So maybe I'm the only person that noticed Amber checking out that black dancer. I totally shipped them and finally, ten years later, I wrote a story about them. I never knew his name so I gave him one and I hope you can enjoy my hard work.

Also the story is on my Wattpad as well: QueenKennedy17

Chapter One

His nutmeg skin shines under the stage lights and somehow that attracts me. He notices my staring and returns my gesture while never missing a move, dancing with Luanne.

"Amber stop!" Mom groans and I limp over to her. That fall really hurt my hip.

"I lost Mom let's just deal with it." There's really no point in crying about it.

"You did not lose. You could not have lost, because I switched the damn tallies."

"Smile Crabbie! You're on candid camera." Edna Turnblad, Tracy's mom says.

"That was a good shot." Mr. Turnblad remarks. I limp as quickly as possible away from my mom. I stand by the tally board and the cute negro guy from earlier walks up to me. I put on one of my brightest smiles and he returns it.

"Hello," I say.

"Hey. I noticed you staring at me over on the dance floor."

"Oh I was admiring your swift moves. Maybe you could teach me something. I'm Amber by the way."

"I'm Peetee. And I could definitely show you something." He demonstrates a simple pop while swinging his arms at alternating times. I try to imitate him and he smiles when I get it. "I gotta get back on the floor, but maybe we could talk more when I'm finished here?" His offer is clear and it only takes me a second to decide to throw caution to the wind.


"Groovy." He runs back on the stage to dance just as Maybelle begins singing. And again I watch as Peetee dances with Becky. I don't really pay attention to anything until I notice couples running in between two lines of dancers. And in front of everyone Link Larkin and Tracy Turnblad kiss. I want to be mad, but I'm not. I am a little sad though, because Link was supposed to be my boyfriend. Instead he's embarrassing me in front of all of Baltimore. I almost walk out of the studio, but my prior engagement forces me to stay.

Half an hour later people are leaving and I paste on my camera smile as I congratulate Little Inez on winning Miss Teenage Hairspray. Needless to say everyone was shocked by my kind words: Motormouth Maybelle, Seaweed, Inez, and Penny. I smile when Peetee taps me on my shoulder as I watch them leave.

"You waited. I thought a chick like you would've gone home already."

"You said you wanted to talk a little longer. And I said I would."

"Well I'm hungry from all that dancing. We could talk at Eddy's Diner."

"I've never heard of Eddy's. Is that on the other side of town?" I've never been to the ghetto before. Mom would kill me. I should say no.

"Yeah. I can't really eat with you on this side of town unless you want to see me arrested." He means for it to sound like a joke, but there's something bitter in his eyes. There's no way I can say no to eyes like that.


"They have the best fried chicken in Baltimore." Fried chicken?! Mom would kill me if she found out I ate something fried. On the other hand, I do deserve a cheat day after all of the horrible things that happened to me today.

"Okay." He walks me to his car and opens the door for me before getting in the driver's seat. He turns on the radio and bobs his head as he drives us to this strange place called Eddy's.

When we finally pull into the lot the sun is already sitting low in the sky. You have to go home soon and face your mother, a little voice in my head reminds me. He opens my door and I step out, my heart hammering against my ribs. We walk inside and a caramel hostess with a beehive greets us - well mainly him. She puts a lot more sway in her walk when she shows us to our booth.

"What can I get you two?" she asks.

"We'll both have extra crispy, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cornbread," he says without bothering to skim the menu. clearly he comes here a lot.

"Okay. And what would you like to drink?" her voice is syrupy-sweet like Luanne's - only deeper.

"I'll have a soda-pop." I answer.

"Two soda pops," he says. The waitress, Malika, saunters off to get our drinks.

We talk about unimportant things until our food arrives and when my plate is almost empty he speaks again.

"So, Amber, why'd you start dancing?"

"My mom wanted me to be on tv. She was Miss Baltiomore and she wanted me to follow in her footsteps. Hairspray was supposed to be the first step, but it seems that won't work anymore." Maybe now she won't try to pressure me anymore, is what I think but don't actually say aloud.

"That must've been a drag."

"I mean I love dancing on the show, don't get me wrong, mom and her views just kind of ruin it for me. It was like a job."

"So will you still be dancing? I know your mom just got fired and all, but maybe having an escape to the show could help you deal."

"I guess...but what about you? Why did you start dancing?"

"I've always danced. Dancing was something my 'rents and I did together. I dance because dance is expression." There's something in his voice that I can't decipher, because I don't know him well enough yet.

"Maybe you could teach me how to dance like you do."

"It's really not hard. You just have to let go of your inhibitions. Let your body feel the rhythm and it'll guide you," he explains and I shiver as his voice takes on a new deeper, more intimate tone. It's downright sexy and I don't feel any embarrassment for having said it.

"Well," I clear my throat, "it does seem to be getting late. Could you take me home?" He nods, pays for the check and opens the door for me when we get to the car. We ride silently, but it's not that awkward silence that Link and I sometimes slipped into. This is just light silence that urges you to enjoy the environment around you.