Hey guys im back and ive decided to do another story along with the gems get loud. Anyway this will be more of a side project and wont update as much as that story but im still gonna put my all into this one.


In the asteroid belt a green and black ship was currently being attacked by a barrage of lasers. Then a much larger ship which had been firing at the smaller ship manage to catch up and got next to the smaller ship. The small ship then went above the bigger ship and started to fire some green lasers at it.

"Hull damage 20%, but systems still operational." A crew member of the big ship said to his captain.

The captain of this ship appeared to be an anthropomorphic squid man with tentacles for a beard, green skin and red eyes. "I have come too far to be denied." The squid man stated as his ship continue to chase down the small ship while still firing lasers at it.

"The Omnitrix shall be mine, and there is not a being in the galaxy that dares stand in my way!"

It was currently 2:38 PM in Royal Oaks elementary school. Lincoln Loud was currently staring at the clock waiting for it to turn to 2:40. Today was the last day of school which means summer break was right around the corner. "Come on, come on go faster." He said to himself.

"Calm down Lincoln school will be over before you know." The kid next to Lincoln told him. This was Clyde McBride Lincolns best friend. "Sorry that we can't hang out this summer." Clyde said as he looked down at his desk.

"It's ok buddy it's not everyday someone gets to travel around America all summer you and your dads just have a good time." Lincoln reassured his best friend.

"Thanks buddy. So do you and your family have any plans this summer?"

"Well me and my dad are going camping tonight at the local camp ground to celebrate but other than that I'm thinking it will be a regular old summer…well as regular as you can get when you have 10 sisters."

"And remember class I'll be teaching summer school this year and it's not too late to sign up." Lincoln's teacher Mr. Johnson announced.

'Like that would ever happen who does she think I am Lisa.' Lincoln thought to himself.

Finally after the longest two minutes of his life the bell finally rang. "YES, finally." Lincoln shouted as he and the rest of his class ran out of the classroom.

When Lincoln and Clyde step outside the school they faced each other "Well guess this is goodbye. See you when summer ends buddy."

"Yep see ya later Clyde. Clincoln Mcloud forever." Lincoln said as he and Clyde fist bumped and walked in different directions.

"Hey son were over here!" Lincoln's dad Lynn Sr shouted as he waved his hand out of the family vanned named vanzilla.

"I'm coming dad!" Lincoln then ran towards the family van.

Lincoln got in the van and was immediately greeted by his sister's Luan, Lynn Jr, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily "Hi Lincoln." All of his sister said in unison.

"Hey girls."

"So sport you ready for tonight?!" Lynn Sr asked his only son.

"Yep you bet dad. Thanks again this will be a great way to celebrate the start of summer."

"You bet sport. We'll grill hamburgers, roast marshmallows and tell scary stories."

"Why can't we come?" Lana asked with an upset tone.

"Yeah why is it just you and Lincoln?" Lucy added.

"Sorry girls but Lincoln and I have been looking forward to a little father son time."

"Yeah I don't wanna go to the stinky woods anyway." Lola stated.

"Yeah besides we don't wanna be all camped up down there, hahaha get it?" Luan joked while her siblings groaned and rolled their eyes at Luan's usual humor.

"Good one Luan." Lynn Sr complimented while laughing at Luan's joke.

"Just try not to bring home any Ixodes scapularis I don't wanna have to de-tick you." Lisa stated.

"Alright everyone enough of that lets head home." Lynn Sr then started to drive his family home.

After about 15 minutes of driving the family parked in the driveway of the Loud house. "Alright gang were here and we got the whole summer to hang out." Lynn Sr told everyone as the family got out of the car.

"Yeah dad and im looking forward to it. Well im gonna head in and start packing for the trip." Lincoln told his dad as he headed inside.

When Lincoln got inside he was immediately greeted by his sisters Lori and Luna. "Hey Lincoln." Lori greeted.

"Hey bro, excited for summer break." Luna greeted.

"Hey guys and you bet Luna…hey where's Leni?" Lincoln asked as he looked around for his ditzy sister.

"Well when we got home she said she was feeling stressed so she's in our room taking a nap." Lori explained.

Lincoln then looked up the stairs and gained a worried look on his face 'I wonder what's wrong?' the Loud boy thought to himself. He then shrugged it off and decided it was none of his business. "Well I hope she feels better soon I'm gonna go pack up for my camping trip with dad tonight." Lincoln told his older sisters as he went upstairs.

It was currently 5:00 PM and Lincoln had gotten all ready for his camping trip. Currently he was going through everything and making sure he didn't miss anything "Bug spray, check, sleeping bag, cheek, alright looks like I've got everything.". Lincoln then turned to face the audience "Well looks like I've got everything, this is gonna be the best camping trip ever it's been to long since me and my dad had some quality time.". Lincoln then got his bag and headed out of his door.

When he left his room he was immediately greeted by the upstairs part of his house usual chaos. Lori was currently talking to her boyfriend Bobby on the phone, Luna was playing her guitar through her amps, Luan was telling jokes while Lily blew raspberry's at all of them, Lynn was playing hallway hockey, Lucy was writing poems and walking aimlessly, Lana was currently chasing Lola while holding two frogs in her hands and Lisa was writing down the twins behavior. However one sibling was missing from the chaos, Leni. 'I wonder where Leni is?'

The Loud boy then headed downstairs and immediately saw Leni on the couch looking at the floor. She looked really sad. Lincoln gained a worried expression and went over and sat down next to his sixteen year old sister. "Leni, what's wrong you look down?"

Leni then turned to face Lincoln and Lincoln was surprised with how his sister looked, she had small bags underneath her eyes and didn't have any make up on. "Oh hey Lincoln. I'm fine just…glad schools finally over." Leni said as she looked back down at the floor.

Lincoln grew more concerned for his sister as she was normally the most positive and cheery of his siblings, seeing her like this is completely unnatural. "You don't look so glad is something wrong you can tell me."

Leni then curled up into a ball and buried her head in between her knees "Lincoln am I…dumb?" Leni asked as her voice began to break.

Lincoln was shocked by Leni's question then proceeded to look down at the floor in shame. He and his sister knew Leni wasn't the brightest but for her to actually acknowledge it was heart breaking as he remembered the times his sisters would take advantage of Leni's dimness like when Lori tricked her to making sure Leni would never where the dress that her and Lori both ended up buying or the time during April Fool's Day when Luan used "Kitchen this way" signs and ended up making her walk all the way down town. "Well I wouldn't say dumb." Lincoln said as he scratched the back of his head.

Leni then let out a few quit sobs "I knew it. That's all you guys see me as, just some dumb blond girl."

At this point Lincolns heart felt like breaking completely, he hated seeing his sisters upset but something like this, he knew he had to be there for her. "Leni you are not dumb, you may not be good at school stuff or things like that but you kind hearted, sweet and you make some of the best cloths I've seen, you're smart in your own way."

Leni then looked at her brother and smiled and pulled him into a hug "Thanks Linky you're the best."

Lincoln was quick to return the hug "Anytime sis…hey it was supposed to be a me and dad thing but would you wanna go to the campground with us? you know get your mind off things."

"Are you sure you and dad have been looking forward to doing this together for weeks and I don't wanna take that away from you two." Leni said as she remembered how excited her dad and brother were.

"Leni is anything you'll just make it better plus I hate seeing you like this and I wanna help."

Leni then shed a few happy tears at her brother's kindness and nodded "Sure if dads ok with it I'd love to go with you guys."

Lynn Sr just got down packing her the trip tonight and left his room. He immediately saw Lincoln and Leni sitting on the couch next to each other. "Hey sport ready to go?" Lynn Sr asked his son.

Lincoln and Leni then looked back at their dad standing behind them. "Yeah dad but can I ask you something?"

"Of course sport what is it?" Lynn Sr asked. "I was wondering if Leni could come with us. I know this was supposed to be a father son thing but Leni's been really down lately and I want to get her mind off things.

Lynn Sr then looked at Leni and saw she definitely wasn't being her usual cheery self as her eyes were red and puffy signifying that she had been crying. "Of course sport. Leni what's wrong though?"

"School has just been hard on me. I've barley passed this year and I just hate being thought of as dumb."

Lynn Sr was shocked to hear this "Leni don't ever say that about yourself, your great in your own way. Now come on let's quit this moaning and go have some fun, what do you guys say!" Lynn Sr asked his kids who then proceeded to excitedly nod.

Lynn Sr, Leni and Lincoln were riding in vanzilla heading towards the Wolverine Camp ground. "Alright guys were almost there, how you doing Leni?"

Leni then gave a small smile and looked at her dad "I'm doing better. Thanks again for taking me guys I know how much you two have been looking forward to this, I just don't wanna get in your guy's way."

Lincoln then pulled Leni into a hug "There's no way you could get in the way, I'm glad you're coming."

"Thanks Linky you're the best."

The three Louds then made their way into the campground. Lynn Sr got a campground number from the front gate and then headed out to the spot. When the three parked they then proceeded to start unpacking supplies from the van. "Ok gang I'll get out the grill and burgers, you two set the up the tent." Lynn Sr told his two kids as he pulled out a grill from the van.

"Got it dad." Both siblings said in unison.

The two then got out the tent and proceeded to set it up "Hey Linky can you please hand me thepoundy thingy I need it to pound this spikey thingy into the ground."

"Sure Leni here ya go." Lincoln then handed his sister a hammer a made sure to not correct here about what the tool was actually called.


The squid man's ship was still firing lasers and the small green ship trying to bring it down. Eventually one of the lasers blasted the ship destroying the back end. "Their propulsion systems have been destroyed." One of the crew members said.

"Prepare to board. I want the Omnitrix now!"

The middle of the giant ship started to charge a giant laser,however as it was doing this the small ship fired a green laser at giant ship where the squid man and crew members were and completely destroyed it. However right as it did so the giant ship fired a giant laser at the small ship which completely destroyed a piece of the front of the ship remained. The front piece then proceeded to shoot a pod which was then heading towards earth.


After about 30 minutes Leni and Lincoln had successfully set up the tent and Lynn Sr had cooked hamburgers that they were all eating.

"These burgers are great dad thanks." Leni and Lincoln said in unison.

"Well I'm glad you both liked em and when were done we can make smores." Lynn Sr said as he took a bite out of his burger. "I just need you two to go out in the woods and get some wood for the fire."

"Got it dad I'll go right now, you coming Leni?"

"Sure just give me a sec." Lincoln then gave Leni and thumbs up and headed into the woods.

Lincoln was currently walking in the woods with a bunch of sticks in his hand. He was currently gathering wood for the fire his dad was setting up so they could make s'mores. When he was gathering woods Lincoln then proceeded to look up into the sky and saw what looked like a shooting star 'I wish this summer would give me some excitement.'

However as soon as he made his wish the "star" then zoomed in his direction "What the, OH NO!" He then jumped back and put his hands over his heads expecting an explosion. However the "star" soon changed directions and crashed a couple dozen feet away from him. "What the heck was that?"

"LINKY!" he heard a familiar voice shout. He then saw Leni running up to him. She then stopped in front on Lincoln and pulled him into a tight hug "Are you ok I heard the explosion!?" She asked as she squeezed her brother.

"Yeah I'm…fine but…if you don't…let go…I won't be…for long." He said as he tried to breath but his sister's tight hug was making it hard.

"Oh right sorry." She apologized as she let Lincoln go "But like what was that?"

"Well whatever it was it didn't crash to far come on lets go check it out." He said as he pointed to smoke raising the distance. He and Leni then proceeded to run toward the source of the explosion.

When they got to the source they were surprised as to what they found. What they saw was a giant crater along with a bunch of broken down trees. Inside the crater was a gray metal pod. "What is that thing?" Leni asked.

Lincoln then step a little closer towards the edge of the crater "It looks like a satellite or something." However as Lincoln finished talking the hole crumpled a bit and he endednup falling in.

"Lincoln! Are you ok?!"

Lincoln stood up and brished the dirt of him "Yeah I'm fine just a bruised-huh?" He was saying but was interrupted.

He then looked over to the pod which had opened. When it opened up it relieved a bulky wristwatch looking device. It was primarily black a gray with various green buttons surrounding the watch face, there was also white pipe looking thing going through the watch. In the middle was the watch face and it showed a glowing green hourglass symbol.

"A watch?"

"What's down there Linky?"

"It looks like a watch. But what's a watch doing in outer space?" Lincoln then proceeded to reach his hand out to pick up the watch looking device. However as his hand hovered over the device it launched itself and latched itself onto to Lincoln's wrist. "AAH GET OF ME! GET OFF! GET OFF!" Lincoln shouted as he waved his hand around.

"LINCOLN!" Leni ran down the whole and grabbed the watched and tried to pull it off "Get…of…my…baby brother."


"Sorry Lincoln I didn't mean to hurt you." Leni apologized as she let go of the watch.

"Its fine I know you meant well." Lincoln and Leni climbed out of the hole as Lincoln grabbed one of the branches he gathered and tried to use it to pry the watch off, however the branch eventually ended up braking. "Ugh this thing won't come off."

Leni then walked over to Lincoln and looked at the watch "Hey maybe one of those button thingys will make it come off." Leni suggested as she pointed to one of the green buttons next to the face of the watch.

"Hm worth a try." Lincoln then pressed the button that was next to the bottom part of face plate. However instead of coming off the face of the watc lifted up and it began to glow green and showed a silhouette of a creature. "Woah what's it doing?"

"Trying pressing it down maybe?"

Lincoln then took a deep breath and put one finger on the face plate "Alright Leni let's just get whatever's about to happen over with." Lincoln then closed his eyes and pressed down on the faceplate.

However, when the faceplate was pressed all of a sudden Lincoln began to change. His arm began to grow what looked like red rocks, then the rocks quickly spread up his arm and circled his eyes.

What stood in Lincolns place was now a tall humanoid which had a body of red rock looking material. Inside the cracks in his body there was a bright yellowish looking magma. His head was surrounded by flames showing only what looked like a face. The hourglass symbol that was on the watch was located on the fiery creature's chest.

"Ugh…what happened?" Lincoln asked as he rubbed his head. He then looked and saw Leni sitting on the ground shaking with her eyes widen. "Leni, what's wrong you look like you've seen a ghost…and what happened to my voice?" Lincoln asked again as he rubbed his throat as he noticed his voice was now deep and raspy.

"L-L-L-Lincoln, l-l-l-look." Leni studdered as she pulled out a small mirror and handed it towards what was now her brother. Lincoln took the mirror and looked at himself.



Lynn Sr was currently holding a shovel digging a small hole for the fire. "Now that is a good hole." He said to himself as he looked over the finished hole. "Huh I wonder what's taking those two so long?" He question as he looked over at the path Lincoln and Leni went down. "Eh im sure they'll ok."

5 more minutes past and he began to worry "Ok those two have been out there awhile." He said to himself. He then noticed some smoke off in the distance. "Oh boy that looks like a fire…THE KIDS!" Lynn Sr panicked. He then went to Vanzilla and pulled a fire extinguisher out of the trunk and headed toward the smokes direction.


"AAAAAAAH IM ON FIRE, I'M ON FIRE!" Lincoln shouted as he began running back and forth.


"Yeah your right I…just gotta…stay…hey wait a second…I'm ok." Lincoln realized as he calmed down.

"Wait what?"

"Leni, I'm on fire and I'm ok in fact I've felt better." Lincoln claimed as he looked over himself.

"Well…as long as you're ok I guess." Leni was still uncomfortable with the situation but Lincoln simply chuckled and nodded.

Lincoln looked behind him and saw a large rock. He gained a smug grin as he pointed his finger toward the rock "Hang on I wanna try something." Leni then backed away while still looking at her transformed brother. "Here goes!" suddenly his finger glowed brightly as a ball of fire formed on the tip of his finger. Lincoln released the fire ball shooting it at the rock destroying it and leaving behind smoking rubble with some pieces still on fire. Lincoln and Leni looked at the rock completely dumbfounded by what Lincoln just did.

"Woah did you see that?!"

"Yeah Lincoln how did you do that?!"

"I don't know I just felt the idea pop into my head and I just tried it out to see if it would work." Lincoln explained while he looked around to see if there was anything else he could blast. "

Wow this is like the coolest thing I've ever seen, just think of all the stuff you could do!" Lincoln grinned and nodded in agreement.

However they were soon interrupted as a blast of white foam it Lincoln putting out his head flame. Lincoln then started to couch wildly "Hey…what was that?" Lincoln looked up and saw his dad holding a fire extinguisher, which was aimed at him, with a angry yet scared expression.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER!" Lynn then ran towards the creature with the intent of hitting it the extinguisher.

However he was stopped by Leni who ran in front of him with her arms out protecting Lincoln "DAD STOP…its Lincoln."

Lynn Sr looked at his daughter confused and was about to speak up but the creature beat him to it "Dad she's right it me." Lincoln said as he got up.

Lynn Sr squinted his eyes at the fiery creature and then came to the realization "Lincoln w-what happened to you?" Lynn Sr asked as he put down the fire extinguisher. "Well, when I was walking this meter fell from the sky and almost smushed me, then Leni ran up to me to see if I was ok, then we checked out the crash site of the meteor, except it wasn't a meteor or a satellite but this cool watch thing that jumped up onto my wrist. And when I tried to get it off I suddenly was on fire, only it didn't hurt and then I realized I could shoot fire and destroyed that rock over there." Lincoln explained rather fast as he pointed to the pile of rubble.

Lynn Sr was breathing deeply as he tried to take in everyone Lincoln just said "Ok let's head back to the campsite and try to figure this all out."


"What do you mean, it's not there? This battle nearly cost me my life, and you say the Omnitrix is no longer onboard the transport?" The squid man said as he was floating inside a pod. His body was completely torn part with all his limbs but his right arm torn off and multiple tubes attached to his body.

"Sensors indicate a probe was jettisoned from the ship just before boarding. It landed on the planet below."

The squid man then shifted his head to his right and looked at a large humanoid robot behind him "Go, bring it to me."


"And you two say this watch just jumped up and clamped on to your wrist?" Lynn Sr asked as Leni and Lincoln were roasting marshmallows over Lincolns head.

"Yes but I didn't mean to I swear."

"Yeah dad I was with Linky the whole time he didn't willingly put it on."

"Woah calm down you two I believe you. But what exactly are you is what im wondering?" Lynn Sr questioned.

"I think I'm some sort of alien the watch did fall from space after."

"Yeah that's sounds sciencey enough to be true." Leni agreed.

"I just wonder how long I'm gonna stay like this. I don't want to be fire guy forever how will we explain this to the other…what will Ronnie Anne think." Lincoln said as he looked toward the ground.

"Lincoln you helped me so I wanna help you two, we'll get through this…together." Leni said as she smiled at Lincoln.

"Yeah son no matter what you look like were still family and family help each other out." Lynn Sr added.

Lincoln looked at his sister and father and smiled "Thanks guys I owe you both so much."

Leni and Lynn Sr were about to speak up again however but suddenly the watch's symbol on Lincolns chest began to beep red and after a few beeps, there was a red flash. Leni and Lynn Sr shielded their eyes from the flash but hen it died down Lincoln had turned back to normal "Hey I'm me again!"

"Oh I'm so glad your back!" Leni said as she hugged her brother.

Lynn Sr sighed in relief "Well looks like that thing is only on a timer so thank goodness for that."

Lincoln began trying to pull off the watch but to no avail "This thing still won't come off."

"Well looks like that things not coming off anytime. Alright you two we need to have a discussion about what were gonna do about this watch so two things, one, we keep this to ourselves for now we don't need to freak everyone out by showing them this, we'll show them eventually but not right now so this stays a secret understand." Leni and Lincoln nodded their heads. "And two we should probably look over that watch and see what all it can do to make sure it won't hurt you…or worse."


The robot that the squid man had sent out haf just landed where the watch crashed. The robot began scanning the area and found that the pod the watch was in was now empty. When it saw that the watch was gone it fired a laser out of its hands and destroyed the pod.

The robot then released two disk like drones out of its shoulders. Then the disc drones opened up and flew away.


Leni, Lincoln and Lynn Sr were currently hovering over the watch on Lincoln's wrist trying to see how it worked. "Ok so how did you two get it to activate in the first place?" Lynn Sr asked.

"Well we pushed this button and-WOAH!" As Lincoln pushed the button the silhouette of the fire creature showed up.

"And that happened." Leni added.

"Ok and then what?"

"Well I pushed it down and then I transformed."

Lynn Sr then grabbed Lincolns wrist and looked at the watch. As he was looking at it he accidentally twisted the face plate. However when he did a silhouette of a different creature showed up. "Woah it never did that before."

"Yeah, what did you do dad?"

"Well I was just looking over it and seeing if there was anything else to it and while I was looking I twisted it."

Lincoln looked over the watch and twisted the top a few times and as he did more creature silhouettes appeared. Lincoln stopped when he reached the silhouette of the fire guy again. "Wow it looks like I can select different creature by twisting the top. And it looks like there's 10 of them." Lincoln explained as he and his sister and dad looked over the silhouette.

"So are you gonna transform again Linky?"

Lincoln thought about and then turned to face Leni hold his wrist out to her "Sure and why don't you pick."

"Really? Wow, thanks!" Leni then proceeded to twist the watch until it stopped at the silhouette she wanted. "Do this one." Leni told Lincoln. "Alright guys step back, ok here we go." Lincoln then pressed the watch down.

Lincolns' hand started to get covered by a blue and white sustenance . It eventually spread throughout his body and legs with his eyes turning green and pupil-less. His entire body was now blue and white. His arms then started to grow longer. Two tentacles busted out of his back and wrapped themselves around Lincoln.

When the green flash died down Leni and Lynn Sr saw that in Lincolns place stood (Or rather hovered) was another alien-like creature. This time it resembled a humanoid jellyfish, its body was blue with white stripes around his body resembling lighting streaks. It had six tentacles with fins on them. His body had three segments, the abdomen was where all the tentacle were connected, the head had the creature's pure green and pupil-less eyes and the thorax had the watch's hourglass symbol.

"So, how do I look?" Lincoln asked with a gurgled voice.

"Wow look at that, you look like a giant jellyfish son." Lynn Sr stated while looking over the transformed Lincoln.

"Wow, your floating Lincoln." Lincoln looked down and saw that none of his tentacles were touching around.

"Wow your right Leni. Hold on let me try something." Lincoln then hovered in the air more and starting to do some loop-de-loops in the air. "Wow, this guy can not only hover he can fly."

"Wow, son that's amazing what else to do you think he can do?"

"Hm, not sure let me think." Lincoln closed his eyes and began to think however as he was doing so he lifted up his two upper tentacles and suddenly they both started to radiate electricity. "WOAH look at this!" Lincoln said as he watched electricity pulse through his tentacles.

"Wow, so flight and electro=kinesis this is amazing!"

"What's electro-kinesis?" Leni asked not knowing what it meant.

"I'll show you." Lincoln fired a lightning bolt at a tree completely snapping it in half "Oh yeah who's bad."

"Just be careful son you don't wanna hurt something or damage anything important." Lynn Sr stated. "Sorry, dad." Lincoln apologized.

"Wow, Linky this is totes amazing just imagine what your other aliens can do." Leni said as she hugged Lincoln.

"Ow…Leni…you're…hurting me." Lincoln said as Leni quickly let go.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I didn't mean to!"

"Its fine I don't think this body is very durable. I'm pretty soft, I think this alien is more on the offense than the defense." Lincoln said as he poked his body noticing how squishy it is.

Lincoln, Leni and Lynn Sr continued to test out the jellyfish aliens ability's until they heard a tree fall relatively close. "Hey did you guys hear that?" Lincoln asked. However, as soon as Leni and Lynn Sr were about to answer a disc-shaped robot come through the woods.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?!" Lynn Sr shouted.

The robot then scanned the 3 Louds. When it came to Lincoln it scanned the hourglass symbol on its chest. Lincoln saw that the robot was starring him down. Lincoln then glared at the robot with his pupil-less eyes "Dad, you and Leni hide in vanzilla, I'll take care of this oversized tin can."

"Alright son 86 this UFO." Lynn Sr told his son.

"Just please promise to not get hurt." Leni said in a worried tone.

"Don't worry I won't this thing get the best of me."

The robot then proceeded to fire lasers at Lincoln. Lincoln then swiftly flew past and dodged all of them "Hey I'm getting used to this whole flying thing." He then arrived at the front of the robot. The robot then took its claw and held it back and was about to strike "Oh boy!" Lincoln covered his face with his upper tentacles expecting the robot to strike…but it never came. Lincoln opened his eyes and saw that the claw went right through him as if he was never even there. He also saw that the claw was sparking as it went through him "Intangibility? Nice! Now let's see how much you can take a shock." Lincoln then wrapped four tentacles around the robot's limbs. Lincoln proceeded to violently shock the robot and after about 15 seconds of electrocuting the robot Lincoln unwrapped his tentacles and the robot, which was now sparking and completely charred, drop to the ground destroyed.

"Yeah, and don't you mess with Lincoln Loud again." The watch symbol on Lincoln started to beep red and in a flash of red light Lincoln turned back to normal. "Man am I glad that's over."

However almost immediately another drone came out and started to aim its laser at Lincoln "Oh no not good." Lincoln started to back away from the robot.

However, before the robot fired its laser Leni showed up in front of the drone and hit it with a shovel. The robot fell to the ground and Leni started to hit it in the head repeatedly. "DON'T YOU BULLY MY LINKY!" Leni shouted as she successfully destroyed the robot which was now in flames.

"Man I owe you one Leni." Lincoln said as Leni helped him up "Don't worry about it, you would have done the same for me."

"Are you kids ok?!" Lynn Sr shouted as he ran towards Lincoln and Leni.

"I'm ok, thanks to Leni." Lincoln reassured his dad as Leni ruffled his hair.

"Good. I'm so proud of both of you, good job kids."

The three then proceeded to head back to the campsite. Leni and Lynn Sr were currently looking over Lincoln as he messed with the watch. "Hey, guys I think I've got this thing figured out. You just hit this button then the top comes up, then you simply twist the top to select what you want to turn into and then slam it down and boom your one of 10 alien heroes."

"Good job I knew you could figure that thing out." Leni complimented.

"Good job son. But it seems that whatever those robots are after the watch."

"Yeah, I figured. So what do we do it won't come off?" Lincoln asked as Lynn Sr scratched his chin.

an idea soon came to Lynn Sr "Well with a device as powerful as that watch clamped on to you my guess is we'd better help you learn how to use it and those aliens and fast."

Lincoln and Leni got giant smiles on their faces "ALL RIGHT!" They both shouted in unison.

"Mayday! Mayday! Somebody help us! We're under attack by some sort of, and I know you're not gonna believe me, but, robot." The radio that was one the picnic table announced. The three heard this and instantly drew a connection to that and the robots that attacked Lincoln earlier.

"That sounds like those things that attacked me. They must be looking for the watch. Those people are in trouble because of me." Lincoln said as Leni and Lynn Sr gained worried looks

"Lincoln don't say that, this isn't your fault it's whoever made those robot things." Leni said as she comforted Lincoln.

"I think I can help them."

"If you're heading out then we are two, we gotta stick together." Lynn Sr told his son as he put his hand on his shoulder.

Lincoln then looked over at Leni who gained a confident grin and nodded at her brother. "Alright then. let's go team!"

Lincoln, Leni and Lynn Sr headed toward the destination of the distress call. Lincoln looked at the watch which beeped to signify that it was at full power. Lincoln then turned to his dad and help out his wrist "You wanna give it a go dad?" Lincoln asked his father.

"Well don't mind if I do." Lynn Sr then hit the button and twisted the faceplate a few times and then decided on a silhouette "Alright son you're good to go."

"Alright here goes."

As Lincoln pressed down on the watch Lincolns arm started to become coated in a blue crystal's. The crystal soon covered his whole body. As the Crystal covered his face it surrounded his eye which became yellow and pupil-less. 4 large crystal spikes started to burst out of his back. What stood in Lincolns place was a 6-foot tall man wearing an orange and black jumpsuit with a body made completely out of crystal. The watch's symbol was located on the upper left side of his chest.

"Woah so what can this guy do?" Leni asked.

Lincoln looked at his crystalized hand "I don't know, but I bet it's gonna be cool." Lincoln answered in a deep voice.

People were currently running away as a giant humanoid robot was blowing up and setting flames to trailers in the campground. Lincoln, Leni, and Lynn Sr walked up and their mouths gapped at seeing the enormous robot. "Looks like papa robot this time. I'll get gearhead's attention you guys get the campers to safety."

"Got it." Leni and Lynn Sr answered in unison.

As they were heading off Leni stopped back and looked at Lincoln "And Lincoln…stay safe." Leni told her transformed brother.

"With your happiness on the line, that's not an option."

The robot continued to walk around while scanning and destroying various objects. The robot turned his head and saw the park ranger attempting to assist a woman who fell down. The robot walked over to them and picked up the park ranger and proceeded to scan him. "Leave him alone! You want somebody to pick on? Try me." The robot looked back and saw Lincoln standing behind him. The robot scanned him and saw the watch symbol on his chest. The robot dropped the ranger on a car and immediately fired a laser out of its right hand which made Lincoln crash into a trailer. The robot fired another laser at the trailer blowing it up. "Well, that could have gone better." Lincoln said from under the rubble.a crystal spike came out and sliced a piece of metal open. Lincoln popped up and saw his hand had transformed into a sharp crystal blade. Lincoln looked at his hand and immediately sprouted more blades from his hand blade "Cool."

Lincoln then got up and charged at the robot with his blade hand. However, the robot jumped up high into the air and then landed on Lincoln "Uh oh, I think I'm in trouble."

As Lincoln was struggling Leni and Lynn Sr were helping the park ranger off of the car the robot dropped him onto. "What is going on here?" the ranger asked as he was helped up.

"Honestly I hardly know what going on myself." Leni answered.

"Now come one!" Lynn Sr added as the ranger, Leni and Lynn Sr ran off right before Lincoln was thrown into the ranger's car.

Lincoln continued to dodge the lasers and saw that Leni was watching completely frozen. The robot fired a laser at a tree behind Lincoln which began to fall towards Leni. Lincoln acted quick and immediately stood over Leni. As the tree feel Lincoln made a giant crystal spike grow from him back with managed to slice the tree in half. "So, we even?"


However Lincoln was immediately grabbed by the robot from behind "Uh-oh." The robot then grabbed Lincolns arm with its free hand. However Lincoln reacted quick and turned his hand into a multiple blades which managed to destroy the robots hand. The robot then aimed Lincoln at a restroom and fired its laser launching Lincoln into the building.

"LINKY!" Leni shouted as she and her dad watched the battle from a distance.

Lincoln immediately got up from under the rubble and faced the robot. He then turned both of his hands into blades and crossed between his arms as the robot fired another laser. The laser ended up being scattered all above the place, one even making Leni and Lynn Sr duck so they didn't get hit. Lincoln saw his family members almost get hit and ended up losing his focus and sliding across the ground. Lincoln looked at his bladed hand and got an idea. He then ran up to the robot again "Come on. Burn one in here." Lincoln said as he pointed to his chest.

"Get out of there. Run!" Lynn Sr shouted.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Leni shouted fearing for her brother's safety.

The robot fired another laser but Lincoln was quick to catch it in his hands. He then slide back but was quick to make spikes come out of his feet and staked him into the ground so he didn't move. "What comes around goes around. Let's see how you like getting blasted you techno freak." Lincoln proceeded to redirect the beam and used it to slice the robot in half.

The crowd, who were all watching and were still amazed at what they just saw but had their attention diverted to two people who were cheering on a rock above everyone. "Alright!" Leni and Lynn Sr shouted in unison. "

You go link-uh diamond-headed guy!" Leni shouted as she remembered she had to keep Lincolns transformations a secret.

"Oh, yeah! Who's the man? Yeah!" Lincoln said as he was doing his victory dance. However he soon saw the gestures that Lynn Sr and Leni were making for him to run off before he turned back. "Oh, uh…gotta go." Lincoln stated before he ran off.

"Who was that guy?" One of the crowd members asked as Leni and Lynn Sr sneaked away.


"Failure? Unbelievable! The puny earth being that is keeping the Omnitrix from me will soon hang on my trophy wall." The squid man claimed as robots were repairing his ship.


Lynn Sr, Leni and Lincoln were driving in vanzilla on their way back home. Lincoln was currently staring at the watch which was still attached to his wrist "I still can't believe last night happened." Lincoln said as he recalled the events of last night.

"I know right! It was like the craziest thing ever." Leni added as she looked at the watch.

"Well it did happen and we gotta focus on training you Lincoln, who knows what or who else will show up to try and take that watch. So tomorrow the three of us are gonna head to the old abandoned video game factory over by Hurley, think you're up for that son?"

Lincoln then gain a confident expression on his face and looked at his dad "I'm ready for anything." Lincoln claimed as Leni nodded.

"Good and remember the girls can't know about this, at least not yet so you two keep your mouths shut and Lincoln try to find some privacy when you transform ok."

Lincoln then looked back at the watch "You got it dad I promise, I'll make sure this watch ended up in good hands

Alright so here it is. I hoped you guys enjoyed it and are looking forward to it. By the way, i know you guys are wondering about the alien that wasn't wildmutt (Yes I know what its called but it gonna hold off for people that don't know what its called" I've decided to give Lincoln a slightly different alien selection. I figured the one's ben got from the Omnitrix were randomized so I randomized them to. Expect 4 more different aliens Ben didn't originally have.