Sponge Loves Z.Z.

Sponge always had a thing for Z.Z. True he was a total computer nerd with dorky glasses, and she was munch older and taller than him. He knew she cared about The Environment, Healing mother earth, And saving the whales. But still he thought she was a major Babe! But he never had the guts to tell Z.Z. about his true feelings for her.

One night at Camp Anawanna while everybody else were sleeping. Sponge was having a wet dream about Z.Z. In his dream he was swimming in the lake and only he and Z.Z. were there. As he was swimming in the water, Z.Z. waved at him and said right before she took off her clothes and dove right on in.

"SPONGE! I'm Coming To Join You!"

When he saw her jumped in and took a glimpse at her bikini, He begin to get sexually Excited! As she was now swimming toward
his direction. Sponge started to get a Hard On! While Z.Z. popped out of the water where Sponge was at. She then put her arms
around him and said right before she was about to kiss him on the lips.

"I always liked you baby."

But as Sponge was just about to get his kiss, Budnick came into his dream and said.


Suddenly...Sponge was now waking up and Budnick, Donkey Lips, and Michael. were all wide awake because they all heard
him talking in his sleep, Saying the words.

"Z.Z. Kiss me Z.Z.!"

As Budnick and Donkey Lips were both laughing at him. Michael told the other two.

"Oh Come on guys, Leave the kid alone."

While Donkey Lips said.

"I Knew It!...You have the Hot's For Z.Z.!"

As poor Sponge was now trying to hide under the covers, Budnick pull them away and told him.

"Admit It Dork! You were having a dream about you and her. Weren't you Doofus!"

Sponge while putting the covers back on him said.

"FINE! I Like Her All Right!"

Donkey Lips then said.

'I'm not surprise, She is a major Hottie!"

Budnick while pulling the cover off of him again, said to Sponge.

"If You like her why don't you just grow some balls and just talk to her."

Sponge replied.

"I don't know?...I'm just real nervous of telling her that I like her in that way."

As Budnick was about to go back to his bunk, He said to him before leaving.

"Fine be that way loser."

As Sponge pulled the covers right back on him. He started to wonder if he should tell her how he feels? The next morning while all of the kids were having breakfast. Dr. Kahn who was talking on the speakers said to the rest of the campers.

"This is Dr. Kahn...Today there will be a special activity on the baseball field. We will have Golf lesions at noon."

Now in the cafeteria Sponge who was watching Z.Z. eating a salad. begin to wonder if he should just go over there and talk to her?

Michael who was sitting right next to him, Said after drinking his milk.

"Why don't you just walk over there and just Tell Her!"

Suddenly, Sponge was now fantasizing of him walking over to Z.Z. and talking to her.

It went like this...As he quickly walked over to where she was sitting at and he said.

"Hello Z.Z. I just wanted to say..."

But right before he was about to finish his words, Z.Z. got up from the table and Shouted out loud.

"EWWW! Get Away From Me You NERD!"

And everybody in the cafeteria were all laughing and teasing him and Budnick yelling out.

"God. What a big LOSER!"

But suddenly, Michael who was trying to get Sponge to come back from reality. went.

"Hey dude, Snap Out Of It!"

Sponge told him.

"Sorry, I was just thinking about her."

Michael then said.

"Oh Come On, Just go over there and just say how you feel about her."

Sponge then left and told him.

"Forget it."

To Be Continued.