'eight A.M.' I thought to myself while I was sitting in the bullpen.

Loud noises followed by grunts, roars, and desk pounding permeated the surrounding area as the chief entered causing my ears to droop behind my back to block out some of the noise.

I rubbed my temples at each pound, as well as the words that were going to come out of the chiefs mouth. The same words I have heard repeatedly for months now.

"That's enough!"

His loud booming voice echoed into the small room, silencing all the officers who were ready to start their day.

He must have noticed me, as I failed to greet him with my usual cheerful ready to go self rather than the, I didn't sign up to be a meter maid face.

However luck was still not on my side.

"Hopps you feeling alright?"

The chief drew attention to me causing everyone to stare, forcing me to choke out my next words.

"Oh, um – yes, I'm fine, never better, ready t-," With a wave of his hoofed paw he grinned at me as I produced the biggest, fakest smile I could muster.

"Splendid" the word oozed out of his mouth then without pausing, "parking duty,".

I couldn't control my ears as they instantly fell down my back. The room snickered jokingly as Bogo went about assigning the rest of the officers.

Quietly making my way out of the bullpen, I slowly made my way to the tiny three wheeled meter maid car. All the while wearing my standard brightly colored vest.

Grimacing in defeat, I donned my uniform and drove out of the parking lot.

As I made my way down the street, thoughts started to pool into the back of my mind. "I'll never be a real cop like this. At this rate maybe I can make it to supervisor in a few years."

Shaking my head to clear all the negative thoughts, I glanced around Zootopia's Savanna Central, there were several parked cars with meters everywhere.

When it came to checking meters I had been overzealous in my first few days, opting to break all previous meter maid records. This was in the hopes that my skills would be noticed, and I would get assigned a partner with better assignments.

That was not the case.

In fact, it only seemed to cement me into my position.

My carrot farming family were just overjoyed to hear that I was a meter maid. They ignored me every other night, despite my moans and groans of being in my current predicament. No all they cared about was my safety.

As I ignored the cries and pleas of the citizens as I placed tickets on their cars, my highly tuned ears followed along with all the beeping meters.

The day progressed without issue, as I kept my ticket numbers fairly low these days and took a moment to scoff at myself on my first day. "Two hundred tickets before noon, how's that working out for ya Judy?"

Not answering the question, I said out loud as I made my way over to my meter maid cart. Then suddenly, something high pitched caught my attention.

Stopping dead in my tracks, as a motorist honked at me from behind.

He ended up making his way around my car but, I then asked "what was that?"

Again I was still talking to myself, "whatever could that sound be?"

Looking every which way for the sound and finding nothing, I tried shrugging it off as nothing.

Suddenly I heard it again.


I heard it clear as day this time around. My ears began to swivel behind me. It was coming from a building another street over. However, as I began to look around, I gasped as a black piece of ash landed on my paw while I looked up.

"Sweet cheese and crackers" I cursed aloud, as I watched a plume of smoke spill out into the bright blue open sky, tainting its wonderful splendor with its foulness.

My mind still not fully awake, taking everything in at a sloths pace. Suddenly I heard another cry for help. I was instantly pulled out of my depressed and sleepy mood and began sprinting across the street, all the while looking for a quick way to the next street over.

A fence that wasn't boarded up properly in an alleyway got pushed over as I went to hop up and over the tall obstacle.

Scampering to my feet as the boards clattered to the ground with a profound clanking, I then cursed under my breath at the mammal that was to lazy to nail up the rest of the fence. I made my way to the sidewalk and gasped in horror at the sight before me.

A duplex was on fire. Flames were engulfing what once was a building, all the while screams were falling on deaf ears.

The screams were coming from the second story, and were coming from a female rabbit, who was holding a kit in her arms. Smoke and flames were billowing out behind her, as she screamed for help while coughing.

I began to listen for the sounds of the police and fire department but there was no mammal in sight. From what I could tell, they were either very far away or had not yet been alerted to the fire.

Quickly scanning the area for any help, a passing tiger caught my eye, he was busy playing on his tablet with earbuds in.

"Sir, SIR!"

I stopped him and caught his attention.

"Yes?" He answered while removing his earbuds and looked down at me.

""Sir, I'm an officer and I'm requesting your assistance," before he could reply I pointed up at the window and he returned my stern face with a nod.

"Ma'am," I yelled up to the coughing rabbit, "ma'am can you reach the stairs?"

She shook her head no, while frightened and looking back into the room.

"What am I to do?"

Suddenly a crazy idea came to my mind. I took a deep breath for what I was about to ask this poor mother to do. "Ma'am, I am going to ask you to do something but, it will be okay. Please toss down your baby we will catch it and then you will be next, okay?"

The panicked mother nodded apprehensively.

"I will count to three, and at three gently drop your kit into our arms."

I began to look at the tiger next to me, who had paws as big as my body. I sure hope this works. I steeled my nerves and preceded with the plan.




As the child fell from the window, a crowd behind us gasped at the sight of the mother letting go of the baby. The baby was caught in mid air, by the tiger and he slowly lowered it to me.

I quickly checked the baby over, which was tightly wrapped in a small blanket. The kit turned out to be the cutest little girl.

Her breathing was normal and a few more volunteers came forth to help us, after watching the mothers kit being dropped and caught. Finally, more mammals wanted to help and next was the mother.

A male goat and another tiger got into position now as the mother climbed out onto the ledge of the window.

I repeated the count for her as she nervously looked down.

The height was maybe forty feet up by my guess.





A huge explosion from the room that the rabbit was in sent her flying off the ledge.

The two tigers and goat were able to maintain focus and caught the screaming mother, as she fell.

Gently I checked her over, as she held her crying baby.

"Ok everyone please step back and wait for the fire department to arrive."

As I waved my arms to motion everyone away from the building that was halfway on fire with no fire truck in sight my keen hearing picked up someone crying, it was faint and came from the downstairs portion of the duplex.

Quickly I ran up to the door and peered inside.

Flames littered every room mostly at the ceiling but the smoke hindered my sight.


I spoke out loud, to no one as I saw a tail moving in the kitchen.

Trying the door was futile it was locked. However, a small window could be seen in the kitchen so I made my way around the building, to the small yard.

"Yes!" I shouted as I saw the slightly opened window with tall garbage cans next to the wall that allowed me access to the kitchen.


I called out as I opened the window allowing black smoke to pour out, causing me to cough harshly.

As I pulled off my vest, to cover my face so I could breathe, a child's voice answered back.

"Help, my mommy won't wake up!"

I leaned in and slid into the kitchen, crashing into some dishes and falling to the ground in a heap.

As I struggled to regain my bearings, two fox kits came to my aid.

"Hey guys," I groaned out as I slowly eased myself up slightly.

The smoke hindered me from catching my breath but, as I got low to the ground I noticed a girl and a boy fox kit. Both pulled on me towards a mass on the ground under the table.

Flames started trickling down the walls now and my heart started beating faster as I thought "I need to get these kits out first."

Quickly I grabbed the two kits paws while coughing again, then I covered them with my vest.

"Ok guys, you two out the window first, then go get help while I get your mommy out."

I could feel their hesitation so without batting an eye I placed a Jr police officer badge on the male fox then gave him a firm paw shake.

"Think you can get your sister out of here officer?"

The little tyke stifled out a reply.

"Yes ma'am," while dragging his sister to the open window.

Meanwhile I shimmied the mother fox over my shoulder and dragged her over to the sink where both kits held out their paws to grab on to their mother.

I didn't have the heart in me to yell at them so with their help, I hoisted the unconscious vixen up and all three toppled out the open window.

As they fell out the window it came loose causing it to close. With no ventilation the room quickly filled with smoke.

I had just about gotten the window open when I heard a loud creek from above me.

The noise made me leap back to the floor just in time.


A large chunk of the ceiling had collapsed in front of the window blocking my way out.

"This is it, this is where it ends huh," I said to myself. the thought crossed my mind now, at all the irony around every corner.

Me chasing after my dream job, leaving Bunny Burrows for the big flashy city, a rookie meter maid who never bothered to even fall in love and better yet dies in a fox's house, in a duplex with a family of rabbits.

That was the last thought that passed thru my mind as my vision was starting to blur and it became harder to breathe.

Laying under the table as smoke and fire filled the room, I could hear my fur sizzle till my body gave out.


"Hack, cough, hack!"

Coming to slightly, I felt something warm on my lips and it was moist as it felt heavenly at the same time.

My eyes remained shut as new thoughts surfaced, "am I alive?"

My voice was scratchy and ragged however as I tried to sit up someone talked to me in a gentle male voice.

"Shhh, lay still sweetheart, you're ok now."

My mind was reeling now as I slowly opened my eyes just as my savior pulled away out of my cloudy vision two medical mammals came to my side just as someone shouted out loudly.

"Come on Wilde, stop making out with that rabbit and get back in there."

Instantly the gentle voice responded in kind, "shut up Richard, you're just mad I got a cutie while last week a camel shoved her tongue down your muzzle."

His voice faded as he left to go back inside the burning duplex.

The whole time the two EMTs were fussing over me with a flashlight and checking my responses.

"Ma'am let's move you over to the truck you need some oxygen."

Nodding at the two deer bucks, they then set me on a stretcher and carried me to their truck.

Sitting on the edge of the ambulance with a oxygen mask on I watched the firefighters put out the remainder of the fire, while a few of them put out smaller embers and such from desks and floorboards that had fallen down.


The booming voice of the chief rang out loudly, it seemed to overpower all other voices and noises and even made my erect ears fall down on my back.

"Over here chief," I waved him over as he pushed mammals out of his way.

He seemed genuinely caring with an urgency to see me however that feeling was short lived.

"Hopps you ok?"

I nodded now while removing the mask and taking a drink of water next to me. "I'm ok, just got caught in a burning building it-," Bogo snorted sternly at me now.

"It won't happen again, as of this moment you are suspended without pay!"

My blood boiled, "what, why?"

"Insubordination, reckless endangerment, and abandoning your pos-" a gentle voice spoke up cutting the chief off.

"I think what buffalo butt here meant to say is that, Carrots here deserves a medal for saving five mammals lives while risking her own as the fire department struggled to get here in time due to a large car pile up no thanks to one of his less than competent officers that had caused it in the first place."

The chief a mammal so tough, he could silence an elephant with just all glare, was silenced himself by a mammal who had saved me not once but now twice.

I rubbed my eyes to get a clear view of this godly mammal who I now owed everything to.

A regular red fox wearing a fire mammals suit and helmet stood just five feet away glaring up at the chief who was now backing away slowly.

I was at a loss for words at this point.

This mammal showed no fear, as he made Bogo backup while coming closer to me, 'wait' he's coming closer to me!

Nervously I wiped ash from my outfit and slightly patted my fur down to make myself look presentable, it was too soon to meet such a hero. My mind blanked as his gaze fell upon me.

His green beautiful emerald eyes glistened while looking me over from my feet, to the tips of my ears.

I am sure my color changed to a rather heavy red at this point and then he spoke up and my heart melted.

"I am glad you are ok Miss-," I instantly responded on auto pilot, "Hopps, Judy Hopps."

Holding out his paw the russet fox bowed slightly as I took hold, he uttered his name, "Nick, Nick Wilde."

A shout from across the burning building from another fire fighter rang out.

"Hurry up Wilde we got another call coming in. Just get her number and move that tail!"

Nick dropped my paw and seemed to recoil into himself for a moment before smoothing back into a well rounded stance with a smirk on his face.

"Shut it Richard, I was just thanking this cutie for saving the fox kit's and their mother, let's go."

My temper flared for a moment, as the thought of being called cute registered into my brain.

"You can't call a bunny cu-," he put his paw to my mouth and then said, "catch you later Carrots!"

He started walking away quickly and at this point, I was furious. "Who does he think he's calling all these names?!".

I got down off the truck and followed him over to the fire truck, that he had climbed up on. "Why do you keep calling me Carrots," I demanded an answer!.

As the fire truck started up he leaned out close to me and whispered into my ear.

"When I gave you muzzle to muzzle resuscitation, your mouth tasted like carrots."

My paws going instantly to my mouth, at the pure shocking thought that he had stolen my first kiss.

There he went.

The first mammal to ever lay their lips upon mine, had saved me twice and yet he was by far the biggest jerk I had ever met!

I was steaming while walking away from where the fire truck was. A second truck remained to help sift through all the wet and charred remains of the duplex.

Making my way back to my oxygen mask, the chief came over to me again, only this time he seemed to be indifferent, "Hopps, I-."

The big guy seemed to think his words over carefully, as I gave him a death glare, that could of killed a wounded deer ten yards away.

"Three days Hopps, I am giving you three days off to recover and I would like to apologize for jumping you like I did, it's just this missing mammals case has gone from three missing to six and we still have no leads and I may have gone to far."

He stood up now away from me, since he had leaned down to my level maybe to keep out of every other mammals earshot. However as he dusted off his uniform he cleared his throat.

"Thank you officer Hopps, a job well done, also if you are feeling up to it some family members would like to say something to you."

His words had left me deflated and speechless. After weeks of nothing kind to say about me and my abilities, while one little speech from that fox got him to turn it around, it all stunned me.

"Sure," was all I could utter, making him turn around and head towards a growing crowd of mammals. Some even had cameras. After a few minutes Bogo came back with a mother bunny.

The mother fox and her kits were nowhere to be seen and I got worried they didn't make it out.

As the mother rabbit got close to me she darted forward past the chief and hugged me deeply. Her baby was somewhere else. However as she hugged me a male bunny followed up, with my chief holding a little bundle in his paws.

"Thank you, thank you, thank-," I pulled away from the brown bunnies grip, "I didn't do much Ma'am, the tiger did all the work. I only counted for you and the baby to drop."

She seemed taken aback for a second, as my words sunk in. Then she smiled while shaking her head.

"Sorry, my name is Rebecca and I was talking about the Russet's, Jane was taken to the hospital before you were pulled out of the house, her kits told us all about how you saved them."

"Oh." I blinked in surprise, "I take it you and the Russet's are good friends and neighbors?"

The brown doe before me laughed as if I had said a joke.

"We never had any problems from them," her reply made me think otherwise.

I cleared my throat while taking an authoritative tone. "Do you know how the fire started or who started the fire?"

My question had her instantly shaking her head.

"No, I was taking a nap with my kit while my husband was out working then was woken up, by my kit's cries, as flames filled the stairway."

I recalled the explosion that had blown the doe off the ledge. "Did you have any explosive material or gasoline in the apartment?"

Her reply was not a surprise, "goodness no!"

Having only one last question for her, I relaxed my tone. "What is your husband's name and the little ones name? Also, if you don't mind the little fox kits names?"

"Henry bring Sue here," she turned back to me after having turned around, to beckon her mate to come close. Since the big chief buffalo was standing idly by listening intently.

"The two fox kits, Bianca and Raphael are very good kids as well, have been a little depressed maybe since their father passed away, a few months back."

I was caught off guard by what she had said. "How did he pass if you don't mind me asking?"

"John got sick!"

The male rabbit who had made his way next to his wife spouted out sullenly.


I couldn't comprehend what I was hearing. However I was also lacking when it came to knowing anything about foxes, other than they are sly shifty creatures.

Rebecca went on in Henry's stead. "Vulpines have a poor immune system so when they get sick even a small cold could be deadly.

The male rabbit hung his head low, "John was my best friend growing up and I made a promise to look out for his family when h

got sick. Although, I let him down big time today." His wife took hold of his paw while shaking her head. "Honey no one had any idea a fire would break out like that, so don't go beating yourself up. Besides one of our kind stepped up and saved the day."

Turning to look down at myself and looking at my burnt uniform I shook my head, "I'm no hero, just a meter maid-,"

Bogo stepped forward now, "yes, well my officer was a meter maid but as of next week she should be on regular police duties, protecting the city and such. Now if you two would kindly make your way over here so we can give officer Hopps some time to recover we will-," his voice trailed off as the trio walked away from me.

One of the EMT's came over and checked on me.

"How are we feeling Miss, do you need a ride to the hospital, I do recommend you get checked out from all that smoke you breathed in.

Shaking my head after receiving the much needed oxygen and cold water I decided against going while I made my way over to my meter maid car, so I could return it back to base then work on finding the fox who needed a stern talking to.

As I walked down the street I came across the cart and without delay started driving back to the precinct.

After a twenty minute drive, I was just about to hang up the keys to the car when someone tapped my shoulder.

Officer Mchorn and officer Wolford stood next to me while hanging up their set of keys. "nice job out there today Hopps, we're headed out for drinks after work want to join us?"

I was stunned, I had worked with these mammals and lived in the city for months and no one had ever said more than two peeps to me. Let alone invited me out for drinks.

"Sorry boys, I have a date with destiny tonight."

Wolford chuckled, "is that the name of that firefighter that saved you?"

I coughed for a few minutes and passed it off while saying, "oh, hack, cough, sorry I inhaled to much smoke, need to leave, later guys."

They both laughed at my antics, as I made light of the situation, while quickly heading for the locker room to change and clock out.

After clocking out and leaving the precinct I felt myself fall into a coughing wheeze. "maybe I should goto the hospital", I thought but quickly shook my head to clear the haze.

No! I was on a mission.

First thing on my list was to get pizza, as cops we are partial to donuts, while firefighters are partial to pizza and so to at least show some thanks for being saved I was going to at least have dinner with the jerk that saved me. Whether he wanted to or not.

Stopping at the local Mammal-Hut a bored looking goat teenager sat behind a counter as I walked into the place. my burnt uniform was replaced with jeans and a regular pink plaid shirt with a white undershirt.

Looking me over the teen shouted to the back, "vegi order next," while glancing down at me as he chewed on whatever was in his mouth.

Clearing my throat I held up a paw, "I need a large pizza half pred half prey mixed."

The order seemed to catch him off guard but, he smiled back at me while leaning into the back and in a quiet voice, "scratch the vegi, make it an inner-species special."

He turned back to me, as if he had spoken too low for me to hear him and responded with, "fifteen dollars."

After getting a few interesting stares and paying for the food, I quickly hailed a cab rather than try and walk the whole way to the place.

A short ten minute ride later, I stood before the red and brown brick building that was the fire department.

I took in the sight before me, opting how I should best proceed.

The big bay doors were all open and three red trucks sat inside while mammals raced back and forth, all busy with things. Hoses were stretched out almost to the street and one mammal a wolf, trotted out and started winding it up.

As he got out near me on the sidewalk, a paw full of hose he whistled loudly then shouted to the guys.

"Wilde, you owe me forty bucks!"

Laughter rang out from all sides of the building, as someone deep inside started shouting back.

"No way he could tell it was in his coffee, I was sure on th-,"

The red shirtless fox who had some helmets in his paws stopped dead in his tracks.

Then he trotted out to the wolf and pawed over a wad of bills, as I made my way over to the two arguing mammals.

"Did you bet on me showing up?"

The wolf laughed while fanning his new spoils. "Easy money, I saw from a mile away how you swooned after our little Nicky here." At that he ruffled the fox's ears playfully.

Grumbling now, Nick growled out to me. "Is there something we can do for you Carrots?"

The vulpine was looking hot while wearing nothing more than tan brown pants. His white undercoat showing brightly with his offset reddish orange fur outside. As I took in his form a smirk crossed his face while my speechless response made him clear his throat.

"Oh, um, yes, ah well I had thought that, well as a thank you for saving me that you would maybe like to have dinner with me?"

The pizza in my paws that i brought made both males noses go into a sniffing frenzy.

I cracked open the box and the wolf only chuckled while holding out his paw. Before any words were spoken, Nick slapped another twenty in his paw.

Needless to say my interest was peaked, "lose another bet on my account?"

I openly mocked the sulking fox who could only shrug in return.

"Shut it Richard, just follow me alright Carrots."

Nick turned around and headed for a picnic table on the side of the building. As I passed by the grinning wolf he whispered low to me, "give you ten bucks to ask him out."

I shook my head while answering back with a wink, "no promises."

As I set the pizza down on the table he didn't even waste time asking to have a slice.

"So," I started while pawing out a slice for myself, "thank you fo-,"

He held up his paw, "I was only doing my job, saving HELPLESS mammals is what I do."

I gritted my teeth as he made it a point to say helpless louder than anything else. "Do you hate me or is it all rabbits you seem to dislike?"

Taking a second slice he nodded. "Well you did cost me a lot today by showing up."

Scoffing back at him while I smirked. "Oh? So it's my fault for showing up and wanting to thank a mammal for saving my life, even if he stole my first kiss."

This seemed to strike home, as his ears flattened and his eyes got rather big, "wait you never kissed a gu-." He stumbled and coughed for a moment as I grabbed another slice of pizza.

"Look Carrots, I am sorry I should have used the air pump on you. I was just afraid that it wouldn't supply you with the amount of oxygen needed to clear your lungs nothing more."


I responded with a short nod while munching and kept him guessing.

"So just how many bets about me did you make huh?"

"Eight but don't change the subject," he practically shouted.

I laughed while counting on my free paw, "two down six more to go?"

He gulped while scooting away slightly.

"Look, Judy was it? My wallet is already hurting let's just finish the pizza you brought and call it even, ok?"

Tapping my lips. I could now sense several pairs of eyes watching us from all sides.

I wanted to make him suffer, for continuing to call me such demeaning names. However, the use of my real name calmed me down from my rage to destroy him.

"I am a tad curious as to what kinds of illegal bets were made involving an officer but seeing as it's you I think I can let you slide this one time."

Gently I placed my free paw on his, that was midway across the table. He didn't register the gesture at first.

A loud whistle broke out from our left back side and Nick jerked his paw to his side while slapping his other paw to his forehead.

"That's just great, I will be broke by the end of today at this rate, what's next, you want to come check out my truck and see how long my hose is first paw?"

He covered his mouth, while a blush crept over me as I thought about what he said.

I broke out into a coughing fit for a few moments.

Not being able to catch my breath I soon found myself coughing on the ground while some scrambling was going on behind us.

Within seconds I found myself in the fox's paws as he pat and rubbed my back while cooing gently.

"Guys get her some water please."

Within seconds a water bottle was thrusted into my shaky paws and I downed the cherished liquid, as if my life depended on it.

Clearing my throat a few times and coughing out a bit, I was stunned to find a group of firefighters surrounding me while a fox paw rubbed my back.

"Ok guys. Shows over, Rick I am going to borrow the response vehicle and take Fluff here to see a doctor personally since she won't listen to reason."

A set of keys was heard being tossed our way and I tried to stand up in protest.

"I don't need to go in. I am perfectly fine, that was just- um, some pizza that's all."

The fox looked at me as if he was peering into my soul then helped me to my feet from the table.

"Ok Miss perfect, walk a straight line for me."

I laughed at his silly antics, "I thought I was the police mammal who makes others walk a line, ehh."

"Humor me," was his only response.

Taking two steps with a smirk across my face then as I went to take a third step my world started to spin and got very dizzy. Before I knew it, two large paws held onto me, stopping me from face planting into the ground.

"How'd I do?"

Nick's grin broadened across his whole face as he kneeled down to my level.

"You did fantastic Carrot's. You just earned yourself a one way ticket to Savanna Central Hospital."

I went to groan in protest but yelped instead.


Nick scooped me up in his red arms and held me close to his bare fur.

The scent of him was strong and alluring. I closed my eyes while being carried to wherever he wanted to take me.

Before I knew it, the ride was over and he was opening the truck door and set me down.

I had a moment to myself as he ran around to the driver's side and got in.

The sun was still high in the sky with only a few clouds here and there, making small shadows dance across the dashboard while the wind blowed gently.

"All set Carrots?"

He chided while digging in the back seat for a spare shirt.

"Are you always so articulate with all the ladies, or am I the only bunny who has to put up with your fussy eccentric ways."

Sliding into a blue fire mammals shirt while slipping on his aviator shades, the fox tilted his head to look down at me, "only the cute one's."

With that he winked at me and started up the truck as I scoffed at his arrogance.

Driving along, I took in every aspect of him as a male. His red fur that complemented the milky undercoat, his strong arms from hauling heavy water filled hoses, his hose that must be-.

I paused at that thought while making myself blush.

He glanced back at me while I pulled my ears over my hot flushed face.

"Are you going to be alright Carrot's? You look like you might have a fever now."

At that he reached out with his paw and held it to my forehead.

"whoa Fluff, I knew you were hot but this might be taking it up a few notches."

Stifling a giggle as best as I could I batted his paw away from my head and looked up at him.

"I'm fine. I'm just new to this."

Nick laughed quietly, "dumb bunny, doesn't know she's sick."

"What did you call me?"

My head cocked at an odd angle while overhearing his whispered words.

"I am not a dumb bunny!"

As I puffed out my cheeks defiantly while crossing my arms I failed to notice the sly fox lean over at the stop light.

His warm lips pressed gently to my forehead, then pulled back and in a calm manner spoke with unbridled care.

"Right and that's not a high temperature I feel. You'll never be a real cop, at least not till that's taken care of. I suggest you listen when someone tells you to seek medical assistance next time."

As he finished speaking the truck came to a stop as he parked in front of the hospital.

I was to stunned to speak.

He wasn't putting me down by saying I couldn't be a officer.

My heart rate spiked while I gulped sullenly.

He cares about me, Nick really did care.

As we both got out of the vehicle I cleared my throat which caused him to hurry to my side thinking I was in trouble.

"Nick," I said softly while fiddling with my carrot pen in my pocket and pulling it out while keeping it behind my back.

"Are you o-," he tried to say something but when I looked up at him with sincerity he stopped.

"Do you-, do you like me?"

He seemed a little taken back by my forwardness but his facial expression remained with his stocky smirk standing firmly in place while pausing to think his answer over.

"Of course I like you, you're a great officer, much better than most of them flabby donut loving cops."

For a brief moment Clawhauser's image flashed before my eyes and it made me chuckle as I slipped the pen back into my pocket.

I must have had an odd look on my face as we walked into the hospital every mammal seemed to stop what they were doing just to gawk at a bunny and fox making their way inside.

Nick followed behind me and as I stopped slightly he leaned in next to my ear and whispered, "follow the doctor's orders Fluff."

Before I could turn around he was already halfway back to the truck.


My fox savoir left me without batting an eye however I followed through with getting checked out and filled in the sign in sheet.

I couldn't believe he left me after his boldness to bring me here, it was as if.

Tapping on my chin the thought hit me, 'was he embarrassed to be seen with me, a bunny?'

As I turned around to take a seat and wait my turn a small pair of black paws were tugging on my shirt gaining my full attention.

Looking down a huge smile crossed my face as a fox kit with a Jr. Police sticker stuck to his shirt stood tall as he could with a smile all his own.

"Why hello there Raphael."

The courage the little guy had to even come up to me was all used up the moment I used his name it had seemed and no sooner had he scampered back a foot did a vixen wearing a head bandage come out of a side room door looking for her son.

"Raphael, you get back here this instant!"

He ran back to his mother and than all at once blurted out loudly, "it's her, she's the bunny that saved you."

The vixen's stern glare she was giving her son softened into a wide smile as she and a little vixen kit came forward.

"Thank you very much, I don't know what all happened but my kits say you saved us."

She held out her paw to me and I shook it in kind, "I was just doing what any good mammal would have done.

"Jane, and this is Bianca and Rap-."

"Little Raphael," I finished for her making her give off a shocked expression.

"I talked with Rebecca, she let me know you were taken to the hospital."

She seemed concerned now that I mentioned the rabbit.

"Is she and little Sue, ok?"

I nodded, "they are fine, oh and that reminds me, do you know what caused the fire or who started it?"

Jane shook her head, "no, I was in the kitchen washing dishes when something hit my head. The next thing I know I'm in the hospital."

Shaking my head as my name was called out letting me know the doctor could see me.

I bid the fox's a good day and made my way into the examination room.

The room was simple much like the female otter that was checking me over.

A tiny table fitted with parchment paper on top along with white walls and a tiny sink complete with standard medical supplies out on the open desk next to the sink.

I found it all nauseating to even be in the little room as I felt fine.

Nurse Sara. The otter wasted no time in getting my vitals checked when asking about my visit.

"So what brings a healthy looking doe such as yourself in here today?"

Her words sent my teeth a chatter while I looked her over. Brown fur meshed with its natural shine from her species slick pelt accented by her white nurse's outfit, she had tiny ears.

"I was caught up in a burning building and may have breathed in a bit too much smoke."

As if on cue my body caused me to cough out after I spoke.

Sara put her tiny paw to my forehead then shook her head.

"The doctor will be in to see you in just a moment."

I was alone for a few minutes as the otter left.

Slowly I put my own paw to my forehead, I felt nothing different however being able to tell when yourself is sick was sometimes hard even if I had never been sick in the last fifteen years.

A knock on the door startled me and in walked a buck rabbit, light brown fur with one white tipped ear and a stethoscope around his neck. He greeted me with a bright smile.

"Good evening Miss Hopps."

Smiling back at him I returned the gesture.

"Hello Mr.-," I glanced at his name stitched onto his jacket, "Johnson."

His ear twitched as I said his name and he gave the air a sniff while looking over the chart on the desk that the nurse had left.

"Looks like you were in a little bit of a fire hazard today, I am going to fill out a prescription for an inhaler to be used twice a day for the next three days.

I groaned, my time off would be spent nursing this black smoke out of my body.

The buck came over and held his paw to my forehead much like Nick and Sara had done. Then he moved his paw down to my stomach and around my back.

He then checked my legs and put on the stethoscope and listened to me breathe for a few times.

Gently pushing on my ribs he got to my lower left side and I winced in pain.

"Miss Hopps, you have a few bruised ribs a very large bruise on your left side as well as-," stopping mid sentence the buck gave the air a deep sniff while putting both paws on my cheeks.

"How long have you been off suppressants?"

This question was new I hadn't been on suppressants since I was in middle school.

"Years almost ten in fact, why?"

Johnson smiled broadly.

"You will need to be on light duty for at least a week till the bruising heals and as for the suppressants I am sure you are aware of what they are for?"

I laughed, "but I am not seeing any bucks or even interested in any on-," I stopped talking at that thought.

"Sweet cheese and crackers," came out of my mouth as the buck scribbled down the prescription.

"I am going to fill you out a few weeks of suppressants to take as needed."

I tried to protest, being on suppressants would effect my job. It was one aspect for being picked as a candidate to goto the academy, my biology showed that I wasn't into anyone and could focus on the job without letting hormones control me.

"Sir, I can't be on suppressants, I'm an officer."

I broke down into a crying sob since I knew what the next words out of his mouth would be.

"A change of career is in order then," he paused while tapping the pen on the desk as he watched my reaction.

"Or, there are a few other options."

I perked up, my ears springing straight up to fully comprehend what might potentially save my career.

"Well," Johnson shifted for a second while looking me over, "getting pregnant would stop the hormo-."


I shouted out louder than necessary.

The doctor went on.

"You could start hating the mammal you have feelings for although you would have to get the buck to understand you don't want anything to do with him anymore on a personal level."

I shook my head as I was losing all hope, I could never hate someone who saved me.

"Does it matter if he's not a buck?"

My question sparked the doctor's curiosity.

"If you don't mind me asking but just what prey species is causing the hormonal shift?"

Giggling slightly as I layed back on the table causing the parchment paper to crinkle loudly.

"What if I said he's a predator?"