could work," Kid thought it out, "once he gets a reflection of a soul he can track anyone. If he finds a reflection near her he can check up."

"We should find her soon." Ayumu told them, "I know I don't know her all that well but Kami doesn't seem like rush into things like this if isn't serious. "


"Let's get something to eat." Marie asked, "It's about time to get lunch!"

They started to walk down the halls of the school towards the entrance.

"I'm a bit hungry." Nene said happily.

"Didn't you just eat?" Azusa questioned.

"I'm eating for two!" Marie shot back. "I need to eat more!"

Before they continued Nene jumped back raising her arm and blocking a blow.

The others had just watched Black Star deliver a punch.

"Black Star don't!" Tsubaki yelled as she chased after her meister.

"Fight me!" Black Star ordered.

"Black Star!" Tsubaki let out.

"Come on Tsubaki! She's supposed to be the best fighter of her world. How am I gonna prove that I'm the best everywhere if I don't fight and beat her."

Nene cracked her neck, "I guess I could go for a sparring match. My morning exercise got interrupted today." Nene chuckled to herself. "I'm a bit pent up and could use a bit of activity."

"Great!" Black Star rushed in only to met one of her attacks.

Fist met fist and a huge gust of wind blew out nearly pushing everyone back. Black Star next ducked delivering a spinning kick that was blocked. Before he could launch another attack he noticed Nene jump up and land on the ground with enough force to shake and crack it. Quickly she picked up a large slab of stone and lifting up with ease.

"Wait, we're using weapons? Tsubaki!"

"Nope!" Tsubaki shook her head. "I'm staying out of this. I'm no good for this fight anyway, she can cancel peoples powers. I wouldn't be able to transforms."

Tsubaki was more than willing to let her meister deal with this since he was the one to start the fight.

"Tsubaki!" Black Star scolded, "You are the weapon of the man that surpassed God! I love you but you are gonna have to keep up, if anyone can it would be you. You have to pass the limitations you think you have-" At that moment Black Star was struck by a big piece of stone.

"You should probably keep your eyes focused on who you're fighting." Marie pointed out.

Black Star pushed the stone off him, "I wasn't ready! That doesn't count!" Black Star gulped as he suddenly found Nene right in front of him.

Suddenly he felt a hard fist striking his jaw.


Nearby two teenage girls with red haired watched the fight unfold.

They were waiting, the players were set and things moved into place. As much as they wanted to act they were only meant to observe everything for now. They still needed to be ready, soon it would be time to act.