Knockout ducks down a alleyway trying to avoid Enforcers so he doesn't get caught with his illegal up grades . Because a Mech born and raised in Kaon would never be allowed Medic up grades , Because or course only the rich are allowed to be
Medics . They however don't come to Kaon to help the Mechs . So those like him must do the illegal .

The boarders have been closed , so he's been in Iacon longer then he likes and far longer then was safe . Ducking down another alleyway he stops dead in his tracks in front of him is a seeker clearly shot in both of his wings and legs left there in that
alley to die .

Knockout slowly moves closer to the seeker to see if he still lives . As he approaches the seeker moans and onlines his optics and aims a blaster at Knockouts spark and says " If your going to kill me , you better be able to do it before I can get a shot
off , because if I do I'm taking you with me ."

Knockout slowly puts up his servos and says in the language of Vos which is only known to seekers and there flightless kin which few knew Knockout was "Easy , Easy Brother I'm a medic and a flightless , I would never kill Kin."

Knockout watches him waiting to see what he would do when he receives an answer " A flightless Medic? Where are you from ? What is your designation ?"

" The upgrades are illegal I am here getting a new one . At first Vos then Kaon where my creators took me shortly before my final upgrades . As for my designation Brother is Knockout. Will you do me the honor of yours ? Would you allow me to help fix you , at least your wings , I know how much pain you must be in ."

The other Mech looks at him and says " My designation is Vos . Yes tend to my wings"

After Vos stops speaking Knockout pulls a med kit out,making his way towards Vos , not caring he dosen't useBrother , most flight capable don't use it with flightless and vice versa flightless didn't normally use it with
flight capable Mechs but Knockout was a unusual flightless with both of his creators when they were alive had been flight capable , so they taught him to acknowledge all Seekers and Flightless as his kin .

Vos makes his wings face Knockout so he has easier access to them . Knockout first slowly wiped of the Energon that has gathered on both of them from the wounds . Then examining the wounds on them he starts on the left wing which appears to be more damaged

Pulling a soldering gun and solder out of his med kit . As he places the solder to Vos'wing he feels a blaster being pressed to his back and being order to stop. As he was assessing Vos he wasn't paying attention to his surroundings and missed
the three Mechs and turbo fox surrounding them .

A different voice asks " Vos what's going on here ?"

Vos addresses the Mech that spoke to him and says " It's Alright Tarn . You can tell Kaon he can put the blaster away . He's a medic and my brother ."

A third voice asks " Your Brother Vos , he's not a seeker and you look nothing a like ."

Vos says to the third Mech " He is a seeker just one born of a grounder and a seeker , he's called a flightless . He's also not my biological brother the Vosian word is " Brother" it means he is kin and I acknowledge him as

The second Mech Knockout thinks is called Tarn askes him " If it was true ." Most like seeing if what he said matched exactly .

Knockout says "for the most part . I was born of two seekers . Not a seeker and a grounder which is more common for a flightless ."

Vos speaks again and says " Your lucky you made it to your final upgrades ."

" Don't I know that ."

The mechbehind himwith a blaster Kaon if he remembers correctly asks " Why would you be lucky to have made it to you final upgrades ?"

Knockout exhales then goes to answer before being cut of by Vos answering for him " Seeker couples that have flightless are looked down on for having messed up coding so when they see off spring born with out wings they leave them to die."

Knockout continues " My creators were kind and unable to kill their only offspring . They took me to Kaon two vorns before my final upgrades and die a Vorn after my upgrades ." Finishing repairing Vos' wings as he speaks . "

Then says " I'm done with his wings . If your going to kill me , do it . He still needs a medic for his legs ."

Vos looking at Tarnasks " Hey boss we could use a medic right ?"

" Yeah Vos , it would be better then having to rush back to base for critical repairs ." Tarn looks at Knockout and asks "You in or out ?"

Knockout sighs and says " Not much of a choice is it , I'm in ."

Tarn nodes and then starts giving orders . " Knockout , Hexel Help Vos walk to the shuttle . Knockout can fix his legs their were late getting back all ready . Kaon take the back . I'll lead ."

As knockout and Hexel help Vos stand and support him . Knockout sees a turbo fox jump of Kaons shoulder and follow after it ."

Vos sees him stare at the creature and says " Kaons blind , the pet guides him ."

Then they follow Tarn to the ship so they can return to the decepticons . Not that Knockout knows what he just signed on to .

Okay I know that this is not the movie but I couldn't find Transformers animated on here to write this under so here it is .

This is inspired by a fan-fictionIread where Knockout has a past with the Decepticon Justice Division . However in that he is a lover and I don't write relationships like that I don't do them right .

I can't claim the flightless as an original idea just my back story for them .

Tell me what you think . If you see spelling or grammar errors please point them out . No flames.

Until next time .