And here we go again!

Another chapter of Loud 10 that I had fun working on. I always enjoyed this episode and found it a bit underrated, so I hope you guys really like it.

Also, make sure you look at the ending note for an important announcement.


The sun blazed fiercely over an oiling field in one of the many deserts in Texas. The oil pumps did their job of extracting the black liquid from deep inside the earth so humans could use it, meanwhile some humans nearby were working on constructing yet another pump to collect more oil. But as they were working…

"Huh?" One of the construction workers' eyes widened as he witnessed the ground around them started to crack while they were drilling. And the cracks were quickly expanding at an alarming rate. "Something's wrong!" His co-workers soon noticed this too and stopped drilling immediately, but this didn't stop the cracks from coming. All the workers soon started running as the ground beneath started collapsing, causing their equipment and vehicles to be swallowed up by the hole.

Thankfully the workers managed to escape the fate of their equipment and soon the ground stopped collapsing. Looking down into the hole to hopefully see what caused that phenomenon, the construction workers gasped as they saw the bottom of the hole that was formed completely engulfed in flames. But if that wasn't surprising enough, the flames started to rise out in streams towards the sky.

The workers watched as all the embers down below came together and, in a bright flash of light that briefly blinded them, formed something. The mysterious objected glowed like magma as it came to the ground…and formed a masked. The mask had emerald-green eyes with the face of it being stone and the sides, which almost looked like handles, being gold. "Woah…" One of the workers let out as he dared to pick up the object forged from fire. "Do we call HR about this or something?"


Back in glorious Royal Woods Michigan, everything was peaceful as we come to the retirement home. And who else's room would we see other than the retired Plumber and grandfather to the Loud kid, Albert Baxter. "And this here is us after winning the battle on the planet Makial against the Sludge Puppies." Albert pointed to a picture in the photo book, showing it off to two of his grand kids who were visiting him, Leni and Lincoln. "Man that was a fierce battle, but the victory party afterward was fiercer. I tell you no one plays a good ole game of Punch-Drunk like Sarah, haha!"

"Woah, that's so cool Pop-Pop!" Lincoln said as he and Leni looked over the various photos. From the photo Albert was pointing to, to one of them shooting a bunch of mud-like creatures that were called Sludge Puppies, to a photo of a young Albert being punched in the face by presumably this Sarah girl. Lincoln's attention was soon drawn to another photo that had a young Albert along with a few of his buddies with Lincoln identifying one as a younger version of Phil, a Latino man, and an alien with purple skin, coal black hair, and green dragon-like eyes. "Who are those two Pop-Pop?"

"Oh well you know the idiot with the bushy mustache, hehe." Albert joked as he pointed to the Latino. Lincoln narrowed his eyes at the photo, but he soon realized it was none other than Hector Casagrande. "As for the purple girl, well her name is Allisktar, but we always called her Ally for short. She wasn't really a Plumber but she was a good friend of ours that didn't mind lending a hand now and then. But man was she ever a powerhouse if I've ever seen one."

"Wow, she's so pretty," Leni commented as she looked at Ally. "Almost like a princess."

Albert let out a long whistle and shook his head, "Better not let her hear you say that Leni," Albert said with a little smirk as Leni and Lincoln rose a brow. "She'd knock you upside the head so far you'd fly outside the galaxy." Leni gulped a bit and put both hands to her head as Lincoln and Albert chuckled. "Yep, she was quite the character alright, I still remember when we first met her."

"Tell us Pop-Pop!" Lincoln enthusiastically asked, wanting to hear more stories about the time when Albert was a plumber. Lincoln was still wearing the badge Phil gave him, wishing one day to carry the torch and be a plumber himself with the Omnitrix. "Come on please!"

"Hahaha, alright calm down kiddo," Albert smiled at his grandson's excitement over his past and closed his photo album as Lincoln and Leni leaned closer to hear the story. "Now let's see, I believe it started with-"

Beep! Beep! Beep!

"Huh?" Albert was caught off by a beeping sound coming from in the room. "Pop-Pop what is that?"

"Oh don't worry Leni, that's just something I set up not too long ago," Albert reassured his granddaughter as he got off the bed and headed over to the source of the beeping. The source being none other than a keypad next to the door of his closet. "After the whole incident with Vilgax, I installed a few things in my room, ya know to inform me of anything that might be happening somewhere."

"So like a plumber mission?" Lincoln asked with an excited smile.

"Hehe, maybe kiddo. Let's see what we got." Albert smiled and pressed the beeping red button to see what was going on and where it was going on. After he pressed it, Leni and Lincoln watched as a small monitor pop out from the wall above Albert's bed. It displayed a map of the United States with a red dot appearing on the state of Texas. Pressing another button on the pad, Albert found out exactly what was going on in that state. And what he saw…left him shocked as he almost felt his heart stop. "No…"

Leni and Lincoln were a bit offput by this. With just one word, they could sense that Albert just cranked up his seriousness to a 12, he didn't even sound this serious when Vilgax attacked and that was saying something. "Pop-Pop, what is it?" Lincoln asked, wondering what it could possible be that made his grandfather like this.

"The mask from Ah Puch." Pop-Pop revealed as he turned the monitor to Leni and Lincoln's direction…showing the very same mask that appeared at the Texas oil pump site. "I can't believe it…I searched for this for 30 years and it finally pops up…"

"But, what is it exactly Pop-Pop?" Lincoln asked with a raised brow as he looked at the mask. It just looked like your average creepy mask you'd get at the Halloween store bargain bin to him. "It's just a mask."

Just then Albert gave Lincoln a dead serious gaze that made him flinch. "It's so much more than just a mask Lincoln," Albert informed his grandson and granddaughter as he reached into the nightstand next to his bed and pulled out the keys to his RV. "Tell your parents you won't be home for dinner, we're going on a little trip, no arguments."

Leni and Lincoln were silent as they look at each other worryingly, something told them this wasn't just gonna be some ordinary mission or trip.


And so like Albert said, the three were off on a mission to get the mask of Ah Puch. The whole time Albert was silent, not taking his eyes off the road nor removing the serious look on his face. Thanks to the jet boosters in Albert's vehicle, they were already on the roads in Texas and almost at their destination.

Meanwhile Leni and Lincoln sat across from each other at the table in the middle of the RV. They didn't give much words since the trip started either, mostly due to intimidation and unease due to their Pop-Pop's drastic change in personality since that mask was found. They've never seen Albert be like that, all their lives he's always been the fun loving, joking, and mostly unserious Pop-Pop. Sure there were times were he got strict and such but…never to this level. Not even close.

They didn't even know what the big deal about this mask was, but Leni was set on getting these answers. So, getting her brothers attention by lightly tapping on the table, she gestured her eyes over to Albert. Lincoln caught wind of her silently asking to get their grandfathers attention and nodded, "Um, Pop-Pop," Lincoln said as he turned his head over to Albert after clearing his thought. "So you mind telling us about this whole mask thing? You…kinda never told us what the apparent big deal was."

Albert looked back at his grandkids before he flipped a switch on the dashboard in front of him labeled autopilot. With the RV now doing the driving itself, Albert got out of the driver's seat and went to the table with Lincoln scooting over so Albert could sit next to him. "The mask of Ah Poch is the key to the most powerful and destructive weapon ever created," Albert revealed to Leni and Lincoln, making them gasp silently. Ok, maybe Albert had a reason for being this serious. "The Sword of Ek Chuaj, the plumbers searched for it for decades with no luck,"

"Ech..chewa?" Lincoln tried to say, the word completely foreign to him and hard to pronounce. "What kind of alien is that?"

"Not alien, Mayan," Albert corrected, the Plumbers didn't just take care of extraterrestrial threats you know, "Ek Chuaj was the Mayan God of war. His sword was rumored to have leveled cities with just one swipe."

"But wait isn't that, like, just a legend?" Leni asked, feeling this story a bit hard to believe. "How do you know it exists? Could just be something like the Greek Gods."

"You didn't think aliens existed before summer started right? Look how that turned out." Albert pointed out as he narrowed his eyes at Lincoln and Leni. Both Loud siblings eyes widened as they both looked to the Omnitrix on Lincoln's arm. They had to give Albert that one. "Trust me, it's real as you and me. And whoever controls the sword controls the destiny of mankind, and I will not let it fall into the wrong hands."

"Ok so we find the mask, use the mask to find the sword, and either destroy or make sure no one else can use it," Lincoln listed off in a confident tone, feeling with the three of them working together this would be a piece of cake. "Simple!"

"This isn't a game Lincoln," Albert lightly slammed his fist on the table as he gave Lincoln a harsh look that made the white-headed boy sink in his seat and sweat a bit nervously. "This mission is of critical importance and I can't have you risk messing up, do you hear me,"

"A-Aye-Aye Pop-Pop," Lincoln nervously nodded at Albert as Leni just decided to stay quiet during this whole ordeal.

Albert nodded back as he got out and headed back for the driver's seat. "Get ready you two," Albert informed them as all looked forward and saw the RV quickly approaching the oiling field, all the various pumps coming into view. "We're almost there, and soon we'll have that mask."

"Hey Lincoln…" Leni spoke up quietly to her brother. "Do you think Pop-Pop is gonna be alright?"

"I…I don't know Leni," Lincoln said in a worried tone as he watched Albert sit back down in the driver's seat, speeding up the RV so they could get to their destination already. "Maybe when this is all over he'll be back to normal,"

"And the quicker the better," Lincoln couldn't agree with Leni more.

After about 15 more minutes, the group finally arrived at the oil pumping site. They parked close enough to the main building so they could easily walk there, but Albert made sure to hide the RV behind a rock as to not draw attention to themselves. "Bet they're keeping it in the basement," Albert said as they peaked at the building from behind the rock. "Lincoln, can I trust you to sneak in."

"Of course you can Pop-Pop," Lincoln tried to reassure Albert. It seemed every second Albert's seriousness just went up and it made Leni and Lincoln even more uncomfortable and worried for him. "I've never let you down before,"

"But this isn't like those other times Lincoln," Albert told his grandson firmly, narrowing his eyes harshly to make sure his point would get across to Lincoln. "The fate of the entire world is resting on this single mission and we can't afford even the smallest mistake. Now I'll ask you again. Can. I. Trust you?"

Lincoln gulped a little, sweating nervously after getting a look from Albert he didn't even think the old man could make. "Y-Yes Pop-Pop," Before Albert could say anything else, Lincoln thought it was best to just turn on the Omnitrix and get to work, so Lincoln found the Ghostfreak icon. "No one sneaks better than a ghost. It's hero time!" Lincoln then slammed down the core of the Omnitrix, but instead of gaining chains on his body Lincoln started to turn into a pile of orange slime. "Goop! Aw come on, can't this watch ever get it right?!"

"Lincoln…" Albert lightly growled, not liking how things were progressing so far as Leni took a few steps back.

Goop flinched and quickly waved his hands in front of Albert before his grandpa could scold him. "Wait! Wait! I'm sure I can make this work! Uuuuumm…" Goop peaked back out and looked around for any sort of ways Goop could get in undetected. Eventually, the slimy alien's eyes widened as he saw a storm drain. Perfect place for him to squeeze through. "Perfect. I'll be right back!"

Leni and Albert then watched as Goop flattened himself into a puddle and carefully snuck towards the building. With the guard patrolling outside thankfully not noticing him, Goop was able to squeeze in through the storm drainpipe and began making his way inside. "Hey Pop-Pop," Leni spoke up with a bit of a frown on her face, not liking how Albert talked to her little brother. "I know this is serious but, like, weren't you a bit hard on Linky?"

"You're both just kids," Albert told his granddaughter as he kept his eyes on where Goop just snuck through. "I don't expect you both to understand."

Back with Goop, he kept navigating through the pipes of the building, trying to find some sort of area where he could get inside the building properly. Hopefully a place that wouldn't have anyone in it. "Come on…come on…" Goop grunted as he made his way through the tight confines of the pipes. Sure having no bones means he could easily squeeze through any space without issue, but didn't mean it was the most comfortable thing in the world. But his efforts soon paid off as he found a place he could finally squeeze into and properly enter the building. Pressing against it, Goop managed to get into a bathroom somewhere in the building through a drain on the floor. "Ah, finally inside! Was starting to get claustrophobic there."

"Soooooo, wanna tell me what the heck is up with your grandpa dude?"

"Wish I knew myself Ra'ad," Goop answered the Amperi in his head as he got to work navigating through the building. Opening up the bathroom door, Goop peaked out in both directions to see if anyone was there. Thankfully the coast was clear so Goop was free to go back into puddle mode and zoom through the halls to try and find the basement. "I didn't even think Pop-Pop could be so serious, heck, I didn't think anyone could be that serious."

"What I find surprising is that humans could make a sword that powerful. Just seems farfetched your species can make something like that, uh, no offense."

"Eh, none taken. Honestly I found it hard to believe myself," Goop whispered back as he made his way through the hallways. Thankfully there weren't that many guards, in fact Goop only saw one as he moved through the building and was easily able to hide behind a nearby garbage can to avoid him. "I mean I've heard legends of ancient societies and them dabbling in some messed up stuff, but none of it can really be true right?"

"Welp, only one way to find out. By the way, the basement is to the left."

"Alright, thanks Ra'ad." Goop then made a left at the next turn and, sure enough, Goop saw a sign labeled basement next to the door at the end of the hallway. And there was another doorway on the right side of the hall that had a flight of stairs leading up. Goop knew that area led to another entrance that Albert said he and Leni would be waiting for him at. Doing what his Pop-Pop said, Goop headed up the stairs and opened up the hatch door and saw Albert and Leni waiting for him. "Tada!"

"It's about time." Albert told Goop as he pushed him aside and went down.


Goop didn't say anything in response to Ra'ad's swearing as he simply glared at Albert. Leni then reassure Goop by patting him on his slimy back a few times. "Thanks Lincy," Leni told her brother kindly.

"Yeah…anytime…" Goop sighed out as he followed Albert and Leni down the stairs.

But as they went down, they didn't notice another car coming onto the site.

Meanwhile in the basement, there were two guards in front of a safe. This safe contained the mask that Albert was so hell-bent on getting. They simply stood by their posts as they waited for the guys their boss called to come and take it to a museum. It was cleared that whatever they found was some sort of ancient artifact so they decided it was best to give it to professionals to study,"

"Hey, have you seen the thing they're keeping in the safe?" The first guard asked as he gestured to the safe behind them. He remembered seeing them put that mask thing inside and it giving him a major case of the heebie-jeebies.

"Yeah, what the heck is that thing anyway?" The second guard asked his partner, having the same exact thoughts on the strange artifact. "Is it a mask or is it a face?"

"I think…it's a metaphor." The first guard said…before two orange fists came from the ceiling and instantly knocked them out.

The fists as well as the rest of Goop then drip from the ceiling and onto the floor, the transformed boy quickly forming himself back into his humanoid form. "Ok, coast is clear." Goop called out with Albert and Leni quickly coming down into the room. All that was left was to open up the safe containing the mask. "Now then, leave this to me. I have a very delicate lock picking technique." Goop then slinged a slimeball onto the safe and the three watched as the door to the safe quickly disintegrated.

"Good job Lincoln," Albert actually praised Goop for the first time this mission, something that made the slime alien finally feel a bit good about himself during this whole ordeal. Maybe Albert was finally going back to his normal self. Albert's eyes then locked onto the inside of the safe…and the mask he's been looking for his whole life. "Look at it. It's beautiful, isn't it?"

"Uuuuuuuh…" Goop and Leni let out in a creeped out tone as they saw the mask. Beautiful…wasn't the first word to come to mind for them.

"Ew, looks like my ex-girlfriend."

'You had a girlfriend?' Goop mentally responded with a raised brow.

"I don't tell you everything. By the way we got a few guys incoming, think we might know them."

"What?!" Goop let out as he turned around, Leni doing the same as she heard Goop yell.

Albert however was too focus on the mask as he picked it up and held it close to his face. "Finally, after 30 years of searching." Albert quietly muttered as he looked into the emerald eyes of the mask. "And now, finally, you're-"

"Funny meeting you here Mr. Baxter," Suddenly a new yet familiar voice came to Albert's ears. Turning around, he saw none other than Enoch and two of his Forever Knight Goons right in front of them with Goop and Leni already glaring forward at them. "I figured the Texas heat would be too much for you Michiganders."

"Could say the same thing about you Enoch," Goop retorted as he punched his fist into an open palm. "What do you think you're doing here you creep? Last I heard the renaissance fair was back home."

"You must be joking, I believe we're both here for the same reason," Enoch pointed out the obvious as he pointed to the mask in Albert's hands, the old plumber holding onto it tightly and defensively. "Now than I do believe we'll be taking it and be on our way. I'd rather have the world at my mercy before the day ends."

"Over my dead body." Albert immediately said. He just found the mask after so many decades, he wasn't giving it up to anyone. Especially a Forever Knight.

"An excellent suggestion. Gentlemen?" Enoch turned to his two goons who wasted no time and reached into their jackets and pulled out their swords and started stepping up to the group.

Just then the door to the room opened once more with another guard stepping inside, hearing all the commotion from outside. "Hey! What's going on here?!" But the guard soon gasped as he saw everyone inside and the two knocked out guards.

Goop quickly lunged into action as he slung two balls of slime at the Forever Knights. The two goons quickly used their swords to try and deflect the balls, but this worked against them as their swords disintegrated as soon as they acid goo came into contact with them. With the knights now weaponless, Goop lunged at Enoch and used his body to restrain him. "RUN!" Goop told Leni and Albert, who quickly did so. Albert body checked the guard at the door as he and Leni quickly made their way back outside.

"Grrrr…get off me you slimy brat!" Enoch grunted as he tried to pull Goop off of him as his men went to chase Albert and Leni to get the mask. Eventually Enoch was able to pull Goop off him and threw the orange slime ball against the wall where he splatted over it and quickly went to join his men in pursuit of the mask.

"All units, we have robbers!" The guard Albert knocked to the floor said into his walkie talkie to inform everyone of the situation. "Seal the exits!" Meanwhile Goop started moving again and made his way into another open pipe.

With Leni and Albert, the two heard alarms going off all over the building as they went up the stairs. They knew this meant they had been discovered and had to get out as quick as possible. When the two were at the first floor of the building again, they made their way to the nearest exit only to find a guard in front of it. "Wrong way," Albert quickly grabbed Leni's wrist and went down the halls to hopefully find a guard free exit.

Thankfully they found one as they turned a corner, but disaster struck as a hook shot towards Albert and grabbed the mask right out of his hands, the thieves being the Forever Knights that were able to catch up with them thanks to a short cut. "Your loss is my gain." Enoch said as he and his goons ran off with the mask in hand.

As much as Albert wanted to chase after them, his and Leni's attention were drawn to metal doors that were slamming down in the hallways, blocking off the exits. "Come on! Quick!" Albert grabbed Leni's wrist and they both ran as fast as they could before the descending metal blockade could lock them inside. It was a close shave, but they were able to slide through the gap before it closed and made it outside.

Meanwhile with Goop, he was once again navigating the pipes and trying to make his way outside. And he was able to find one…that was right above a dumpster. Making things worse, as soon as Goop exited the pipe he changed back to human in a red flash. "Ugh, yuck," Lincoln gagged a bit as he threw a banana peel off his head. "I hate it when that happens."

As Lincoln made his way out of the dumpster Albert, who was now driving the RV, pulled up to him. "Come on Lincoln, we don't have any time to mess around," Albert told his grandson as Lincoln hopped out and shook all the trash on him. "Enoch's got the mask."

With the Forever Knights, Enoch looked at the mask in his hands as he and his goons drove to their next destination. "Such a wonderful sight…" Enoch let out as he looked into the eyes of the mask. "To think, the key to world domination is resting in my hands."


Suddenly Enoch and his goons felt their car, which resembled a small black limo with their sign on the bumper, being rammed into with enough force to make the back half of their car to be lifted into the air. Looking through the back window, Enoch saw that Albert and his grand kids had caught up to them with Albert having transformed the front of his RV into a battering ram.

"Hmph, stubborn aren't we?" Enoch said as he reached for the button on the car door.

Albert's eyes widened as he saw the trunk of the Forever Knights car open and a sawblade coming out of it and extending towards his RV. Albert decided to play it safe and turn the battering ram back to a bumper and back away from the enemy car a bit. Meanwhile Lincoln tried to get the Omnitrix to turn on as Leni came up to him. "Echo Echo? Feedback? Rath? Anyone?" Leni asked with a worried look. If the Forever Knights got away with the mask, then their worst fears would be realized.

"I'm trying! It won't work!" Lincoln said as no matter what he tried, the watch wouldn't turn on. "Stupid watch won't let me, figures when we need it the most."

Albert look at his grandson try, and fail, to the activate the Omnitrix. Turning on the auto pilot to the RV, Albert told his grandkids, "This is a job for a Plumber."

"Uh, Pop-Pop?" Lincoln asked as Albert walked into the bathroom. "…Guess when you gotta go, you gotta go." Meanwhile with the Forever Knights, they moved to the other side of the road and backed up so they were right behind the RV. The roof of the car then opened up and two of Enoch's goons stepped out and started to approach and climb onto the RV for a direct assault. Just then, Albert emerged from the bathroom with a bit of a wardrobe change. He was now wearing a skintight suit which consisted of black boots with gray bottoms and tops, the main suit was a bluish gray with a black utility belt, black gloves, and even a Plumber badge much like the one Lincoln had. "Wooooah…Pop-Pop you look so cool."

"It's my plumbers' suit," Albert explained as he looked out the window in the back of the RV and clenched his teeth as he saw the Forever Knight car. "Been saving it for a special occasion, like this." As the enemy car started driving right next to the RV, Albert opened the door to the RV and pulled out two circular devices with handles on them. Gripping them tightly, Leni and Lincoln watched as Albert leaped right out of the RV and onto the roof of the Knights car, the devices he had magnetically attached themselves to the roof so he could stay on.

Albert then started crawling towards the open roof of the car, seeing the mask as he looked inside, but narrowly avoiding being stabbed in the face as Enoch stabbed a sword through the roof of the car to attack the old Plumber. Albert backed away a bit to try to avoid the sword and narrowly avoided falling off the car.

Meanwhile in the RV, the two knights were still on the roof trying to get in by smashing through the roof. But one of the knights saw the opened door and climbed through, the two Loud kids witnessed the knight approaching them. "Aah!" Leni screamed as the knight tried to grab her. "Get away from me creep!" Instinctively, Leni proceeded to try and kick the Forever Knight in front of her…striking him right in the groin. The knight screamed and held onto his jewels as he fell to his knees. Leni took the chance and copied what she saw Albert did earlier and body checked the knight out of the RV, the 16-year-old watched him try to tuck in and roll and soon vanish from sight. "Haha! See ya!"

As the RV and enemy vehicle started to go over a bridge, the sky light of the RV was smashed open with a mace. But Lincoln was prepared as he grabbed a fire extinguisher and aimed it right at the broken window. When the knight showed his face, Lincoln blasted him with foam causing the knight to fly off the roof and land in the water below the bridge. Meanwhile as they speed forward on the bridge, they passed under a sign that told them there was only five more miles before they crossed the Mexican border.

Meanwhile Albert was still trying to avoid Enoch's sword, but the old plumber smirked as an idea came to his head. Grabbing one of the magnetized pads he attached it to the sword as it came up, preventing Enoch from pulling it back then. Grabbing the other pad, Albert used it to reach into the car and grab the mask. By the time Enoch managed to pull his sword back, he noticed the mask was gone. Poking his head through the open roof of the car, he saw Albert smirking at him as he went back into his RV with the mask in hand.

"Got it!" Albert told his grandkids as he made his way back to the driver's seat. "Hold on!"

Both Lincoln and Leni sat down and fasten their seat belts as tightly as possible as Albert activated the boosters of the RV. With a truck coming up from in front of them, Albert was quick to turn and avoid the approaching vehicle, only barely grazing it. Pressing a button, Albert then spilled out a punch of spikes from the back of the RV that the Forever Knights ran over, popping all their tires.

With both parties now off the bridge, Enoch watched as his car spun out onto the Mexican desert as his enemies made off with the mask at high speeds. But Enoch wasn't done yet as he pulled out a walkie talkie. "Send in the bird."

While Albert and his grandkids were able to escape, there was an alarming beeping on the RV that warned Albert of something, forcing him to pull over onto the desert land. A few minutes later, Albert was now under the vehicle trying to work some maintenance. As well as throwing back a wrench Lincoln handed him. "This is metric, I said I needed a ½ wrench." Albert told Lincoln in a scolding tone.

Lincoln rolled his eyes and picked up the wrench, "Yeah, yeah, whatever…" Lincoln muttered, growing less tolerate of his Pop-Pop's attitude during this whole thing.

Meanwhile Leni was looking over the mask they had just recovered. But as she was holding it, the eyes started to glow. "Uh…Pop-Pop?" Leni tried to get her grandfather's attention.

"Not now Leni," Albert immediately said, focusing on fixing the RV.

Just then the mask's eyes started projecting something and Leni knew this was something Albert had to see. "I really think you need to see this." Leni persisted as her and Lincoln's eyes widened.

Albert let off an annoyed huff and came out from under the RV, but soon gasped at the sight and agreed with Leni that this was something he had to see. Being projected from the mask's eyes was a strange looking temple. "It's the map to the ancient Mayan Temple of EK Chuaj." Albert explained to his grandkids. "We need to beat them to that temple."

Lincoln looked to the Omnitrix and saw he was in the green again. "I think I have just the ride."

A little later, Big Chill could be seen flying through the jungles of Mexico with Leni on his back and holding his Pop-Pop with his arms. Although Big Chill was struggling a bit to fly straightly due to have passengers with him, barely avoiding a tree that he almost made Pop-Pop fly through. "Can't you go any faster?" Albert asked his transformed grandson, wanting to make absolutely sure they got there before the knights.

"Sorry Pop-Pop, I'm not used to having more than one passenger." Big Chill grunted as he struggled to keep in the air and go forward. "And no offence Pop-Pop, but you aren't exactly the lightest human in the world."

"Yeah Pop-Pop, stop yelling at Lincoln like that," Leni told her grandfather, not being able to tolerate Albert's attitude anymore. Yes this was important, but there was no reason to be such a jerk to them, especially Lincoln who was putting in the most work so far. "He's doing his best to help out, and keep in mind he's the only reason we're even getting to the temple this fast. Look!"

Leni then pointed forward and Big Chill and Albert saw the temple they were looking for not too far away. "Not too far now! Hold on everyone!" But Big Chill ended up jinxing himself as the Omnitrix symbol starting beeping red. "Uh-oh! On second thought, brace for impact!"

Big Chill then tried to fly towards the ground, but in a red flash he turned back into a human leading to him, Leni, and Albert falling to the jungle floor. Luckily there were plenty of branches and leaves to break their fall. "Ugh…" Lincoln let out as he spat out some leaves that entered his mouth. "I gotta work on my emergency landings…"

Thankfully the temple wasn't too far away, the group only had to walk through the jungle for about 20 minutes until they reached the temple. But when they got there, they saw through the bushes that the Forever Knights managed to get here first thanks to a helicopter. They were trying to blow the door open with dynamite but to no avail. With the Knights distracted, Albert and his grandkids quietly sneaked to the opposite side of the temple and climbed up the stairs and faced a wall that resembled the mask. "Alright, there's always a secret entrance to these temples." Albert said as he stepped forward to begin looking for said entrance.

But Leni noticed the mask's, which was attached to Albert's belt, eyes were glowing again. Grabbing the mask without Albert noticing, Leni got the idea to put it over her face and see if it would show something. "Come on…where is it…" Albert asked as he felt around the different bricks and see if any of them was a button to open a secret entrance. Meanwhile Leni was searching around herself by looking through the mask that Albert soon noticed. "Leni, what are you doing?"

"Well, like, I just figured if the mask was able to guide us here, it can show us where the entrance is as well." Leni explained as she looked around some more and eventually, all thanks to the mask, found a brick that stood out among the rest. "There it is!" Leni smiled and reached out for the brick and when she pressed it, it sank into the wall and the group watched as a secret door opened.

Albert nodded as he started to venture into the temple with his grandkids following close behind. "The sword would be kept in the center of the temple on the lowest floor." Albert told the kids, showing them he's had some experience with old temples like this before. "There should be some stairs nearby."

"And then this'll be over right?" Lincoln asked as he looked up at his Pop-Pop with a frown. Earlier today, Lincoln would have been all over going on a Plumber mission. Especially with his Pop-Pop. But now he just wanted today to be over with and forgotten. All day Albert had went from serious and no-nonsense to obsessive and impossible to deal with. "We get the sword, destroy it, and then say goodbye to today."

"Hey drop the attitude Lincoln," Albert scolded his grandson with a harsh look. They were this close to the sword and they couldn't afford any sort of screw up from any of them, now wasn't the time for Lincoln to start acting this way. "We're almost at the sword and I'm not gonna mention again how important this mission is, are you gonna help or not?"

"Oh, I've been helping. Keep in mind I'm the only reason we got to this temple in the first place! And got you all into that oiling building! And getting the safe open!" Lincoln pointed out to Albert how much he's contributed to this mission. So far they've all pulled their weight. Lincoln in what he pointed out, Albert in getting the mask from Enoch, and Leni with using the mask to find the temple and the secret entrance. "But you haven't exactly been appreciative of that have you? So far all you care about is getting that stupid sword and nothing else, it feels like I don't even know who you are anymore!"

"BOTH OF YOU STOP!" Right as Lincoln and Albert started glaring at each other, Leni shouted and looked at the two with teary eyes. She couldn't stand to seeing Lincoln and her Pop-Pop act like this to each other. Granted she didn't like seeing Albert acting like he has as much as Lincoln, but she could understand that this is something incredibly serious that Albert has been at for decades. "Look…we're all just tired. This has been a long day, let's just do what we came to do and finally put this to rest."

"…Fine," Lincoln and Albert relented as they face away from each other and crossed their arms.

And so they continued to walk through the hall of the temple, eventually the darkness of the temple took over leaving Albert to grab a torch that was on the wall and use a lighter to give them a flame. Eventually the group found the stairs going down into the temple which consisted of a bunch wooden logs and sticks that made it up. "Um…is that safe?" Leni asked with a worried gulp.

"Well it might be a little unstable, but it should hold us," Albert told them as he began his descent down the stairs. Lincoln and Leni looked at each other and decided to trust Albert and started to follow him down the stairs. "Just watch your steps, the Mayans were notorious for setting their-"


Suddenly a piece of wood Lincoln touched snapped right off which caused a chain reaction in which the entire room started shaking. "Booby traps?" Lincoln finished Albert's sentence for him before he, Albert, and Leni started booking it down the stairs. The three weren't able to do anything as boulders and rocks fell from above and started smashing the wooden stairs to pieces.

The group had to react fast to avoid being crushed or falling into the abyss, taking leaps of faith as boulders destroyed the platforms they were on. "Come on, come on…" Lincoln grunted as he sped down some collapsing stairs as he tried to activate the Omnitrix. But to his frustration it was still in the red and not working. "Seriously?! Whats it gonna take to get you to work!"

The group's luck got even worse as, after landing on a platform, they saw that all the other platforms were taken out leaving them nowhere to go. But Albert thought fast and noticed the area the stairs were supposed to lead to and quickly grabbed Leni and Lincoln and jumped for it. Both kids screamed but watched as a grappling hook extended from the wrist part of his glove and latched onto a wall. Once it was secured in place, Albert swung towards their location and was able to land himself and his grandkids safely.

Both Lincoln and Leni took deep breaths to calm themselves once they were on solid ground. "Thanks Pop-Pop…" Leni let out with a smile…only to see Albert already walking forward, heading down into the basement.

"You two coming?" Pop-Pop asked, not even checking to see if they were ok.

Both Loud sibling sighed as they started walking after Albert. "Remember when Pop-Pop was all about the fun and taking the edge off things?" Lincoln asked as Leni looked down sadly.

"I really hope getting that sword will bring the old Pop-Pop back…" Leni muttered sadly as she hugged herself.

After a few more minutes of walking…they made it all the way down to the bottom of the temple. The only thing standing between them and the sword was a locked door. Luckily they had the key for standing in front of them was a column that looked like it was meant to hold the mask. "This is it…" Albert said as he was about to put the mask in the column…until…


Suddenly his grandkids' screams alerted him but when Albert looked back he saw they had suddenly vanished. Albert then heard footsteps echoing from the hallway in front of him leading him to taking a blaster from his belt. "Who says you can't get a plumber when you need one?" Stepping out from the shadows was Enoch himself along with two of his goons who had weapons in one hand and one of his grandkids in the other. "Without you bringing the mask, we couldn't have been able to get inside the great chamber."

Albert quickly aimed his blaster at Enoch, but his goons responded by holding their weapons to the kids' neck. "Ah, ah, ah, let's not be so hasty now." Enoch said calmly, not fazed in the slightest due to the leverage he had. "I'm a reasonable man Albert, I'll trade you. The mask for the kids. Do we have a deal?"

"…" Albert was silent at first, his blaster hand shaking and Leni and Lincoln sweating nervously and hoping Albert would make the right choice. Luckily for them…he did. Albert dropped his blaster and aggressively tossed the mask to Enoch. "Now let them go!"

"Oh, I'll let them go alright." Enoch said darkly as he looked over the mask before grabbing Albert's blaster and aiming it at him, making the old plumber put his hands in the air. Continuing to aim the blaster at Albert, he forced the old man to remove his belt and gloves and then led him and his men to the side of the hallway where another chamber was located. The only thing in this chamber was a large hole that seemed to have no end. The goons threw the kids onto the ground next to Albert, leaving the three standing near the edge of the pit. "Now, I believe it's time to toss the garbage. Legend has it that the eternal pit of despair is bottomless. Let's find out." Showing no mercy, Enoch raised his foot and proceeded to kick Lincoln down right into the pit.

"LINCOLN!" Leni shrieked as she watched her brother scream and fall down the bottomless bit, Albert gasping in horror himself.

"Oh don't be sad, little one," Enoch told Leni as his men walked towards Albert and Leni. "After all, you'll be joining him." With the snap of his fingers, Enoch singled his men to push the two into the pit as well.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Leni screamed as she fell down the hole with no bottom.

"I GOT YA!" Suddenly, as they were falling, a pair of red arms grabbed Leni and Albert before they could fall further into the pit. Looking, they saw Lincoln had transformed into Four Arms and had managed to catch himself on the wall to stop falling. Slinging Leni over his shoulder and holding his Pop-Pop by his wrist, Four-Arms let out a sigh of relief. "Man…that was a close one…"

"Ya know it's a good thing my species can fly otherwise I think I'd now have a fear of heights."

With his immense strength and tough grip, Four-Arms was able to climb out of the pit and get his family to safety. Albert was quick to put his belt and gloves back on that Enoch luckily just left on the floor as Leni took some deep breaths while holding on tightly to Four-Arms. "Pop-Pop! I think Leni needs a second to catch her-" Four-Arms was cut off by Albert quickly hugging his transformed grandson tightly, wishing he could also hugging Leni right now. "Breath…"

"I'm so sorry…" Albert let out in a regretful tone. "I almost lost you two…" During that fall, all of the events they've just been through flashed before his eyes. And Lincoln was right about everything earlier, and due to his obsession he almost lost two of his grandkids.

Four-Arms and Leni looked at each other for a moment before smiling and looking down at Albert, Four-Arms placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, it's ok Pop-Pop." Four-Arms reassured his grandfather as Albert looked up at him with a regretful expression. "You may have gotten a bit…intense, but we understand. This is important."

"But you weren't alone in this," Leni added on with her usual sweet smile, making Albert smile himself. "We were and still are with you every step of the way."

"Aw, thanks kiddos." Albert smiled and went back to speaking in the tone his grandkids were used to. "Is there anyway I can make up for everything?"

"Just go back to being our fun-loving Pop-Pop," Four-Arms and Leni said in unison.

"Hehe, you got it." Albert shared another hug with his grandkids before looking towards the now open entrance of the chamber of the sword. "Now then, how about we all go and kick some Forever Knight butt together as a family?"

"Now that's a plan I can get behind!" Four-Arms grinned as he started cracking his knuckles.



"Uuuuuh, what was that?" Leni asked in a fearful tone after they all heard the roaring coming from the room with the sword. The group quickly ran towards the action and peaked inside the room. The biggest most notable trait was the replica of the temple they were currently in with the object they've been at resting at the top. The Sword of Ek Chuaj. The Forever Knights were also there…but there was something keeping them from getting the sword.

The one that let out the roar and was effortlessly tossing the knights away was a creature that was both larger and taller than Four-Arms. It has a mask on the upper part of its face and was toothless with gray skin and blood red eyes. It wore what appeared to be a pair of circular earrings, a blue ancient Maya garb with yellow lining, and a blue loincloth. Various parts of his body were covered in mummy-like bandages as well as various gold bracelets and rings. He also had a long tongue and sharp claws.

"Why does that thing look familiar…" Four-Arms whispered, feeling like he's seen that thing somewhere before.

"It must be Apuk," Albert told his grandkids, revealing what this creature was. "The Mayan God of death and the underworld. He's guardian of the Sword of Ek Chuaj."

"Kind of like how Cerberus guards the underworld in Greek mythology?" Four-Arms asked as he quickly made the comparison.

"Yeah, something like that." Albert nodded as they watched Apuk effortlessly swat a Forever Knight away. "Alright here's the plan, Lincoln you keep him busy while me and Leni get the sword."

"Aye-Aye Pop-Pop!" Four-Arms salute as the group sprang to action. Four-Arms ran towards the scene as Albert and Leni sneaked towards the side of the temple replica and started to make their way up. Apuk quickly noticed them however and would have strike had it not been for a vase being thrown and shattering against his back. "Hey ugly!" Four-Arms called out as he came a 'come-on' gesture with his upper left hand. "How about picking on someone your own size!"

Apuk roared and lunged at Four-Arms, getting all over the red alien in seconds and pinning him against a wall so hard it cracked and started to fall apart. Four-Arms retaliated by slamming his upper fist against the monster's head and digging it into the floor. Four-Arms then grabbed Apuk by its shoulder and spun him around a bit before throwing the demon into the wall he was just pinned against, making it collapse as Apuk flew into the other room.

But this hardly fazed the creature as Apuk started jumping towards Four-Arms with large pieces of the destroyed walls in its hands. The demon then threw them at the transformed human who was able to catch them, but Apuk simply landed in front of him and landed a solid punch to the face that sent Four-Arms flying into a column.

Four-Arms grunted as he got up and saw Apuk jumping towards him yet again, not letting up its assault in the slightest. Four-Arms quickly got himself together and picked up the remains of the column he was just thrown threw and held it like a baseball bat. When Apuk landed in front of him, Four-Arms swung with all his might but Apuk simply stood in place, the strike not even moving him an inch with the column just breaking apart as it made contact with the demon.

Meanwhile with Albert and Leni, the two quickly made their way up towards the glowing sword, trying to get it before Apuk noticed them again. When they were close enough, Albert tried to use his grabbling hook to try and grab the sword, but Enoch suddenly caught up to the two and used his sword to cut the rope and tried to attack Albert. "Hey!" Leni yelled as she picked up a rock and threw it at Enoch's head.

While it didn't hurt Enoch, it did distract him enough for Albert to land a solid kick to Enoch's gut and send him rolling down the stairs. Both Albert and Leni smirked as they started walking up the mini temple again. But Enoch wasn't done yet as he pulled out a Bolas and threw it towards Leni. "Ah!" Leni screamed as the weapon restrained her and sent her rolling down the mini-temple a bit right as Albert was about to reach the sword.

Looking back, he saw one of Enoch's goons approaching Leni with his sword out and didn't hesitate to make the decision between Leni and the sword. "Get away from her!" Jumping forward, thrusters activated on the bottom of Albert's boots allowing him to zoom towards and tackle the Knight threatening his granddaughter, the Knight's sword landed right next to Leni.

Leni looked at the sword and gasped as she wiggled towards it and started rubbing her restraints against the blade. "Come on…just a little more…" Leni quickly smiled as she managed to use the discarded blade to free herself. And with Four-Arms busy with Apuk and Pop-Pop battling the Knights, Leni started making her way to the sword.

"Hey! I'm over here!" Four-Arms taunted Apuk as he stood at the exit of the room. As he fought the demon, Four-Arms realized that he couldn't out muscle Apuk, it was simply a lot stronger then him. But luckily, being the man with the plan, Four-Arms managed to think of another way to deal with Apuk. So turning and slapping his butt, Four-Arms angered the demon to charge at him again.

But once he was right in front of Four-Arms the transformed alien proceeded to flip over the demon and used him as a springboard, using his back to jump towards the mini temple. In return this sent the demon flying towards the other room. Acting fast, Four-Arms ran towards Apuk and grabbed him by the legs, Four-Arms then aimed his gaze in the direction of the pit Enoch threw him and the others in and proceeded to start spinning Apuk around at high speeds. "Enjoy…your…FLIGHT!" Four-Arms then chucked Apuk as hard as he could at the pit, his aim dead on as Apuk roared as he fell into the pit without a bottom.

"Heh, Lincoln one, Gods zero." Four-Arms smirked before heading back towards the chamber of the sword.


"Shut up Ra'ad!" When he was back in the chamber, the transformed boy looked up at mini-temple where he saw Leni so close to reaching the sword, but Enoch was right on her tail. "LOOK OUT!" Rearing his hands back, Four-Arms clapped his hands as hard as possible and sent a shockwave right towards Enoch that sent him falling once more.

"NO! No! No! No!" Enoch yelled as he saw Leni grab the hilt of the sword. He was so close to holding the world at the palm of his hand! He wasn't gonna lose that chance now!"

"Almost…got it…" Leni strained as she started pulling out the sword. "HA!" And just like that, the Sword of Echtua was in Leni's hand. As Enoch made his way up the temple again, the blade he was after was held to his neck with Leni smirking at him. "Now who has the power Enoch."


Everyone's eyes widened as they saw the blade crack…and soon turned into a pile of the dust on the ground with Leni now only wielding the useless hilt. "…..Um…is it supposed to do that?" Leni asked as she looked around awkwardly.,

"What…What happened!?" Enoch yelled as he tried to scoop up the remains of the sword.

"Hahahaha!" Albert suddenly broke out into a loud fit of laughter as he looked up at Enoch. "I guess that's what happens when your ultimate weapon is over 5,000 years old." Leni frowned a bit before throwing the useless sword hilt over her shoulder.

"Huh, kinda anti-climatic." Four-Arms said…before the entire temple started shaking. "…Nevermind…"

"You really gotta stop jinxing yourself kid."

"Ok time to go!" Four-Arms yelled as he jumped towards Albert and grabbed him before doing the same with Leni. The entire temple was coming down, so they needed to get the heck out of dodge immediately. As Four-Arms jumped down the temple again, he busted down a wall and created an exit.

"Enoch!" Albert yelled to the Forever Knight leader as he tried to put the weapon back together. "Get out of here!"

"He's not gonna listen to reason! We gotta get out of here!" Four-Arms yelled as he charged forward, busting through anything in his path until they got out of the temple. The three then watched as the entire temple collapse on itself leaving nothing but a giant pile of rubble with Enoch trapped inside. "Think we've seen the last of him?"

"Maybe, but you know these Forever Knights, they're like cockroaches." Leni and Four-Arms agreed with Albert on that one as the transformed boy put his family down. "Hey kiddos, sorry again for everything. Guess this whole thing got to my head."

"Aw not this again," Four-Arms said with an amused smirk. "We already said it was ok. And hey, look on the bright side, I got to fight a God of death!"

"And I held the most powerful weapon on earth!" Leni said enthusiastically. "I mean only for a few seconds before it crumbled but still!"

"Haha! Well I'm glad you kids had fun," Albert sighed in relief, glad that his relationship with his grandkids was still intact. "But I think its time I put away the old plumber suit.

"Because you've finally found the Sword of Ek Chuaj?" Leni asked with a smile.

"That…" Albert began as he began to scratch himself. "And it's giving me a serious rash."

"Sooooo…how we getting back home?" Four-Arms asked as he scratched his head.

"Hmmmm…" Albert hummed and looked around, spotting the Forever Knights' helicopter. "Hey, you kids wanna see your Pop-Pop fly a helicopter?"

With the kids smiling in excitement, they proceeded to head towards their ride home and finally put the legend of the Sword of Ek Chuaj to rest.

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