Feelings Of The Moon By : Mistress Saturn

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They were at the park. They had all felt a strong power and decided to meet to talk about it. They were in the middle of their discussion when a silver feather with a gold crescent moon and a multi-colored eight pointed star on it fell from the sky. Yue and Kero immediately stopped and looked at it in shock. Sakura and the others looked at them and Sakura hesitantly said "Do you know what that is?" Kero nodded and looked at Yue as he said "She's coming back." Yue nodded and said "It seems that way but I won't believe it until I see her. We'll meet here again tomorrow night. She should be here then if it's really her." Then he flew off. Kero sighed and said "I guess you all want to know what's going on?" They all nodded and said "We're talking about Princess Serenity, Princess of the Moon Kingdom two thousand years ago and heir to the entire galaxy." The others looked at him in shock and Sakura said "How do you guys know her then?" Kero said "She and Yue were always together. They talked about everything and she went to him whenever she was upset or needed someone to talk to. They were in love with each other. But her mother engaged her to the Prince of Earth and on the night of the ball that was supposed to announce the engagement the Moon Kingdom was attacked and she was killed. Yue was heart broken and he became cold and emotionless. When we went back to Clow's mansion he locked himself in his room and rarely ever came out."

The others looked at him in shock and Madison said "Poor Yue." They all silently agreed and then left to go home and sleep. The next day everyone was getting nervous because they couldn't wait for that night. When it was finally time to meet at the park they all met at the entrance and walked in together. They saw Yue already there waiting. They all stood by him and suddenly another feather fell. Yue looked up and everyone followed his gaze. They saw a silver light coming from the clouds. There was a flash of light and everyone covered their eyes. When they opened them they saw a woman in a short skirt and a white bodysuit with a silver sailor style flap. She had knee high silver boots and silver hair done up in two heart shaped buns. What shocked them the most were the silver sparkling wings that were coming from her back. She let her staff disappear. Then her outfit shimmered before it was replaced by a silk silver gown that fell to the floor in waves. It was outlined with gold trimming and they saw an eight pointed star on her forehead with an upturned gold crescent moon inside it. She opened her eyes and they all saw sparkling silver eyes with a bit of ice blue in them just like Yue's. They watched as she stared at them all and then rest her gaze on Kero. She smiled at him and said "Kero it's been awhile." He changed to his true form and charged her. He said "I'm so glad to see you." She nodded and continued to look around. That's when she spotted Yue. She froze and Kero moved away from her. Yue looked at her calmly and said "Serenity." She ran to him and hugged him tightly. She said "Oh my god. It's really you. I missed you so much."

Yue slowly wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her. He whispered in her ear "We'll talk later." She nodded and then looked at Kero. She turned around and Yue kept his arms around her waist. She said "Kero I have a present for you." She produced what looked like a candy bar. He smiled and said "Yes! Thank you!" Sakura said "It's just a candy bar Kero." Kero said "Yeah but it's from Jupiter. She makes the best food in the world." Serenity smiled and said "Actually I made it." Kero stopped eating and looked at her. Serenity hung her head and said "The others are dead. Except Saturn." Yue tightened his hold on her and she leaned against him. He whispered "Where's Saturn?" Serenity said "At my apartment not far from here. I left her there because I didn't want to put her in any danger. I didn't know if it was really you and Kero that I sensed." He nodded and said "Let's all go there and talk. I take it you adopted Saturn like the last time?" Serenity nodded and she closed her eyes. In a bright flash of silver light they were all in the living room of a very big and richly furnished living room. They heard a door open and watched as a little girl about thirteen years old come out. She saw Yue and ran to him yelling "Yue- papa!" The others were shocked by what she had called him and even more shocked when they saw Yue pick her up and hug her. Kero whispered to them "Serenity adopted Saturn because her parents died. Because of Serenity and Yue's relationship Saturn thinks of him as a father." Serenity smiled and said "Everyone have a seat. I'll make some coffee and tea." Then she went into the kitchen. Kero transformed into the stuffed animal again and sat down like Serenity had said.

Sakura sat next to him and Madison took a seat by her. Li sat down near them and watched as Yue sat down on the love seat across from them with Saturn still in his lap. A few minutes later Serenity came back with a tray of cups and a pot of coffee and tea. She even had cream and sugar. She set it down and then said "Help yourself." She took two cups and poured tea in them. She handed one to Yue and then made another cup of tea which she gave to Saturn. She took the other drink of tea and sat next to them on the love seat. She sipped her drink and then said "Now then. I'm sure Kero told you about me and my past seeing how he can't keep his mouth shut. My name here is Serenity Cosmos. This is Saturn. Her name is Hotaru Cosmos." Hotaru nodded and continued to drink her tea. Serenity said "Well it's getting late. I take it you would all like to stay the night. Call your parents and ask them." She handed over a silver cordless phone. Sakura called and told her brother she was spending the night at a friends and would be home the next day. Li didn't have to call since he lived by himself. Madison called her house and left a message for her mother. Serenity made up rooms for everyone and then said "Well then. It's getting late. We should all get some sleep and talk in the morning. I'll show you to your rooms." She led them down the hall and showed them to rooms. Then she showed Yue where Hotaru's room was and they put her to bed. After they left Hotaru's room she showed Yue to a room next to hers and they retreated to their rooms for the night to sleep and wait for tomorrow to come.

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