The Lost Warrior

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Chapter 08: And Found

The Head Witch was surprised and horrified to hear that Morgan La Fey was back. She was glad to hear that Morgan was dead for good. Normally the witches would be upset about the meisters killing a witch but she was already supposed to be dead, so they weren't going to make that an issue.

There was a little uneasiness when they found out that Morgan's doing resulted in the death of two gods.

After for a bit rest, the others gathered what relics remained and using the chariot to go back to Death City.

Kami laid in a bed in the infirmary, Nene laid in the bed next to her.

Eu sat on a chair with a box of chocolate.

Eu had used her magic to heal them, and lucky for Eu that Morgan used one of the artifacts to heal a bit so she was ready to do that. Right now she had just a few bandages. She tossed one of the chocolate to Kami who caught it in her mouth.

"Now me!" Nene called out.

Eu tossed another chocolate for her catch too.

"Why do have to stay here?" Kami moaned, "Were fine, and I have to find a place for all the weapons and tools from Camelot."

On the other bed, the magical garment weapons laid next to the weapons of Camelot, every once in a while they would hear an odd humming coming from them.

Nene tutted her, "You should still probably rest."

"Well, today was supposed to be my day off."

"That boy needs to give you an extra day." Excalibur bounced on the bed, "We should go on a family trip!"

Maka smiled nearby, her family was strange and growing.

On another nearby bed there was someone else.

"Make sure you eat." Soul gently told them.

"Okay," Crona spoke gently drinking a bit of soup.

Maka smiled, the spell had worked on Asura too, for a moment the power was split between Crona and Asura.

It seemed that and when the ritual was reversed the moon had moved out of alignment and it didn't work properly. Asura had faded away and left the mantle of the god of madness to Crona, though not as powerful as Asura had been. As a sign of the change, Crona now sported a red eye marking on the forehead. Maka reached the moon to find Crona alone and confused, and Maka brought Crona home. Marie was already making plans, Crona would need constant attention and she volunteered the lab for Crona's new home.

Maka was certain that Crona would have the madness under control but Marie's own calming wavelength would be a good influence. And by the time the baby came around Crona would be a big help. Besides, it was overdue for Crona to have a proper mother.

"I brought some more food." Marie came in and a tray of food for everyone.

Marie beamed at Crona, "Eat up, dear. I got plenty."

"Miss Marie you don't have to. You're pregnant you shouldn't be working yourself so hard."

"It's no worry," Marie then turned to Kami, "Kami! Nene! Eu! Have the three of you been eating nothing but chocolate?"

Eu shoved a handful of chocolate in her mouth and shrugged, pretending she didn't know what she was talking about.

"Marie, we've made out, please don't mother me." Kami deadpanned.

"Oh, when was this?" Nene crossed her arms speaking a faux jealous tone.

"Ah!" Marie let out, "Don't say that. It was one-time thing at a party during our time in school!"

Stein chuckled walking in, "Yeah, Marie holds her liquor worse than Kami. Which is saying something."

"Back on topic," Marie tried to gain some control, "You shouldn't eat so much chocolate."

"Lady Hellscythe," Seraphim spoke up, "I am willing to make you something to eat."

"Ah," Ayumu interrupted, "Where did you get all that chocolate?

That girl Kana, she said it was a get well gift.

Maka then spotted the girl poking her head into the room, a moment later she pulled away. Maka spotted her and followed her out, seeing that Marie was fussing over Crona Soul followed her.


In a nearby room, Patty watched as Liz stood before Kid, she wanted to make sure and took a test. Now holding the positive pregnancy test she knew, "Kid, I'm pregnant! We're going to be parents."

She was scared on how Kid might react but also excited at the prospect and scared, SHE WAS FREAKING PREGNANT AND NOT READY FOR ANY OF THIS.

She was trying to stay calm because she knew Kid would react far more panicked than her.

"….." Kid looked forwards taking all of this in.

"I think you broke him," Patty mused.

"How?" Kid let out,

"Well," Patty spoke up, "when a boy and a girl like each other a whole lot or are very drunk-"

"Patty no!" Liz stopped her

"I know how." Kid focused on Liz, "I mean, is it really happening? I have to admit I'd hope that we might be able to have a child. I wasn't sure if we'd be able to."

Liz put Kid's hand on her stomach, "Yeah, its real. I felt something when the spell worked its voodoo on you. I felt you, this little thing felt you."

"We shouldn't call it thing."

"Well, it's little early to know if it's a boy or a girl." Liz mustered a smile. "Kid this is all crazy, I mean, yeah I'd love to have your baby but we're still young and-"

"Marry me, Liz." Kid interrupted her.

Liz was quiet for a moment unsure she heard what she heard, "Kid…if you just want to do the right thing, you don't have to."

"Liz, I want to marry you. Liz, we live together, we share a home, we share a life together. We spend almost all of our time together. It makes more sense to be married. I love you, Liz." He repeated taking off one of his skull rings, "Elizabeth Thompson, will you please marry me."

Tears filled her eyes as Kid slipped the ring on her finger, "Yes, Kid! I'll marry you!"

Kid arms wrapped around Liz as they pulled together into a kiss.

Patty smiled wider than she had ever smiled before, "I don't need to get a shotgun!" She couldn't help herself she hugged them both.

Normally they would object over their kiss being disrupted but they didn't care at the moment.

"Congratulations!" Tsubaki jumped out of the shadows, unable to hide herself or her glee.

Black Star followed, "Yeah, Hey, we wanted to see how this played out."

Kid frowned, "The only time you can stay hidden is when you're spying on us."

Tsubaki rushed over joining the hug, "I'm so happy for you! You're going to be great parents and I will be ready to help with the wedding."

Black Star smiled joining the hug, "I will be the best best man you could ever have. I'm going to be an even better godfather."

"I fear my child's future." Kid deadpanned.

"We gotta find the others! Let's tell everyone you knocked up Liz!" Black Star shouted.


"Got your bags." Niko patted a large duffle bag as Kana arrived to meet them in front of the school.

Will smiled at the girl, "You said good byes to your friends?"

"Yes," Kana answered, "I told them that I was going home because school was ending."

"Well, that is true." Niko admitted, "She looked at her watch, our ride should be here soon."

"Did you ever try the lottery numbers I gave you." Will smiled at the girl.

"They wouldn't sell them to me. They said I was too young."

"Are you leaving without saying good bye?" Maka walked up Soul besides her.

"Yes, I took notice of you too." Leaves floated downwards and vanished to reveal Seraphim, "I think Lady Hellscythe would very much like to speak with you. There are very few people who can speak shorthand with her."

"And I have a lot of questions," Soul frowned, "you girls haven't answered any of our questions."

A sound like thunder cracking was followed by a wide portal forming behind them.

A silver haired young woman, she had bright blue eyes walked out, she was wearing a simple white blouse, a pair of black stockings, a black skirt and a short black tie.

"Eu…" Maka looked on confused, it looked like Eu but just a little older, not much as she seemed stuck to always look young.

"Good to see you, Maka." Eu smiled at them.

"You can talk!" Maka yelled.

"You're not wearing your armor!" Seraphim added,

"We left you in the infirmary." Soul waved his hands around confused.

"I was, but that was a long time ago." Eu smiled, "Yeah, spoiler alert we're from the future. A future where we figured out my power issue."

"Hello Aunty." Kana greeted her.

"Did you have fun in past?" Eu asked her.

"Yeah, I did. There was still a lot of work to figure out how to pull out this whole thing off."

"Aunty!?" Maka yelled before looking at the red haired girls. "You said you were her aunts."

Niko grinned, "Well about that-"

"Hello big sis." Will gave Maka a big hug.

Maka looked around confused, "But-" Maka paused as she saw it, little traits of her mother and Nene in them. "Your blood, the red hair, your eyes,"

"The sword thing," Niko blushed, "Yeah, some of Excalibur traits might have kicked back up on the next generation because of this whole incident."

"But Kami and Nene?" Soul looked around "They're both women, how?"

Eu shrugged, "Mom, knows lots of people with magic and at least one guy with alien technology. Well, guy sometimes, dad's popped up as a woman from time to time. I have the most moms."

Another thought struck Maka, "You are my sisters from the future, and then whose your-"

Kana moved over and hugged Maka, "Did the red eyes and blonde hair not tip you off?"

Maka and Soul looked at each other and then at the young girl who moved to hug Soul.

Seraphim who was usually stoic was finding it hard not to laugh a little at their distress. After all it just meant that they would have a happy life together the distress was unwarranted.

"Hey mom," A another silver haired girl in a school uniform walked out of swirling portal.

She looked like Eu but shorter hair and amber colored eyes.

"Kanade? I thought you were going to wait."

Kanade shrugged, "I got bored waiting."

"Hello Kana."

"Hello Kanade."

Both girls greeted each other, their tones almost emotionless but flecks of excited could be heard.

"I missed you." Kana added,

"You've always been so sentimental." Kanade said so emotionless that you'd think she was being sarcastic.

Seraphim looked at her eyes, "She's your daughter…"

"My pride and joy." Eu smiled contently.

"And her eyes… her father?"


"That dung- worm- WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?" Her eyes flashed red.

"Now Aunt Seraphim, stop insulting dad." Kanade said not raising her voice.

Eu was laughing to herself, "Okay time to head home. I might be able to bend the strings of fate but even me and some of dads tech it's super hard to make this portal."

Kana waved at the group, they started to walk into the portal.

"Bye." Niko smiled,

"See you." Will waved.

Eu followed Kanade but she paused to look back at the group, "Don't worry, all things will work in the end."

Eu vanished in the portal and left a stunned group. They were left with more questions then answers, Soul felt that was probably for the best.

He looked as he found Maka's hand take his.


In the hills of England the group hiked along, Excalibur leading the group consisting of Nene ,Kami, Maka, Soul, Eu and Ayumu.

This was a family trip that Excalibur suggested, he wanted to take them to the ruins of Camelot, it had been a long time since he'd been there and he didn't want to go alone.

He wanted to return with his family, Maka actually thought it was a great idea. Sure, Nene, Ayumu and Soul weren't officially family but Maka knew about their future and well might as well get used to it and she was looking forwards to it.

Maka paused taking a picture of the landscape.

Excalibur kept telling stories along their hike, "It was around here that Percival- Kami you remember Percival."

"Oh, that blow hard." Kami laughed at the memory.

"He was so annoying." Excalibur said with a shake. "You wouldn't believe it, we'd cringe whenever he got started."

"Annoying? Really?" Soul looked on exasperated. "I couldn't imagine that."

"Maybe we should stop to eat soon." Ayumu suggested holding on of the many bags he got stuck carrying.

"A picnic?" Nene cheered, "That would be nice."

"That sounds doable. I know there is a wonderful field near here." Excalibur led them along towards a field.

Soul paused offering his hand to Maka, Maka took it smiling knowing she didn't have to worry about losing Soul

Maka tucked the camera away, she planned on showing her dad, Marie, Crona, and all the pictures of the trip.


It was New Year Eve and Nene and Kami sat on the top of a building. The nuzzled closed together in the chilly air waiting for the fireworks to start.

"I'm just a little sleepy." Nene let out a small yawn and placed her head on Kami's shoulder. I can't wait to get to bed and nuzzle in it together."

"Yeah, I'd like that too." Kami couldn't help but smile at the thought. "Hey, Nene there is something I want to ask. It's something I wanted to ask you for a while."

"Oh, what do you want to ask?" Nene blinked trying to stay awake. She nuzzled into Kami's neck.

Kami summoned all her courage and pulled out a small box from her pocket. "Naegleria Nebiros, we've been dating for a while and we've known each other for even longer. I love you and I want to be with you. It's been a long time since I've felt like this. So, I wanted to ask, will you marry me?" Kami opened the box to reveal a small ring.

Well, she was awake now. Nene looked at Kami with eyes wide. Her heart was racing and she didn't expect it. She could only say one thing"….Yes, I love. Of course I'll marry you."

"I love you." Kami smiled a small tear of joy coming out the edge of her eyes. She slipped the ring on Nene's finger before she leaned in and kissed her. It seemed silly that she was afraid to ask but she was glad that she did. The clock struck 12 and there were fireworks.


Seraphim sighed, she found Eu and Ayumu nuzzled together, they had fallen asleep watching a movie together. She still had no idea what Eu saw in him but smiled seeing a soft expression on Eu's face. She pulled out a blanket and placed it on the pair.

She knew their fate together and if they were happy than she'd support them.


Index had become one of the most well liked teacher at DWMA. He was given one last order by his creator: to make most of the time he had left. He decided to pass on what he learned to the next generations. About all the wonders, about the magic, and about all the creatures that once graced his creator's book.

The passion he had had caused many of the students take note of his lessons.

One day, he found a small girl with blonde hair a cat eared cloak sitting in class room looking at him curiously.

He felt that he was doing good.


The group stepped out of the portal into the future.

"Did everything work out fine, Aunt Eu?" Raven, a girl in a black dress stood there with the others. Her green eyes and three half white stripes in her black hair were her defining features.

A similar looking boy in a black suit stood next to her, they were twins after all, they felt natural to stand side by side that and some of their father's habits rubbed off on them.

The boy's name was Bram, "Any problems?"

Eu shook her head, everything seems to have gone well."

"Hey!" A short distance a girl named Yuki had long messy blue hair, she jumped up and down getting their attention. "Yeah! Kana is back! Everyone is getting dinner for all of to celebrate! You know, that she's back and time didn't rip or whatever."

"Family dinner?" Kana smiled, she'd missed her big extended family.

With that the group went to reunite with their family, and the happy ending they had all earned.

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