The morning sun was beginning to peek through the window as the happy couple slept in each other's arms enjoying each other's warmth as the door to the room slowly opened.

Vivian walked in slowly. She kept her paws quiet hoping to surprise the two sleeping mammals with some morning muffins and a cup of coffee which she knew her son craved more than almost anything.

However as she set the items down on the desk next to his bed something gray stirred and suddenly a surprised bunny jumped out of the bed covering herself with Nicks blanket leaving the fox bare for his mother to see, "oh my gosh Vivian i'm so sorry, one thi-"

She was cut off by the older vixen's laugh who had seen plenty of naked mammals to last a lifetime even though her son was now covering himself with his tail and Judy was blushing profusely on the floor.

"Sorry to wake you dears. I was just leaving you and Nicky something to munch on this morning before I deal with two patients down in the clinic."

She left the room after averting her eyes from the now embarrassed couple, then Vivian made her way downstairs loudly.

Judy poked her head above Nick's beds level, her ears spiked up to hear for any other interlopers and only after listening for a minute did she run out from the cover of the blankets and locked the door.

Nick chuckled while spouting out, "well ain't you a lovely sight to behold this early in the morning."

Judy who couldn't see Nick or what he was doing leaned up on the bed only to find his paws wrapped around his cup of coffee lovingly.

"Am I a sight to behold or were you referring to that cup in your paws?" Judy chirped as she began swaying her hips more than normally while walking around to his side of the bed.

"Both! Definitely both since you were born to recieve love, this coffee was brewed with love."

Nick's charming reply had her swooning as he knew just the right words to send euphoric shivers down her spine.

"How is your chest doing today? I hope it wasn't to hurtful from last nights activities."

As Judy spoke she brushed his chest fur lightly while checking on his bruises that were very evident on his body.

The touching he received made him wince slightly as last night's activities had indeed not been good for his chest however he would have done last night's activities a million times over again if she wanted to with him. Plus with some pain meds perhaps the feeling of having a bunny on his chest would dissipate.

"I'm doing probably as good you are at the moment," saying that much while letting out a chuckle he watched her limp slightly after grabbing her muffin and walking around his bed to the other side and climbed in next to him.

Judy narrowed her eyes as she munched on her muffin while grumbling to herself as she snuggled next to her fox, "definitely bigger than the carrot."

Feeling confused by her words Nick went back to sipping his coffee and stroking her ears while enjoying the serene feeling that she was content with him. A feeling they both had been before his mother had waltzed in.

After several minutes of petting each other Judy lifted her chin off his arm and gazed up at the now completely at ease fox.

"Do you hate being a firefighter?"

Nick nearly sneezed at her invasive question but answered all the same, "I- it's- well I didn't get a choice in the matter."

Giving the tip of his muzzle a lick Judy went on, "choice or not, don't you think that it has brought you 'some' good luck? Choice or not."

Pausing for a moment mid stroke of his bunny Nick gave her a once over glance before giving in, "ok, i'll admit to it having brought you to me."

Sitting up and continuing her advances on the poor vulpine Judy gave him a tender slow kiss on his lips while lingering for a moment before saying something that he knew she might try.

"Then I have your father to thank for having you save me?"

There was an instant reaction from Nick, normally he would be calm and collected while allowing nothing to show that something had gotten to him however this bunny. His bunny managed to somehow always get to him despite his years of enjoying his full life of making money for himself.

The fox's ears pinned back and his eyes narrowed to predatory slits which caused Judy to hop off the bed in an almost fearful prey like reaction.

Her fear spoke volumes to him and he immediately regretted his actions however her ears were up and not back and although she had given him a fearful look Nick soon found himself paw slapping his forehead as he did not read the bunnies expressions and took her at face value.

She wasn't fearful at all and he had walked right into her trap as her lips curled into a loving grin that showed she knew what she was doing.

"I'll go make you some breakfast while everyone's asleep, maybe you will come to some kind of terms with your feelings rather than trying to hide them from me."

As Judy left the room Nick was left with mixed feelings about her and his father.

Should he feel grateful for being at the right fire at the right time and in a position to save the one mammal that now trusted him as much as he trusted her, these thoughts surfaced and while he was debating with himself he didn't even notice a little fox sneak into his room and slink under his bed only to pop out on the other side.

"Good morning big brother!"

Nothing. Nick played it cool by not reacting and pretending to ignore his little brother for a moment.

"Big brother!"

Pleading the little kit stuck his snout on top of Nick's right arm causing a smile to form on the older todds face.

"Oh! Hey sport, when did you come in?"

Nick's words were said in a sarcastic way which made Jr whimper.

"You knew I was in here the whole time and why are Judys clothes in here on the floor?"

Quickly replying as he finished off the coffee in his paws while setting the cup down, "did I know you were in here? Yes. Yes, I did. And should my little brother have knocked first? Again yes. Yes, he should have."

Stammering now Jr tried defending his actions which seemed to have landed him in some hot water.

"I- I was only being sneaky because we're good at it. I didn't mea-."

Holding up his paw to stop him Nicks tone took that of an authoritative figures.

"Don't be a stereotypical fox first off, be your own mammal, ok. And second what if me and Judy were in some kind of compromising position and you just waltzed in here on us. You know bunnies are the cuddly type and she's not one to be modest-."

Nick couldn't finish his sentence as Judy shouted from the kitchen while not caring who heard her.


Lowing his voice Nick practically whispered to his brother after getting busted by the bunny.

"She hears everything. I swear it."

Jr laughed while making his way back over to the door so he could go get ready for school.

"I can't wait for you to get better so we can play together big brother," with that he bolted from the room and could be heard running down to his room and closing the door.

Nick let out a sigh as he relaxed into his bed then said to himself, "I love you Judy."

Talking to no one other than himself as he waited for her return Nick eyed the blueberry muffin suspiciously. He knew his mother had put meds in it but for Judy's sake he scarfed it down anyways.

A few quiet minutes went by for the fox who was lying down all while his vision started to get a bit cloudy which made him sputter out, "strong painkiller mom-."

His eyes drooped shut and he was out like a light.

Meanwhile Judy had just finished cleaning up and was heading upstairs with a plate full of pancakes for her boyfriend who had said that he loved her just a few minutes ago. Her keen hearing able to pick up the few sounds throughout the mostly empty house and his words had traveled down to her easily.

A snoozing Robert was in his chair over in the living room, she could hear his light breathing while a similar noise came from Nick's room indicating that her fox was asleep as well. Vivian was out of the house along with Marian, Jr however was rustling about in his room and Judy needed to hurry before she was caught running around in the buff in Nick's familys house.

Judy relied so heavily on her ears that morning they allowed her to dance around in the buff while making her fox some breakfast all while she only brought a banana for herself after having been covered in a landslide veggies in the fridge.

Making her way back into Nick's room and closing the door followed by the sound of a clicking lock. She made sure they wouldn't be interrupted this time.

"Nick sweetie your breakfast is ready," setting down the plate and cooing seductively into his ear caused the sedated vulpine to barely lift his eyes open and manage to croak out, "Carrots?"

Getting worried now Judy put her paw to Nick's forehead to check for a temp. He was fine just a few minutes ago 'what could have happened' she thought.

Nick got out two words to hopefully sooth his bunnies worries, "mom- muf-fin."

Sliding off the bed Judy laughed, "she put meds in your muffin huh, good thing I didn't take it then. Think you can eat if I feed you?"

He nodded slightly while giving her the ok. He soon found a plate on his chest full of three yummy looking pancakes with syrup and blue drizzled over top of them.

As she cut a piece with the fork and slowly fed the bedridden fox. He couldn't think of a happier moment in his life despite being hurt, drugged, and forced to stay with his family. She made every second worth it.

While eating Nick noticed his food slowly disappear into himself but none into his bunny and as his voice started to come back it was the first thing he asked her about.

"How come you're not eatin-."

He couldn't finish his meager words that he had barely gotten out as his eyes locked onto the bunny at his side who he just now noticed was in her bare fur the whole time and now held a banana in her paws after peeling it and slowly pushed it into her mouth.

Nick nearly fainted at the absolute beautiful sight before him however as she finished off the banana which caused his lower regions to stir she licked her lips and leaned up to his ear, "oh dont worry I will get my morning fill, and by the way, this rabbit hears everything in this house and you know what?"

Not being able to answer her fast enough Judy had pressed her lips to his sticky lips and after a moment pulled away causing a loud smacking sound to vibrate out loudly as she chimed in with a sly wink, "I love you too!"

"Yu-you even heard me whisper! All the way up here?"

Playing with his chest fur Judy bit her lip as she enlightened him some more.

"I can tell when your heartbeat increases and as of five minutes ago you're going a tad bit faster."

Nick scoffed back at her while pulling her closer, "with a sexy naked bunny prancing around putting things in her mouth, who wouldn't have their hearts racing."

Judy let out a delightful squeal as his big paws gripped her fully round bottom followed by a wave of giggles from the naked bun only to be pulled down onto his lips as he fondled her butt playfully.

Things started heating up in the bedroom as Nick pulled her into position and as his paws went south of the blanket border.


"Ju- just a sec!"

A knock on the door had caused Judy to slide off of Nick and hide on the other side of his bed out of view only to forget she had locked the door. Taking a moment to dress herself and cover Nick with the blanket before opening the door she was met with wide green eyes.

"Good morning little guy."

Her chest was heaving heavily up and down while her ears were down and a nervous grin was plastered on her face however subtlety was something Jr was not good with and he soon found himself saying something without thinking it over.

"Did I compromise your position? Bother said I should knock first but it looks like you both ar-."

"Ok, well you seem to be doing much better, bye Nick!"

Nick paw slapped his forehead as Judy bolted from the room after talking loudly to the now confused kit.

Shrugging Jr couldn't comprehend what was going on due to it being so early in the morning however he soon remembered what he wanted to do and quickly ran to Judy's room to ask her something.

Nick couldn't even get up and tried focusing on listening in on their conversation.


Robert Jr belted out loudly.

"Just this one time."

The little kit was begging Judy for something but Nick had missed the initial question and could only hear his brother so either she was being really quiet or not talking at all which was confusing the curious fox.

"What are they talking about!"

Nick muttered to himself only to have his mother answer from the doorway.

"Jr wants her to walk him out to the bus stop so he can show her off to his friends. He knows the famous rabbit cop and want to exploit that fame it seems."

"Hey mom. When did you get back?"

Nick asked his mother surprised to see her in his doorway when he thought she was working.

"I was only out back and I only had two regulars stop by for their checkups."

Vivian made her way to Nick's side and started checking his chest over as he groaned in displeasure while remembering that she worked at home now.

"Oh, that's right!"

He scratched his chin before going on, "I forgot that you work here now. How far away is the bus stop?"

Her interest was peaked as she pulled back away from checking on him just in time as Judy poked her head into the room.

"Hey Nick, i'll be back in a little bit, going to take Jr here to the bus stop."

Both were at his doorway. His brother was in some regular school attire when Judy was sporting her clothes from yesterday which made him chuckle.

"Bye Carrots, keep an eye on that sneaky little brother of mine."

Placing her paw on the little kit Judy scoffed back at Nick, "he's not sneaky and if he is he probably got it from you."

Nick quickly shot back at the two leaving mammals which he knew would be funny.

"Even though he was playing with your panties you left on my floor?"

Robert Jr turned a deep shade of red as he bolted down the steps, even with his red fur the hue difference was evident on the escaping kit all while Judy chased after him chiding him for playing in a girl's cloths.

Vivian raised her eyebrow at Nick while stating sarcastically, "panties on your floor?"

With a slow retort Nick tried to backpedal but the cat was out of the bag and a large grin soon formed on his mother's muzzle which caused him to groan out again.

"We had sex ok? I'm a grown fox an-."

She cut him off with a shake of her head all while helping him sit up.

"Just glad that you found someone that's all, if we hurry to the bathroom window we can watch them walk to the curb-."

Vivian couldn't finish talking, as soon as she had said where they could be seen Nick was already trying to get up just to watch her. His attachment to the bunny astounded her to no end, since he had never been attached to anything for such a long time.

"Here let me help," as she spoke Vivian helped her son sit up and held his paws steady as he swung his feet off the edge of the bed and was hauled upright into the older vixen who smiled lovingly while giving him a big hug.

"Alright, alright. I love you too, now let's go before we miss the show." Nick said with a hurried tone.

The two made their way to the bathroom and just in time to watch Jr get on the bus as Judy waved him goodbye while a row of other kits waved back at her.

"She seems to be popular, are you going to be ok with the extra attention?"

Nick knew what his mother was getting at and it wasn't about the bright eyed and bushy tails of the bus full of kits.

"We- we haven't had a moment to talk about us yet but when she gets back inside I will inform her of her actions and what it will entail, although I'm willing to put up with anything for her I just don't want any harm to come to her because of our differences."

Vivian helped Nick back to bed while staying silent as she was hesitant in what to say. On one paw she was extremely happy for both of them however being a prey and pred couple in this city could start an uproar. They wouldn't be the first but the older vixen was hearing rumors about mixed couples being targeted.

Vivians face had betrayed her and Nick took notice of her depressed looking eyes, "mom you don't have to worry, i'm a firefighter and she's a police officer what could possibly go wrong. Besides have you seen that video of her knocking out a rhino?"

Laughing while bringing her emotions back into check Vivian shook her head, "a rhino? Stop trying to make her out to be something tough."

Before she could say another word Nick popped up the video and made his mother gasp.

Both foxes were busy watching Judy take out the rhino that they didn't even notice the quick bunny come up behind them next to the bed.

"How long is the fight?"

Vivian asked. Her eyes glued to the screen as the fight began.

Judy piped up loudly while leaning against the wall behind them, "eight seconds!"

Both foxs fumbled for a moment Vivian had bristled out her tail defensively while Nick dropped the phone on the bed and tried to play it cool.

"He-hey Judy we-welcome back, did Jr make it to the bus ok?"

Knowing she had just interrupted something and had snuck up on two foxes Judy's broad smile was too large to hide and the young doe soon found herself laughing openly at the perplexed foxes.

"You should have seen the look on your faces, wait, wait let me try something," clearing her throat and uncrossing her arms Judy lept towards them with a fake snarl.


Nothing happened. No reaction from the two blinking foxes who slowly started to smile at the little bunny all while a deep chuckle permeated from the bunny's lips as both fox's recovered from their initial shock.

"Ok my savage bunny. You got us, no need to milk it."

Nick chirped at Judy while collecting his phone and setting it on the table next to the bed, "thanks for the help earlier mom. I think I need to discuss somethings with my little bunny so can yo-."

"Oh! Uh. Yes, of course dear. Stay safe you two," as she spoke she headed towards the door while holding a paw to her quickly beating chest that was slowly calming down, after all it had been along time since anyone had surprised her.

As the door shut a smiling bunny was now looking up at a smirking fox who was now sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Judy. We need to talk!"

There was an instant reaction at Nick's words on her body. Her ears went down and her smile faded into a sullen fixture. Nick had said her real name and not some nickname like Carrots or Fluff and his tone was direct and the words, we need to talk in any relationship was almost never a good thing.

"Oh don't give me that look."

Walking closer to him with her nose twitching slightly for effect while even her short tail was down and her big round intelligent eyes blinked and started to fill with moisture she lightly chirped back at him.

"Look? What look?"

Not being able to withstand the sudden cuteness overflowing before him. Nick slowly bent down and winced in pain as he kissed her on her forehead.


Judy shouted at the dumb fox who just hurt himself on her account.

"Get in that bed Mr. You are clearly not healed up yet and I'm sorry for causing you pain."

As she spoke she climbed up on the bed and helped him lay down. A multi colored pair of boxers were on him as well as his light blanket which was on par with a bed sheet,

"I don't know why you like that thin blanket so much."

Her words made a big smile come over him as he wrapped a paw around her waist and pulled her towards him in a warm embrace which caused a squeal of enjoyment to spill from her lips.

Calming down after both got their gropes in on each other. Nick set his muzzle on top of her head between her ears while continuing with his discussion.

"I'm serious Judy. I want to talk about us.I am scared for once in my life and it's centered around you, from others saying or doing things that you might not be prepared for."

She wasn't scared and said as much, "what? You think because i'm a bunny I can't take a few insults about us being a couple? A predator with a prey, a bunny with a fox? I hear a lot more than you will ever know and you know what. It's fine. I have heard a lot worse just being a bunny cop and as for someone to try and harm us, why I would st-."

Judy stopped as Nick rubbed his muzzle back and forth in a no pattern.

"I know you're a strong capable bunny hell that's one of the many things I love about you and it's not the insults or the random jerks. I'm talking about the organized hits that seem to be on a rise involving mixed couples."

Pulling away and turning around to look him in the eyes while cupping his muzzle Judy gave him the cutest most fakest lie to the vulpine since hed known the little bunny.

"What crimes against mixed couples?"

His laugh vibrated her tiny paws that cupped his chin, "your sly but not that sly. I didn't get these wounds playing with Mr. Big and you know it and so does your chief, this last fire. We got to it a lot faster than the arsonist thought and I was able to see his setup of gas cans."

Her paws drifted down to his bandaged chest as her face nodded in understanding.

"We will catch this evil mammal who thinks it's ok to hurt others, even more so hurting mixed couples and my fox!"

Stroking her ears that were now behind her head and giving her a few light pecks on her lips he gently whispered between kisses.

"Just- be -careful."

Her eyes shut as both soon found themselves falling deeply into one another's warm loving embrace all while their lips found purchase on the others welcoming mouth.

"Nicky are you and Judy ready for lunc- nevermind."

Vivian opened Nick's door with a key while talking only to lock eyes with the two lip locked on his bed as they tongue battled which made Nick groan out in displeasure prompting her to shut the door quickly.

"Yes mother!"

Nick sarcastically yelled out while Judy giggled profusely amused at his ruffled feathers.

"You know Carrots that uniform does look very sexy on you should go get changed before its time."

Judy would be going off to work in a few hours and he couldn't soak up enough of her image into his mind as the thought of her leaving his side now changed his heart deeper than anything in his life.

Her face morphed back into the sultry smile that begged for him to try something and try something he always found himself doing when around her.

"Give me a paw will ya, maybe we can go eat lunch outside or somethin-."

As Nick went to get off the bed his world became dizzy and he soon fell into darkness all while a very worried bunny had caught him before he rolled off the bed completely. She shoved and pushed him back into the center of the bed as best she could while shouting for help.


Judy barked out loudly which must have startled the vixen since after her name was called something wooden clattered to the kitchen floor as her clawed feet helped her run around the house towards the steps and up the carpeted stairs which then brought her to his door puffing profusely as she held her chest while her eyes fixated on the now passed out son of hers.

"He passed out so suddenly I barely got him back up on the bed, please make sure hes ok!"

Her doctors training kicked in and Vivian rolled up her sleeves while taking a few extra breaths to steady her own heartbeat which was racing from her quick run.

"Hes breathing fine and his heart rate seems to be- normal. I think he just over did it getting out of bed to watch you earlier, that's all."

Judys ears spiked up while she nervously chimed in, "earlier?"

Vivian laughed as she pulled back from Nick and covered him up with the blanket, "yep he wanted to watch you walk Jr to the bus."

Relief washed over Judy as the secret of her frolicing around the house in nothing but her fur was kept with her and she might even repeat the morning routine since it seemed like foxs slept in late or had work.

"That silly fox, acts like I'm going to leave him or something."

Both ladies made their way out of Nick's room once he was sleeping soundly while tucked in with the blanket.

Robert was awake now and as the two ladies transcended the stairs he waved at them, "morning girls!"

Judy could only smirk as Vivian scoffed back at her lazy husband, "it's noon and just for oversleeping you can make me and Judy some lunch."

A smile crossed her face as she spoke however Robert held a stern hard glare that said otherwise.

"what's wrong now?"

As she questioned him as he held up his phone with a text from Jr that read he wanted to come home and that he was getting bullied.

Both Judy and Vivian's eyes narrowed while reading the message which caused both to look at one another and nod in unison.

"Be back later hon, taking Judy to work after we swing by the school. He's not even at school yet . The bully is probably that woodchuck two streets over. I will bring you home dinner."

Robert put the phone down while stuttering out in a plea of desperation, "dinn'- dinner? What about lunch?"

Stopping mid step as Judy and Vivian made their way to the door she chided loudly towards her whimpering husband.

"Don't forget to make Nick lunch and if you two don't start acting like adults-."

Her voice trailed off as the door closed making Robert gulp as he glanced around at the empty house.

"Well guess I better see what's good on TV before making something to eat."

As he said that he flipped on the TV which was tied into the home security system. He then did a quick flip through all the channels and dropped the remote at what he saw as the screen played the videos on fast forward.

"So that's why he's wiped," talking to himself still while transferring the copied stream onto a flash drive that was plugged into the TV and wiping the feed from that morning he started to sit up while gripping his cane for the coming pain of moving.

"If this doesn't patch things up between us I don't know what will."

Grabbing the flash drive after shuffling over to the TV Robert let a whimper escape as he glanced at the many steps leading up to the higher floors.

"Come on Wilde you got this, its only eighteen steps then ten steps to his room."

Slowly the hurt fox father made his way up the stairs while only stopping once at the top, "HA! Easy, however I should see about having Nick put in a firemamnals pole in so I can just slid down, not to mention what that little bunny could do on it."

He shook his head while smiling and entered his son's room.



There I was climbing up the fire trucks ladder to get into a burning house, my body felt heavy, hot and tired. I began looking around. The scenery was blurry which told me I was in a dream however my body felt like it was on autopilot and I quickly scampered up the ladder the rest of the way and entered the burning house by kicking in the glass window.

A pull on my throat indicated that I needed to say something and soon found myself shouting for anyone trapped inside.

"Hello, is anyone inside?"

At first I heard nothing but after my body had taken a bold step forward a familiar voice rang out. A voice that had my heart pounding and swelling with joy and a great amount of fear.

"Nick! Save me, I'm trapped."

As her words reached my ears a wave of flames engulfed me forcing me back onto the ladder which made tears well up in my eyes.

"Don't worry Judy, I'm comin-, whoa."

The ladder started to pull away with me on it and as I went to yell at the clearly incompetent driver, a mammals voice rang out loudly.

"Its coming down. Everyone back away!"

My heart sped up and it felt like it was going to burst from my chest. I couldn't stop my body as I lept off the ladder towards the window while shouting her name.



My body lurched forward in my bed and I barked out my bunny's name as if the nightmare had followed me into my bedroom.

"JUDYY! Uff."

I was met with something, it was firm and hard yet soft and big. Definitely not my Judy.

As I slowly opened my eyes I was met with a warm embrace from non other than my father.

Being at a complete loss for words as my eyes were full of tears from the awful dream I gave in and hugged my father back who was there at the right time in the right place.

"Shhh," he cooed into my ear, "Judy is fine and so are you, it was only a dream."

My father's words sunk in and we pulled apart while he slid to the corner of the bed I wiped my eyes on the blanket and gave my head a few good shakes to make the awful memories of that dream disappear forever.

"Whu- what's going on?"

I found my voice and had barked out my confusion.

"Wha- whats going on?"

"Not much. Your sister should be coming home in two hours and your mom took Judy to work while going to pick up Jr. Although knowing your mother she will probably take both of them out to lunch before dropping your girlfriend off at the police station, so that just leaves you and me here to fend for ourselves. Honestly what kind of doctor would leave two hurt fox's alone?"

A smile formed on my muzzle at the same time as his and we both spouted out the same answer in a nostalgic way.

"Dr. Wilde would."

Laughing still I sat up better while taking a relaxing breath of air as he stood up much to my surprise.

"you can sit. I know first paw how bad being caught in a burning building feels."

My father sat back down while taking my offer kindly.

I watched my father stretch his paws into the air only to have them rubbing his face as he spoke more to himself than towards me.

"I know you'll never forgive me for forcing you into a position you didn't want to be in and some days I find myself wondering if I should have just allowed you to do as you wanted but-."

Shaking my head I stopped him with my outstretched paw, "I should be thanking you, if I was a police officer. I don't know if I would have been able to meet Judy in fact she could have died."

"Start over?"

I blinked at his words as he stretched out his paw towards me and I soon found my own paw sliding down his shoulder and grabbing hold of his paw. I gave it a firm shake however a small flash drive was now in my paw as he pulled back.

"Whats this? Me running around pretending to be an officer on film?"

Laughing while my father turned on the TV next to my bed and chimed in nonchalantly, "well it's a video of a officer at least, enjoy the show while I go make us some lunch."

As my father took his leave I plugged in the drive and keyed up the only file on it, an hour long video was displayed.

The video started out slow with nothing going on then I remembered my father's words and as I hit the fast forward button my heart nearly pounded out of my chest at the beautiful sight before my eyes just as I slammed my paw on the pause button.

There she was in all her magnificent naked gray glory up on my good plasma TV in all its ten eighty P HD screen. She was a vision of supreme loveliness and I had gotten an opportunity to watch her in all her splendor. A moment passed where I felt guilty about spying on her however I couldn't stop my paw from pushing play and sitting back to enjoying the cute bunny prancing around in my parents kitchen while making me breakfast in the buff.

I watched and watched as what I now felt was a very short half hour video of my girlfriend who had her ears cocked skyward the whole time listening for any peeping toms as she yelled at me from the stove. There was even a funny moment when Jr had left my room and she had dove into the fridge to hide herself from him and in doing so had been covered in a bunch of produce.

Celery stalks and freshly bought bags of carrots toppled onto her, apparently my mother went overboard in getting food that Judy could eat and had stocked up on every vegetable known to prey.


My father was kind enough to tap on my open door to let me know he was back and by the smell of it with something burnt.

"You cook about as well as I do, Pops!"

Letting a laugh escape from his lips I watched my father's every move as he brought in a tray of burnt fish sticks that were on par with the carrots I had tried to cook for Judy.

"Well what can I say, the cooking talent seems to have went to the ones we love while we focused on saving lives."

I had to scoff at that, "i'm sure mom has saved more lives than you."

A wicked grin came over my father as he snapped back at me in retaliation, "and I bet that bunny of your's has saved more than you."

A silent moment hung in the air between us while both of us doned a forlorn look.

"We suck!"

I muttered sullenly and as if the forces of the universe were mocking us, someone at my door responded in kind.

"Thats for sure, which one of you tried burning down the house?"

My father paw slapped his forehead as I fumbled to turn off my TV which was almost done streaming the video for a second time.

"Hey sis! I thought you were at work?"

A questioning look was on my father's face as that was the question he wanted to ask but I had beaten him to the punch if only to stop her advance into my room before I could turn off the screen.

"I was on a date all morning. I thought it was going to be an all day affair and had called off to spend the day with him only for that jerk to ditch me for his job. Police officers!"

My sister spat out while saying police officers and I laughed, "Robin was a jerk, huh?"

She quickly shook her head no while sheepishly answering me as she fidgeted with her paws.

"He- he was a complete and utter gentle mammal the whole morning but oh no one little glance at the time and he up and hurried me into my car so he could go to work."

Stomping her foot while crossing her arms as I exchanged looks with my father although my dad spoke up first.

"He sounds like a fine upstanding young todd, dedicated to work and a nice mammal, is that his only problem?"

Coming into my room and flopping down on the end of my bed with a slight plop onto her back she let out a deep sigh.

"He's just so- so skittish. I thought officers would be more outgoing and outspoken like some other officer that I know."

I got a good chuckle from that, "he's a fox not a bunny, not to mention Jr probably scared the life out of him."

Rolling over onto her stomach her tail flip flopped off to the side as my father grabbed one of the many burnt fish sticks and munched down on it with a loud crunch.

"Want me to cook dinner tonight, daddy?"

My sister chirped merrily as I watched her ears twitch at each loud crunch only to stop as my father answered nonchalantly, "moms picking up something later so-."

She rolled off the bed and stood up. I watched as she batted her eyes loving at our father while grinning foolishly, "I brought blueberries home."

The crunching stopped mid way from my father's mouth and both of us couldn't get the right words out fast enough.


The word was said in unison as I licked my lips. I could almost taste the delectable morsels that would soon be tantalizing my senses.

My father being the clever fox that he was let a whimper escape his lips as he looked down at his leg and I followed suit by looking down at my own bed ridden self.

"You guys are too much, perhaps a young vixen such as myself would be inclined to bring these sad pathetic hurt males some snacks if she was paid in various compliments."

My sisters wicked grin never left her face however if all she wanted was some kind cheap free words than what kind of a brother would I be to refuse however my father who thought of himself as the slayer of all females took over.

"My dearest most loveliest daughter whom the world most likely became jealous of the minute she was born from her vast immeasurable beauty that she is. We would be humbled if such a marvelous young vibrant very caring cute daughter could bring us a taste of heaven, which is most likely the place she must have fallen from and grace us with your exuberant presence of such fine offerings."

Her smug facade face was seconds from cracking so I finished her off by being blunt with the theatrics.

"Could you bring me and dad some blueberries sis. You know you love us."

After I spoke she had silently made her way to the door and muttered quietly, "do I love you two? Yes, yes I do."

Sitting down on the bed me and my father fist bumped paws.

"smooth pops, is that the same line you used on mom?"

My question got a no head shake as he sighed and rubbed his leg, "I was more blunt with her like you are. She was a special breed that wouldn't be seduced by ear candy. No she wanted to be told my true intents right off the bat and her forwardness drew me in."

I could tell he was deep in thought as he slightly looked up at the ceiling while recalling long forgotten memories of a young and lustful past. A big smile soon came over him.

"Enjoy a trip to the past?"

My words seemed to of gave him pause but before he could answer Marian came back with a small carton of the blue lovelys that had both our tails wagging.

"Dad are you alright?"

I gasped as I saw a tear run down my father's cheek only for him to rub his face and smile back at me while my sister quickly pawed over a bunch of berries to him as she saw what I had seen and had gotten worried.

Sniffling slightly while munch down his spoils my father spouted out confidently, "I have my son back in my life and my daughter brought me these tasty treats, so of course i'm alright. Never been better!"